Carlos Ruiz Zafon: The orchestrator of literature

Many say that Carlos Ruiz Zafon is the second best author from Spain after Cervantes and he is considered the most read author in the world.
He started his career as a novelist for young adults and worked his way up into a bestselling author. He is the creator of the “Cemetery of Forgotten Books” tetralogy, a giant mechanism of literature.

Carlos' works have been translated into over 40 languages and won several awards.

He spends half of his time in Barcelona, his home city, and Los Angeles, where he finds the time he needs for creative writing and playing the piano - his second passion.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon is this week’s Urban Voice.

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D Jones
D Jones:
So sad he died today. His books made me love Barcelona even more.
David Andersen
David Andersen:
I am reading the final now.

I waited a long time for it. Years passed. I never failed to ask when I was in a bookshop. "Any news? Book four? Finally, I heard it was coming out in Spanish, but not English for at least another year. I reread the first three that year, and then it came out. My bookshop called me. "It's here! Come and fetch your copy!" When I held it in my hands I thought it was a trick. Someone took another book from the back rooms of the bookshop and put on a cover that is printed with the title in bold. I opened it. I started reading. That timeless space, the only other place like it existing is when we sleep and dream, opened up and engulfed me into its Alice in Wonderland like universe. Goodbye chaos. Hello imagination.

Thank you Mr. Zafón. You are worth the wait.
Ian D
Ian D:
I finished reading his last book (The Prince of Parnassus, a prequel to the Shadow of the Wind) and in my review I wrote that Ruiz Zafón doesn't write stories, he writes music with words. Now I know I was right.
What a loss for literature... 😞😭
Fouad Al-Baghdadi
Fouad Al-Baghdadi:
When you read his book La Sombre Del Viento, you cannot stop yourself of crying. He is the most read Spanish author after Cervantes.
I just finished reading The Shadow of the Wind a few minutes ago. I was left in a cloud of emotions and admiration for its author. This is one of the most intricate and fascinating novels I have read. I read it in Spanish, my native language. I needed to get the dictionary many times to understand so many unusual words. It is so rich in many ways. How can a person be so creative create stories like this? I need to read the other 3 books.
I have finished the complete saga all the four books and... it is hard to choose one but "The Angel´s Game" with David Martin and the last one "The Labyrinth Of The Spirits" with Alicia Gris was OMG! I have a complete love to the other two with Daniel Sempere, Fermin Romero de Torres, Julian Carax, Bea and many others but those two favorites one gave me sensational emotions. At the end all four books is a masterpiece that anyone must read, the principal essence of this story is the love for the books. Thank you very much CRZ.
David Rose
David Rose:
Hands down, Carlos Ruiz Zafon is the world's greatest living author. I don't actually think there is even a close second. I can not wait to read the fourth book of his incredible Cemetery of Forgotten Books series.
The Cemetery of Forgotten Books series is the most intense, immersive reading experience I’ve ever had and I think I ever will.
Reading the fourth book was absolutely magnificent and it was extremely well crafted.
Ana Vučurević
Ana Vučurević:
I love this author
Marylynn Asquith
Marylynn Asquith:
I have love his writing since my Niece who lives in Barcelona told me about Shadow of the Wind having visited the Magical City many times I loved all his books if only more were translated into English I would by them all May Carlo Ruiz Zafon R.I.P. thank you for your wonderful books
Gabriel Obateru
Gabriel Obateru:
RIP Carlos Ruiz. The way he told his stories were just magnificent. A true master of the art.
And we lost him 💔💔 but his thoughts will be always with us throw his books 💔
tony montana
tony montana:
the great man is a work never died
Am reading the last book now, am excited to finish it but in the same time cannot leave the characters that stayed with me 💔
Floriane Jacquemin
Floriane Jacquemin:
I want him to be my dad
Paulo coelho used to be my all time favorite. But when I got through Shadow of the Wind I just fell in love this Zafon's writing. He truly is a genius of literature and creates this magic out of everything. I really do think he's the best writer :)
Thank you so much Carlos for your captivating storytelling and amazing works of literature. Your spectrum of witty, mysterious and heartfelt characters leave me laughing and crying for joy! Keep up the great work!
Andrzej K.
Andrzej K.:
Such a wonderful person... What a lost for world literature :( I am a grate fan of His books.
Rip love his books
Orest Makar
Orest Makar:
As i was reading his books i had a feeling he was drawing paintings with words. I could look into the eyes of every character, see every emotion and and nuance of their personality in that particular moment, the minute details that characterize the sorounding enviroment and transcribe its feeling. I love his books and after finishing always felt a need to return to that universe. That said i have the impresion that the ending of his books tend to rush with the plot. I’m not saying they are bad in any way. It just felt like the last chapters deserves more pages. Maeby due to publishing deadlines the endings had to be warped up quicker, or maeby the galopują tempo towards the end is a deliberate truck to make the endings feel tens and urgent.
tony montana
tony montana:
rip :(
Helene Peyo
Helene Peyo:
We will miss you Carlos. Thank you for writing for us.
yasir khalif
yasir khalif:
your work will live on win sir; rest in peace
Lean Delgado
Lean Delgado:
Lea Rego
Lea Rego:
Mark Lozano
Mark Lozano:
just saw trailers for the movie, Shadow of the winds.Looks horrible,so unlike how I pictured it.I will never see that film, the book gave me all the imagery I needed to be completely satisfied