Charlbi Dean Dies at 32 After 'Sudden Illness'

'Triangle of Sadness' actress Charlbi Dean has died at age 32, TMZ reports. She died after an unexpected and sudden illness. The up-and-coming star was most known for her role as Syonide in The CW's 'Black Lightning.' Charlbi is survived by her parents, brother, and fiancé Luke Volker.

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Nobody else here finds it EXTREMELY weird how young, healthy people are “suddenly” passing?? This is not normal.
Petty Bee
Petty Bee:
Apparently she lost her spleen due to a car accident in 2009. She suffered a collapsed lung, damaged two vertebrae, and broke her wrist, four ribs, and an elbow. she developed a lung infection somehow and within a matter of hours she unfortunately passed. The spleen helps fight infections faster. I'm so sorry she had to go so soon. Rip and my condolences to her family
Primus Moss Jr.
Primus Moss Jr.:
She was just getting started. I hate hearing about someone so young, passing so early. It really bothers me. Hopefully she's in a much better place! Rest in Peace.
Robert Webb
Robert Webb:
My heart ❤️ goes out to her family and friends. She looked like such a beautiful person ❤️😭
Leslie Calvert
Leslie Calvert:
Don't take your health for any age..if you think your sick..go get checked out..pray for her family and friends...what a tremendous loss at such a young age
Remember, you're only hearing about the famous young people who are dying young
She was stunning. I hope Heaven is even better than she ever imagined.
Shauna Byers
Shauna Byers:
I never heard of her but that’s sad Rest In Peace
Amanda Switzer
Amanda Switzer:
Wow, it's always extra sad when a young person dies but especially so when they were just starting to reach their full potential. Prayers to her family friends and fans.
Apparently it’s very normal for young ppl to die suddenly. Absolutely sickening how you can’t question anything and how the cover ups are being implemented.
E.T. Sasa
E.T. Sasa:
Yes, a lot of young and healthy people seem to die "suddenly" nowadays...
Stephen Hawkins
Stephen Hawkins:
She always responded to me on Instagram, I didn't even realize she was this famous!!! 😭😭😭😭
Maria Siburt
Maria Siburt:
What sad news. Such a beautiful woman. Talented, smart..I am not sure what happened to her, but this is so sad. She was so young. My heart goes out to her family, all of her loved ones. May she rest in peace. ❤️✨🌾❤️
As someone who was in excellent shape and nearly died from pancreatitis, sometimes things like this happen. I had zero warning. My Heart goes out to her family.
That's so sad. So young and still so much she wanted to do. May she RIP❤️.
Tamara Saved and Sanctified
Tamara Saved and Sanctified:
Deepest condolences to her family.. Praying strength and comfort in Jesus Mighty Name 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Margaret Hernandez
Margaret Hernandez:
May this young woman rest in heavenly peace...In this day and age of overindulgence and experimentation it is easy to get lost and brave...Rest in peace💔💔💔.. Condolences to family and friends....
its ya boy markimoo 🇺🇦
its ya boy markimoo 🇺🇦:
I am devastated!! Poor soul🥺 At first I didnt recognize her but until the red carpet pictures and im very shocked how young she was. So beautiful and full of life and potential. My prayers and condolences to everyone who knew her and loved her. R.I.P angel😥🕊
Stephen Hawkins
Stephen Hawkins:
She was sooo good about responding to her followers!!! ♥️😭
I literally just found out about this woman yesterday…I was all on her IMDB & her Instagram and I fell in love instantly. Hoped to meet her one day, then I woke up to the news that she was dead. Life is fcking crazy…R.I.P angel 🕊
Jayden Williams
Jayden Williams:
Rest in Peace charlbi dean i always love her on black lightning now she passed away it really is a terrible loss wish her family nothing but my condolences.
So young. A tragedy indeed. Sending healing vibes and positive energy to all. 🙏🙏🙏
Karla McLeary
Karla McLeary:
Prayers goes out to her Family!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Oh, how incredibly sad. R.I.P Condolences to her loved ones.
Unfailing Colt
Unfailing Colt:
Condolences to her families and friends. 🙏❤️
Michele Murphy
Michele Murphy:
My Heartfelt Condolences ❤️
Army Girl
Army Girl:
Hope she can Rest In Peace, my condolences to her family 🙏
Laura Bryfogle
Laura Bryfogle:
Condolences to her family & other loved ones.... Rest in Paradise, beautiful lady.🙏💜
Mathew Titus
Mathew Titus:
Unexpected..... Sudden. Amazing how many of them were "Sudden" and "Unexpected"
Edith Nogueira
Edith Nogueira:
A lot of young people are passing suddenly since 2021. Everyone knows why.
She died just like how Darius Danesh died last month. Mysteriously and way too young. So many people under 50 dying suddenly now ….
Magda Patricia Romero Rimoldi
Magda Patricia Romero Rimoldi:
Una gran pérdida, hermosa, joven y talentosa, mi más sentido pésame a sus deudos, que tengan una santa resignación
Maldives Baby
Maldives Baby:
I'm so sorry that she's gone. Condolences to her family.
Donna Taylor
Donna Taylor:
Rest in Heavenly peace beautiful lady. sending hugs love and prayers to your family.
Cookup Maccray
Cookup Maccray:
May her soul rip. My condolences to her family
Sandra Radhay
Sandra Radhay:
Please let's take care of our bodies and make it our best buddies...if you feel sick and don't feel your normal self,just go to the doctor today,my love and prayers goes out to this wonderful family ❤️
She was so pretty. She had a classic look, like the actresses from the 70’s and 80’s.
May she Rest In Peace ❤
Toma Hawk
Toma Hawk:
OMG! This is so sudden! Deepest condolences to Families & Friends ... May Charlbi Dean be Blessed to a Better World & Realm ...
Not familiar with her outside of Black Lightning but that’s really sad to hear. Rest In Peace.
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick:
I happy she got see how well received her work was. Rest in peace 😔💔
It is so unreal and hard when you are so young and passing away....Of course RIP beautiful, but this doesn't take away the sadness
Jeanette Dias
Jeanette Dias:
May her soul rest in heavenly peace, deepest condolences to to d grieving family
Alecka Rogers
Alecka Rogers:
Awe so sad she seemed like a lovely person Rest In Peace
Missy Citty
Missy Citty:
Such a beautiful young life taken too soon.
May She RIP 💚💚💚
Prayers to her loved ones during this Very heartbreaking time. 🙏
Joy H.
Joy H.:
My deepest condolences to her fiancée and family🙏🏽💙
This is really sad; its heartbreaking to see young people die 💔💔
yire valle
yire valle:
My condolences to her family !
So sad to see such a young person die so suddenly 😩
N B:
Oh my God. Poor soul. Rest in peace!!! Gone way too young 💔
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones:
I loved her in Black Lightning! RIP. 😭💔
Nothing to see, safe and effective, that's all you need to know
Ibe Aniebona
Ibe Aniebona:
Beautiful lady…rest in perfect peace 🙏🏾
HayleyLovesLife 101
HayleyLovesLife 101:
So young and beautiful! RIP!!!
Nitram Sonjack
Nitram Sonjack:
My daughter died at a very young age. She was 23 and had an undetected heart problem.

Today would have been her 25th birthday.

Death does not discriminate.
Synthia Wilson
Synthia Wilson:
Respect,heartfelt condolences n family and friends stay strong
Sally Clay
Sally Clay:
Sometimes passed illnesses or car accidents, can cause early death. RIP! Died too soon. BLESSINGS and prayers to her family
kitty 1905
kitty 1905:
So young and beautiful may she RIP
becky castillo
becky castillo:
Death doesn't care if you are young or old, it just takes you. So sad.☹😥
pat doe
pat doe:
I have never heard of her but hope she's at peace🙏
Such a beautiful young lady, prayer for the family. Her brother said it best, May she rest in Heaven.
So sad. There’s more to the story that we may never know.
Jane Rimene
Jane Rimene:
I’ve never heard of her or seen her before 🙏 Rip
Montreal Bond
Montreal Bond:
I loved her in Black Lightning. She played that roll.
Ionutz2088 ig's
Ionutz2088 ig's:
I always praise God gave me the days so I even though sick, I’m on a 37 and I really feel that life started yesterday... So terrible she passed at such a young age. R.I.P
Garfield Harrison
Garfield Harrison:
Rest In Power Charlbi . i never heard of you until now. I hope you enjoyed your life. Rest Easy Now.
Shannon Elizabeth Kelley
Shannon Elizabeth Kelley:
Omg so sad to hear the news of this talented model and actress leaving earth so soon.may she prayers go out to her family and friends .so sorry for your loss
Rest in peace to her soul.
She was so good in black lightning RIP
Phenomenal Tacos
Phenomenal Tacos:
Rest In Peace 🙏 Prayers for the family 🙏🙏🙏
James Richardson-King
James Richardson-King:
RIP beautiful soul ❤️❤️❤️
RIP My condolences to her family
Shanelle Scott
Shanelle Scott:
I'm praying for her family and friends 🙏🙏🙏
Dang May she rest in piece 🙏
My Cat Alby
My Cat Alby:
This is so sad. RIP Charlbi. 😞😔💜
May she rest in peace 🕊🕯💐😔
James Cox
James Cox:
Rest In Peace, young one
Fired Up Players
Fired Up Players:
Rest In Peace sweetheart. Too young to die 😥
So young! RIP 🙏🏾 🙏🏾🙏🏾
My prayer's going out to the family this is so sad
J. M.B.
J. M.B.:
May the lord blessed her and her family 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Maxine Morris
Maxine Morris:
She died so beautiful ❤️👍👍 and she seems like she was a good girl.
Claudia Mi
Claudia Mi:
Is everyone going to pretend we don't know why she passed away?
Denise M
Denise M:
This is so ❤️❤️❤️ sending lot's of prayers 🙏 love and hugs to the families and friends 💞💞💞
M W:
Shonka Dukureh from the Elvis movie died recently as well. Heart disease. Lot's of young people with undiagnosed heart disease these days.
John Stephen Reyes
John Stephen Reyes:
Rest in Peace 🙏🏻
Brenda Dickson
Brenda Dickson:
May her soul rest in perfect peace

Je connaissais pas ce mannequin et actrice

Très belle femme

Morte trop jeune, très triste de partir aussi vite

Toutes mes condoléances à la famille


Paix en son âme

Iadira Saenz
Iadira Saenz:
My condolences 💐
Angelica Duncan
Angelica Duncan:
This is devastatingly sad. Sure, one may “die” from a “sudden illness,” but perhaps it was an overdose. Because we really die from how it affects our body, our heart stops. So it had to have been something very serious. The only thing I can say is perhaps addiction (I’m in recovery) or it was something else and Im completely wrong. Either way, may she rest in her eternal paradise. Poor baby ♥️💔🙏
Stephen Hawkins
Stephen Hawkins:
She literally thanked me for one of my comments on Instagram a few days ago!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Way young to go, sad indeed💔
May she rip 🙏🙏
Saima Shapi
Saima Shapi:
condolences to the family, she was so young and she has dreams 😔😔😔
Zsolt Levente Majoránt
Zsolt Levente Majoránt:
Rest In Peace Angel 😭💔💔
Celebrity Chat
Celebrity Chat:
Rest in Peace 🙏💔🕊🌸
So sad, so many young people dying unexpectedly, RIP.
Buttercup Barr
Buttercup Barr:
Prayers for your loss
TJ :
Poor thing so sad ! Rip 🙏🏾💜Thank you ET love you 💜
Rest in peace dear Angel 🙏🏼