Caster Semenya breaks her silence

Caster Semenya breaks her silence as the IAAF drags her to court.

As you know, the Athletics Federation wants our star runner to take hormone pills to lower her testosterone levels.

Semenya is fighting that decision but hasn't spoken about it publicly.

Throughout her career, she's faced scrutiny about gender.

But her outlook will inspire you.

eNCA's Lindiwe Sithole spoke to Semenya.


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De Lilah
De Lilah:
Haaaaaaaahahahahahaha! Who in TF do they think they're fooling with this one???
For those too dumb to understand, Caster has 5 ARD which stands for alpha reductase deficiency, which is an intersex condition, so calling her transgender is just inaccurate as this is an actual medical condition, this is usually something that can be picked up today after a baby is born, however back then, especially since she is from a developing country, I doubt they were looking for it. She was raised a girl since those with the condition tend to show a more feminine genitalia despite the fact that she does have XY chromosome which makes her a genetic male but it should be understood that she probably didn’t know it until recently.
In the developed countries, when a individual has this condition and have XY chromosome and since they have been given a female role in society, they are usually given hormone treatment so they don’t go through virilisation and develop male secondary sexual characteristics, which may come as a shock to someone who was raised female their entire life.

Side note:
This is usually due to inbreeding and is a homozygous condition, it has a high prevalence in the Middle East since inbreeding is kind of a social responsibility.
She is not trans. She is intersex. Big difference between the two.
Bertram LeFarge
Bertram LeFarge:
She's moving into professional a linebacker for the LA Rams
Why dont you look her in the eye when you answer the questions, bro? Ill bet I know why!
Tomasz Ignielnicki
Tomasz Ignielnicki:
I’m a Chelsea fan. I like Didier Drogba Semenya !
Look at her height, shoulders, jaw and voice - you can understand people are confused.
Thomas Brennan
Thomas Brennan:
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s actually a cat.
According to LGBTQ's definition of Gender, Caster is a man regardless of what is in between his legs.
She has a condition where she has functional testies inside her body that produce testosterone which gives her an unfair advantage over other female competitors.
ciclon00 nz
ciclon00 nz:
Johnny K
Johnny K:
Definitely a tenor
Trevor Dotch
Trevor Dotch:
Ummmmm that's not Kawhi Leonard......🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫
Johan Pruijs
Johan Pruijs:
Foekje Dillema Rip. NOC NSF same mistake as IAAF faster than Fanny blankers Koen.
Reporter: Are you a man Caster?
Caster: Semen yeah?
k i r k
k i r k:
@ 2:24... what was that??
Destroying female sports.
Daniel K
Daniel K:
Literally looks and sounds like a man and also has XY chromosomes, so how can people say (s)he's a woman😂
Ana Caona
Ana Caona:
Strange that sport and mental competitions maintain male and female categories.
Russel Walker
Russel Walker:
It's ironic that "casta" is now a very commonplace word to refer to any kind of gay person or just any male with some feminine traits or any female with male traits and is an insult. Given how commonly it is used by black people and in a purely derogatory fashion, it's quite hard for me to understand where is this 90% supportive people they're talking about. South African black society and African society in general is very heavily gender based and completely binary. Africa, traditionally is patriarchal. As a matter of fact, most of you western feminists would be scratching your heads if you knew that even the females here, who btw suffer at the hands of their own men far worse than you, very much support the patriarchy and would scoff at the idea of an alternative. They would probably laugh and mock you. Everything about their way of life is based in gender in which there are only two and it's non refundable. So again, while making no claim at all about Castas gender, or the issues surrounding her/his controversy, my only statement is, where is this 90%? It's only 90% when its time for a South African to win a gold medal but sit down with those same 90% and ask them what they think not of Casta but of "castas". Its scary the acrobatics that the mind can do to twist the obvious and forensically clear truth to your convenience. Actually scary. On the side note I think Casta has remarkable resilience. It's quite impressive.
I may never understand where he/ she is coming from or battling with ..... at the end of the day, of course Semenya is going to be a top contender in women’s sports ....
Mitu Raj
Mitu Raj:
His silence **
ThePaul Steezo
ThePaul Steezo:
World Wide
World Wide:
She never asked to be like this. If you were in her shoes what would you have done.
Fake news media
Tessa Tigan Hudgens
Tessa Tigan Hudgens:
The uneducated people in this comment section is embarrassing 😂y'all hate to se a black women win I guess Kenya,Jamaica,Unganda will be banned from athletics because those are the other winning countries
Sebastian Fernandez
Sebastian Fernandez:
If you think about it, all the best athletes have genetics advantage compare to their competitors. Michael Phelps produces half of lactic acid than the normal athlete. She is stronger that is it. Now because she is naturally better she cannot do what she loves
Dwanda Willis
Dwanda Willis:
I love it!!! It’s a mans world and you liberal DEMOCRAT women who want to give up your rights so many thousands fought/died for- I say have at it- men just keeps on winning
Am Too
Am Too:
How do you try to reconcile this with women's rights?
1. Appearance
2. Choice of partner
3. That voice...
4. Testosterone levels.
5. Internal testicles.
6. DNA = XY.
Surely it is a serious question of whether a person can truly not know! One can try to ignore the XY knowledge, but only for mere seconds while the victims make the very first protest. Who is the victim here when women (50% of all people!) can no longer play sport? Who should be angry if this continues with full knowledge?
"negativity does not exist", that's a good attitude to have
TheMan Right Chea
TheMan Right Chea:
It doesn't help her cause when her name begins with the word SEMEN
Mr Black MALI
Mr Black MALI:
👀Voice 👀
k i r k
k i r k:
Caster has and always will have XY chromosomes... she is biologically male. It's Caster and her proponents who "aren't accepting her as she is." This shouldn't even be a close call, but we have so many cowards today and people look foolish. I'm perfectly fine addressing males who want to be addressed as him or her, but I'm against punishing women in athletics. It's heartbreaking to see these women cheated of their earned accomplishment.
BadLinkUpLiveStream x
BadLinkUpLiveStream x:
she shouldnt be required to take synthetic drugs
george orwell
george orwell:
He is a man
Rocky Mmaphuti
Rocky Mmaphuti:
w'r proud of u en we love u CASTER#negativity must fall#Team Semenya.....
Spirit Rat
Spirit Rat:
Born with XY Chromosome... She is a man full stop.
Lilitha Potye
Lilitha Potye:
We love you Caster Semenya, you're a true inspiration!
Norie Mendez
Norie Mendez:
I see a man...
Mark devlin
Mark devlin:
Thats a dude
Sam van den Berg
Sam van den Berg:
The current orthodoxy is that there are a hundred genders, so a hundred olympic categories? Which of the 100 genders does erm ... s|he ... identify with? S|he has a demonstrable unfair advantage, hence, sorry Caster, the decent and fair thing to do is to drop your Olympic ideals. There are thousands of us who'd love to win medals in one field or another, and are either too weak, too stupid, too short or too something or other, so we don't compete. Face facts and find some other field to excel in. Don't expect the world to change its rules so you can win medals. Or are you suggesting that I should be given a Nobel Prize simply because I'd love to get one?Just because I'd love one and my kind friends tell me I'm awfully good at ... erm ..crosswords? Do the decent thing and do what we all have to do -- accept facts and get a different job. You've achieved enough public recognition to get a good job.
Robert Burch
Robert Burch:
I did some research and caster was born with female anatomy but has xy chromosomes. He/she doesn’t have a uterus nor Fallopian tubes, never had a period and actually has testes in her pelvis. He/ she benefitted from the extra testosterone all her life and still benefits from not having to train around her cycle as a lot of elite female athletes do. She is in a lot of denial and I’m glad the Olympic committe ruled gender is based on chromosomes and not how you ‘identify’ with or ‘anatomy’.
Sounds like a man.... omgosh, deep down she knows running against normal women is wrong.
Mike Spencer
Mike Spencer:
It takes balls to speak out!!!
Roger Blake
Roger Blake:
My god, Caster even sounds like a man. LOL He's clearly a he.
Vinsu Karma
Vinsu Karma:
that's a dude, dude
Casters condition basically means it is a dude w/o a penis (look it up if you dont believe me). Therefore HE should compete with other dudes. I have nothing against trans and intersex people in general but i really dont like Caster both as an athlete and as a person. He knows he cant compete with other dudes on a high level and he knows how much of an advantage he has over women. Yet he acts like its all fair and if someone questions him he plays the victim card instantly. Disgusting person, people who support him either are completely brainwashed or know nothing about how much of an advantage biological males have over females.
V K:
Tomorrow Usain Bolt can say he feels like a woman and run in the woman’s race 😉
DrT 2000
DrT 2000:
Bertram LeFarge
Bertram LeFarge:
How can she compete as a woman when she can still Caster Semeninya?
Young Suit
Young Suit:
If they don't want to make another intersex category, then she's just a genetic anomaly, and learn to live with it.

No one said Shaq and Yao should have to play NBA version 2 because of how tall they were.
If you've got a bloke's name, a pair of internal testes, and look and sound like a bloke, then that's probably what you are.
Ronelle Rogers
Ronelle Rogers:
The violation is partaking in women's sport as a man, c'mon this is a joke..
Marissa Proctor
Marissa Proctor:
Sounds like a dude, looks like a dude, wins races like a dude...probably a dude.
It doesn't help when your name is an anagram of 'yes, a secret man' :-)
People like this has no right do be there.
Laura Harris
Laura Harris:
Sports are run by our biological sex. Man. Female. BIOLOGICALY she is a Male. XY. She should not be racing, end of story.
Cory in da hus
Cory in da hus:
Correction: "Caster Semenya breaks his silence"
Xolani Mhlongo
Xolani Mhlongo:
Caster have you notice that only White people has been criticizing you for your decision they unlawfully destroy human rights specially for black people
Bertram LeFarge
Bertram LeFarge:
Stop whining and grow a pair...oh..wait.
uma bhushan
uma bhushan:
Body language and voice are clearly masculine
Gorgeous Lady
Gorgeous Lady:
If you can prove this person was born a man i have 20k in an envelope to give you!.
Valley of the Rogue
Valley of the Rogue:
Lies. This man was competing fraudulently for YEARS, hiding his medical records from the public. He was finally outed as male (46 XY DSD) by the UK Sunday Times two years ago in the appeals documents, and it was verified in the decision ruling against him.
valerie mcdaniel
valerie mcdaniel:
This is hogwash, she/he can't even look the interviewer in the eyes while answering her questions, because she/he knows there's deception. She/he wants so much empathy but she/he has none for the women she/he beats in races because of her elevated testosterone advantage. The playing field suppose to be equal. If the other women were caught with those levels of testosterone they would be disqualified immediately. I am not falling for the okie-doke on this one. And I mean that respectfully.
Jay Urris
Jay Urris:
I support Kawhi Leonard in this 😂
He is a man
LastTram 90
LastTram 90:
She's manlier than the men I know. Even her voice is like a man's. No hate but that's clearly a male
Sergey Zavisha
Sergey Zavisha:
Fine woman
alan lesley
alan lesley:
Why avoid eye contact, looks suspicious.
ThePaul Steezo
ThePaul Steezo:
This guy HAS NO NECK!!!
A B:
This dude isn’t even trying to sound like a woman when speaking.
Denis Schaffer
Denis Schaffer:
Transgender should have their own classification to compete in.
k c
k c:
The misogynists in these comments are not only sad for being hateful, but because they refuse to be educated about the biology of sex as well as the philosophy of gender. Grow up. This WOMAN is a better example of how to be a good person than most of us.
Denzil Wilson
Denzil Wilson:
This dude is a dude man. Listen to him ffs!!!
petruk Bali
petruk Bali:
Hoe kan je zoiets nou zwanger maken???? wordt al misselijk bij de gedachte🤮‼️
Male cheater
Woman Of God
Woman Of God:
She is a man
ThePaul Steezo
ThePaul Steezo:
Kiki Riki
Kiki Riki:
So can he get pregnant?
Rich B
Rich B:
Castor comes into women's athletics with an unfair advantage. The authorities still haven't figured out the correct way to handle it.
Lexie Brown
Lexie Brown:
This is completely unfair. It’s not her fault, she was born this way, however, refusing to take testosterone reducing medication is so unfair. She has an advantage and doesn’t want to give that up even in the injustice of it all.
Themfing Mfer
Themfing Mfer:
In women referred to as “46 XY DSD” – the most common intersex condition among female athletes – the presence of a Y chromosome causes the development of testes. These do not descend from the abdomen but do produce testosterone. However the receptors for testosterone are abnormal, with the result that the individual develops as female with a vagina, but no ovaries or uterus. Circulating testosterone may have no biological effect in the case of complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS), or some effect in partial AIS.
Just because you identify as a woman doesn't change your male chromosomes:

XY = Male = Caster Semenya
Ana Caona
Ana Caona:
End the sex segregation of sports which elevates female performers while telling tens of millions of males that are equal to or better than the top females to not compete at all.
Venezuela USA
Venezuela USA:
Caster Semenya is a great woman. She was born with high testosterone than estrogen. That's why she looks more masculine than a woman. However, you can see her shoulder and facial frame, and wider hips are still look like a woman. There are so many people just take a quick look at her physical appearance and they think she looks like a man, but she is not. She is 100% biological woman. She and Brittney Griner who played for Baylor have high testosterone hormones level in them. That's why they look more masculine. People who criticized Caster Semenya or label her as a man were not understand that much about human anatomy and physiology. Caster Semenya is a nice woman. At least she did something positive contribute to her country.
Title should read: Caster Semenya breaks his silence.
Nate Gannon
Nate Gannon:
What is happening in this world. This guy really thinks it's fair to run against real women? Get the hell out of here.
george orwell
george orwell:
He can’t even look her in the eyes, not believable. He makes money and this is the reason for this sham.
Amir Hussain
Amir Hussain:
defo a bloke
It is uncliear if it is a man.
But it is not a woman for sure.
kirch 423
kirch 423:
To all the ignorant heathens saying she’s a man please educate yourselves. She’s not a man she’s a woman, and simply has more chromosomes than the average woman has. This her natural body, no doping, nothing illegal on her part. To rule a athlete a cheater for being born with a natural advantage is ridiculous.This is public knowledge lol to be ignorant on this topic is a choice at this point.
Dawn Somerville
Dawn Somerville:
I'm so sorry for her challenges....but with testosterone levels far above the average's not fair for her to compete with other women. It's just not fair.
Kiki Riki
Kiki Riki:
His/Her wife is now pregnant🤔
Kimberly May Goloran
Kimberly May Goloran:
not to discriminate but leave Women's category in all sports for those who are really female, by sex and/or gender.
Joe L
Joe L:
He's a man born with a few female traits, but races against women so he can win.
Ana Caona
Ana Caona:
Caster apparently has an undescended testes but is the mark the transition of sports from fighting spirit to global genetic selection. And with that should disappear the so-called sex segregation of sports which elevates rather ordinary female performers while telling tens of millions of males that are equal to or better than the females to not compete at all. Semanya wouldn't even qualify for an elite mens competition.
Nick Steve
Nick Steve:
They wanna ban Caster for NATURALLY being born with more testosterone than the other women around her but want to allow Transgender women (born and still are males) that definitely have more testosterone? Wtf joke is that??

If someone is born how they are, then they are special in the sport. What? Disqualify Usain Bolt cuz he was too fast and studies showed his heart rate was "too fast" too? Stupid
He is just a secret closeted man .thats it