Caster Semenya | Birthplace of Dreams | Nike

“All dreams come from here, they come from the dust”

Caster’s dream started on the dusty roads of rural Limpopo, on the track in Polokwane and on the podiums of the world’s biggest stages.

But before that it started with family, respect and self-belief.

Now Caster is starting the dream again with her newly founded athletics club @Masai_AC.

This is her Birthplace of Dreams.

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88 komentarze:

i was scrolling through comments when i realised it was semenya talking the whole time. I thought it was the narrator.
Prince Lefa
Prince Lefa:
I love Caster and everything she represents,Mokgadi 😊🙏
Amanda Louw
Amanda Louw:
I love you💜this kid sure looks up to you
Robinson Rodriguez
Robinson Rodriguez:
You're incredibly beautiful
Laraib Attique
Laraib Attique:
"Before becoming an athlete we must learn to become a human". Caster, I love you!
gaurav tripathi
gaurav tripathi:
When I grow up I want to be like Caster, she really put GREAT INFLUENCE on small kids.
Zamangwane Zikhali
Zamangwane Zikhali:
Love this SO much!!!
Eng. Ludovic Tamo Kamguia
Eng. Ludovic Tamo Kamguia:
Formidable !!!
Just great !!!
Nana Sibanyoni
Nana Sibanyoni:
Our Mokgadi <3

"I know I look like a boy, so what? What you gonna do about it?"

Someone is shaking there in Britain.
Wen ur the first person but don’t know wht to write
You go Kawhi Leonard!
Monica Luna
Monica Luna:
Lovely ❤
Era k
Era k:
I love this so much ❤❤❤
anuma nuva
anuma nuva:
Nike cuckd
Franç X
Franç X:
Raycapone The Art Designer
Raycapone The Art Designer:
This is just beautiful!
Nelly Buru
Nelly Buru:
Dee Tee
Dee Tee:
Wow, now this is inspiration 👏👏👏
Pallavi Singh
Pallavi Singh:
This video moved me to tears
Era k
Era k:
Genial Ingele
Genial Ingele:
Simon Hedman
Simon Hedman:
Who directed this?
Alejandro Malave
Alejandro Malave:
This is great very inspirational🏃🏽‍♂️🙌🏽
Thabo Hlalefo
Thabo Hlalefo:
Thank you Nike.... Caster is the Best ever!
Jair Espinoza
Jair Espinoza:
She has worked so hard to get where she is now.
Opinions MoreOpinions
Opinions MoreOpinions:
Pause at 1:51
Opinions MoreOpinions
Opinions MoreOpinions:
Pause at 1:51
from London brixton UK
from London brixton UK:
From London Brixton. UK . I will always wear Nike trainers. You are legend and inspiration.
Escuela de Natación Club Cañada
Escuela de Natación Club Cañada:
Amazing NIKE !!
I love her!!!!! She is so awesome!
Raycapone The Art Designer
Raycapone The Art Designer:
Nike this is beautiful 😭😭😭😢ApolloGod🙏🏾🖤💪🏾
Sokka Taeme
Sokka Taeme:
Caster Semenya! <3
You have inspired us as a nation. Your impact is magnificent, I’m inspired tata ntombazane
Omar Himself
Omar Himself:
Nike is the #1 brand!
The Wedge
The Wedge:
Is that Dikembe Mutombo narrating this?
alguien en el mundo
alguien en el mundo:
I wonder what will happen in the comments in couple of days, when it most definitely go viral
Nishant Subba
Nishant Subba:
SA TalentedSingers
SA TalentedSingers:
Sepedi se monate lona hleng😫😫😫🥰
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell:
Pause at 1:51
Ahmed Benhariz
Ahmed Benhariz:
Respect Sir Semanya, he a man bruh that voice deep af
mustapha HaRiiRi
mustapha HaRiiRi:
I watch this clip many time really is wonderful story.. only way to love your self is to except who you are absolutely is true. Beautiful soul
terri a. mccurdy
terri a. mccurdy:
th orgnl ppl, afrikn
th orgnl ppl, melanin

formdbly wndrfuly athletc
orgnl ppl hv superior genetcs

thez orgnl athletes' 
descendants seek to compete

passng dwn superior genetc material 
to their fmale & male descendants
rgardlss tht modrn day genetcs r ovrall deficient  

thoz ancient normal genetcs hv pristine advntages...
unmutatd-no modern day damages... 

modern genetcs 
hv mutatnl deficits 
& r not typical of th dna orgnl-they r sub par to th genetcs of ancient ppl...

olympcs suppose to b where fittst compete...
u don't lowr th bar for modrn man's genetc deficits & defeats... 
why lowr th bar for modrn women's genetc deficits & defeats?...
terri a.
Mansour Sissokho
Mansour Sissokho:
hard work will always pay off
What is the music?
Pizza Boy Fanatic
Pizza Boy Fanatic:
sara keenan
sara keenan:
Beautiful Caster!! Fly like the wind!
Chels Dani
Chels Dani:
When we debate whether or not she can compete with women as a biological woman but defend transgender people. If you can explain it, I’ll listen.
Skubaniec TSARGA
Skubaniec TSARGA:
What a wonderful message! Caster is a hero to my wife's daughter.
that's a man, baby.....
Angela Chichester
Angela Chichester:
How is this seen 1.8 million times and only liked 718 times? Amazing.
SA TalentedSingers
SA TalentedSingers:
This just made me love her more😫😫😫😫🥰🥰🥰🥰😭😭😭
terri a. mccurdy
terri a. mccurdy:
grossly genetcly mutatd men & womn 
don't define wht it takes to win...

iaaf-prejudicd & bias
no amount of ethnc, sex & gendr discriminatn is rghtous...

genetcs nheritance 
orgnlly an nfinite dna spectrum of brillianc 

then too close relatnl rproductn legacy
n th shemite line of descendancy

passd on & spread th mutatd tendency 
of consanguineous deficiencies

1st, th oriental-asian phenotype features
& short stature

2ndly, albinism's dark red tones 
& hypertrichosis body hair like goats

3rdly, sum 500 yrs on
th genetc mutatn-
th manifestatn 
of melanin synthesis depletn

& still it goes on
dentist dr weston price's foundation 
demonstrates tht since ncreasng process white sugar, white flour & white salt productn
ncreas chronic illness & genetc mutatns 
for th wrld wide populatn

so how can 
substantlly genetclly  mutatd men & womn 
define wht it actually takes to win?...
terri a.
Reporter: Are you a man Caster?
Caster: Semen yeah?
He has talent!
Just Slav Just Vodka
Just Slav Just Vodka:
Nike and swoosh ahh... Realy good
Louis The
Louis The:
Caster sounds like a man. This is the first time I heard his voice.
Beautiful message from a great human being and athlete. She is an inspiration. Let's learn from her instead of focusing on things beyond her control. She embodies a positive message.
Kate-Lynn Motloung
Kate-Lynn Motloung:
When she switches to her home language because she is around elders who don't speak english. When she says " you are gonna become like me, and I'll make sure of that" to the kid. This is why I'll always love and respect her
Oh my gerd her voice
Jeremy Tole
Jeremy Tole:
Sport hating on her because she has abnormally high levels of testosterone. So what? That's her advantage.
Leo Brown TV
Leo Brown TV:
Meek Mill is a real Dreamchaser lol
Mauricio Flores
Mauricio Flores:
Damn I should have classified myself as a female in highschool. I could have went from being a decent male runner to winning state, getting into a D1 college, and also the Olympics!!!! Lmao you people who support this man are delusional and pathetic.
theories and science
theories and science:
Some people was just born great I wasnt
That person shouldn't be allowed to compete against women. I mean it's basically a man out running women.
troy smith
troy smith:
I am the only one who thought she was a man before I clicked and her voice deep as hell
petruk Bali
petruk Bali:
Hoe kan je in godsnaam zo iets nou zwanger maken????
Muzi Mkhize
Muzi Mkhize:
This is a very good story and inspiring.
Black Warrior Queen
Black Warrior Queen:
Is this a voice over? Like is it a man translating her words for her?
Adeola Adekanbi
Adeola Adekanbi:
So what?what is it that you gonna do about it? bold woman most men can't stand her make up!
Julio Mendoza
Julio Mendoza:
notice how this person was talking about when they were 5 years old but doesnt show any pics of them when they were a baby.
Goodbye Nike. For good.
Laurel 411
Laurel 411:
'I know I look like a boy, so what? What is it that you're gonna do about it?' ♥ Love it! #StanAStrongQueen
ciclon00 nz
ciclon00 nz:
What a man
Carr Jennings
Carr Jennings:
That is a man. That is a man. That is a man.
Joe Weaver
Joe Weaver:
He’s a dude..
How’d he get that frame with two of the same chromosomes

...hey wait a minute
Hanaa Outojane
Hanaa Outojane:
What a strong and beautiful woman
But you are female tho
Lol Lol
Lol Lol:
I mean no disrespect but if i close my eyes i hear a male voice. And her face is kinda like a nba player. But she is talented and a woman she just have a high testosterone and strong facial features
dr rd
dr rd:
I knew she looked like a boy but didn't realize she sounded like a boy, how is that possible unless you have an Adams apple, I am confused? Is she transgender?
Well nike doesn't have to worry about her having a baby
alguien en el mundo
alguien en el mundo:
Wait? Is it a trans woman? Or a biological female? I’m confused 🤯
He’s not that talented but he is a man, which is something his rivals will never be, which is why he’ll always have an unfair advantage
Kamil Kojder
Kamil Kojder:
People, don't you see that his running is fake, even his falls are fake. He is never tired after running, so he can run much faster, but for some reasons he does not want to. This story is a lie. See the smile of his mother liar during the interview. Do you know, he has even a wife? Easy money, nothing more. If such people want to compete in sport, let them put pressure on sports organizations to create a separate category, although I doubt there would be interest in such shows.
She's a great guy
So, even after the CAS report exposes the truth that Caster has the "body of a biological male" INCLUDING male XY chromosomes, Nike continues to glorify this phony. Nike is a company of fools who don't give a damn about the rights of TRUE women.