CD PROJEKT RED: The Past, Present and Future | E3 Coliseum 2019 Panel

Co-founder and Joint CEO CD PROJEKT CEO Marcin Iwiński in conversation with The Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley about the past, present and future of CD PROJEKT RED, including Cyberpunk 2077

Speakers: Marcin Iwinski – Co-Founder and Joint CEO of CD PROJEKT RED
Moderated by: Geoff Keighley – Producer of The Game Awards

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100+ komentarze:

“We are not a game factory, we treat games as an art.” 🇵🇱
CDPR is the crown jewel of gamer centric companies right now and its amazing to see their success.
Marc S.
Marc S.:
Please stay in Poland. USA and or western Europe will ruin your company.
From a distribution company in Poland to the hottest game developers today dreams do still exists
Raven Blackwood
Raven Blackwood:
24:54 "We are not a games factory... We treat games as an art."
A lot of games companies could learn something very valuable with just that one sentence!
What a genuine and nice guy, he’s so transparent in the way he answers the questions. Fantastic interview and I look forward to playing this ambitious game changing price of art they have created.
how can you not like these guys.
Nishanth S.P
Nishanth S.P:
One of the most talented and committed game developers . CDPR deserve all the praise they are getting.
This company is pretty much the exact opposite of EA.
Clockwork Man
Clockwork Man:
CDPR are for me what disney used to be, they make dreams happen and care about their customers.
i get goosebumps when i think about playing cyberpunk
Mr S
Mr S:
I like how he talks to the audience and not just directly to Geoff. Much like their gaming philosophy; they treat us with respect.
Marvin Ng
Marvin Ng:
I still remember this guy's answer to his shareholders on how to increase revenue for the future and he said "By making a damn good game"
eeehmm what
eeehmm what:
From 2 dudes who loved playing Videogames to the best Game Developer of our Decade. Just Awesome🇵🇱
Marcin looks tired...I hope he's ok even though he must be putting in crazy hours.
We should help CDPR by buying Cyberpunk via GoG and then their dream of 2 working teams might come true.
Michał Lasoń
Michał Lasoń:
In 2004 they had their one corner at E3 on the courtesy of BioWare (remember that first Witcher worked on Aurora Engine), today their game is presented by one of most famous actors in the world and hype is so big I have never seen before. I still remember intervew from back 2004 when polish journalist asked developers from BioWare if do they think if CDPR will be as succesfull as them, everyone was like polite but doubting and look at them now, Marcin is mocking BioWare for their senseless decisions. Oh how the tables have turned.
I wanna wish Marcin and all of his team from CDP the best into delivering yet another masterpiece of a game. I had no doubts in my mind that they will pull it off.
Jinx La'rue
Jinx La'rue:
I hope this guy never retires or dies. We need him in a world of game company imitations
Thodoris Kouveletsos
Thodoris Kouveletsos:
God I love CDPR
Market capital of the company... billions of dollars?

"Yeah, sort of. It's not my fault." - Marcin Iwiński, 2019.
Marcin dobry ziomal, zamiast postawic butelke na stoliku to ustawil na ziemi. To chyba plenerowe przyzwyczajenie 😂
Cristian Villavicencio
Cristian Villavicencio:
They're Polish, they are passionate about games, and they want to create pieces of art. If they were in North America they would be ruined by political correctness and idiotic suits.
Paulo Evangelista
Paulo Evangelista:
Never change your philosophy. Always focus on great storytelling and gameplay. Don't fall into the online service bullshit. What you are doing now is what makes CDPR great.
Bethesda: we can't produce a new good quality game without microtransactions and not bullshiting our customers these days
CDPR: hold my beer.
Rudiger Schneider
Rudiger Schneider:
“We are not a games factory, we treat games as an art”

If only all game developers had this philosophy
I love his passion and sense of humor. God thank you for CDPR
Marcin looks tired! Give the man a vacation! 😊😉
The guys at CDPR literally are the system-fighting Cyperpunks in a world full of money and power-hungry mega corporations. This is how you build a loyal fanbase: with integrity, humbleness and respect for the art you're creating and the people who are buying it. If they can keep this philosophy alive, then they will have my loyalty and support for as long as I live. I wish you all the best CDPR. Keep showing the world how it's done.
I appreciate the honesty of Marcin talking about running the company
Great interview, people down to Earth and with common sense, and that is showing in the products they deliver and how they deliver them. Wish them all the best with their company and their games for the past, present and the future of course.

We need companies like this and not the garbage ones that only try to take advantage of our addiction (and hobby) to play games delivering garbage/unfinished "game as service" products full of microtransactions and broken at release. Start to use your brains and think with your wallet too, all that is happening right now is our own fault. Support those that deserve it and say a big "F*** YOU" to those that don't care a single bit about its customers (us).

Have a nice day and long live CDProjekt Red. (they want our money too but they are doing it fare for us, everything goes both ways)
Aneesh Menon
Aneesh Menon:
I feel like it needs to be mentioned. Compare him with Andrew Wilson. Such a stark contrast in personalities that ultimately reflects their philosophy towards making games. CDPR is about delivering the best possible gaming experience to their customers while giving them more value for the money they paid for. Whereas EA is the complete and absolute opposite. The only way we can show it is to forever boycott EA games (and other games of developers that are now starting to get greedier than ever) and to make Cyberpunk 2077 the best selling and highest rated game of all time. I know it's too early to say these things until we play the game first, but I just know it in my gut that it's gonna be the game that is going to mark a milestone in the evolution of video games and should be a benchmark for what other game developers should strive to achieve.
K M:
Good luck Marcin. Hopefully this game becomes the Greatest RPG of all time. Nobody else is really shooting for such an accolade any more. Bioware is done, Bethesda is a joke now after Fallout 76. It's between you and Larian, but your game looks to be far more ambitious.
Jade Price
Jade Price:
I hope cyberpunk make a lot of billions, cdpr deserves it
שמעון המגניבון
שמעון המגניבון:
CD PROJEKT RED: “We are not a game factory, we treat games as an art.”
EA: "Say what?"
Marcin looks so tired he should go on vacation for week or two
If you want to support these amazing guys, buy the game on GoG!!! You don't need any features from Steam in this game, send the money directly to CPR.
Dude Dude
Dude Dude:
Geoff Keighley, thank you very much for what you're doing for gamer community!
Mrt Ozd
Mrt Ozd:
Kojima: "We have Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen"
Marcin Iwiński: "Hold my pencil"
Making me even more proud to be Polish. :)
Marcin speaks pure gold here.
Hipicurio De Mileto
Hipicurio De Mileto:
I can’t believe this guy, in this interview it is easy to appreciate the kind of mentality that the Polish and the American have with respecto to video games, the interviewer thinks purely in numbers, the size of the team, the number of expansions to the games, the revenue made by the company... it just blows my mind the dry and cold spirit that motivates his questions, whereas his counterpart’s motivation to create video games cannot possibly be understood in numbers, he really is thinking about art, inspiration and the exhilaration of his creative process... I’d really like for CD Projekt to grow and change for the better but also to remain true to what really makes them great, a work of art should never be reduced to a barcode.
Jinx La'rue
Jinx La'rue:
20:20 did Marcin Iwiński take a shot at EA Anthem? Well played sir 👏
Shinuki San
Shinuki San:
I know many of my friends that have boycotted EA, Bethesda and even Ubisoft and won't touch any of their games anymore because of the lies and deceit and complete lack of respect for the consumer. To come from a country that went through the holocaust and to make something of themselves against such poverty and adversity is a true testament to who they are, not only as a gaming company but also as human beings. They are light years ahead of anyone out there and deserve every credit and success that comes their way. The revolution is well on its way and CDPR are at the forefront of it. I hope the way they carry themselves spreads like a virus throughout the industry.....True games made by gamers for gamers.
Love how humble he is. Exact opposite of EA suits.
Michelle Maycock
Michelle Maycock:
1st thing that comes to my mind when I think Poland is the amazing football fans they never stop singing win or lose.
He is much more human than Todd Howard
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris:
Thats why CDPR iS so cool, and gamer friendly....BECAUSE THEY ARE GAMERS!!!
They are Polishing the game.
One of the best game developers out there, love their philosophy on creating games
Raphael Yaghdjian
Raphael Yaghdjian:
The key point from this interview and what Marcin said is that they still hold full power of the decision making as the board and them as main shareholders share the same philosophy. It's visible that gaming companies decline their product quality when they need to seek investors and sell the decision rights to them, which ends up with having the company bound to increase profits and share value at any cost, often you can get a good quality game but nothing like the ones CDPR bring.
EA games is the biggest proof to that which nowadays is completely controlled by the shareholders, and any other company that needs the capital to start those projects end up having to suck it up for profits. While CDPR can still have profits, however not a need for immediate profits for shareholder's sake at the same time that quality and brand is something they hold high in the company strategic vision, as they said, they are not a game factory.
What a great guy, it's sad that money corrupts everything it touches and there are very few companies like CDPR nowadays and probably even less CEO's like Marcin which are true and passionate about the work they produce and the industry they work on..
joaquim felix
joaquim felix:
So this is the face of the king of RIVIA.
I freakin LOVE this guy and his company. The Witcher 3 is still my favorite game of all time and I’m sure cyberpunk will be joining it.
M Modeus
M Modeus:
Please Stay in Europe! Expand only in Europe!
Jason Caputo
Jason Caputo:
Marcin is so grounded. Keeping focused, honoring your integrity and remaining humble is harder the more successful one becomes. These folks make it look easy, like there is no other option other than staying true to their ideals. Beautiful.
24:53 We are not a games factory, we treat games as an art.
CD Project RED = Legend
Alcest .Valtari
Alcest .Valtari:
Thanks to Marcin Iwiński, and the whole crew working for CD PROJECT, we do have wonderful games, that have hundreds of hours to spent in completely unique and breathtaking worlds. Thank you a lot, guys! We appreciate your attitude towards the industry and its community.
Ween Nde
Ween Nde:
Cannot wait to see a bit of "polish soul" in CP 2077!!
Loved the interview just wish they gave him a bit more volume. Turn up his mic next time please
Kalle Pajunen
Kalle Pajunen:
CDPR is just pure gold. Never change. <3
Chiang benson
Chiang benson:
god i look at marchin's face he looks so tired, i couldn't thank him enough and all the people in cd projekt red spending their time on making such an incredible game
They are what Blizzard was...many many years ago....a fantastic game studio developing games for the players
That´s the spirit you feel while playing their games.....
Marcin for president! Wait, he already is.. Marcin for something even bigger!
I'm literally THANKFUL for these people and this company
My boi better be taking a LONG DESERVED break after the release of this game. The bags under his eyes and overall look of his face just screams hours upon hours of intense, passionate work
Bartosz Hanajczyk
Bartosz Hanajczyk:
Stay in Poland, let them come to us for a change. Keep a good work!
CDPR is a gift from the gods.
Greedy soulless companies and devs need to take notes. This is how you make games.
Dennis Intal
Dennis Intal:
CDPR is the Quentin Tarantino of gaming industry
Zasu Fka
Zasu Fka:
So, this is how god looks like.
Robert Avanesov
Robert Avanesov:
Tristan Edwards
Tristan Edwards:
CD Projekt Red is the shining example that you can be successful in AAA without having to sell your soul. I hope Cyberpunk is a mega success.
The Unknown
The Unknown:
CD Projekt Red are Rockstar Games' main rival, not Naughty Dog.
Peter Unwin
Peter Unwin:
I really need an interview with kojima,marcin,cory barlog and amy henning
My god, even the CEO seems humble, honest, and genuine...

I almost feel like the western production/capitalism culture in gaming is going to corrupt them one day and I'm terrified... I don't want anything to happen to this guy or his company... I don't want EA or Ubisoft to eat them whole...
Big Blocka
Big Blocka:
Marcin the GOAT
Finua Boy
Finua Boy:
So intelligent and funny. Great inspiration for anyone who wants to works in gaming.
Stabby Crabby
Stabby Crabby:
CDPR is the reason Iam happy I live in warsaw next to their studio lol
wow man ... he forces you to respect him, he and his company are the ones to look up to in the gaming industry
Onyx Knight
Onyx Knight:
If we only ever got the Witcher 1-3, I would still be forever grateful to CDPR. Everything else is just a bonus.
I just realized that the male V in the latest trailer looks very similar to Marcin, obviously younger, short hair and slightly altered but the profile shot, his nose etc looks like Marcin. I wouldn’t be shocked if they scanned his face like they did Keanu.
Other companies should learn from this guy and his company.
CDPR made being polish cool :) Marcin is great story teller. I can listen to him talking about BTS of gamedev for hours. Great interview. Guys, don't forget about Dying Light 2 - another great game from PL.
Marcin Chreptowicz
Marcin Chreptowicz:
Best leader is the one that gives credit to the team but takes blame on himself.
Jack Holson
Jack Holson:
Stay strong Marcin! We see your ¡¡passion!!

Man, this is the key point why CDPR is CDPR and not a generic game developer. I really hope they keep that way for a long long time.
Даурен Мерекенов
Даурен Мерекенов:
God bless CDPR
Ross' girl R
Ross' girl R:
Putting other developers to shame for over a decade - CDPR you are a true jewel, please never change!
Brian Piekenbrock
Brian Piekenbrock:
it's almost like being nice to your customers and actually caring about them is a good business model, surprise right?
kaushal suvarna
kaushal suvarna:
Every time I listen to this guy, I'm humbled
Claire Evergreen
Claire Evergreen:
This guy puts a smile on my face, great interview.
Chris Rosenkreuz
Chris Rosenkreuz:
these guys are MAD! much love
This company does what it is passionate about, and I hope that always continues, but I really hope they understand how excited we are that that thing is great story telling. There is such a deficit of SP focused games right now, and CDPR are such amazing story tellers (alongside the Authors they partner with). To hear him say that will not change "any time soon" is awesome and I just want them to know how much we appreciate them and all they do. I've not been so proud of a Developer since Valve back in their HL2 days. CDPR is my Developer of the Decade, hands down.
Thank you CD Projekt Red.

Never change your story telling vision!
Chris Meek
Chris Meek:
Passion and Character since The Witcher 1. i love these guys.
Jaded Rivers
Jaded Rivers:
Love ya CDPR! The ONLY developer I trust with my money on preorders!
CDPR isn't a cut above the rest of the industry because of their talent, which they have in no short supply, but because they're doing something almost no one else in the industry is doing:

Listening to the players.
M. Kokabiel
M. Kokabiel:
"make some money if possible. If not, that's fine too." Now he's a billionare making off honest work without greed.
Kon Berner
Kon Berner:
Certainly 10/10 respect for Marcin.
Mezio Fufezio
Mezio Fufezio:
So we'll have more witcher