Charlie Watts (1941-2021) R.I.P.

In this episode we pay tribute to The Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts (1941-2021)

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Rick Beato
Rick Beato:
Any ads you see are automatically embedded by YouTube because the video has been demonetized. I have no control over this. RIP Charlie
Ward Carroll
Ward Carroll:
Charlie had the confidence and talent to NOT play at all the right times. So glad I saw them at FEDEX Field a couple of summers ago.
Stephanie G'Rich
Stephanie G'Rich:
Imagine being 22, joining a band, creating a sound for that band that becomes one of the most successful bands in history and not ever diminishing over the next 60 years. Good job, Watts.
Bob Riedel
Bob Riedel:
Personally, I think part of our sadness with Mr. Watts' passing is the realization that those of us who grew up with the Stones are also closer to the finish line. RIP Charlie.
There was a young man in London
looking proper, sharp and clean
he loved to play his drums
and was soon to play them on a scene.
He met Mick and Keith and Brian
they loved to play the blues
they said "Charlie, your sense of rythm
we will put to use".
Soon the band got famous
and toured around the world
and everywhere they played
Charlies beat was heard.
For nearly six decades
he steadily kept the pace
always calm and stoic, though not
without a smile on his face.
But then one day in august
he took his last breath
the drummers beat went silent
a great musicians death.
There was a young man in London
looking proper, sharp and clean
he loved to play his drums
and heaven is now his scene.
Rest in peace Charlie, we will never forget you.
Not just a great drummer, but a great human being.
By all accounts, Charlie was an unassuming, humble guy who couldn't be bothered to get caught up in the whole world of being a stereotypical rock star.
Charlie was his own man.
Sam Dave Pollard
Sam Dave Pollard:
My step-father was a carpenter. In the 60’s, the firm he worked for got a job making some alterations to the house that Charlie Watts had bought in Lewes (near Brighton, about 50 miles south of London).
Dad’s first day on the job, he and his mate went out to the van and were sitting in the vehicle, just about to make a start on their lunch, when Charlie’s wife Shirley came out and asked them what they thought they were doing.
‘Just going to have our sandwiches,’ they said.
She insisted that they come back in the house and eat at the dining table with her and Charlie who were also just about to have lunch. She’d just made some soup.
The four of them sat and had their lunch together.
Dad was working there for a few days, and also saw Charlie a few times when he’d pop into the workshop, in the town, and ask how the work was going. Dad could remember Charlie showing him his collection of Jazz records.
Dad said there was absolutely nothing of the rock star about Charlie Watts. If you hadn’t known who he was, you would never have guessed that he was a star. He had zero airs and graces and never treated Dad and his mate with anything other than total respect, just an ‘ordinary’ guy, pleased that these two craftsmen were able to help him get the house the way he wanted it.
I miss my step-father. He was one of the good guys.
Not surprisingly, I guess, Charlie’s always been my favourite Rolling Stone.
Kevin barrett
Kevin barrett:
Charlie is the godfather of the “less is more “ drummer club. R.I.P.
Travis Matern
Travis Matern:
As a drummer I learned the most important lesson from Charlie: Restraint.
Gerry Coogan
Gerry Coogan:
Charlie wasn't just a fabulous drummer, he was also the only one of the Rolling Stones who was also a delightful, decent human being. RIP, Charlie.
Scotty thetrex
Scotty thetrex:
For me, Charlie's death is the end of the greatest band ever, The Rolling Stones. A band that has given me immense joy and an incalculable number of profound experiences over the years. They may still tour, but for me this is the end. And with it comes all the joy, memories, and pain. I love The Rolling Stones. For what they gave me and will always give to my life. Thank you Charlie. None of it would have been possible without you.
Nick Domenicos
Nick Domenicos:
Charlie is master of underplaying. He never "interfered' with a song.
Death Valley Dazed
Death Valley Dazed:
“They did it until the end.” Best line ever Rick.
Owen Mason
Owen Mason:
RIP Charlie Watts. This homage is a beautiful thing...Keith is gonna outlive us all.
Randall Baker
Randall Baker:
One of most iconic drum intros of all-time has to be Honky Tonk Woman. Love ya Charlie!!
Scott Halterman
Scott Halterman:
Charlie was the anti-rock star. In a world of drugs and groupies, he was clean and faithful to his wife (married in I believe '64). He dressed like a jazz player and was always a decent, humble human being. Yet he was one of the greatest drummers in rock and roll history. Definitely a sad day. RIP Charlie! He's keeping the angels in time in heaven :)
Ricky Molina
Ricky Molina:
I can still hear Charlie playing rim shots and kick at the beginning and end of my all-time fav Stones tune "Time Waits for No One." An education in how a jazz-rock drummer would play during extended guitar (Mick Taylor) and piano (Nicky Hopkins) solos. Not to mention how he accentuates Jagger's lyrics. Such a beautiful song.
Julia Spencer
Julia Spencer:
Being a Gen-Xer, whenever I think of Charlie Watts, I always picture his shy smile and fluttering lashes in the video for “Start Me Up.” Even then, when I knew so little about rock music, I was struck by his restraint, both rhythmically and personally.
Glad I was able to see the band in Austin in 2006.
Really love Charlie's work on "Sympathy for the Devil" and "Waiting on a Friend."
Clifton Torrence
Clifton Torrence:
I love that story about "I'm Not your Drummer, you're my singer" . Ever Cool.
John Strange
John Strange:
We're reminded in Charlie what we learned in Ringo. It's not about being "the best" player, it's about playing what's best for the song.
An all time great: modest “I’m not a rock star I’m just a drummer”, and as a result so often underrated. Rock, jazz, ballads, he had it all. RIP you star……Charlie
Christian Zafiroglu
Christian Zafiroglu:
The Rolling Stones were Charlie’s band. Everybody played around him, trying to keep up. They just about hold on.

He was one of the last great Gents of the music world. If there is a Nobel Prize for drumming, Charlie owns it. And yet he was so unassuming, so utterly unimpressed with the Rock and Roll life and determined to be his own man.

If there is a heaven, Charlie is there, impeccably dressed in a tailored suit and holding a drink in his hand, wondering what the fuss is all about.
MN Drummer
MN Drummer:
Charlie Watts was a great drummer whom knew his place in the band and put the music first. RIP Charlie and I hope you are enjoying some great jazz in your eternal resting place. God Bless.
It's an extremely painful day for the entire world, he was definitely one of the coolest dudes ever, say hi to Brian for us. R.I.P. Mr. Charlie Watts.
Two songs that really showed Charlie’s timeless style: Miss You and Start Me Up. Now consider the musical environment of those songs. Disco for the former and new wave for the later, yet his grooves were on point. Charlie Watts is a rock and roll patriarch.
Dale Chavez
Dale Chavez:
This was a harder gut punch than I care to admit. Probably because he was a good human being. Charlie was to the Stones, as Ringo was to the Beatles.
Kevin Peet
Kevin Peet:
Rick Beato has such a heart for music that this is the first place I came to hear reflections about Charlie Watts. He was uniquely terrific.
John Holton
John Holton:
Charlie was a real pro: he showed up ready to go, played well, and stayed out of the limelight. He will be missed.
Ruby Nibs
Ruby Nibs:
The finest tribute is a heartfelt tribute. Rick's misty eyes show his heart. Rest in Peace, Charlie; your music lives on.
Kinkella Teaches Archaeology
Kinkella Teaches Archaeology:
Charlie was always a fan favorite at the concerts - the guy got a massive applause when his name was announced!
Charlie's drumming was the embodiment of the expression-
"Just because I say nothin' doesn't mean I mean nothin'."
Emanuel Mota
Emanuel Mota:
The Stones are one of THE greatest bands of all time, and Charie Watts was their driving force. Thank god we have their music to remember him by. RIP Charlie Watts, and THANK YOU, SIR!
What a loving and thoughtful tribute to Charlie.
Hugo Arend
Hugo Arend:
Keith was all praise to him in his autobiography, to the point that the Stones would not have been possible without him. Charlie demanded being paid for every gig. The other members would pay him and get nothing. That’s how important Charlie was. “We need him”. Rest In Percussion 🥁
jack flash
jack flash:
"Rock and Roll has probably given more than it's taken"

-Charles Robert Watts

Thank you for your contribution to Rock n' Roll & to the Rolling Stones for over 58 years.
You will be greatly missed. RIP Mr. Watts
One of my favorite tributes to The Stones' legendary drummer came in a lyric from John Hiatt's 1988 song "Slow Turning." "Now I'm in my car / I got the radio down / and I'm yellin' at the kids in the back / 'cause they're bangin' like Charlie Watts." Gonna put my 1965 vinyl copy of "The Rolling Stones, Now!" on the turntable and listen to Charlie play the hell out of Bo Diddley's "Mona."
Just turned 21 recently and I'm so glad I got to see them live a couple years ago as a young fan.
His early 90’s jazz band, playing the music of Charlie Parker….. totally amazing.
Jason Roussel
Jason Roussel:
Charlie Watts was probably one of the most grounded musicians in rock history. He didn't really have the trappings of your typical rock star. People also need to remember that he was a jazz drummer playing in a blues-based rock 'n' roll band. One of the best in my opinion. Totally underrated. Rest in peace, Charlie. Thank you for the memories.
Vincent Sgroi
Vincent Sgroi:
Great tribute to a legendary drummer, Charlie Watts. May he rest in Peace. Thank you Rick.they 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Birnie Williams II
Birnie Williams II:
Thank you, Rick. Can't You Hear Me Knocking was the perfect choice. The guitar parts get a lot of (deserved) attention on this song, but Charlie's drumming on this song just swings - hard.
Thank you, Charlie Watts, for all the great music and for being an inspiration to all drummers.
James Gregoric
James Gregoric:
The thing I appreciate most about Charlie Watts and the Stones is that they stayed with it for so long, and in doing so gave us so much over such a long period of time.
N J:
I admire Charlie watts because he didnt seek attemtion - his talent was what drove him and his music career. RIP
Eric Lee
Eric Lee:
I’m going to a Stones show in about a month. I was worried about how Charlie is doing when I heard he wasn’t going to be on the tour. Now I hope his family, friends, & band mates are doing alright.
I’m sure they’ll do a serious tribute to Charlie at the show. 😥
Simon Smith
Simon Smith:
I was always surprised by how loud Charlie could be with seemingly so little effort, he had real snap available if he needed it, that and a sense of time few others are blessed with. I was born in 1959 and was privileged to live through a most magical time for music in which the Rolling Stones featured heavily. Fortune favoured me and to my dying day I will consider myself fortunate to have seen and listened to Charlie Watts, the most dapper drummer to have walked the planet!
When the music kicked in i was like "man, i need a beer", all while holding a freshly opened. The power of a sick drum groove. RIP Charlie
Robert Hancock
Robert Hancock:
He was such an incredible humble person. A superb human metronome that laid that tight epic groove! Rest in Peace,Mr. Watts
My band mates and I used to joke that Charlie Watts had one of the best musician gigs in the world. But the truth is, the Stones had one of the best drummers in the world. Goodbye, Charlie.
James Glynn
James Glynn:
Touching tribute Rick. Your emotion mirrors my own. I’m glad you recorded this. There is a lot of hurt and loss around the globe . Love your channel
Taff Hewton
Taff Hewton:
I understand exactly how you are feeling today. I feel the same, having grown up with the Stones and played a lot of their music. One own mortality starts to hit home when one of our heroes passes. And we realize that death comes to us all eventually, but to make 80 years living the Rolling Stones life, is indeed an achievement.
Paul Lacotta
Paul Lacotta:
Thank you Rick, that was a sweet and heartfelt tribute. I loved Charlie Boy’s humbleness 😔
ding dong
ding dong:
"I'm the most important person in the Stones. Sure, Mick and the others can get people to clap and sing and that's ok. But me? I make people dance."
- Charlie Watts. RIP.
Mexie Mex
Mexie Mex:
I used to live quite near him and got to jam with him many times, great bloke, he will be missed.
Blues Dawg
Blues Dawg:
Charlie has been a part of my musical life for as long as I can remember, this makes me very sad. When you get to my age 71 this hurts deeply. Much love from Los Angeles RIP Charlie
Terry F
Terry F:
I used to run home from grade school to learn how to play' Get off my cloud' on drums..the little snare fill part was a goal. There was something really satisfying about finally getting it. Thank you Charlie.
Junkhead _92
Junkhead _92:
Thank you for paving the way.
Thank you for setting the standard.
Thank you for making it swing.
Thank you for being cool as fuck.
Thank you for literally inspiring every single rock ‘n’ roll drummer on this planet.

-Lars Ulrich
Rajinder S Jutlla
Rajinder S Jutlla:
He was a great drummer and a true gentleman, we will miss you Charlie.
Simeon Orive
Simeon Orive:
I think he was everyones favourite Stone. Humble, cheeky, reserved and talented. What a man, one of my heroes.
We are all getting older, I'm in my early 50's. Peart and Eddie gone, now this. The rock we grew up on and the artists we came to idolize are all moving on. Thankful for us, the music they provided us, compared to most of the crap music made over the last 15-20 years, is truly timeless.
Alice Repooc
Alice Repooc:
When the news broke, the folks I was with were talking about the living rock and roll lineage that Charlie embodied. We each suggested a favorite tune or two. I did "Hound Dog" and "Sweet Little 16" from the 78 tour. Rick I so relate to your sadness and also your sense of gratitude to even be alive at the same time as the Rolling Stones exist.
John Mason
John Mason:
RIP Charlie, you sure had a way wid those drum sticks. You were good, damn good! You will be sorely missed.
Alex Bowman
Alex Bowman:
Bill Wyman the other “straight non druggy” Stone told a story of Charlie. They were touring America and Charlie was an insomniac and hadn’t slept for days. He needed trousers adjusted and took them to a tailor shop. He was told it would take a few hours so he went to a restaurant for dinner. Once there he fell sound asleep and when he was finally awoken by the waiters he asked what time was it? They told him and he replied great my trousers will be ready. I think that’s such an English gentleman down to Earth story.
James Price
James Price:
Check out the drums on 'Emotional Rescue' and 'Fool to cry' - two totally different songs, but so economical, and wonderful playing of the high-hat.
sparky 1956
sparky 1956:
I am at the age that the soundtrack of my life is passing away one musician at a time. I think many here feel the same. As Rick say, be happy that you lived in such great times.
john jarpe
john jarpe:
My two favorite Charlie Watts drum tracks are "Tumbling Dice" and "Beast of Burden" where he falls just a little behind the beat and you can almost hear the cymbals crack in your ears before he actually hits them.
Jan Erik Hedberg
Jan Erik Hedberg:
Charlie was a tolerant man.
When playing in a band like that, with all those clowns and egos, it must've been like a three-ring circus.
He was the pace and momentum of the band (thou missing a highhat-beat on every snarebeat)
Rest in peace, Charlie - you're the Man!
I cannot imagine a world without Charlie Watts being around - I mean, he has always been there since I'm living. Steady, relieable, eternal like a rock or a stone. Just timeless. To me he was the coolest and gentlemanishest of all the rock n roll dudes. Rest In Power, Charlie!
Pesky Pest
Pesky Pest:
It's been years and years and years I've been playing the drums, and they're still a challenge. I still enjoy using drumsticks and a snare drum.
Charlie Watts
John Angelucci
John Angelucci:
I’ve heard people close to the band say that the special sound of the Stones is that Charlie follows Keith as opposed to the drummer leading the band with everyone following the timekeeper. There’s something to that!
Julie Desnick
Julie Desnick:
We just have to let the sadness wash through us. It will pass. The Rolling Stones have always been my favorite band.
After the news of Charlie’s passing sunk in… I thought, “I wonder what Rick has to say about this”. Nice tribute, Rick. RIP Charlie.
The Stones are a main part of the sountrack of my life. So, thank you Charly for being a part of it 🙏😌🍀!
Zack Rector
Zack Rector:
RIP Charlie Watts you will remain in thoughts and in our hearts forever you're a rock legend icon.
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson:
RIP Charlie- a great artist, managed to navigate a singular, lifetime path with strong fellow artists. He made his mark... and at 80 you can't say he got robbed.
We should all be so lucky.
Ricky Molina
Ricky Molina:
Just had to play one of my fav Stones tunes, "Beast of Burden" after hearing the news. No one could have played it better than Charlie Watts. R.I.P.
Don F
Don F:
5:40 Took me about 45 years to realize it was that groovy floor tom ride that made the verses in that song (Brown Sugar) kick ass. As simple as his playing seemed, Charlie was actually a true rhythmic genius.
jeremy stein
jeremy stein:
I like your open mind, Mr Beato. As Duke Ellington said: "If it sounds good, it is good."
Great tribute Rick. Charlie will live on forever in his music. On a side note, Can't You Hear Me Knocking has the best intro guitar riff of all time.
Don Truell
Don Truell:
I really dug Charlie, always - his passing just reminds me of my own mortality - I'm almost 78 - my wife and I watched the Stones Documentary, 'Shine A Light' tonight - wow, just, wow...R.I.P. Charlie...
The Schoolbook Suppository
The Schoolbook Suppository :
Beautiful tribute. RIP Charlie Watts, one of the greatest of all time. xx
Kathleen McCormick
Kathleen McCormick:
Charlie had class. He was the gentleman of the group. Nobody could wear a suit like he did. Smooth. Oh, and then there’s the fact that he is in the vanguard of rock drummers and pretty much set the tone for all who came after.
Brett Workman
Brett Workman:
"Undercover of the Night" is, I think, the best rock song I've ever heard. And C.W.'s artistry is a BIG part of that tune's appeal for me.
Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear:
Charlie was a beautiful human being with great style and grace ... one memory I have is a photo of him with his lovely wife Shirley when they were just teenagers. They met as children, and lived a long charmed life together, eternal soulmates. A tribute to what a true and abiding love can build, and to the integrity of Mr Watts. What a man!
Thank you for your smooth light and great talent, and for showing us what an enlightened gentleman really looks like Charlie....
the Angels are rejoicing to have you back 💛
Old School G
Old School G:
Unfortunately I believe this is the beginning of the end of the greatest bands of all times. Mortality should never be taken for granted. Guys like Paul McCartney, anybody from Zeppelin, Who, are aging fast and it will be tough to lose them. I was particularly sad to see Manzarek, Prince, Bowie, Peart...these are rock Gods that we may never see again especially if the absolute ass of music keeps writing history as of now, there will never be another era like the one I grew up in. I Salut you Mr. Watts and thank you!
Sarah Davidsen
Sarah Davidsen:
Thank you for this heartfelt tribute, Rick. Almost a month later, it still feels like a punch in the gut. His poor family. RIP, Charlie. I love you ❤
Joe Alexander
Joe Alexander:
The incredible groove that Charlie and Bill Wyman laid down in the song "Gimme Shelter" made it my all-time favorite Stones song. RIP Charlie Watts. This one hurts.
John Greene Music
John Greene Music:
I didn't know him, I saw the band a few times and was a fan from the early 60s but for whatever reason I just loved the guy.
A true gentleman X
Paul G
Paul G:
R.I.P. Charlie Watts...Phenomenal man and drummer. 😢
That's Rich
That's Rich:
As a drummer myself, Charlie's name rarely ever came up in the casual discussion of the greats. But had you asked the drummers whose names DID come up, they would've mentioned Charlie left and right. Cheers!
I've always been intrigued in Charlie's style of laying off the hi-hat when he hit the snare drum. I don't recall ever seeing that before. I'm not a drummer and I would love for someone to weigh in on this style of playing. R.I.P Charlie.
Jason David
Jason David:
So the story goes something like this. A drunk Mick called Charlie and asked “where’s my drummer at”. Charlie shaves, gets a suit and tie on, cleans up shoes, then finds Mick and punches him in the face and says “I’m not your drummer, your my fucking singer”. True or not I love that story.
kolim jone
kolim jone:
The thing I appreciate most about Charlie Watts and the Stones is that they stayed with it for so long, and in doing so gave us so much over such a long period of time.
Lindy Hamilton
Lindy Hamilton:
Thankyou Rick.. this gave me peace on a very sad day. Charlie's magnificence will forever shine on. RIP
Neil Flett
Neil Flett:
I can happily say that I cheered the loudest when mick intro Charlie during steel wheels, voodoo lounge, and bridges tours. Wow the great legends are thinning out through time. I will proudly listen to them till I die💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😇😇😇😢😢😢😢
lazer 23
lazer 23:
I remember watching an interview with Charlie, and he said that the Rolling Stones would usually play on a huge stage.
His drum kit would look small when placed on it.
Sometimes people would say (something like), "Ok, we've got your rehearsal kit set up, when's your full kit arriving."
Charlie would say, "That is my full kit."
Less is more.
Mark Bayer
Mark Bayer:
I think Charlie gets underestimated by a lot of people - as a drummer. He was so musical, and always played just the right thing and had that swingy jazzy feel. With Keith and Bill, it was such a foundational rhythm section. RIP Charlie.
Mary Landers
Mary Landers:
Wonderful tribute Rick. We lost a great one today, but his drumming will live on. RIP Charlie Watts.
Greg Hoadley
Greg Hoadley:
Absolutely LOVED his drums on Moonlight Mile!
Clive Gregory
Clive Gregory:
Saw Charlie playing with his jazz band in Richmond Theatre, London, he was obviously just so happy to be there. Love you Charlie, RIP