Chelsea vs. Sevilla, PSG vs. Manchester United Post Match Analysis Champions League

Giroud gets Four Goals vs Sevilla for Chelsea, Neymar gets two goals for PSG in their 3-1 win over Manchester United with Martial missing many key chances and Fred getting a red card.
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john pacino
john pacino:
Cracking little game that was. A breath of fresh air, away from the sterile, yawn-fest football of the premier league... Matches like these are won on tiny details. Concentrated moments, that define both teams outcome.
The Martial terrible first miss & the lack of a football IQ to read that second chance, when he should have been attacking the space early in anticipation of a touch line cut back, to beat any attempted defensive blocks & put the chance away. ( Martial is an awful player. Been bangin on about this for over two years on here. Lazy, no passion in his play & has a permanent scowl & a chip on the shoulder attitude, more suited to a South London, drill music, video performer )... 0/ 10 performance from him.
Fred should have been replaced at half time by Ollie, being as he was a red card in waiting.
Neymar did his usual disappearing act for most of the game. ( Mctominay & Fred had him caged down) & he put his team at risk many times, by not tracking back to help out...Am sure his fan boys obsessesd with players that do " ball tricks" will go on about his third goal...He did it when the McTominay -Fred alliance was broken, when Fred got red carded...A 6/10 performance at best.
Mbappé needs to lose that bulking-up he's been doing in the gym. He now moves in a " blockish " way, rather than in the swift, eel like manner he did, when he was slimmer...He was again terrible. Am not convinced he's a champions league player of any calibre...3/10 performance...
Marquinhos was massive again for PSG. He's PSG best performing champions league player. Been that way for the last two seasons...MOTM for me.
Joseph Nnaji
Joseph Nnaji:
pet’r Klem
pet’r Klem:
When do we start worrying about hh? 😂
Hungi 7
Hungi 7:
RedDevilStudio - The King of Talking and talking and talking and talking without even saying one single thing 😩
Rodney Harding
Rodney Harding:
Mbappe needs Jurgan Klopp and to be an understudy to El Dio Mane.
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu:
In the absence of jujuman and bd core, jamal is the new hangout mvp
The defense has actually changed. (Not completely)

1) Semedo replaced by Dest👍

2) Pique Injured for the rest of the season. Replaced by very solid and young Oscar Mingueza.

3) Lenglet is doing well and rotating with Araujo (started vs juve and kept clean sheet)

4) alba. Well. Alba
Rodney Harding
Rodney Harding:
So it is now OFFICIAL!!!! CHELSKI!!! Is a one track team if it wasn't for Ghiroud Chelski is NOT A TEAM TO WORRY ABOUT.
Last yr, I thought Bayern would win the CL after they destroyed Chelsea 3-0 at the bridge with a B+ performance. Why? They had quality all over the pitch but alphonso Davies gave them a new dimension... A speed demon at LB who could make crazy recovery runs AND crazy forward runs resulting in goals and big chances. Teams essentially had to overload their right flanks to limit that threat which opened up offense for the rest of the team.

2020-21 Bayern aren't unbeatable... yet. Their offense and defense miss Davies' dynamism. Hernandez has played well & is Bayern's best defender but is clearly not the 2 way explosive threat that Davies is. In the CL, that will leave Bayern vulnerable against teams with explosive offensive weapons. That includes PSG.

Real Madrid beat Bayern a bunch of times because they had guys like bale blowing up entire sides of the field. Bayern's 2 dudes who can do that are currently injured (Davies) or working their way back to form due to a major injury (Sane). Add the fact that Bayern's main midfielder in kimmich is down and they can be beat.

This is the thing. If the field allow Bayern to progress far enough in the tournament to where davies+kimmich+sane are back and in form, Bayern will not be beatable at that point. IMO, the field need to get Bayern out of the competition before the semis of else Bayern will win the whole thing again.
Rickey Rincones
Rickey Rincones:
HH I love you bruh but don't do this to yourself lol.... Don't give them that ammo for later if Chelsea don't win it... You know Gatlocke keeps those receipts 😂