Chatting Balls: FIFA 21 Chelsea Ratings UNFAIR?!

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dusty rhodes
dusty rhodes:
Moment of silence for the 🐐STACHE
My mom was rocking those same glasses back when she was dating my dad in the early 80s
Tarang Dutta
Tarang Dutta:
I think most players are underrated due to the fact that messi and Ronaldo have dropped ratings, combined with the fact that some players last season (19/20) have been able to bridge the gap between being a world class player vs being messi or ronaldo (for example Lewandowski) I don't think EA are pragmatic enough to consider players on the levels on Ronaldo and messi and so have made every other player lower than them. Also Werner and Auba being downgraded makes no sense, and Neuer is worse than the keeper against whom his team scored 8 goals.
Justin Whyte
Justin Whyte:
Great stream yan! Enjoyed it again
Shelton Dalphinis
Shelton Dalphinis:
Big up yan! Stay blessed.
Vp Football
Vp Football:
Werner should be 86/87 Ziyech should be 86. I agree with Havertz rating
Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Redcliffe L
Redcliffe L:
Pepe scored 5 goals last season and is rated 83!! How the f is pulisic 81 🤯
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali:
Hey Yan
Oliver Brudevold
Oliver Brudevold:
what do you mean azpi not great in attack who got most goal contributions betwwen azpi and reece james last season
Yep, kova should be 84. He went from 83 to 82, and now back to 83. Jorg is fine, Pulisic should be 82/83. 80 Rare is fair for Mount, its been his first year in the PL , he aint on a Bruno,Haaland or Ziyech Level yet.
Shelton Dalphinis
Shelton Dalphinis:
Fifa have never liked Chelsea we know that from year's back, so don't be surprised, the thing is in the next two years that will change for the better.
Kaleab Ako
Kaleab Ako:
Pulisic 81 is the biggest joke I've ever seen. Werner defo 87. Havertz I agree 86 especially with Sancho. Azpi over rated kova should be 83
People often forget how good 85 Rated actually is, the fact that Chelsea got SO MANY 85~ Rated Players shows the Quality.. I think EA did ignore the Winter refreshs, so Werner has +2, and havertz +1. Thiago as 36 old to still have a 85 Card shows how good he is IRL. David Luiz Card is shit since fifa20(fifa19 was okay). Only old CBs who still got a higher card than him are obv Ramos and esp Chielini, but even he dropped a bit so. Yea, -2 sounds harsh, but still. He will be my Starter along side with a fast CB like Rudiger/lindelof for my PL Team.