Chelsea CAN QUALIFY For CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Knockouts! Chelsea vs Rennes UCL Match Preview!!

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Frank Lampard's Chelsea FC face Rennes in Group E for the second time in the Champions League on Tuesday evening. If Chelsea win and the other result goes their way, they can qualify from the group stage and enter the knockout rounds! Lampard has confirmed both Thiago Silva and Kai Havertz are fit (and are likely to start) while Christian Pulisic is still struggling with injury and will not feature in this UCL game. Other than that I would expect a very strong Chelsea starting 11, in fact, the same as the reverse fixture with just Kai Havertz coming in for Jorginho and N'Golo Kante moving into the lone CDM role.



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Football Therapy
Football Therapy:
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Sam Tempest
Sam Tempest:
CHO has to start give timo a rest
Subhrajyoti Roy
Subhrajyoti Roy:
Giroud and Callum should start for me.
William Bebb
William Bebb:
Yan: “I didn’t feel it today, I wanted to talk about these new stories ... won’t do a match preview today”
*drops match preview a few hours later*
Naughty naughty teasing me 😂💙
Jonathan Landa
Jonathan Landa:
hope we go first in our group but we could get juve/barca or atletico etc
Danish Jamal
Danish Jamal:
My score prediction : CHE 2-1 REN
Result I hope : CHE 4-0 REN
Dennis Hay
Dennis Hay:
Good Vlog, my predictions is a Chelsea win 3-0 💙⚽️ we saving Pulisic for Sunday- no bad thing
Alexa Stories
Alexa Stories:
Boys and Girls start to buy popcorn 🍿 and get ready for this electrifying match against spurs.💙💙💙
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor:
I think we have huge potential to finnaly reach 5th gear on Saturday and smash Tot back into reality and take our number 1 spot back.
Tekker Twins
Tekker Twins:
Our players need rest we have Tottenham on the weekend which is a huge game I think CHO should play Maybe Giroud as well azpi should definitely play,I know its a risk but Tottenhams gonna be our biggest game of the season so far
Justin Amundrud
Justin Amundrud:
Caiden Swartz
Caiden Swartz:
I've been watching yan for so long now(the middle of lockdown)that I now the whole outro song😂😂😂
Mario Blake
Mario Blake:
Just finish listening to the last review.
keep giving us more of this wonderful content🤙
tibu johnson
tibu johnson:
Kante minutes needs to be managed as well, with the game in mind this weekend, Jorginho will start instead of Kante
F N M:
i think that Pulisic on the left Werner up top and Ziyech on the right is our strongest attacking line up.
No disrespect to Abraham
LOL Yan you legend with the double UP!
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp:
I thought it was Small chances for u to upload😁
Great to Upload tday bcz maybe tomorrow ur bz😀
Amy schwitz
Amy schwitz:
Tammy and Ziyech a dangerous duo loading 🔥
Simo Ayat
Simo Ayat:
Man tottenham match is stressing me already i hope they keep the positive results to stay in the top 3
Chris Dinho
Chris Dinho:
Im glad for the added charm on top. Hope that week off paid off ;)
Hamza Kamrudin
Hamza Kamrudin:
Haha so you decided to do the preview after all!
Tom Duckworth
Tom Duckworth:
I’ve been trying to find the name of the outro song for ages does anyone know it
bird man
bird man:
Big Up Yan!! 🇯🇲🇯🇲
3 points and another clean sheet.......Dem dead !! 💯💯
Let's go Chelsea!! 🔵🦁🔵🦁🔵
Zack Pullicino
Zack Pullicino:
I would give Tammy a rest and start CHO instead, but the same starting eleven as yours
desly forba
desly forba:
Qualifying in our group but making sure we 've more goals to come first 'll give us a good advantage.
Abe Alno
Abe Alno:
I don’t think all the players need a rest but should come off early in the sec half. We have about 4/5 days till we play spurs at home.
Kyle L
Kyle L:
Whenever you’re predicting the score it’s best you predict the first scorer one time
Chelsea can win this champions league ☑️
George Giranis
George Giranis:
I just smashed that subscribe button!
should opt for giroud and rest tammy for the weekend with tottenham imo
We must finish first in the group before we can relax cuz look at last season....
Danial Khan
Danial Khan:
My man on fire 2 videos in 3 hours 👍
Matthew Benjamin
Matthew Benjamin:
Zouma has literally played every game I wonder if his fatigued
Erika RF
Erika RF:
I think we will have a rougher go keeping the clean sheet this time around with Camavinga back
I reckon they'll go down to 10 again, they looked a bit stupid 😂
II Rhetorical II
II Rhetorical II:
Yan..notice me man come on..I changed my name's me one OG.
gomino geronimo
gomino geronimo:
Chelsea 2-totenham0
You're the man
Mr proffeser Trim
Mr proffeser Trim:
That is an insult , Chelsea can do more than that , coming from a united fan😑
Munib Rishad
Munib Rishad:
Seville's gona give us a headache in return match but we'll smash them eventually
Mr Dean
Mr Dean:
Renne didn't look a bad side a tall
Hard game . Come on you Blues 👏💙
Tony M
Tony M:
Here I am!
Timothy Hickey
Timothy Hickey:
joshua sane
joshua sane:
Up the blues 💙💙
Tristann Mckenzie
Tristann Mckenzie:
i totally agree with everything u said
Joseph Ulinfun
Joseph Ulinfun:
I feel chelsea 4-1 Rennes
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc:
COYB 💙 LETS goo Chelsea
I hope to see Azpi on right or left
ojo kelvin
ojo kelvin:
Chelsea will win 4:0 timo to score
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali:
Hey Yan
Gotti Reyes
Gotti Reyes:
Most definitely this Chelsea Squad is improving exponentially fast. These players have it in them to win big
If not this year then definitely in the years to come
Martin Yeboah
Martin Yeboah:
We should seal the group with a win tomorrow though i expect Lampard to rotate
Jamie O sullivan
Jamie O sullivan:
I was firdt
Kingdom Freedom AMV
Kingdom Freedom AMV:
Why do you always talk about all the things that i'm thinking about? Different blue for the background?
Extreme HD
Extreme HD:
Tali Praise
Tali Praise:
3-0 to Chelsea
Raiden Kalisz
Raiden Kalisz:
Callum should start and give timo rest
Rudra M
Rudra M:
Yan whenever u predict a clean sheet we concede why can't u just predict that we concede 😅😂😂
Aaron Opoku-Mainuh
Aaron Opoku-Mainuh:
id want to see rotation just to manage the fitness of our starters more, id like to see azpi cho and giroud get good minutes as a start or as a sub, and more of a long shot, id really like to see a silva rudiger partnership, i think it would work well given their attributes and this gives the opportunity for rudiger to have confidence and momentum going into this busy schedule.
william meulenkamp
william meulenkamp:
Tanmoy Mondal
Tanmoy Mondal:
0-3 win for us
Momina Gull
Momina Gull:
Rennes vs Chelsea EN VIVO <3
Nana Quashie
Nana Quashie:
Ahhhnn the blue background is the difference. It's a bit brighter than usual. I've been scratching my head thinking what's different since your early video...Lmao GO ON YAN!
Robert Andretta
Robert Andretta:
Bob predicts 3-0 to Chelsea. Kai and Mateo should get a half each of the minutes.
Jackton Nyamora
Jackton Nyamora:
Man its time i see Azpi,
Sandeep Shrestha
Sandeep Shrestha:
Just suscribed!!!
Izaac Chapman
Izaac Chapman:
I’d play Hudson odoi instead of Werner so he can get a rest before the big game same as Reece and azpi
Alpha Saintpierre
Alpha Saintpierre:
Kaif Ghazanfar
Kaif Ghazanfar:
You realised it now Chelsea will qualify for knockout stages
Koy Kamz
Koy Kamz:
We will concede this game but we will win, Rennes with 10 men gave us a good game last time out
Shamar bell
Shamar bell:
3 to 4 nil
Oliver Edwards
Oliver Edwards:
azpi should start and give james a rest with a slight knock so he would be ready for spurs
Mario Blake
Mario Blake:
Lol yes yan.
Alpha Kelly
Alpha Kelly:
I don't care who we play next COYB
Ayush Rathor
Ayush Rathor:
quick we have to tell yan not to predict a clean sheet. younes talks football viewers will know
Mike Royce
Mike Royce:
Yan, for once I disagree with you...
Chelsea need to field full strength teams in the Champions League until we have secured top place. Securing qualification and then resting players isn't a good idea.
Finishing the group stage second and facing a really tough team next has been a recurring disaster for Chelsea for far too many seasons.
Jadaan Davidson
Jadaan Davidson:
Mbaakanyi Motshwari
Mbaakanyi Motshwari:
I'd rest Kante. Jorginho can put in a shift
gomino geronimo
gomino geronimo:
Timo 1
Mohammed K.
Mohammed K.:
How can we expect Kai to score many goals in playing midfield?!??
Gavin Curry
Gavin Curry:
I think we should give werner a break bc he's been playing non stop since Barnsley, we should rest him for the bigger game against Tottenham
abdelghani ajaoud
abdelghani ajaoud:
Chelsea will qualify to the ⅛ final if they defeat Renne AND Krasnodar don't defeat Sevilla.
Natt Shiimi
Natt Shiimi:
Please rest Kante.
I think azpi will start
Caiden Swartz
Caiden Swartz:
Damn guys I so bad want azpi to play i mean he literally bleeds blue but Reece james is just too much sauce but i dont like the fact that azpi is getting benched even if he doesn't complain
Lets Get The Job Done! Brilliant To See Havertz Coming Back Agree? He Can Final Prove Himself Given Time Ofcourse , But Atleast We Can See Him PLay!
NEVER predict a clean sheet!!! What is wrong with you?! LOL!
Mbemba Sowe
Mbemba Sowe:
Man city are in for grealish, I think Chelsea should try and get him,because he's seriously the big deal.
Connor Scales - 12A
Connor Scales - 12A:
frank Lampard i would plat 4 3 3 formation and i would destroy SPURS and i believe we can win the premier league if i was the manger and i do a proper job than frank Lampard

then in my first season i would win us the premier league title and the fa cup with my team
then i sell kepa and jorghino so i can get Declan rice and Jayden Sancho

ST Timo Werner

RW ziyech (Lampard pronounce his name properly)


CM Mount and havertz

CDM kante
CB Thiago SLIVIA and KURT zomua
RB James

Георги Ганчев
Георги Ганчев:
We will win it
t-boy jojo
t-boy jojo:
I'd rest Mount so we have him flying against Spurs. Kova and Kai alongside Kante. I just don't want to see Jorginho mannn
Natt Shiimi
Natt Shiimi:
I’d like Lampard to rest Kante for this game. He is the only CDM we have so we need to give him rest whenever possible(we can’t afford him getting an injuries)
yen dont you think mason mount need a rest a1so..he p1ayed in 2 eng1and games and then he came back from internationa1 duties and p1ayed agaist newcast1e ..he need rest more then reech james ..
Karan Kulwal
Karan Kulwal:
How happy do you think Leicester fans are now about chilly as compared to time of his sale? They sure were laughing when they got 50mil
Matheus Macedo
Matheus Macedo:
Idk why people hate on mason so much, imo he has all the right to start for chelsea, ever since he was on loan at derby and i saw videos of him playing it was obvious he had the skill, not to mention hes scored incredible goals and assists for chelsea already, the haters need to chill.
S I:
Play Giroud. Would be hard to make money on his sale if he doesn’t have game time.