Caroline Garcia vs. Ons Jabeur Highlights | 2022 US Open Semifinal

Watch the highlights between Caroline Garcia and Ons Jabeur in the semifinals of the 2022 US Open.

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The 2022 US Open runs from August 23 - September 11 in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The tournament takes place for the 142nd time and is the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year. Daniil Medvedev is the men’s singles reigning champion and Emma Raducanu is the women’s singles reigning champion. Last year, both players claimed their first Grand Slam title, with 18-year-old Raducanu becoming the first-ever qualifier to achieve the feat. This year’s tournament is set to feature a range of greats and future stars looking to add to their records and cement their place in tennis history. Look out for highlights, extended highlights, full matches, press conferences, on-court interviews, hot shots, compilations and more!


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Vincent Sage
Vincent Sage:
We are proud of Jabeur. I hope for her and all Tunisians that she'll win the final. All my congratulations.
Dida Funky
Dida Funky:
Ons is a very smart player and she loves challenges and she’s confident when she’s under pressure, when everybody were rooting for garcia she just came and proved that she is world’s number 2.
Gustavo Barrios
Gustavo Barrios:
Soy colombiano 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴, y me da una gran alegría que una participante del tenis de un país no tradicional internacionalmente como lo es Túnez 🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳 con Ons Jabeur esté en una final como el Abierto de EEUU 🇺🇸🇺🇸, contra una polaca campeona del Roland Garros como Iga. 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
This year's US Open women's quarterfinals are a mixed blessing. Personally all four of them - Aryna, Iga, Ons, and Caroline are superstars and all deserve a trophy and massive respect. Unfortunately, someone has to lose and the other gets to win, but just to go this far they are already champions. Thank you for magnificent performances all the ladies!
style niko
style niko:
Yet another great run for Ons, reaching a final! Keep going for the title and make history for her country!! I want to see her win!
She finally made it :)
And super congrats to Caroline on getting to the SFs. It's been amazing seeing how many matches she's won this season.
ivan chiew
ivan chiew:
Jabeur just outright revealed all of garcia’s weak points. What a great win.
So happy for Ons! Love her fight and passion for the game! I want her to win it all, I love Iga, but I want this more for Ons! Garcia has had an amazing year as well and great tournament, I'm happy for all the success she has had, nothing to feel bad about here.
Jabeur made this match look effortless, which is especially impressive considering Garcia is typically solid! Ons is a proper powerhouse of a player! 💪💪
Sad for Garcia but what a beast Jabeur is! Back to back to slam finals in Wimbledon and USO
Insane not only that she won, but how she plays. Perfect counterpart for Tiafoe tennis wise!
Karl Atkinson
Karl Atkinson:
I hope Jabeur takes the title.
Pan CM
Pan CM:
That's Jabeur. She made it an easy work on the in-form Garcia. We need to see the extended highlight play, though, to see where she really got her opponent.
I wasnt expecting such a one-sided SF; Garcia started poorly and never got her rhythm which you can give credit to Jabeur for playing solid from start to finish. Her serve was probably a big factor in maintaining the momentum so Garcia always feels the pressure to do something different. Garcia's aggressive position in receiving 2nd serves is a big puzzling in the 2nd set as she was persistent despite it not working for her. And too many UF errors.
Chinweike Iheanachor
Chinweike Iheanachor:
Congratulations Ons, concentration and determination,you got the intelligent to win any time any day. You are at the top already, you have done a wonderful job Baby.
ben rado
ben rado:
ale ta Caroline jest piękna,Ons jest z kosmosu,1 raz zobaczyłem ja na jakims turnieju w Moskwie,było to w 2018 roku i zakochałem sie w jej grze,od tego momentu ona nie przepadła jak większosć tenisistek,rozwijała swoj tenis i dziś jest w finale,dziewczyna z Tunezji to jest cos niesamowitego,oczywiście jestem za Igą bo to moja rodaczka ale do Ons mam sentyment,bedzie piękny finał
Nicos Newman
Nicos Newman:
Ons is fabulous.. and her team is great.. history is made again & again.. ♥
Trung Tu Mai
Trung Tu Mai:
My 2 most favorite wta players meeting again at final. Ons did improve a lot, lets go girls.
Vince Mann
Vince Mann:
Amazing result. I thought Garcia would roll in this match.
All credit to Jabeur.
Randolph Pinkle
Randolph Pinkle:
This year's women's final looks to be truly competitive. Jabeur and Swiatek both deserve to be there.
Zweig Ackroyd
Zweig Ackroyd:
Match-up of styles is always interesting. Garcia has been playing so incredibly well, but didn't have the answers for Jabeur's game. I'm so pleased for Ons, but hope Caroline will keep up the winning ways, too!
Jg Watson
Jg Watson:
Vraiment content pour Ons Jabeur. Bravo Garcia. Les deux sontt très humbles.
 Дажбог Перунович God J
Дажбог Перунович God J:
🤔Посмотрите, с каким восторгом и радостью люди реагируют на победу Жабер!!! Молодец! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I bless you, my dear Ons Jabeur! 👏🏻👽🌏
 Дажбог Перунович God J
Дажбог Перунович God J:
Well done Ons Jabeur! 👏🏻👽
I proud of you!!!
☝🏻👽🌏Respect and congrats
from whole world! 👩🏽‍✈️👏🏻🌏
Abbie Nyathi
Abbie Nyathi:
Just love them both ,am happy for Ons wish she get the Slam
Emmanuel Awhotu
Emmanuel Awhotu:
Arguably the best player at the moment. I'd be sentimental rooting for an African win in the final. But obviously she stands a better chance against Swiatek at the moment. Ons for the win
Peter Rosenlund
Peter Rosenlund:
Just glad to see these two great players making it to the semi's. No over the top moaning, no ridiculous amount of just keeping the ball in play or just hammering shots into the middle.
Great players showing future of women's tennis.
Ruby Al
Ruby Al:
Amazing Ons, so excited for her to win the US open 😃😃😃😃😃
josephine saayman
josephine saayman:
Congrats Ons....keep it up and go on and lift that GS trophy.... .you deserve it💕
Rajesh Verma
Rajesh Verma:
Garcia's dream run ended with semi final loss. Well played. I thought it will be anyone's match but multiple factors made is one sided. Ons never let Garcia player her game or dictate. She had experience of playing at big stage. Garcia must learn a drop shot similar to Nick Kyrgios. You can't be hitting all the time from baseline. Big test of Jabeur awaits in final.
Tyler Durant
Tyler Durant:
Very upsetting to see this level tonight by Garcia. Maybe the nerves got to her. No Discredit to Jabeur however, I think she can take on Iga or Sabalenka in the final.
Maysa yeddek
Maysa yeddek:
She indeed made it an easy work!! Bravo ONS 👏 👏 👏
Great win, but I‘m still routing for Iga in the final. Anyway it will be much fun to watch two sympatic player clinch for the title 🎾😎
What a grad final awaits us!! I'm going with Ons, but beating Iga in a Grand Slam final will be the biggest challenge the Tunisian has ever faced!!
Ramadean Channel
Ramadean Channel:
Happy for Jabeur. Go Ons 💪💪💪
James Payne
James Payne:
Great job to both ladie and Jabeur comgrats on your win to make the finals.
Garcia, what a lovely player. I am sure she will accomplish more in the future. Ons is just on another level right now.
Sina Jordaan
Sina Jordaan:
Excited and extremely proud of OJ Now for your first GS title ♥️
Tugat Galut
Tugat Galut:
That was easy for Jabeur. I must admit i expected a very tight match, but it wasn't. Congratulations Jabeur 🍻🍻👍👍
Bram Valkenburg
Bram Valkenburg:
Garcia is the physically stronger player but was completely undercut by Ons ability. In terms of shot selection Ons looks like Federer from time to time.
sabrine jerbania
sabrine jerbania:
Congrats for Jabeur, she made it!
It will be a great final .
Hopes Jabeur wins it
Felipe Templo Jr on YouTube
Felipe Templo Jr on YouTube:
Jabeur has so much variety in her game that the aggressive of Garcia cannot cope. I wish Jabeur to lift the US Open title after the Wimbledon heartbreak.
Adam Liston
Adam Liston:
Sooo gutted tonight.
Caroline's level dropped dramatically.
Fell in love with her over the last 10 days..
Beautiful personality,beautiful looks,,,beautiful tennis.
Great break thru year.
More to come.
Mahmoud Bettaieb
Mahmoud Bettaieb:
THE GREAT ONS...the game wasn't so hard, let's go to the final
Awang Safri Safri
Awang Safri Safri:
Glory moment for Jabeur & African nations 👏👏👏🎾
Wahbi Sari
Wahbi Sari:
Great job Ons. You ve made it to the final again. Keep it up. Love you💌💖
Malek Mid
Malek Mid:
What a performance Ons bravo 🇹🇳🥳
Great final! Hope Jabeur wins!
Esta vez el título es para Jabeur, se lo merece.
Jason Izumi
Jason Izumi:
Wow they had to choose a monstrous photo of Jabeur for this clip smh. Congratulations to Ons for her great accomplishment. Best of luck in the finals, going to cheer for her ✨
paari raaju
paari raaju:
Congrats Jabeur!!brilliant tennis 👍🏻👍🏻👌👌👌💥
Med-Ali Mekki
Med-Ali Mekki:
The great Ons jabeur 🎾👌🎾
Отличные удары у Гарсии, но перемещается по корту не всегда правильно и быстро. Если бы это исправить, то она могла бы за что-то бороться, а так - заслуженная победа Онс Жабер.
Andrew Mark
Andrew Mark:
Garcia was clearly very nervous, which is to be expected. Hopefully she continues with the form she's shown over the past few months.
2 sets finished in 1:06 . This is women's major semi-final.
Congratulations Ons, i hope you win the final.lets gooooo 💪
Jamel Taras
Jamel Taras:
Not once but twice finalist in the last two slams says a lot about her strong mentality and determination to win a major, hope she can do it 🗽
Orkhan B.
Orkhan B.:
If was really sad to see Garcia choke so bad. Hopefully she has more confidence next time
Halil İbrahim Kulan
Halil İbrahim Kulan:
I guess Caroline wasn't ready for the game. I watched her until I got to the Finals. she was going great and I'm sorry she was eliminated. Congratulations to Ons. ❤️
beloved child#Godislove
beloved child#Godislove:
Its the winning reaction for me❤
Would love to see her win, especially after being so close at wimby
Ivica Pavić
Ivica Pavić:
when a 3 minute highlight video is more than double than the match deserves
Gino Cassano
Gino Cassano:
Man Garcia’s level dropped like crazy 😳. Like a complete different player
free fire
free fire:
Bravo Bravo Bravo Ons
Quel match tactique 🏸🎾🏸💪✍
Thunder J
Thunder J:
Bravo Jabeur management of stress an were stronger💐💐 All the best for final, Africa support 🇧🇫Bavo Garcia wasn't her day but still fight till the end👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. If match was 3 sets the suspense would have been high
Tunisia With love
Tunisia With love:
This small child from an eastern small town of Tunisia , North Africa has made his own dream. Becoming a top 3 world women tennis player. What a success story.
A lesson; never give up even when you are against all forces. Keep going Ons 💪💪💪🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳
Marion Fraser
Marion Fraser:
I would love her to take the big one .... all the luck to you Ons ✨✨
Bravo Ons,et maintenant le final 👏
Sports Explorer
Sports Explorer:
You get a 4X GS winner in your box ... Huge motivation. Sharp Today!
It's time Ons,
difficult final, but you can do it!!!!
We are with you!!!
free fire
free fire:
Bravo Bravo Bravo Ons
Quel match tactique 🏸🎾🏸💪✍
*I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!*
احمد هيبة
احمد هيبة:
me alegro mucho de mi paisano anuqué no vi el partido * espero lo mejor de ella en el final 💪💪
Belhaj Yahya Najoua
Belhaj Yahya Najoua:
Gerald Wimalasena
Gerald Wimalasena:
Ons Jabeur, wish you the best of luck in the final.
roshdi Ali
roshdi Ali:
Congrats Ons, congrats my country
Marendra Nodi
Marendra Nodi:
The nerves got to Garcia the same way the nerves got to Djokovic in last years US open final against Medvedev ( he also had the burden of Calendar Grandslam on him )
Yann Fondjo
Yann Fondjo:
Oohhh m'y goodness jabeur literally destroyed inform Garcia that's wonderful I'm definitely rooting for you girl
Victoria Everglott
Victoria Everglott:
Well done Ons!
Marjan P
Marjan P:
Back to back grandslam final!!! Go girl go...
Just_ DoubleShow
Just_ DoubleShow:
Two the best womens in final, lets go. Dont care who will win, its just a big happening.
Елена Гордиенко
Елена Гордиенко:
Молодец, Онс! 👍✊👏👏👏💐
Yakziv Z
Yakziv Z:
Yes yes yes let's go Jabeur!!!
Stewart M
Stewart M:
So proud of Ons for diffusing Garcia!
Jieyi Zhang
Jieyi Zhang:
Tunisian gets it done! May she go all the way!
José Basterrica
José Basterrica:
Caroline no jugó bien fallo en su mejor oportunidad .Aún así ha hecho un gran torneo lleva una temporada espléndida
Xxxx Xxxx
Xxxx Xxxx:
Unexpected but sweet victory of Jabeur. After her weak performances in Toronto and Cincinnati, i didn't expect her to do well in US Open, least final. Great improvement of Ons in hard courts, it seems she is already an all-rounder player.

By other side Garcia seemed to be favourite for the title. And although that was the weakest match of Caro in US Open, she should be proud of herself. Back to top 10 in ranking and new personal best result are amazing achievements.
Blossom Chinaka
Blossom Chinaka:
Congratulations Ons and Victory at the Finals in Jesus Name Amen!!! Well done! 😊🤗
Neivaldo Duarte
Neivaldo Duarte:
Nunca foi tão fácil para a Ons Jabeur... fiquei muito surpreso com essa partida da Caroline. Ela era a minha favorita ao título... jogou rigorosamente nada. Fez as malas.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Ons brought a crushing performance.
Astrid Hopman
Astrid Hopman:
What a great mach Jabeur.. Amazing. The service is much better now. You now in the final. If you play like this you win the Is Open. I hope you win . Do your best
Jack Rony
Jack Rony:
she is now in top of her game,big fan of yours ONS now take the title on saturday
❤ Ons. Caroline played well too 🙂
She’s like female Federer, the way she outthinks and outmanoeuvres her opponents
Jean Paul Grosbois
Jean Paul Grosbois:
bravo pour miss Ons Jabeur mais un beau parcours pour Caroline
taraji taraji
taraji taraji:
Elf Mabrouk Ons cette fois on veux le trophée fierté Tunisienne 🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳
Jabeur was the favourite but not as close as we thought ....back to back GS finals can she take the trophy this time??
Yma Allen
Yma Allen:
if she plays like that on Sunday she could win the trophy!
Jackpot Deagonlink
Jackpot Deagonlink:
give ons the credit she deserves already