Chelsea re-sign Romelu Lukaku for a club record fee

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Chelsea have re-signed striker Romelu Lukaku for a club-record £97.5m from Inter Milan. Lukaku, who initially moved to Stamford Bridge as a 17-year-old from Belgian side Anderlecht in 2011, returns to Chelsea on a five-year deal.

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100+ komentarze:

kay dee
kay dee:
He's worth every penny... He's very underrated.. He's one of the best strikers atm
Hype Williams
Hype Williams:
This is going to be one crazy season.
Chelsea should be winning the Premier League now, literally missing piece of the puzzle. Lukaku signing for Chelsea makes a bigger impact on the team then Grealish for Man City
Charles Apana
Charles Apana:
Great to see him back at the club he loves so much hope he repays the faith we have in him, all the best
The way this signing happened is just acceptable to me. Chelsea lack better finishing last season, and indeed Lukaku is a perfect finisher to have. In contrast, Arsenal is lacking a better holding and wise distributer in the middle, but yet wants to sign all new defenders including a new keeper lol
Paul Fulgencio
Paul Fulgencio:
Lukaku is a monster. Great sign by Chelsea.
Hope that doesn’t mean that Werner doesn’t get game time as yes he can’t really score for Chelsea but does use his pace well and can help Chelsea maybe on the left wing side
So Messi's at PSG, Dzeko's at Inter, and now Lukaku's back at Chelsea?! This is a lot to take in.
ryan sp
ryan sp:
man I'm so sad he left. He could've been a legend in Milan
Elton Nunes
Elton Nunes:
Wonderful sign Chelsea well done
charlie arnold
charlie arnold:
He's a great player, but a ridiculous amount of money. So many people struggling to make ends meet. I'm sure that he will do well. Good luck to him. I'm a Saints fan, so we are at the bottom end of spending power, but I am hoping that we can still give a good account of ourselves.
He's probably gonna shine there.....very different expectations and pressure in Chelsea compared to ManU.....Good on Chelsea and whoever here is doubting his chances @ Chelsea just look @ his stats!.....,309.5MEUROS....WOW!! JUST WOW!
What a buy! He is exactly what we needed.
Ang C
Ang C:
Congrats Chelsea from an Inter fan !
Ashraff Godrie
Ashraff Godrie:
Lukaku will shine at Chelsea!
King Mubarak
King Mubarak:
Just imagine how many chances chelsea players would create and that finish of lukako .. this signing should have happened the last year ... welcome home big lukako 💙💙💙💙1
John Ngugi
John Ngugi:
One of the best strikers in the world.welcome home Lukaku💙💙💙
james mcconnell
james mcconnell:
We signed Pulisic in Jan, we had a transfer ban in the summer of 2019…I don’t quite under why Sky would have an agenda against our transfer policy, but it is a very odd mistake to make.
chelsea's target man.. tbh, we still need werner, last season showed his running often create havoc to opponents. shortage of goals but need his exposure.
Dedier Drogber kind of form we need to help the fwd squared, I am glad they got him
When LUKAKU shows up for practise, his manager starts training!!
Amazing Vipul
Amazing Vipul:
Hearing that Utd paid £90m for Lukaku in 2017 gives me some solace
Rony Mejia
Rony Mejia:
This team is goin to be good !!!
Spanish Centraal
Spanish Centraal:
Great re-signing for the Blues!
Vijesh More
Vijesh More:
Power signing for Chelsea
Matt 19
Matt 19:
Proven premier League player. Should fit straight in. Good business for Chelsea. I can see Chelsea winning the League as city lack a great forward. Much better value than Jack grealish lol
Brilliant signing!
honestly if havertz shines, and mason mount still performs good like last season, then yea chelsea has as good a chance as man city
Awaken World
Awaken World:
As a Liverpool fan I'm now scared of Chelsea again. Grealish hasn't got s**t on Lukaku imo
Mukanya Soccer Channel
Mukanya Soccer Channel:
Welcome home Lukaku💙
Joe Lemba
Joe Lemba:
Werner is gonna be what hazard is to lukaku when playing for Belgium mark my words.
Kay Pakaipa
Kay Pakaipa:
Lukaku 315 career goals.
Put some respect. He is one of Europes finest strikers ever simply by the stats
Robi Jorum
Robi Jorum:
Being honest chelsea were really in need for a goal scorer
steve irungu
steve irungu:
I have tromendous respect for you Romelu Lukaku by Steve Irungu Jermaine
Lamar Meta
Lamar Meta:
1 billion pounds on 5 players and clubs let staff go? Smh 🤦‍♂️
Richafa Gaming 96
Richafa Gaming 96:
Can he play on Saturday is what i'm wondering
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi:
I been saying lukaku is best striker since his first Chelsea days I'm never wrong
The Arsenal owner, Kreoke, should be taking notes from Abromovich. He means business every season.
Jack Arizona
Jack Arizona:
Lukaku and Werner link up gonna be brazy brazy
Chelsea 4 life
Chelsea 4 life:
WHAT A SIGNING!!!!!!!!!!!!🔵🔵🔵😍😍😍
as a Tottenham fan I'm pretty happy with this. Chelsea favourites to win it now unless city sign a top striker, queue more leverage in negotiations and money to rebuild that horrendous backline + a striker. .
RR Sharizam
RR Sharizam:
_"I have supported Chelsea as a kid"_ then he chose Manchester United when Chelsea wanted him
G B:
May he be as prolific as Werner... 🤨
Eddie Eddie
Eddie Eddie:
He conquered Italy, now he’s Here to Conquer England 🔥🔥
Lukaku with new Chelsea team not the old Chelsea... Hope to see him fit in well with his old club.
Chidiebere Uzoye
Chidiebere Uzoye:
He is worth all penny spent on him such a great player.
Love this guy!
Prince Mason
Prince Mason:
Md Touhidul Islam Jahin
Md Touhidul Islam Jahin:
With Lukaku & Martinez gone, RIP Inter Milan.
Konkwest D konkman
Konkwest D konkman:
The way Chelsea pushed Lukaku.. made him a better player now.. Tammy is another player in the making. CHELSEA MY CHELSEA
Geeza is gonna get the golden boot this season....Mark my words.
Adam Kennedy
Adam Kennedy:
Finally gets his chance at Chelsea
James Hill
James Hill:
He ran like he had led boots at Old Trafford.
Ronan O'Connor
Ronan O'Connor:
I still can’t believe Man Utd sold Lukaku! It’s going to come back to haunt us!
Have That
Have That:
If Giroud can play well for chelsea so can Lukaku and 2 times better...its not all about speed
Seth Griffith-Sawyer
Seth Griffith-Sawyer:
Lukaku scores no less than 30 this season
C Bart23
C Bart23:
Lukaku is built for the premier league.
turd man
turd man:
24/03 lukaku has 5 goals all competition
Cyclone Arti
Cyclone Arti:
Kane : 127 mil £
Luke : 97.5 mil £
FIRE 🔥🔥🔥
Niall Graham
Niall Graham:
Another excellent example of Chelsea's mastermind loan system at work.
Up the blues 💙💙💙💙
Lebogang Seleka
Lebogang Seleka:
Hope he delivers...aint herefor the hype
Club record fee for a former player is not a great business, isn't it?
Was great in serie a, but the pace is slower. I don't think he'll be as great this time round tbh!
KjXkK • 5 years ago
KjXkK • 5 years ago:
Hope with lukaku coming back to chelsea can help werner bring back his bundesliga like performance
Money Manifestation
Money Manifestation:
He literally scored 0 goals for them last time and now they are paying him more 🤣🤣not every player can play in English premiere league 🙄and this is also why you see so few English players playing around the world 🤔
Totally forgot we paid 70 million pounds for Morata 🤪
lukaku is rlly good.
john doe
john doe:
You can rule Chelsea out of buying Haaland next season, if Manchester City don't buy Kane they'll splash the cash on Haaland next season
Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear:
Gonna absolutely smash it at chelsea just you wait
Thomas Abalo
Thomas Abalo:
Lukaku 💙💙💙💙💙
mohammed ahmed
mohammed ahmed:
Soon to be third most expensive signing in pl history. Kane to city for 150 - 140 million gbp
Vinz W
Vinz W:
What a monumental mistake!
Don Charles
Don Charles:
I don't care what anyone says, he still has a Donkey First touch
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Pyotr Tchaikovsky:
This is going to be Lukaku's downfall, boy should have stayed at Inter or went somewhere else!
Gooner N4
Gooner N4:
Need a striker? Go out and buy a striker.
Some clubs get it.
Dibyojyoti Hazarika
Dibyojyoti Hazarika:
Welcome home romelu
Peter Radtke
Peter Radtke:
Best transfer in this summet
Dave I
Dave I:
Good business from Chelsea, they tend to pay the money a player is worth rather than just splashing cash without a thought. Grealish 100,000,000 😂
rick sanchez
rick sanchez:
How are people shamelessly saying he's in the top 5 best strikers in the world absolute joke WE COULD HAVE HAD HAALAND
Mr B Cool kid
Mr B Cool kid:
How is this deal done and United are yet to sign Varane?
Suman Saurabh
Suman Saurabh:
Bringing back your ousted talent rarely works! I hope it does for lukaku
David N
David N:
I thought the clubs was oh so broke...
Lawson Frayo
Lawson Frayo:
Welcome back for Chelsea lukacu don't doing miss for Chelsea
Egwuogu Ikenna
Egwuogu Ikenna:
We are winning the league 💙
marco yoda
marco yoda:
I don't know,but probably lukaku is like the only player who never ever looks weird with any football kit,no matter if its everton,Chelsea,man utd,arsenal,inter,man City,Liverpool
“Big clubs” (big wallets) buying trophies again. Going to start paying players for diving next. Oh wait.
The Infamous Culebra
The Infamous Culebra:
Guess It’s time for Simone to get Immobile again just like old times in Lazio.
Pogba rejoined ManUtd 5 years ago not 4.
Mr J
Mr J:
Wish we had an owner like roman Chelsea fans cherish him coming from an arsenal fan
2:30 Lmfao the fact that Morata is up there shows how mad transfer fees have been the last decade
Tarzan Malaya
Tarzan Malaya:
Ohhh welcome back romelu
KIhairil Amirul Imran
KIhairil Amirul Imran:
Thank you Big Rom, 😢😢😢. Good luck at Chelsea. From an Interista 💙🖤💙🖤
Billy Fitness
Billy Fitness:
Big Rom is coming home.
amon Asha
amon Asha:
Am Arsenal fan bt seriously
Man City finished - 1st - buy greenish 100 n wanted kane

Manchester United- 2nd-buy sancho and verane

Chelsea - 3rd - buy lukaku

Arsenal - 8th buy young kids 😢😢😢another headache of the whole season. This season am a PSG fan 😔😔
Paul Pattaya
Paul Pattaya:
It will be like having a young Drogba all over again.
Richmond Amponsah
Richmond Amponsah:
King Luka is back 😌. I think those who disliked are man utd fans🤭😂
Rick James
Rick James:
After conte gone not much going on in inter transfer market not much chose for lukaku
their last record signing won them the champions league so big expextations
Sam Butcher
Sam Butcher:
Wait united payed 90m for Lukaku in 2017 i thaught it was like 50 lmaoooooo