Chelsea v Plymouth Argyle | Key Moments | Fourth Round | Emirates FA Cup 2021-22

Key moments from Chelsea's Fourth Round tie with Plymouth Argyle in the Emirates FA Cup.

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Aaryaman Bajaj
Aaryaman Bajaj:
Kepa's penalty save percentage is great!
what a match, had me on edge for the full 90 minutes and extra time. you have to give credit where credit is due though, cooper was great, made it tough for us. big thanks to kepa for the win 💙
Argyle can really give themselves a pat on the back, they put up a fight. Their keeper Cooper really kept them in the game, wonderful game he had.
Friendly Neighbourhood Phantom Thief
Friendly Neighbourhood Phantom Thief:
Credit to Plymouth they kept themselves in the game even when Chelsea dominated possession and started taking their chances. Solid goalkeeping, great work by the crossbar and a great crowd in general. As for Chelsea, their set-up for a lot of their opportunities were well done, I don't feel they were disrespecting Plymouth with their play and deserved their win which coming from a QPR fan says a lot. If not for a well saved penalty though this story could've had a stark ending.
As a Chelsea fan I love the Plymouth's goalkeeper energy
Higuita Santos
Higuita Santos:
Both keeper, Kepa and Cooper is amazing on this match. Respect for both!!!
James Brooker
James Brooker:
Love seeing lower league teams really step up there game well done Plymouth
S. O
S. O:
The commentator during the game summed it up perfectly. Before Plymouth were about to go home without any regrets. But now it's not the case. They'll have a lot of regret
K Thomas
K Thomas:
The penalty save was it for me.. .Kepa KING of penalty saves 👑👑
Kieran Burton
Kieran Burton:
I actually feel bad for kepa when mendy takes his place, he done really well. I was expecting a tonne of mistakes but he has put in some amazing performances in.
Sarah Nand-Lal
Sarah Nand-Lal:
Well done Argyle, massive rear guard performance against a world class side. Big shout out for Scarr, Cooper, Garrick and the Green Armmmeee - you really took the fight to them and they looked flustered in the first 20mins. Let's not forget that the wages of the highest money earner at Chelsea will be @50 times more than that of Argyles. Coyg!
Somesh Gowda
Somesh Gowda:
Lukaku just needs to go this summer.... there's no way Chelsea start the next season with Lukaku as the striker.
Christian Individual
Christian Individual:
My only takeaway: I have never seen a team take so many corners in game.

I looked at the stats afterward and Chelsea took 41 shots. So that goes for shots too then.

Argyle defended well for so long. In the end Premier League quality came through and they were caught napping on the overlap.

Edwards put in a shift in defence. Cooper did well in goal.
Proud of the argyle! What a game, shame Hardie missed the pen.
Brilliant from Macauley used to play alongside him for our local team. And now he's scoring at Stamford Bridge 👌👏
Congratulations Chelsea. Even if I’m a Chelsea fan, it’s poor performance from Chelsea.
Plymouth must be proud of themselves. Very organised and defending. That goalkeeper Cooper has bright future. Thank you for kicking Chelsea hard for them to win this game.
Ziyech, Mount, Azpi, Kepa ✅
Subs: Alonso, Havertz, Werner came-in late (should have been made earlier) spot-on to change the play.
Chelsea attacking was too predictable flocking at left wing, Plymouth did great to counter attack from right (opening is too wide).
j kish
j kish:
Congrats to Chelsea
As a Chelsea fan i really need to give a shout out to Plymouth's keeper Cooper (He was excellent)
Up Kepa Up Ziyech Up Azpi Up Mount Up Alonso...Up blues 💙💪
Matt Hortop
Matt Hortop:
Hopefully this performance by Argyle will encourage a brilliant end to the season giving them a play off place come the end.
Omar Mnaouar
Omar Mnaouar:
what a game from HAKIM ZIYECH 🇲🇦🇲🇦
What a game the Plymouth keeper had well played lads 👏🏻💙
JMP 90
JMP 90:
Would love to see Plymouth in the premier league the largest English city never to be represented in the top flight. And one of the most south western. You could see how many fans they took how well they are supported for a league 1 side.
Jugal Lakhiani
Jugal Lakhiani:
Wow the crowd was loud! Especially Argyle fans when the penalty was declared. Amazing!
as an argyle fan i think they did really well against a team like this. a shame hardie missed that penalty. well done you greens 💚🤍
Bayern fc tv
Bayern fc tv:
Perfect combination created by Timo to kai havertz and delivered in right place to score by Alonso
We need this two to win the match 😉
Wallpaper Ours
Wallpaper Ours:
What a goal from Captain Azpi 💙
Great play from the boys.Alot of creative and smooth open play.Great goal Azpili⚡.Kepa does what Kepa does🤨🥅.Alonso comes through sometimes😆
alessandro del piero
alessandro del piero:
i am amazed at how small clubs are fighting back against the grandees of the premier league. inter robbed chelsea.
aifamin nifmasken
aifamin nifmasken:
3 times hit bar! Unlucky but well played for Chelsea. Great job for Plymouth players.
Kwame VanDamme
Kwame VanDamme:
Kepa will always see us through these cup matches. He owns the show in the other domestic cup matches.
Ser Wanger Stark
Ser Wanger Stark:
At some point the Chelsea fan base will have to apologize to Alonso for the incessant bashings. He has been a faithful and productive player
kun mwas
kun mwas:
What a spirited performance from Plymouth 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Bruhh 41 shots eleven on target and only 2 goals respect for Plymouth for the fight they gave even though I am a Chelsea fan
AvEr Gajixa
AvEr Gajixa:
The sound of the ball leaving his feet and kepa catching it ASMR 😍1:40
Budi Yudakusuma
Budi Yudakusuma:
Amazing Kepa's performance 👍
Cosy Cribs
Cosy Cribs:
Love it when the Davids stands up strong against the Goliaths. Awesome!
Kepa always remembers to;
Original fake boy comedy
Original fake boy comedy:
What a keeper!👏
Jamie Beale
Jamie Beale:
So proud of those boys in Green!!! We need to get cooper signed to a long term contract with any release clause to suit us! And we need our strikers to be scoring penalties. For Hardies finishing ability, he should be putting that away. Nether the less, we were expected to get tonked. Well done lads.
Marie Wyatt
Marie Wyatt:
I honestly believe that when it comes to saving penalties Kepa is one of the best out there.
Plymouth played really well hats off to the players and coaching staff👏
P. Strong
P. Strong:
This game sums up the FA Cup, was extremely frustrated with Chelsea’s performance but got to give credit to argyle, they really made us work for it.
nathan archer
nathan archer:
There is no way to have 41 shots and only 2 goals. And only defenders scoring.
Andrew Shaheen
Andrew Shaheen:
Both keepers had amazing games
Wow, intense game. Fair play to Plymouth Argyle for their game. It could've been them progressing to the next round on another day. This is coming from a non-Chelsea fan. Also, very disappointed with Lukaku.
Joseph Halifax
Joseph Halifax:
Kepa's love for spot kicks 😄
proud to see my favorite player scoring a decisive goal in ET
Rujal Kawan
Rujal Kawan:
Kepa the great 👌
Great play by Chelsea 🔥
Proud of my team
Among Us
Among Us:
0:09 Plymouth Goal
0:42 Azpilicueta Goal
1:07 Alonso Goal
1:40 Kepa Save
Thanbir Al-Azad
Thanbir Al-Azad:
As soon as Werner and Havertz got minutes together we scored. Coincidence? Of course not! They compliment each other too well to not play together.
Cassim Yung
Cassim Yung:
What a goal by Cesar Azpilicueta
Stephen Crockett
Stephen Crockett:
Its called football in anyones language Thats why we love this game , win lose or draw majesitc afternoon to whoever was blessed to be in that stadium !!!!
Vinsee Panwar
Vinsee Panwar:
Before match, I was overconfident for us, but Plymouth 1st goal made me realise that never underestimate any opponent. Then came equaliser with wonderful finish from Azpi and in the end Keppa saved the game from penalties. Intresting goals and peaceful end 💙
Wow the crowd was loud! Especially Argyle fans when the penalty was declared. Amazing!
Tyler Poz
Tyler Poz:
That's another win for Chelsea! Come on lads
Nashid Travels
Nashid Travels:
We hit the crossbar 3 times, denied a clear penalty, conceded a late questionable penalty but still made it. Congratulations to Chelsea.
Respect to Plymouth but the referring was poor.
Ebvita A
Ebvita A:
Kepa did an amazing save
Jewel media
Jewel media:
What an awesome performance
Mind Language
Mind Language:
Fa cup has always been the reason to bring smile on face of championship team fans.....but if your team is playing against Chelsea then smile only after the final whistle because I as a Chelsea fan have been learning over the decade.
Maximillionares That's Football
Maximillionares That's Football:
Kepa is underrated at pens. Won Chelsea the game but Plymouth can be proud of taking Chelsea on and were 1-0 up
Obongofon Peter
Obongofon Peter:
Our full backs scoring the two goals👍🏽
Ethna Mccallion
Ethna Mccallion:
Brilliant from Chelsea 💙
The Confounded Magister
The Confounded Magister:
the scoreline doesn't tell the whole story. even tho the PL side wins, Argyle puts up a tough fight. Had they score the late penalty, it would become a more explosive match! Nevertheless, This is the speciality and spirit of FA cup! Love it!
Royal Legend
Royal Legend:
2 tings

Number 1: 0:41 I'm impressed over Azpi Gole It's hard to Get itbwith the back on the fot that way, specifically for a Defence Player

2: it looks like Kepa Special Talent are Penalty now

I think he have Worked with since The Nightmare in the FA Cup Final

So he have Probably taken it to the Next level, this is not the First time he Take a Penalty
Mack McGowan
Mack McGowan:
100 million for a striker and the defenders score.. absolute shambles from the forward line. Credit to Plymouth they gave Chelsea a run for their money.
morgan chessnut
morgan chessnut:
This is classic FA Cup.
Jahenoor Rahman
Jahenoor Rahman:
This Cooper fella needs to play in the bigger leagues. Made so many saves after saves.
Удивительный вратарь Кепа, может пропустить курьезный мяч, но пенки вытаскивать 🦾☝️
Sporting Geraldine
Sporting Geraldine:
Great win guys💙💙💙
Robert Jones
Robert Jones:
We’ll played Plymouth,put in a great pen kepa absolutely quality
Chelsea SW6
Chelsea SW6:
Chelsea supporter here, and I got to say I was more on edge in this game than any I remember

let’s be honest here Chelsea were dominant throughout and missed chance after chance
they hit the woodwork 3 times in the first half had a goal disallowed and Plymouth s goalkeeper on the day was great but Plymouth stayed in there and all credit to them and that penalty at the end I was thinking this is going to be one of those games and talked about for years but Kepa saved us and we go on but fair play to Plymouth Argyle and their supporters they did themselves proud
this game was so similar to united last night, a small team coming to big premier league teams and actually putting up a fight except chelsea can actually win unlike us😐
KIP 8:
Nice goal captain Dave , hero Kepa 🔵🔥
Timo Werner
Timo Werner:
What a match!
Neymar Jr
Neymar Jr:
Esse Time Do Plymouth Retrancou Bem o Chelsea
Aimran J
Aimran J:
Kepa maybe no.2 GK, but the best no.2 in the world rn I think.
Qweku Afrika
Qweku Afrika:
Blues fought well and we earn it😍😍😍
Cosmas Uche
Cosmas Uche:
Another beauty of the FA cup. Reminded us of yesterday upset of Manchester united.
Lew Byrne
Lew Byrne:
Plymouth is proud of these boys
DBMikey G
DBMikey G:
One day we will be in the prem but for now ill keep dreaming, weldone argyle did us all proud today amazing effort! Lets seal promotion and give the rest off the season our all!
Md Akash
Md Akash:
Azpiliqueta's goal was a beauty
i respect kepa for not giving up and working hard to gain our love and trust back
Lukaku needs to do more run ins rather than camping for service
Always Chelsea defenders have to carry the load of scoring, Lukaku has become new Fernando Torres
Damon Khyllep
Damon Khyllep:
All the best chelsea for the next match 👏😀⚽
Imam Huud
Imam Huud:
What a comeback COYB! 💙💙
Юрий Маликов
Юрий Маликов:
Кепа красавчик, всегда верил в него
edu niz
edu niz:
Let's go blues!!!💙💙💙💙
Edwin Musau
Edwin Musau:
Classic goal by azipilicueta and a smart safe by Kepa1
Gonzalo R.E
Gonzalo R.E:
Kepa, Alonso and Azpi 🇪🇦🇪🇦🔥🔥
Rian Sen Katoch
Rian Sen Katoch:
Kepa is the goat
Trust me England clubs are unpredictable ...they can give tough competition to high rank clubs
Key moments without the beautiful saves from the Plymouth keeper, the shots against the goal post???
Well played to plymouth
Unuh Tangu
Unuh Tangu:
Don't ever underestimate Kepa in penalty👊👊👊
Big up gillesphey, one of our own 🧡🖤
Lucía Trelles
Lucía Trelles:
Spanish players were the kings of the match💙💙
Videos formehdi
Videos formehdi:
Here we go again: Chelsea struggling against bottom of the table / 2 and 3rd division teams. With a star studded team Chelsea should have won 5 nil. Maybe some lessons to learn from how Man City handles these types of matches.
Kepa is a beast in penalties