"Can I take a wig!?" Emilia Clarke on Game Of Thrones mementos, her 'Story So Far' & Last Christmas

You can also watch this 'Story So Far' in full on BBC iPlayer in the UK: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/p04b15fh/movies-with-ali-plumb

Emilia Clarke talks to BBC Radio 1's Film Critic Ali Plumb about her "Story So Far", from her latest, London-based rom-com Last Christmas, to good ol' Game Of Thrones, not forgetting Solo: A Star Wars Story, Me Before You and Terminator Genisys. Plus, she talks about the mementos she's managed to keep over the years (or not, as the case may be), learning to speak Dothraki, her best audition stories and much more besides.


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100+ komentarze:

Everytime I watch her I just can't help but feel happy. She is amazing
the Artifact
the Artifact:
Whoever marries her will obtain eternal happiness and immunity from depression
Can we have Emilia Clarke in a Disney movie. Imagine her as Rapunzel in a Tangled live action movie.
The fact that she was able to control her wild eyebrows in GOT that much still baffles me
Richa Eudela
Richa Eudela:
whenever you’re sad or lonely just watch emilia’s interviews and you’ll be happy
This dude is the best celebrity interviewer isn’t he

And btw Emilia is amazing too
I wonder what she’s like when she’s in a bad mood
Who could dislike this woman? She's adorable (I'm sure someone will say that they don't like her...they're lying)
Arijit Ganguly
Arijit Ganguly:
I watch her when I'm in a bad mood and boom!!! I'm happy.
She is just a cute little angel in the form of a human.
God Bless Her.
Jess a total mess
Jess a total mess:
Petition to have Emilia be the interviewer during a FRIENDS reunion
Tacey R
Tacey R:
to the women emilia encountered in the grocery store: yes season 8 was poorly written but despite that the actors still did an AMAZING job and they deserve so much respect... however you could say that to david or dan if you saw them
Sam Lin
Sam Lin:
She seems to have a great relationship with her brother. It's so adorable the way she talks about their interaction.
His questions were better written then whole s8
Who else is Binge-Watching Emilia Clarke interviews? Thanks to The Last Christmas movie, I get to see her more often
Its impossible not to love her. She's literally sunshine as a person.
Tab Bee
Tab Bee:
She is a delight to watch in interviews. She can make you smile without even being aware of it.
I honestly never get bored looking at this woman
Sarah Wang
Sarah Wang:
I love how effortlessly she just slips into an american accent lol just a tiny fraction of how incredibly talented she is but also what and adorable dorky hilarious beautiful sweetheart
We love her. She is just simply the best.
I hope her and Kit's career do well going forward. They got screwed over by D&D and they seem like such great people, and they're both solid actors.
Nic Elizabeth
Nic Elizabeth:
She’s like golden retriever energy and I love it.
Mark Hamilton
Mark Hamilton:
Actually love her. She’s such a genuinely warm and engaging person that despite her fame, always seems to have such a laugh in interviews. You know she’d be such a fun person to hang out with.
Albi Mataj
Albi Mataj:
Emilia's smile makes the world seem a little brighter.
Only 30 seconds in and I’m already smiling like stupid 😄 She is so adorable and precious!
Love Emilia so much, she's so funny and brilliant.
Jake Reus
Jake Reus:
8:20 HBO if you see this, please send Emilia Clarke what she wanted
joanie keyser
joanie keyser:
I'm so happy this beautiful soul is still with us; it would have been terrible if the doctors had not been able to save her. I know Jason would have been devastated for sure; the onscreen chemistry and close offscreen friendship between them is amazing and so heartwarming to see. I absolutely love that he still makes time to visit her whenever he happens to be in London.
Iris Resquin
Iris Resquin:
The way I just dropped everything I was doing to watch this 😂 this woman never fails to make me happy ❤
lemko anime
lemko anime:
the best host with the best guest
Amit Mahto
Amit Mahto:
Please God protect her. She is just perfect and adorable
Robert DesVeaux
Robert DesVeaux:
Emilia is the most charming person I've ever seen...stunning level of charm!
Rebeca Acosta
Rebeca Acosta:
I love Emilia!!! And totally love your interviews Ali, as always ❤️
Lisa Maria van Harmelen
Lisa Maria van Harmelen:
Emilia is always so bubbly and happy. She always puts a smile on my face. Beautiful Queen ❤️
Its impossible not to love her. She's literally sunshine as a person.
sebastian alegria
sebastian alegria:
Emilia, apart from being a cool actress, is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. On the other hand her joy and energy makes me feel happy every time I watch her in an interview.
I love the faces she makes while talking, such an adorable person
Mir Muhammad Ali
Mir Muhammad Ali:
she is the most beautiful and jolly actress in the world.
sebastian alegria
sebastian alegria:
Emilia is one of the sweetest actresses I ever saw in Hollywood, to be frank I find incredible to be listening to her talks in the interviews. I must admit that I feel like hugging her because of her tenderness, sometimes I ask myself, what's she like when she's in a bad mood? and to be honest it doesn't matter, angry or happy, I love her anyway, what you think?
He won 93% of her heart by giving her food at the start of the interview. Smooth operator.
I need Emilia and Daisy Ridley in one interview. That interview might actually cure my depression 😂
Imagine waking up every morning with Emilia on the pillow next to you and knowing she is yours and you are hers. Sublime happiness.
Joshua Mark
Joshua Mark:
She's so much fun, love her personality!
her reaction to the cake is even better when you think about how exhausting and boring a lot of these press junkits can be for actors
Marco Antônio
Marco Antônio:
I love when she looks to the camera, breaking the forth wall even though this is a interview. Talking directly to us, I like it
Raoul Devers
Raoul Devers:
If someone starts a petition to give Emilia her wig I would sign it in a heartbeat
I love Emilia Clarke. I never see her without a smile on her face and she just comes across as a really nice and genuine person.
Rich Leang
Rich Leang:
She’s always fun to watch and listen to on interviews cause she’s so interactive and genuine
Reema AlDossary
Reema AlDossary:
Emilia is such a ray of sunshine! I love her so much🥺❤️
dreamer 101
dreamer 101:
It is a proven fact that if you don’t like Emilia Clarke, then you hate *literal* sunshine.
Ashleigh Cummings
Ashleigh Cummings:
Old Lady: I don’t know how you can show your face around here

Emilia: *Dracarys*
Something Strange
Something Strange:
Everytime Emilia Clarke smiles, the world gets a bit brighter.
I just love her easy going, natural demeanor and the faces she makes. She is so full of life. One of the best actresses to date.
She is amazing. My big laugh of the day 🤣
I just love her more and more after every interview
She is so so fun 😂😄 I love how excited she always is and this film was so cute and festive! I got the soundtrack for christmas
Jennifer Zhou
Jennifer Zhou:
Loved this interview! Emilia is a gem as always, but the interviewer was also amusing
21 minutes of Emilia and its still not enough for me! Such a charismatic Libra.
She literally makes me smile! No matter how I'm feeling! Her smile is so contagious 🥰
Reneenay FabNayNay
Reneenay FabNayNay:
Every time I see Emilia Clark, I'm just dazzled by her beauty and her personality, and positive attitude! She seems like such a joy!
She's actively and unintentionally curing my depression.
Still the best interviewer I have ever seen, you can see people genuinely warm to him. Keep up the great work.
Yana S
Yana S:
Watching Emilia really helps me with anxiety and depression.
She is so amazing! Such a nice sense of humor, they look like old friends together ^ _ ^
I love the part when they talk about how they read newspaper.
Brilliant !
Such a talented actor.
Dont you just love her ✊🏾✊🏾
Moy Sy
Moy Sy:
Is it possible to love someone so much without knowing her personally? My gash i love this woman!
Such a positive soul. What a lovely interview.
J S:
Whoever ends up with this woman is a very very lucky person 😭❤️
Sokratis Method
Sokratis Method:
The woman that inspires others to practice happiness as a lifestyle
Rebecca Paige
Rebecca Paige:
She is so precious and must be protected at all costs
Her expressive enthusiasm is so charmingly contagious, that even an old grump like me can't help but smile.
G Moleta
G Moleta:
When she has a bunch of new videos and you think theres enough but after watching alot, she always leaves you wanting for more.
She just brightens up my day.
You just catch yourself smiling all throughout the videos just by watching and listening to her. A cure for depression 💛
Well, my cure for depression anyways💛
Yulisa Garcia
Yulisa Garcia:
She has amazing interviews and he is an amazing interviewer. This is the perfect combination and interview.
One of my favorite actresses and my favorite interviewer. My day is made.
Muireann Stafford
Muireann Stafford:
The first time I saw something with Emilia in it was Me Before You and I absolutely adored her in it and then I watched Game of Thrones and it clicked to me it’s the same person and now she’s literally my favourite actress and she’s doing so well! So bubbly and warm-hearted😊
Ashley Ramon
Ashley Ramon:
I love her energy and passion. She FILLS the room.
katty charisma
katty charisma:
She oozes happiness. Every time I see her I catch the happy. It’s contagious with her, and that’s a great quality. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Whenever I see a message stating “This video contains some strong language.” and I see that it’s an interview with Emilia Clarke, I’m like “What else is new? Khaleesi swears all the time.”
Aidan Murphy
Aidan Murphy:
I love seeing Emilia being interviewed, always natural and funny, nothing contrived, but stop reading the Observer please, some nasty stuff in there and Stay now is not a christmas song, just because it has a few bells and some snow doesnt make it a christmas song.
Evania Queiroz
Evania Queiroz:
lindíssima Belíssima e muito talentosa 💕💓👏👏👏😽
Amanda Kay Howell
Amanda Kay Howell:
Awe, never seen an interview of her but she's delightful! That definitely comes through in her characters! Ha! The part about the wigs! I worked a show (theater) for 6 years and I had a wig I wore a lot. The last year it was looking really rough and was told by the costume director to throw it in the trash and they'd get a new one for next year... lol, I took it home! But other wise I'd feel really bad just taking off with stuff, I know a lot of people do it.
Jim Jam
Jim Jam:
Can't say I'm a huge fan of her acting (although she was surprisingly the best thing about Season 8 of Game of Shit), but whenever I see an interview of her I tend to switch it on. She always comes across as such a genuinely nice and fun person.
Brilliant interview, I didn't realize how down to earth funny and cool Emily is
Ahmad Meghani
Ahmad Meghani:
I could listen to Emilia Clarke and Jennifer Lawrence for HOURS!
Linn Svensdotter
Linn Svensdotter:
I honestly don’t know how i would react if I met her I seriously think I would actually cry.. I don’t know why.... she has a special place in my heart
rod axel
rod axel:
Ali came prepared. I still love her in " Me before you"
Aline Carvalho
Aline Carvalho:
I just love her interviews, all of them! Que pessoa incrível!!!
She's the genuinely nicest and fun person.. Her energy is just sooo contagious!!!!
Stuart Carter
Stuart Carter:
I simply love this lady.. I’ve never seen anyone have so much fun and be so happy.. Keep doing what your Emily.. x
Jonny Oates
Jonny Oates:
That's one of, if not the best interview I've seen of Emilia Clarke. Great interviewer and interviewee!
Samir Muhammad
Samir Muhammad:
Am I the only one who just stays smiling for no reason while watching a video with Emilia Clarke on it?
Sami Motaghedi
Sami Motaghedi:
I love her! So much talent
This is such a great and fun interview. Thanks to both of them
Ayla Davis
Ayla Davis:
My favorite book series is a fantasy adventure female lead story that no one has heard of, despite the author brilliantly combining Harry Potter, LOTR, and Eragon. These books need to be brought to film, and she needs to play the lead.
her best acting is in interviews...emiliaZING!!!
Raj Asarapi
Raj Asarapi:
Emilia has the most amazingly expressive face, sparkling soulful energy. Fun interview, thank you!
Brad Coleman
Brad Coleman:
Just the most dynamic person working today. And a gem. I mean, you KNOW you could just hang out with her and have a drink and chat.
Can we just take a minute to appreciate just the great journalism here...love the authenticity and genuineness of the interviewer
Tootsla 125
Tootsla 125:
She’s so lovely and genuine - and crazy talented.
celest simmons
celest simmons:
Shes a character all by herself. So adorbs, I wish only good things and happiness for her. That smile and laughter is contagious 🥰
Age Of The Witch
Age Of The Witch:
How dare they not send you anything!!! ? Like seriously HOW DARE THEY AM PISSED FOR EMILIA !