Celebrity chefs pay tribute to Gary Rhodes

Marcus Wareing, Aldo Zilli and Ainsley Harriot have paid tribute to celebrity chef Gary Rhodes who has died at the age of 59.

The TV chef died after suddenly falling ill during a break in filming on a new series he was working on in Dubai, the production company behind the show has said.

Rhodes appeared on programmes including Rhodes Around Britain and MasterChef during his celebrated cookery career and was working on a new series for ITV with Rock Oyster Media, a subsidiary of Goldfinch.

His family had said they were "deeply saddened" by his death.

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100+ komentarze:

The British people loved Gary Rhodes he will be truly missed
Sherwil The Adventurer
Sherwil The Adventurer:
Rest in peace to the nice Chef GARY RHODES
paul hoskin
paul hoskin:
As far as Gary is concerned
All Rhodes lead to heaven
Can’t believe what I’m hearing. Thoughts with his family.
RIP Gary, a truly great Chef, he will be missed terribly, my condolences to family
Bill T
Bill T:
He made cookery on tv really enjoyable, a bit like Rick Stein
He seemed like a really nice guy.
Lord Poshname Von Plumbingparts
Lord Poshname Von Plumbingparts:
RIP to a pioneer of British cuisine.
Josh ua
Josh ua:
He was a good guy with a nice energy about him
Niela Drew
Niela Drew:
RIP Gary, a great cook and a lovely man 💜
Adrian Lockey
Adrian Lockey:
The only two chefs I've ever liked Gary Rhodes and ffloyd the rest are boring load farts
Jeff Allinson
Jeff Allinson:
Such a massive talent and only 59; absolutely dreadful news and our hearts go out to his family.
louise chaddock
louise chaddock:
I used to really enjoy watching him on tv.Rest in peace Gary Rhodes gone too soon😥
a complete legend and an inspiration to any real chef who wears whites in a professional kitchen
Maggie Edwards
Maggie Edwards:
Wow my condolences to the family of the great Gary Rhodes 🙁really sad news
Jeremy Haines
Jeremy Haines:
R i p Garry Rodes a true gent and a lovely man and fantastic chef xXxX
Carl Morgan
Carl Morgan:
Prayers to his family. Blessed
Rick Pound
Rick Pound:
Floyd n Rhodes the instigators of TV cooking. Good grub at his place in Taunton so many years ago now.
I'm so shocked to hear this. Gary seemed like a really nice, down to earth man and he was a trailblazer, championing British cuisine and making cooking shows interesting and the recipes accessible. Rest in peace Gary.
Eric George
Eric George:
He died after banging his head, how completely awful. My heart goes out to his loved ones.
meyer gaelle
meyer gaelle:
Omg my favourite chef he's dead???😲 How 😲😲😟😟 so young
Kali Angel
Kali Angel:
Rest in Peace to an icon!!!!
Mary. A
Mary. A:
He was an awesome chef I grew up watching on telly with my family. Rip Gary ❤️
Odette Widdicombe
Odette Widdicombe:
Rip Mr hope he has found peace
I'll always remember him from the old Tate & Lyle advert 🕯
Tarik C
Tarik C:
Gary has always been my favourite celebrity chef. God rest his soul.
Akshar Bahl
Akshar Bahl:
2:13 the guy from the meme hehe boi
Mr Jones
Mr Jones:
Very nice comments from his fellow friends. RIP Gary.
Jasmin Teido
Jasmin Teido:
R.I.P Chef Gary Rhodes.
Jack Tate
Jack Tate:
I lived in Dubai for a very long time and saw him a few times out and about he always seemed to be perfectly pleasant. I dined at his Grosvenor House restaurant once it was ok.
Paul Osc Slots
Paul Osc Slots:
Went to one of his restaurants, awful!
Seemed a nice fella tho
Shane Rosser
Shane Rosser:
RIP Gary Rhodes.
S Payne
S Payne:
Wow a unique person taken from us. We grew up watching his exciting fresh delivery we loved him so much. Condolences to all his family
Jimbo JetSet
Jimbo JetSet:
Rip lad. Thanks for the nostalgia of after school 'Ready Steady Cook' at 4.30pm. Shame
Robert Brown
Robert Brown:
Top chef Top bloke ♥️
Baker 1982
Baker 1982:
Loved loved Gary show. The whole family used to watch him. And his food was amazing
Dominic Underwood
Dominic Underwood:
Thanks to all, for the tributes! Appreciated.
Great chef, Great TV, seemed like a nice guy.
Matthew McNeill
Matthew McNeill:
He was the chef that got me to start cooking
Gary inspired alot of professional cooks. Me being one of them. I started working in professional kitchens 28 years ago and he changed how chefs dressed and cooked and looked with the spiky hair and multicolored checked trousers etc

R.i.p boss
The Rolex drone channel..
The Rolex drone channel..:
Loved him so passionate
my guy
my guy:
As a Chef myself, Gary Rhodes was a massive influence on me, he gave us a pride in British cuisine and was also a sound bloke.
RIP Chef.
humphrey peek
humphrey peek:
I believe that he had a bad accident when he was working in Amsterdam when he was younger hit by a Transit van
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank:
Great chef👍
Believe And Achieve Life Success
Believe And Achieve Life Success:
RIP Gary - love to your family x
Aznarder Slaxxxer
Aznarder Slaxxxer:
All those great chefs & Ainsley as well!
gravelbags 247
gravelbags 247:
It's such a shame that tv is all over him now he's passed away when he should have been on tv all his life, he was a fantastic chef and tv personality, I loved watching the guy and its so sad he's gone
mel grant
mel grant:
Love Gary rip xxxxx
Lovely bloke
Babi Gurung
Babi Gurung:
Rest in peace
RIP Chef!
Lot 4656
Lot 4656:
I can't believe it.😣
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson:
What happened to him? 😞
Asma Asim
Asma Asim:
Its really a dreadful news, he was a tremendous chef. I learned many British traditional cuisine from his tv shows. He will be missed
Si Filey
Si Filey:
Because of chefs we now pay a premium for our produce.

Loved Gary Rhodes great chef
Maggie Jones
Maggie Jones:
RIP lad my sympathy to your family
Chi Javier
Chi Javier:
Totally unexpected too young so much to do yet great loss. RIP Chef Gary
Martin Duggan
Martin Duggan:
Cooked good looked good
Trevor Keyes
Trevor Keyes:
R.i.p gary sadly missed
Christine Holloway
Christine Holloway:
R.I.P. Gary
David Cameron
David Cameron:
RIP chef
Wtf??!!!!just found out.
TJ Davies
TJ Davies:
Rip Gary
Henry Tudor
Henry Tudor:
Great chef and made great tv cookery shows had a great way about him unlike that Ramsey Rhodes didn't have to be uncouth and swearing and shouting his mouth off to make a good show
Happy Chef
Happy Chef:
RIP Gary Rhodes
Gordon Brennan
Gordon Brennan:
Very sad over Gary's death, top bloke and a great chef with a fantastic personality
king of the swing.
king of the swing.:
Lovely guy...... what a shame we cant tell each other these things while we are alive.... RIP GARY....
louise petrilli
louise petrilli:
What a sad day for culinary world 🙏
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones:
Rest In Peace Gary Rhodes,
Suman Aryal
Suman Aryal:
Rip chef Gary Rhodes
That Guy
That Guy:
well said ainsley
Flappo Spammo
Flappo Spammo:
very sad news

Such a shock he kept very fit and healthy
lucy Llewellyn
lucy Llewellyn:
R.i.p Gary Rhodes
Saeed Ahmed
Saeed Ahmed:
Patricia Shaw
Patricia Shaw:
Sad news.
Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson:
R.i.p. Gary
Barbara Dyson
Barbara Dyson:
Rhodes bought 2 small restaurant in cambridgeshire 1 was called pink geranium and was owned by 2 sisters and the food was fantastic, but after he took it over the food went down the pan and i believed it closed. Think similar thing happened to the other restaurant.
Janice Longthorn
Janice Longthorn:
R. I. P gary
Toyin Oladimeji
Toyin Oladimeji:
Professional Chef Gary Rhodes Rip. Family and friends sorry for your loss. Gone too soon, will be missed by those who knew, met him alike.
Thomas Dellarosa
Thomas Dellarosa:
Gary Rhodes =113 in the same Cipher . This guy was murdered by the numbers .
Dubai bye
RIP. Grew up watching this guy on TV
Lord Debrick
Lord Debrick:
The original tv chef was Patrick Anthony...
Rowena Tam
Rowena Tam:
How did he die?????
Theriocidal malzoans.
Robin Hood
Robin Hood:
Chu Chan
Chu Chan:
So sad. Rip Gary
Soft Focus
Soft Focus:
he was alive and now is dead the story is the same for every body. the media want to waste our lives going backwards just like history like kings and queens
Jay Cobbina
Jay Cobbina:
He was also an expert at West Indian cuisine.
Swift Nevison Bush Wrangler
Swift Nevison Bush Wrangler:
Thumbs down very odd
wai tsang
wai tsang:
RIP Best of British
Richard Grover
Richard Grover:
I don't think there telling the truth about cause of death. how does someone bang there head and die it doesn't make sense.
Boo Cat
Boo Cat:
Pile of nonsense , people have always cooked good British food . Didn't need a chef to tell them so , alive or dead . No offence to Mr . Rhodes .R.I.P.
What did he die of???
Pauli M
Pauli M:
Sitting on the couch with a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, after school, watching Gary Rhodes on Ready Steady Cook....ahhh the good old days 😊😊😊 RIP Gary - Legend!
Philip Simpson
Philip Simpson:
Gary will be cremated at regulo 6, with fresh potatoes,,carrots,,parsnips, a pinch of salt and pepper, finished off with a Smokey bbc sauce, RIP gary
m khan
m khan:
just shows , here today , gone tomorrow . sounds obvious but we will all die one day and leave everything we owned and loved behind . what was the purpose of that journey ?, so beware that we will all answer for our sins . everything and everyone on this planet has a creator , and so do we .