'Cheer' star Jerry Harris denies soliciting sex from minors l GMA

According to a USA Today report, the breakout star of the Netflix documentary is under investigation for allegedly soliciting sex from minors.
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100+ komentarze:

Brother Denny
Brother Denny:
This seems weird like he's being setup. He hasn't been charged yet and why didn't they just block him? 🤔 They must be trying to come for his money 😑
Wings Lives Matter
Wings Lives Matter:
How many others were there besides the twins 🤔. I'm thinking this wasn't his first time.
Why are there faces being shown if they are 14
He's always doing WAY to much, he definitely was trying to hide something......now we know what.
Dorcy Lance
Dorcy Lance:
Netflix has a serious problem.
You can tell, just by their body language, that Charlie is far more timid and compliant than his brother Sam. Whereas Sam just shut Harris down when he was asked for nude pics, Charlie got upset when Harris "unadded" him on Snapchat. Charlie even said he doesn't like when people are mad at him. That made him Harris' target. Poor kid. This is serious predatory behavior. I love how his attorneys said that this occurred when Harris was a teenager, when he was 19 and they were 13. Trying to subtly downplay it. I remembering being 19, 13 year olds were not even on my radar let alone specifically targeted. I hope he gets the 15-30 years.
Valerie Palos
Valerie Palos:
Wait, why does everybody like this guy? Never seen Cheer.. first impression of him, he is very weird to me
Richard smith
Richard smith:
I hope he saved his cheerleading money! After court costs, civil law suits and incarceration, he'll be the cheerleading squad for McDonalds when he's out of prison in 2045.
..and you're legally an adult at 19 so yea he was wrong.
John Brown
John Brown:
Let’s be honest, this dude will have no issues with getting his cheeks busted in jail
Littikty Split
Littikty Split:
Cuties.. Netflix.. this guy.. Netflix.. hollywood and the news absolutely silent about child trafficking .. very interesting.......
Brandon Kelly
Brandon Kelly:
YouTube is trying to hide this video. Look at the amount of views!
Zoey’s Channel
Zoey’s Channel:
Who is going to arrest Tony Lopez now Tony Lopez is the same exact thing but nobody’s investigating him
Amanda Kalchik
Amanda Kalchik:
Of course he denies it. who's gonna straight up admit that they solicited children for sex. Kind of hard to deny when there is evidence
Cara Garnier
Cara Garnier:
It allegedly began when they were twelve. Within the complaint, he allegedly sent them pics and videos of him masterbating, and asked them to reciprocate. If true, This is the definition of a child predator. There are likely more victims. Harris claims he was s teenager—he means “19.” Still a predator.
To add, if this is being fabricated by the mother, she should face criminal charges.
Arnez Willis
Arnez Willis:
If this is true, he threw away a great deal over some bs. You don't know what you've got until it's gone :(
Samuel kings
Samuel kings:
Let's be honest here, all three are gays, and he's not that much older than they are. Its prob a setup to get money
This ‘man’ is disgusting. Preying on kids who are barely even teenagers yet. (Man is in quotes, as real men would NEVER do this.)
Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews:
Spokesperson: We are confident when the investigation is completed the true facts...
Internet logs: Oh you know it!
Linda Williams
Linda Williams:
If he did it or not. His career is over.
When are people going to realize that everybody that is supposedly high positive energy are sick in the head. Quit falling for these disgusting phonies.
Garrett Graf
Garrett Graf:
Most of those pervs on "to catch a predator" who did jail time, did less than this guy. He should go to jail for a long time, but Ellen will probably step in.
Cobina Lee
Cobina Lee:
I would say don't drop the soap But he will be in Heaven if he goes to jail 😂
Dwayne Lucier
Dwayne Lucier:
All the Epstein folks embraced him
Ivet Fortun
Ivet Fortun:
I’ve been praying for all child predators to be brought to Justice. Thank you Lord! 🙏🏽
Lost Art
Lost Art:
"To prevent him from initiating these kinds of relationships with other boys"....
I'm going to wait for all the facts before I label him but if these allegations are true...."it's about preventing the assault and violation of children, period"
Dynamic T
Dynamic T:
WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU (in tyras voice) that’s so disgusting🤢
All these people and Netflix have been spoken about in conspiracy circles concerning child porn and lewd behavior concerning children. Ellen, oprah etc. The Epstein circle.
Steve Jovan
Steve Jovan:
Update he has been charged with production of child pornography!
Such a bright future gone in an instant. I'll never figure out why they destroy themselves by doing something as stupid as this.
Hiccum Blurpaedius
Hiccum Blurpaedius:
The police will do nothing. We need race war. There needs to be rewards for killing US military.
eracoo O
eracoo O:
Lmao dont look no damn 14 could just might aswell be 22 by that look
Kelli V
Kelli V:
Except there is proof from the online trail he left. It’s sad. They aren’t far apart in age, they are still minors, right? My bad, 13???
Jace Johnson
Jace Johnson:
Remember all the celebs shaking his hand at the oscars.
Hollywood wants Jerry Harris.The mom and the twins are suing to protect other victims.....
FitForActing Reynaldo B
FitForActing Reynaldo B:
And now he is arrested. The bad stuff always comes back to bite you
Mark Maier
Mark Maier:
Wow definitely didn't see that one coming
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller:
The way he dropped them flyers s....should be illegal.
Da Vinxi
Da Vinxi:
These mainstream outlets prop up identity politics and turns out that these people are sicko
Netflix is becoming evil. Don't patronize them
Eren Watts
Eren Watts:
So he’s on Netflix, goes on Ellen and was with Oprah
Nothing to see here are we surprised.

Jeez !!
Lol buddy Lol
Lol buddy Lol:
Of course he’s going deny it just like every single celebrity who has been busted for child pornography! Every celebrity!
bianca prince
bianca prince:
Dum Cunt VP
Dum Cunt VP:
Kamala Harris must be heart broken over her son's arrest. Our prayers are with you Kamala.
What happened to believe all victims oh yeah only when it benefits them, bunch of pedos protecting each other.
Lisa Love Ministries
Lisa Love Ministries:
Seek God daily.🙏
John 3:16
Romans 10:9
If he identifies as a 14 year old then is it ok?
Reuben James
Reuben James:
He denies it?? Really? I'm shocked he didn't just say, yah, you got me.....
Derrick Bonner
Derrick Bonner:
He must didn't make a sacrifice so prison it is. Avoid Hollywood at all cost Thats the devils lair
2pocalypse216 B
2pocalypse216 B:
He got some boys that will play with him in jail 😂😂😂😂
This is rich coming from GMA or this Network, after they pranced around Desmond Is Amazing, a kid whose parents have no problem with filming him as the child dances for adult gay males under the banner of empowering and acceptance bs.
King Reo
King Reo:
What does Oprah and Gayle think? 🤔
Sarcastic Klutz
Sarcastic Klutz:
what happened in Weinstein's cali trial....havnt hrd nethin from that
The Crawfish Killers
The Crawfish Killers:
Is it just him or all of Hollyweird?
😂😂😂yo I’m dying first of all. Can you imagine how all those celebs and politicians feels having been chilling with this dude the whole time😬PR team better dead those photos😂
Ademir Stabury
Ademir Stabury:
usually animals are slaughtered, not trapped
john smith
john smith:
When will he blame racism?
Garrett Graf
Garrett Graf:
Ellen tried to protect him.
-your mom sells arbonne-
-your mom sells arbonne-:
He's confessed.
Ronald Reynolds
Ronald Reynolds:
Kep telling people about the sell out celebrities Whatever you do in the dark will come to light
Cristy Luv
Cristy Luv:
He actually confessed sooooo🤷🏽‍♀️
Adults that prey on children need a swift trip to the field
roger smith
roger smith:
see the reporters. .holding there say.. for they love leftist puedos fo ragenda
Taylor Loch
Taylor Loch:
My whole thing if he did it then that's sickening, but why wait like 2 years and also why did the mom allow her 13 year olds to talk to him when he was 19? Some many unanswered questions.
Smart Contract waiting line
Smart Contract waiting line:
Another Hollypedo
Best part he has ties with Ellen Joe biden and oprah
mellen jordan
mellen jordan:
What did robin do to her lips??? WHATTTT.???
T B:
Another 13 year old , abuse at cheer event
Cancel culture keeps canceling itself.
Brianna Daylon
Brianna Daylon:
That’s really unfortunate because it seems like he had a bright future
T B:
He targeted white children
Master Of Puppets
Master Of Puppets:
who cud guess this prancer was g
Theresa Myatt
Theresa Myatt:
Please don’t sue CA he only cheered there
Red Diamond
Red Diamond:
Why have they not listed him as a suspect yet in the deputies execution attempt ????
Benny TD
Benny TD:
How come Big Bro G blocks me when I try to use the P or F or G word in a response ? .. Free speech? . Ummmm not feeling dat ....
Sherman Shecapio
Sherman Shecapio:
Production of child pornography is punishable by a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison, but Harris could face up to 30 years if convicted.
T B:
Anyone who acts like Jerry is suspect . Be wise about these people. Dont let your children near them.
Jerome Productions
Jerome Productions:
I don’t know what to say
Lashay 1966
Lashay 1966:
Innocent until proven guilty. So he is innocent. Until judgement.
Justice will be served and he will be indicted with very serious criminal charges.
R A.
R A.:
Blm will back him up
You seriously showed their photo?
those twins wanted CLOUT
La Vraie Moi
La Vraie Moi:
SOOOooOoOoOO disGusting!!!.....at first I thought it was a set up, it could not be true.... serpents are really walking among us
Miala Oyin Youtube
Miala Oyin Youtube:
🤓 THAT'S A 🎬 RAP !!
nymom 750
nymom 750:
OMG who is next?
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark:
He admitted it to fbi
"I 🧡 Cuties on Netflix" Joe Biden
Jerry? More like Jared
nzinga beauty
nzinga beauty:
Harris you'll push true, BUT if you're found guilty then so let it be
jason thomas
jason thomas:
He won't do well in jail
Those twins looks sly tho
Michael Clyburn
Michael Clyburn:
Ecclesiastes 10:3
Mikaela Slaughter
Mikaela Slaughter:
i am so disappointed
two gay brothers..........what a surprise
Buddah Theepoet
Buddah Theepoet:
Netflix strikes again
Lorenzo A
Lorenzo A:
Missy John
Missy John:
I’m really hoping and praying this isn’t true
Jazmin Moreno
Jazmin Moreno:
Smfh !!!
Sick whatever you are
Jessica Ponticello
Jessica Ponticello:
Idk it really smells like he was set up to me I find it very hard to believe