Chester Bennington's cry for HELP! Linkin Park

In this video from an interview in Feb '17 shows Chester Bennington expressing his cries for help. Hindsight is 20/20. At the time the interviewer and fans alike joked at his comments. Looking back, it's clearly not a joking matter. Mental illness is a very serious issue, that is not to be over looked. It can take all forms. People you know may be going through similar situations. So next time you have someone pour their heart out to you, really listen to what they are saying. It may be a cry for help..... This is not a promo for WakingUpDad or .... I am simply posting this as a long time fan of Chester and the group Linkin Park. I am just as shocked as everyone else and searching for answers as to why. In the video he clearly is telling us. We just didn't listen. RIP Chester Bennington. You will be missed. Prayers to his family, wife and kids.

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Check out this video with Portuguese translation :

If you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You can also text HELLO to 741-741 for free, 24-hour support from the Crisis Text Line. Outside of the U.S., please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention for a database of resources.

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Nichole S
Nichole S:
When you break your arm, everyone wants to sign your cast. But when your brain is sick, everyone runs away...and that's when you need people the most. RIP Chester :(
Horace Jacobs
Horace Jacobs:
The sad part is while the host is laughing he's being deadly serious...
Hemcol Dichongta
Hemcol Dichongta:
Who else wished this legend is still alive?

mike ler
mike ler:
The interviewers laughter is nervousness for not knowing what to say. He probably didn’t expect this conversation to get this heavy.
Luvov Muzik
Luvov Muzik:
Such courage to talk about this
1. Because it’s on air
2. Its to practically a stranger
3. Because the person you decide to talk to is both laughing and interrupting
4. It’s just a f***ing hard thing to articulate

RIP Chester. You will always live on through your music. I lost my brother to suicide and music keeps us connected. We all need to talk about these real problems
Austin Starke
Austin Starke:
For anyone who watches this and relates like I do, I love you and I hope you stay on your path to finding peace. We can get there
Stephanie Eno
Stephanie Eno:
I can't stand the host laughing like that. It's heartbreaking.
Thhe One
Thhe One:
He clearly said "my mind is not a right place to be" and interviewer is like "what are you talking about. You are crazy. "

Thats how people react to people asking for help.
Mike Checks
Mike Checks:
The interviewer that laughed is out of uncomfortably hearing about Chesters problems. He is not laughing at your depression. He is uncomfortable hearing about it from someone he most likely looks up to as a powerful idol. I am sure after Chester took his own life, this man has felt more sadness and empathy than most other people will ever get the chance to. My heart goes out to Chester Bennington’s family and this man who is being ridiculed for being an outlet for Chester to release his emotions. He does not deserve the negative remarks from people suffering with the same illness. He was merely trying to help with his platform to bring more awareness to mental health... he did not laugh at Chester..he laughed because he did not know what else to do when hearing about Chester’s outcry. He was nervous and shocked to hear that his hero might not be as mentally strong as he imagined or is himself.. a truly sad story and I wish Chester was here with us today to reflect on the pain he was suffering..... R.I.P Chester Bennington
Eggsthetic Guy
Eggsthetic Guy:
I respect that interviewer, he didn't realize how serious this interview was in the beginning, but when he did.. he kept silent and didn't laugh
The host is clearly not familiar with depression.
Struck 2112
Struck 2112:
It hit me hard when he said he shouldn't be left alone in his head. I have to constantly distract my mind, if not it turns on me. I had no idea so many people had the same problem.
Autumn Bradley
Autumn Bradley:
Sad part is... their are a lot of people that feel just like him
ty harris
ty harris:
When ur going through what he went through you know exactly what he’s talking about
Unique Phoenix 8633
Unique Phoenix 8633:
He is speaking the truth about severe depression, low self esteem and anxiety. I wish more people understood this. People have no idea how easy it is for someone with these issues to just walk over the edge and do something extreme to get away from the pain especially when they have no support.
The radio guy just doesnt get it.
Stacey Murphy
Stacey Murphy:
Still not over this loss....
this interviewer clearly doesnt know what depression is, calling him crazy... that is one of the worst things you could say to some one going tru this.
Cobain Bautista
Cobain Bautista:
Too many thoughts unsaid and chester explains "every" "single" "detail" very well.
"It's this bad neighborhood up here"

Listening to this really express a lot.
How you open up to someone and they just react "okay"
makes things worst .
See you chester
Poor Chester.. I understand his pain.. of depression.. this whole time every song they wrote.. connected to others
The saddest thing is that there's probably milions of people, incliding me, who while watching this interview were thinking "damn, it's like listening to myself"
ThirtyOne Fifty
ThirtyOne Fifty:
kurt: whats up brother? 😊 You're free now.
chester: *looks back at us* thank you, so what do we do from here?
kurt: watch the beautiful people from the clouds.
chester: yeah that sounds good to me.
Patrick Cunningham
Patrick Cunningham:
Hey, to anybody watching this, and whoever related to Chester's words here, don't forget that you're deeply loved even if you're not understood. And that no matter what darkness and shadows you live in, there will be a brighter end ahead, I promise. I love y'all. Love you Chester. RIP my man
A Matalo
A Matalo:
im currently an alcoholic that turned to music after losing everything in my life twice...i mean my home i worked hard to buy, my fiance, my truck, my cars, my clothes... i was stealing to get enough to not sleep on a bench... now... i have my own spot again, friends, music deals coming my way for song writing, got a new car... but everyday.... i struggle to not end it... those years of my life of hell overpower the good in my life...i miss chester.... my first time ever grabbing a mic was a 4th grade talent show covering "in the end"... man....
Devin Wells
Devin Wells:
Can't believe you've been gone for 3 years chester 😟
Nate TV
Nate TV:
This makes me so sad that such a great person has to go. I also have dealt with many of the things he is describing and it is an endless cycle that you feel you cannot escape. Hopefully everyone, and me, will take his passing as a lesson that no matter how we feel, life is worth it.
You won't be forgotten, you didn't die for nothing. WWG1WGA
Warren Lightning
Warren Lightning:
He looks exactly like one of the Podesta brothers.
"that place is a bad place to be that's a bad neigbourhood"

This broke me totally...
This made me cry... Everyday is a battle. Chester was my teenage crush.. R.I.P. 😔♥️
Emman Prince
Emman Prince:
I hate when I'm trying to explain about my thoughts and some one laughs.
Daniel Becker
Daniel Becker:
His message means so much to me that I even transcribed it:
"I don't know if anybody out there can relate but I have a hard time with life. Sometimes. Sometimes it's great but a lot of times for me it's really hard. And no matter how I am feeling, I always find myself struggling with certain patterns of behavior. I find myself stuck in the same thing that keeps repeating over and over again and it's like, how do I end this?
It's that moment where you're in it and you can separate yourself from that situation and you look at it and you see it for what it is. And then you're able to do something about it. You've now broken out of that cycle.
There is so many circumstances that for me relate to this situation but I know for me that when I am inside myself, when I'm in my own head. This place (pointing at head) right here that is a bad neighborhood. And I should not be in there alone. I can't be in there by myself. It's insane, it's crazy in here. This is a bad place to be by myself. So when I am in there, my whole life gets thrown off, I don't say nice things to myself. There's another Chester in there that's like wants to take me down. And I find that whether it's substances or behavior or depressive stuff, whatever it is, if I'm not actively getting out of myself and being with other people, like being a dad, husband, bandmaid, friend, helping someone out.
If I am out of myself, I am great. If I am inside all of the time I am horrible, I am a mess. And so for me it's like I don't like my mind right now, stuck in the problems that are so unnecessary. That was where that came from, from ME. But it's the moment when I realized, I drive myself nuts, like actually thinking all these are real problems. All the stuff that's going on in here (my head), I am doing this to myself. Regardless of whatever this thing is, the conscious awareness of that thing. When you can step back and lock at something, you are actually elevating yourself consciously. You are enlightened at that point, to a certain degree. This is the moment of enlightenment. I could something about this and by doing it move forward and get unstuck.
For me, I can live with life on life's terms. I can experience the whole spectrum of humanity and not want to get out of it. Whether it's happiness, sadness or whatever.
I think a lot of people think that when you're successful you get some card in the mail that says you're gonna be totally happy and satisfied for the rest of your life. It doesn't happen like that. Life for me happens the way it always happens, the only difference is that I am in Linkin Park. What goes on inside my head has always been the same for me. So when I am not working on that, my life gets messy. That's kind of where the inspiration for all these songs came from, conversations about life and what was going on as friends, husbands, fathers, whatever. We realized we've all gone through some pretty crazy stuff and we don't need to find the source of inspiration for what's this record about. This is our life. We have always written about our life. That should be enough. We don't need to find a new thing. Life is always throwing these curveballs at you whether they're good or bad. It just happens.
And eventually what I found is, especially with the bad stuff, that is stuff that sticks to me a little bit more. Coming out on the other side and being like, I am a better person because of this. Or I am more compassionate because of this. You know I can understand people or humanity a bit differently because I have been through some pretty crazy stuff and that's a positive. So finding the positive in all of these things, that's what we always try to do but we still tall about the feelings we had going through all of those circumstances. "
1:22 was the most disrespectful thing i think ive ever heard
Levi Filippi
Levi Filippi:
In my opinion I think Depression could be a form of abuse . Weather it’s drugs , being beat , being rape or molested , being mentally wrecked, it could be caused by abuse. Once you been abused the memory stays forever in the heart and the mind constantly replays it.
J D- Jo Jo 100!
J D- Jo Jo 100!:
Its very surreal, I still can't believe hes gone. Hes lost a battle. Hes always in my speakers every day!
Jean Koh
Jean Koh:
The interviewer that laughed, is the reason why i don't tell people my problems
Laura Marie
Laura Marie:
I feel so bad that we didn’t do more for this individual. The warning signs were there and we didn’t realize until after he’s gone. I wish we could’ve gone back and done something differently for him
Shalu Dev
Shalu Dev:
So F***ing sad that they all start caring and crying and remembering you when you die, not when you're alive.
Chandan mandal
Chandan mandal:
To the interviewer -“shut up when i’m talking to you”
tan 1
tan 1:
i wish the dragon ball was real so i can resurrect chester and chris 😢😭
Becca dicastro
Becca dicastro:
“This is a bad place for me to be alone”
Ajju Rawat
Ajju Rawat:
Its better not to tell your problems to people who cant even give a try to understand.
Scarecrow Show
Scarecrow Show:
I hear his pain in Minutes To Midnight....especially "Given Up" that scream also captivated me as a teen
Tyshema Lynnp
Tyshema Lynnp:
I wish I could have helped cuz u helped me on alot of days for years 😥
Big Bertha
Big Bertha:
Legends that died
The beetles
Whitney housten
Chester bennington
Chris cornell
Mandy Rose
Mandy Rose:
You can see the depression in his eyes when he's talking. It's so sad
Sounds like the interviewer has never had depression in his life, lucky fcker.
Noa Augustinović
Noa Augustinović:
Anybody watching this right now and having any problems in their life that they need help with, plase seek help. Talk to people, family, friends cause there is always someone who would listen to you. If not, some people have literal professions to help you. There is nothing wrong with seeking help if you need it
that part were the host laughed is just the same for all of us the first time we heard what we don't understand thinking it was said out of jest. You can see that the host realized Chester was being serious thus him listening to it more seriously afterwards.
DBZ Guru
DBZ Guru:
I hate that he didn’t have anyone to relate to. No one that was the same. Someone that understands. I wish he knew we were all here for him, and to this day, here because of him 🙏
The Legendary Beta
The Legendary Beta:
His entire music career was a cry for help.
Reiji Jyrkiäinen
Reiji Jyrkiäinen:
Deep in his eyes, theres a lot of pain.. wow.. I got my tears.. thanks Chester for every great song you and LP give to us..
Trent Wilson
Trent Wilson:
When the interviewer started laughing I starting crying like wtf man how is that funny
Jason Dinner
Jason Dinner:
He didnt kill himself. He was working on a project called The Silent Children with Chris Cornell & Anthony Bordaine - also 2 more guys who “killed themselves.” Also it doesnt hurt that he was Podesta Tha Molesta’s illegitimate son.
Jonah Fingerhood
Jonah Fingerhood:
He sounds like Tony hawk. Like literally the same.
Tim's Escapist Adventures
Tim's Escapist Adventures:
Chester: "I don't know if anybody out there can relate"

Trust me Chester, so many of us do
If the interviewer knew what he going thru and understood it he probably could've saved chester life here and I suffer from what chester does and I contemplate suicide so many times cause it's tough it really is if you don't got depression you wouldn't know how hard it is and us people need more than oh it gets better or stay strong don't give up we need more than that but we just don't know what well i shouldn't speak for everyone but I do but I stay quiet don't want ppl to think I'ma bitch it doing it for attention
You can see his pain through the lyrics.
adder gorgon
adder gorgon:
That interviewer or other people will laugh when listen how a depressed person express their feeling.. Ya, cuz people don't have it, they just don't get it!!! Never will, when they said they understand how we feel... That's bullshit!!!
I miss him so much and I feel exactly the same.
Ethan Blakemore
Ethan Blakemore:
The guy hosting the podcast I hope he feels bad he just laughed the whole time
Tuomo Roiha
Tuomo Roiha:
Wow, he was really messed up as a person. Why didnt he get help in time????
Zac Paul
Zac Paul:
This explains me perfectly. I lost the love of my life because of my anxiety and depression. I'm getting professional help now but I hope everyone that feels like this knows they are not alone. Love you all.
EBe Bo
EBe Bo:
His death affected me more than anything for the last few years. i have depression and i try to enjoy life. Chester saved my life when i was in high school getting bullied. His music made me feel better, we could relate to his message. When he died, I cried harder for him than i did for my grandmother. It still affects me deeply to this day, it's funny because to some he was just a celebrity, but for me it felt like he was a friend for many years. If a rich guy, that was doing what he wanted to professionally, with a beautiful family, killed himself, what's left for the rest of us? it doesn't give me hope. i'm in my 20s and I feel like giving up everytime. He gave me hope in the past but he killed himself and we all thought he was doing ok. I cry for him every week, specially at night it haunts me, i cant listen to some songs without crying. He deserved to be happy. He was pure. we can't bring him back and It hurts.
۵ χια Dყɳαʂƚყ ۵
۵ χια Dყɳαʂƚყ ۵:
_My soul hurts for this man . . ._
Ashley Morillo
Ashley Morillo:
His music got me through some of the darkest periods of my life. I was a victim of domestic and sexual abuse. I still can’t believe he’s gone.
Dianna Fe
Dianna Fe:
How can be his wife didn't notice or even recognize his husband's situation and even feeling him for how many years their together.
And in this interview, if only I've watch this before. Maybe I could help to pray for him.😢
Watching The skies
Watching The skies:
Just lost my 33 year old son to suicide. Listening to Chester trying to understand his suffering to try to understand my son better
Beautiful wife, beautiful children, beautiful house, amazing career, millions of dollars, millions of fans, all the talent in the world, all the privilege in the world, good looks, supportive band mates, supportive friends, loved by so many..........and it’s still not enough. Depression is sick & twisted. Some ppl who have the most to live for are afflicted by it the most. It makes no sense. I would have traded lives with this guy in a heart beat! Sad he didn’t know how lucky he was.
Giulia Romana
Giulia Romana:
He didn't kill himself. Depression killed him. Like cancer kills. Like heart disease kills. It's an illness that results in death for a huge number of sufferers. People who suffer from these illnesses fight and fight and fight to survive, day in and day out. Some like Chester manage to do so for many years. And then they can't. It takes over, and there is no fight left. The pain becomes intolerable. The honesty and pain in this interview is heartbreaking.
Zoe biboei
Zoe biboei:
Bless yr heart in heaven Chester!.... RIP
rahul kc
rahul kc:
It's okay to lose people, friends but never lose yourself
Ahad Rahman
Ahad Rahman:
I Can See Depression Clearly In His Eyes
Money doesnt ruin ur life, but if u have a broken brain, money wont help. RIP Chester.
Chris Abreu
Chris Abreu:
Depression is not a joke is as bad as cancer and is hard to get rid off sometimes you lose yourself in the process
Hyuga Tey
Hyuga Tey:
I've been through a lot of hard times but my girl was there to comfort me😄
Frankdatank972 COD
Frankdatank972 COD:
So heart breaking I know how he feels I try to be around people my daughters or video games to escape my mind rip Chester
Oliver Nanetti
Oliver Nanetti:
"If they say
Who cares if one more light goes out?
In a sky of a million stars
It flickers, flickers
Who cares when someone's time runs out?
If a moment is all we are
We're quicker, quicker
Who cares if one more light goes out?
Well I do"
Linkin Park
I can relate Chester, i have a hard time with life alot of the times. An i know exactly what he means by saying he don't want to feel anything. Not happiness, sadness, love. NOTHING. I have a major depressive disorder, an i try so damn hard to feel normal, or better yet act you Chester RIP 💜
T Last
T Last:
Chester: I’m really broken.
Host: haha! Dude, what?
Chester: I need help
Host: haha! Cool tattoos bro
Jus Seidel
Jus Seidel:
WHY OH WHY do we see the signs too late?...
Lemme give you folks a wisdom i realised at 50 now..
'Humans only live 1000 months..'
LIVE... ENJOY....the crap will be gone soon enough...stay strong Familia
why i dont see this before Chester killed himself its so sad about this he was very need help😭😰
Adrian Espinoza
Adrian Espinoza:
"There's another Chester in there trying to take me down" CB
Thomas Maughan
Thomas Maughan:
This makes me wanna cry. This dude helped me through a lot of tough times....
phillipians 4:13
phillipians 4:13:
Anybody suffering depression knows exactly what he's talking bout
EBe Bo
EBe Bo:
And please stop saying to depressed people that it's going to get better. All you gotta do is look at Chester.
Kimberl Busey
Kimberl Busey:
The interviewer laughing is crazy. Chester is being open and honest. Yes a cry for help. Until you feel like that, please don't judge. No one wants to feel like that.
I actually understand what he is saying. I feel this way often. I have recently discovered that I had low testosterone and low vitamin D which was also contributes to my depression and mood. I started a Bio TE treatment and it is helping alot. My depression and inner self will always be there waiting for me to come back and hang out. I have to choose to stay away from that neighborhood.
Drifty Boi
Drifty Boi:
“Just cause you can’t see it, doesn’t that, it isn’t there”
Nothing truer than that Chester. I know from experience but Chester is the reason I stopped from ending it all 2 years ago. Thank you Chester for helping me but it kills me to know we couldn’t help you
Sarah Le
Sarah Le:
Everybody cares when it's too late
1:41 I feel like this everyday. There is another me who is taking me out. I lost my girl. Everyday is getting worse and I just want to give up.
Ymer Svarteld
Ymer Svarteld:
Did you know Lincoln Park was a military base in Canada where they experimented & tortured children for a top-secret CIA project called MK Ultra??? 🤔

Did you know Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, struggled his whole life with trauma and depression from the sexual abuse he experienced as a child??? Did you know Chester “never knew” who his father was??? 🤔

Did you know that Linkin Park’s brand logo symbolizes the destruction of the spiraling triangle symbol used by pedophiles??? 🤔

Did you know that John Podesta, Clinton’s Chief of Staff, exposed for #pizzagate #PodestaEmails, is allegedly the father of Chester Bennington? 🤔

Did you know that Linkin Park received a grant from the Clinton Foundation during Podesta’s time as Chairman for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign??? 🤔

Did you know that Chester Bennington and his best friend Chris Cornell went public about Bennington’s sexual abuse? And their foundation focused on protecting kids from sexual abuse? 🤔

Did you know that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were both pronounced dead by suicide within 2 months apart from each other??? 🤔 May 2017 & July 2017. Less than a year after pizzagate was a trending topic & the two best friends planned to expose the pedophilia and abuse within Hollywood and D.C.

Connect the dots. The corruption & crimes against humanity happening within our country are greater than you could possibly imagine. RIP Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell 🙏🏼 We will keep fighting for you.


Kendzyora Rachmanda
Kendzyora Rachmanda:
"There’s another chester in there wants to take me down"
Kerry Albany
Kerry Albany:
When you know, you know. Hope everyone here is okay, if not please reach out to someone please. Mental illness is real and there is no shame in needing help, everyone does sometimes. Sending love and support, be kind to yourself x
Carlos Almeida
Carlos Almeida:
When he said “there’s a Chester in there that wants to take me down” I hurt.
The Annihilator
The Annihilator:
This is why linkin park and Chesters music is so good it related to me personally in so many ways like my mindset wen it came to thinking and people thought I was crazy but everybody who sees this has experienced something similar to wat Ive felt but especially Chester Bennington. The conclusion is we r human we r not perfect and thats an aspect I respect about being human but it so shit aswell especially to lose such an inspirational and loving person. Rip my idol I hope u doing good up there.
I can't believe it that he comment a suicide when we need him the most 💔 😔
B m
B m:
We know what really happened, Chester. The truth will come out real soon.

I'm 56. I've been suffering from depression for 50 years. I didn't know i had depression until I spoke to someone last year. I didn't like taking about it, because I started crying and I hate crying in front of people.
Lori Sebastian
Lori Sebastian:
I can relate to him and this is never a laughing matter 😢
Imperial Ignition
Imperial Ignition:
Man, this interviewer clearly doesn’t know what he went through. He was laughing, laughing at Chester’s inner pain. The fact that he’s laughing, it’s painful. Rip Chester