Chelsea vs. Tottenham: Does Frank Lampard or Jose Mourinho hold the advantage? | ESPN FC Extra Time

Chelsea or Tottenham: Does Frank Lampard or Jose Mourinho hold the advantage? | ESPN FC Extra Time
(0:50) Does Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp need a vacation after his post-match comments to the media?
(1:54) Whether Craig or Frank think there is much a of a difference for players between a 12:30 PM kick off and a 3:00 PM kick off for players
(5:40) Did either guys ever have a team they played against during their career they always demolished?
(6:20) Would being able to hear the conversations between VAR and the officials be beneficial in learning how they come to their conclusions?
(6:55) Whether Frank thinks Roberto Baggio is the greatest Italian player ever

(8:47) Which European league is the most entertaining to watch right now?
(10:10) Are Chelsea capable of breaking down a team like Tottenham?
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Only 2 years ago, Dan looked closer to being in his 20s
Sean Mullin
Sean Mullin:
Comparing Tottenham to the likes of Burnley and Newcastle cause they mainly counter attack is wrong in many ways. Tottenham c team is better at countering then those teams will ever be.
They just casually talking about what time they go to bed and wake up like they having brunch at Stevie's house
Adetunji Oyewole
Adetunji Oyewole:
Happy birthday Dan.
PriinceBrvce - Amad Traore is a prodigy
PriinceBrvce - Amad Traore is a prodigy:
This game can literally go either way. I’m not completely sure who I feel will win tomorrow
Abubakarr Dumbuya
Abubakarr Dumbuya:
Come on blues let's get the job done tomorrow
Dan Pan
Dan Pan:
Extra Time can be silly at times but I do enjoy it very much. 🤗
I almost missed my question.
Zola can't hold a candle to Baggio
Wiston munis
Wiston munis:
Wish I can understand everything anyway chelsea will win this game
Bakarr Jah
Bakarr Jah:
God bless you all
Kevin Joy Thomas
Kevin Joy Thomas:
Happy birthday Dan the only guy I like In this dumb channel no baised and gives sensible talks
Samuel Eromafuru
Samuel Eromafuru:
Always love watching you guys... The fun, the sincerity in ur analysis and all always gets me waiting for every single notification of ur videos. 👍
Fitzgerald Williams
Fitzgerald Williams:
I got clickbaited again (1st time actually counting)
I love Dan hes a Natural! Happy Birthday mate 🤗🤗
Vaibhav RK
Vaibhav RK:
Dan his dad's biggest mistake 😂😂😂
Love these two with Dan! Good fun.
The Chosen One
The Chosen One:
11:30 Did my man Frank there😁.
Micheal Jackson
Micheal Jackson:
This is crazy , it’s my birthday aswell 🥳
Happy birthday DAN
Ziyech Hakim
Ziyech Hakim:
Chelse win
The pundit will say, "what a great performance from Chelsea, Mou is finished, he is outdated"

Spurs win,
Pundit will say, "They were lucky, Chelsea play really bad game today, Spurs will never win the League".
Just like what happened after 6-1 Man United.

Happy Birthday Dan! And must say a good episode because of the good natured vibes + viewer questions! Great panel synergies on this one! Long may it continue!
Blaise Ajongwen
Blaise Ajongwen:
Frank in no position to talk about hair 😂😂😂😂😂😅
Happy Birthday Dan.
Come On You Blues!!
rajeev s
rajeev s:
Happy birthday Danny... Getting old!
Kingdom Freedom AMV
Kingdom Freedom AMV:
HBD Dan!
Ziad Nadda
Ziad Nadda:
Why do you always bring up this bald fraud 😭
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren:
It’s my wife birthday 🥳 today as well
Chisel vidz
Chisel vidz:
Come on ur words again that u dnt need signings😁😁😁 referring to my Chelsea...huhhh... Chelsea played same time last week n won but u cnt stop giving excuses about fatigue
michael loli
michael loli:
Happy Belated birthday Dan 🎂🥳
Paul Schiwek
Paul Schiwek:
Ist Klopp complayning about haveing to Stand Up at 8?
Manuel Andrade
Manuel Andrade:
Hey! Enough talking about yourself, please talk about the game for a change...
Aaron George
Aaron George:
happy bday dan!!
Deandre Cunningham
Deandre Cunningham:
They both do if they can bring there best to the table?
Glavon Gomes
Glavon Gomes:
Happy birthday Dan God bless you
KTBFFH lets beat chickenham 😎💪🏾✅💙
COJr 11
COJr 11:
Sometimes when I listen to these dudes I wana dislike the videos. But I try hard not to
Ritwick Roy
Ritwick Roy:
Happy birthday dan!
Rohan Thakker
Rohan Thakker:
Abhinav Lal
Abhinav Lal:
Dan is getting affected by the company he is in, getting and looking old with these anti Mourinho's.
odion joe
odion joe:
Happy birthday to your daughter nd u
Tobey Groome
Tobey Groome:
It’s incredibly unfair to call Spurs a sitting team and comparing them to the likes of Burnley d Newcastle. Spurs have only sat back against 1 team this season (city) but other than that have been pushing teams. They dominated Man United and have scored the 2nd most amount of goals in the league (only 1 less than Chelsea)
Sharneel Maharajh
Sharneel Maharajh:
Happy birthday 🥳
lyeone atanas
lyeone atanas:
did dan just say Frank has a halo on his head? lol
umarfaruq abdulfatah
umarfaruq abdulfatah:
Happy birthday Jade
Chisel vidz
Chisel vidz:
Come on ur words again that u dnt need signings😁😁😁 referring to my Chelsea...huhhh... Chelsea played same time last week n won but u cnt...stop giving excuses about fatigue
Sunny Saluja
Sunny Saluja:
Happy Birthday Dan
What does that mean "sitting team?"
Gabriel A
Gabriel A:
Love Franck Le Boeuf and Craig Burley, old school CFC days. Beat of the league
Carlos Shiera
Carlos Shiera:
Happy birthday Dan
Fj Fearon
Fj Fearon:
0-0 great defensively but bad going forward
Frank has the advantage; playing at home and no major injuries.
umarfaruq abdulfatah
umarfaruq abdulfatah:
Happy birthday Dannnn
When Kante is at best in your team u win titles...simple
Fábio Godinho
Fábio Godinho:
No Totti in that conversation???
Nathaniel Bisrat
Nathaniel Bisrat:
we expect more from son & Kane...if not Dangerous for spurs
Ramlan Edi
Ramlan Edi:
Waktunya mou kembali ke puncak kejayaaan.. Dari banyaknya keritikan ,ejekan selama jabat pelatih di MU.
Priya Alexander
Priya Alexander:
Happy birthday dan
Reed Speegle
Reed Speegle:
Change VAR to the NFL system with coach challenges
Dai Mona
Dai Mona:
Happy birthday
Any body watched Mike Tyson game ???
It was a brutal between 54 yr old and 51yr old😀
Nick Sanchez
Nick Sanchez:
Good luck tmrw chelsea and co.
They talked about sleep for 3 mins
Chap 567
Chap 567:
Happy birthday dan and jade
Inotnersh 17
Inotnersh 17:
it will be a tough game but Im hoping my team get the three points.
Magrin Barrie
Magrin Barrie:
klopp needs a proper thai massage.
Sandile Sphamandla
Sandile Sphamandla:
If it was Mourinho u complained like klopp about the fixtures he was going to be fined or banned
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral:
ESPN FC should change their name to anti-ManUnited and anti-Jose
JJ Park
JJ Park:
How many videos is ESPN gonna make from this fixture?
Brian Kin
Brian Kin:
Neither,as was shown
Ragil Jumari
Ragil Jumari:
I think, Chelsea need good striker..
Why are they always talking about something different from the title
M Maruf
M Maruf:
I am starting to think Dan the orange man is Dan himself.
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser:
I hope Mourinho wins tomorrow and ends up winning the league. He needs respect, he might not play attacking football but a winner is a winner and winning is the most important thing
John Q
John Q:
Bruh any game involving Spurs has me nodding off. All they do is park the train and pray for a mistake by teams they play. I can pull off that so call tactical masterclass by Jose. From attacking attractive football to parking the bus and diving around
Spurs, like United, always get a result when they’re considered the underdogs. Wonder what ESPN will say about Tottenham and Mourinho if they win tomorrow.
MC Mental
MC Mental:
Today is the game between the two clubs espn hates the most.....and by espn i mean Stevie
Yafet Tegbaru
Yafet Tegbaru:
Chelsea win 2-1.
Luke Niko
Luke Niko:
hd videos
hd videos:
Tottenham will win for sure
G B:
It will be a good game but think spurs might take the win
Craig Burley is an unintentional comedian.
Joshua obaga
Joshua obaga:
Calling a 2-2 draw
With Spurs v Chelsea, its the master v the apprentice. Only one winner there.
matteo ceccotti
matteo ceccotti:
Zola better than Baggio? LOL.
alan duncan
alan duncan:
Nobody needs to know that it's this clown's birthday.
Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard:
I will always win to noisy jose 6-0 ez
Justin Moreno
Justin Moreno:
which is better serie a or ligue 1?
Frank has a better team. All my money is on them.
Sharky HD
Sharky HD:
It’s my birthday as well
Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard:
Jose would you please return my messages!
Old McDonald had a farm EIEIO and on that farm he had a Bayern EIEIO
Connor Mcleod
Connor Mcleod:
Gotta love these haters.. Jose is a legend. RESPECT
Kyle W
Kyle W:
I have never seen a regular league game more hyped up by you guys than this one

edit: hyped a 0-0 boring game -_-
Shubham Vashishtha
Shubham Vashishtha:
Maradona is the GOAT
Bototo Said
Bototo Said:
Morinhio must have diarrhea now 😂
Clickbate headline.
sony 63361
sony 63361:
Chelsea will smash 3-0