Can You Trust HaveIBeenPwned Password Checker?

See how HaveIBeenPwned checks your password without knowing what your password is - crazy I know, but it works!

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Basmala barakat7
Basmala barakat7:
Thank you 🖤, I enter my account to check then I saw posts that say that the site isn't safe I was frightened when I was that , but after I see videos I become fine , but I am really nervous.
does this works on discord when someone changes your email and password
What if you have 2 step verification?
if i change my password, do people who have my account lose all record of me and my shit
Kuroh Nuinui
Kuroh Nuinui:
Thanks to this site, I was able to know how my email and passwords were harvested. I received a spam message yesterday which contained my old password and I instantly got paranoid even though I know it was a scam, the thought of someone gaining access to my account and snooping around my accounts for information to use it as a blackmail horrified me. The good news is that I don't use credit card and don't fully put personal information about me in some accounts. After changing my password and checked my session history in one of my account, I was shocked that there were almost 98 unknown people from different countries who have accessed my account which started last 2018.
Rui Santos
Rui Santos:
I don't recommend using this site, I never had any problems with hacking and 1 day after I tested my emails and passwords, my netflix got hacked and I started receiving scam emails asking for bitcoins. Stay away from this kind of "service" as they are just harvesting your data to sell back to hackers. My advice, change your passwords regularly.
Drone Limousine
Drone Limousine:
you are naive, get away as quickly as possible from this site you do the interest of their business Mail and by visiting the site.
1. Never use a verification site if it is not recommended by google gmail, hotmail, microsoft or if they don't invite you to do so.
2. The easiest thing to do and simply change your passwords if an attack on one of its services
3. change your passwords regularly and remember to cut the extentions of your browsers before doing so, because they are shadow collectors and sometimes complicit in data business.