Just before we popped over to Greece, we found time to enjoy the last of the Manchester weather for a few days, preparing for Olympiakos!


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fifa.m_ madfut21
fifa.m_ madfut21:
Haven't seen vid yet ,I hope they is shooting practice.
Keshorjit Chongtham
Keshorjit Chongtham:
Even though we r still facing hard times in the game, I will hope for the best and will always support city. Let the blue moon rise again💙💙💙💙
It's Ali
It's Ali:
We need comeback in epl😭😭😭
James K-TEN
James K-TEN:
Plz turn around in Pl as well😢
Magic Mystery
Magic Mystery:
Aguero with the hat trick. That's what we wanna hear.
Dagi tube
Dagi tube:
When you see aguero with the ball it's like fearing injury again
Oo oO
Oo oO:
Can't get excited anymore the result have been poor for over a year now.
its actually kinda good seeing aguero recovering from his injury hope he plays the match
Nathaniel Gyamfi
Nathaniel Gyamfi:
I believe in you guys , I hope you make all the rest of the match entertaining with our best coach Gardiola
Usman Wajid
Usman Wajid:
Urke GG
Urke GG:
All we want is to Aguero start!!If he dont start put him in 70 min.Gabriel is good but don't like Kun .
Rohan Burrell
Rohan Burrell:
Sterling needs to rid himself of that hairstyle....everytime he has it his game drops like the curls
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha:
Training makes you all perfect.
Shantanu Thakare
Shantanu Thakare:
Rest Kevin please 🥺
damn aguero looks so laboured when he runs 😔💔
Mekel Giosia Evan Tampubolon
Mekel Giosia Evan Tampubolon:
Dear ManCity,
I trust zinchenko than mendy!
Nadiir Yare official
Nadiir Yare official:
This squad missed David Silva and Leroy sané
bilbo begins
bilbo begins:
I’m still confused after that Tottenham defeat. We were so toothless in attack and it has nothing to do with luck. Same mistakes match by match, I was sure that after purchasing a good cb the problem will be solved but now it seems that it’s not about players.😞
Galvin Bhullar
Galvin Bhullar:
City 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Keval Mhatre
Keval Mhatre:
King kun🔥in the thumbnail things you love❤to see
kirubel biruk
kirubel biruk:
3 points and qualiied come on
jeevan george
jeevan george:
Yassini Hamadi
Yassini Hamadi:
I guess I know Y this season is tough for us cuz we haven’t been shooting no practice videos nd we haven’t been practicing much season💯⚽️💙
Maximiliano Huerga
Maximiliano Huerga:
Ahí estás Kuni..con razón anda desaparecido de twich..jaja más vale q metas un gol uraaa!!
chips and gravy
chips and gravy:
Looking like we are back to full strength....
All training 👍
Nufail Vhora
Nufail Vhora:
top the group just to get knocked out by the underdogs as usual :)
Joel Ivuso
Joel Ivuso:
All we need is consistency, come on guys💙💙💙
we must comeback totenham
Willy C.
Willy C.:
Come on guys, show your pride💙
I'm not feeling good yet please make me smile
Ahmed Hussen
Ahmed Hussen:
Welcome Kun, now every body back
Mati Andu
Mati Andu:
Welcome city my life
Vinay Chiplunkar
Vinay Chiplunkar:
Hope Something New Happens
Create Attacking Fierce
Space Aquaintance
Space Aquaintance:
I love man City , much love guys 😁😁
Ifran Ahmed
Ifran Ahmed:
Haven't we got all the players who were injured back from injury
mridul kandar
mridul kandar:
Improvement needed in goal keeper. Son and lo celso scored by pushing the ball between the legs of ederson!
Itani Loago Tobedza
Itani Loago Tobedza:
Come on City!!!💙💙💙
Let's get the 3 points
hidden world
hidden world:
Been a city fan since i was 4 years 🤗🤗🤗hope this year grab the trophy
Исломбек Масежонов
Исломбек Масежонов:
Comon city!
Anil Karki
Anil Karki:
Come on boys we can do it tonight!!
Adam Setyo Wibowo
Adam Setyo Wibowo:
I hope city win win win and win again. Pray to treble winner. 🔥
大曼城萬歲! 藍月亮加油⛽!!!
The gaming dukkie
The gaming dukkie:
Hiii city!
Pes Mobile Gamer
Pes Mobile Gamer:
Man City will win UCL this time. 👍
Nobodo 38
Nobodo 38:
The best team olybiakos👊
sultan alolayan
sultan alolayan:
from this vid u can tell that aguero is going to perform really well
Meemoh Shukla
Meemoh Shukla:
Love you Kevin De Bruyne you are my inspiration
Pes Mobile Gamer
Pes Mobile Gamer:
Man City 😍
William Thiama
William Thiama:
I like when everyone is happy , which is good news aguero is back
Justin Y.
Justin Y.:
Let’s go
Justin Y.
Justin Y.:
Let’s go
Theceadergamer YT
Theceadergamer YT:
choufkoora goals
choufkoora goals:
Basaksehir vs Manchester Utd Champions League All Goals & Highlights 2020 HD
Ñùřkìv ø
Ñùřkìv ø:
Why you dont post training videos this days
Francisco Adryel Parente da Ponte
Francisco Adryel Parente da Ponte:
Sou brasileiro
Aavash Khadka
Aavash Khadka:
Jonno Curtis
Jonno Curtis:
Cmon city!!
prince Eric
prince Eric:
I'm happy to see Fernandino fit
Foden and Torres NEED to START together, when Ake comes back he needs to START at left back because Cancelo isn't good enough.....
Need to score goals
Dubem Nnake
Dubem Nnake:
can yall post more training vids
Philip Cruz
Philip Cruz:
Where's AKE?
updy khadaR KocE
updy khadaR KocE:
Come on cityzens💙👊💪
Alfan Putra
Alfan Putra:
Dari kemaren ready ready mulu, menang kagak!
blue moon
blue moon:
بالتوفيقق للححبب اليووم 🥺💙💙💙💙🤟.
The lord of the games
The lord of the games:
I am from greece but i am not olubiakos Manchester city 🔥
Tell kun he is the best 💯
Junior Muluh
Junior Muluh:
Awe Man City
jeo ASIIS:
plz practice how to score goals
Akash Hallur
Akash Hallur:
Y are KDB and Kyle training but aren't in squad for giving rest!!!
Dimazzz Ardiansyah
Dimazzz Ardiansyah:
Menang cuma lawan club kecil doang lawan spurs kalah :/
너가 잘해야지 맨시티가 산다
violet chiduwa
violet chiduwa:
i feel like its time to give dortmund GJ and top some money and get halaand to help each other with kun. IF messi comes a bonus to us he will play behind.
Nanang Adiansyah
Nanang Adiansyah:
If axel vitsel for sale, city would prepare
Man city best time 💙
Good luck blues!! ⚽⚽💙
Edi Coco
Edi Coco:
rotation please🙏🙏
Suyog Pangeni
Suyog Pangeni:
Come on city
Play slowly, aguero :o ... we are afraid that you will get hurt
Abdi Yakoub
Abdi Yakoub:
Who misspelled olyimpicos
Sour Piseth
Sour Piseth:
Kapempe wera
Kapempe wera:
Semoga dengan fokus di Liga Champion..Man city bisa meraih trophy musim ini ,,Amin ya Rabbil alamin🤲🤲🤲🤲
Aguero always vibin
Too much talent to be 13 in epl. hope we can find our form and start scoring again
WLG PoliThunder
WLG PoliThunder:
#cmoncity 💙
Jay Ingham
Jay Ingham:
Come On Boys Let’s get a win tomorrow 💙💙💙💙💙
01 10A Dhruv Agarwal
01 10A Dhruv Agarwal:
7th comment
Arshavin Ans
Arshavin Ans:
Come on city.
I love man CITY
Aizawa DAL16
Aizawa DAL16:
Come on City💪💪💪
Suliman Manasreh
Suliman Manasreh:
We don’t really care about the premier league because we won it 7 times so we are focusing on the champions league am I correct
youcef yettou
youcef yettou:
Where is mahrez ?
Aniket Das
Aniket Das:
Messi and Aguero Attack Combination Coming Soon............
Muhamad Alatas
Muhamad Alatas:
Semangat Manchester City. Go go Kun Aguero. Tim besar harus berjiwa besar. Salam dari INDONESIA .. KEEP STRONG 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Teuboua Pristelle
Teuboua Pristelle:
I think we all need to calm down we where 9 points with few matches to go few years ago but we still top the league other teams are starting well but we don't know what wi happen in the next matches to come Tottenham has always been a problem for us remember last year we lost on both legs against them i believe we gonna bounce back good luck to our boys against Olympiakos
Kaswin faiz
Kaswin faiz:
Erling haaland buy for m city ..👍👍👍
God Frenzy
God Frenzy:
King Kun 💙💙💙💙💙💙 You love too see it