Carlos Ruiz Zafon talks about The Angel's Game - Part 1

Carlos Ruiz Zafón's latest novel, The Angel's Game, shares the same traits that made The Shadow of the Wind an international sensation: an ominous plot, wonderfully realized characters, and a conspicuous reverence for books and reading.
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Cooc Lidoo
Cooc Lidoo:
One of my favorite authors!! His way of describing things gives me serious gänsehaut!
Shadow of the wind was wonderful............
Annabel Poh
Annabel Poh:
The first book i read was the Shadow of the Wind before the Angel's game. These two books was really captivating, i couldn't put them down when i'd started. There's so much emotion being portrayed, it seems to seep out of the book and flow all over. I salute him and i am willing to wait for his subsequent works.
Arthur Fleischman, J.Art.
Arthur Fleischman, J.Art.:
I really hope they make a film of one of his books, that would be amazing, I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world. I can imagine seeing the cemetery of forgotten books ...
So sorry about his death 😢😢 RIP 💖
Steve Sitkowski
Steve Sitkowski:
He's awesome
this book is amazing. I love this author. Angel's Game page 256 right now..... Thank you!
just finished it. WOW. There will be future novels/sequels. I cannot wait!
i've read the shadow of the wind and it was a great book
i loved it
i hope this one's gonna be as great as it is
...or even better
Neruvatar Iliustera
Neruvatar Iliustera:
I shall miss him. I got Angel's Game first, and began the epic journey. Rest in peace. =(
@Ben10888 for real i felt the same way i was in love wit cristina lmao even after i finished the angels game i was feeling kind of sad i hope he does make the other 2 books
This comment was beautiful!
Alex Wood
Alex Wood:
I'm a crank because I dont have any subscribers, no loaded videos, no favorites, and no youtube friends? WOW
You're 100% right.

I shouldn't voice my honest opinion about a book I was really excited for, but unfortunately felt let down after reading it.
I listened to the excellent English language audio book of The Angel's Game...I laughed, I cried.
I agree with you 100%. This is a great writer of our time. I wonder why he doesn't write in English! I didn't know he speaks English.
I'm starting to think i missed the point of The Angel's Game. i felt like it was 530 pages of chess that ended in checkers. I loved the shadow of the wind and its one of my favorites. Please someone respond with how you felt about the last hundred pages because it didn't follow for me.
Gail Skttles
Gail Skttles:
All hail Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
shayini mano
shayini mano:
RIP ❤️
Carl Mart
Carl Mart:
This man's a GENIUS, I tell ya, A DAMN GENIUS. I feel so fortunate to be able to read his books in their original language (Spanish, I'm Mexican). I must get more books from this man.
Etienne Yuan
Etienne Yuan:
It's better.
His English is better than most Americans. What a boss :D
Arthur Fleischman, J.Art.
Arthur Fleischman, J.Art.:
I have read all the books he has written, except the last one, in Swedish, English and Spanish and I prefer the Swedish version
Alex Wood
Alex Wood:
This book was slapped together. To many unanswered questions. Intriguing at times, but overall very disappointing. Who is Corelli and what's the deal with Christina at the end?? PFFFT
these needs to be films.