Children of Bodom Frontman Alexi Laiho Dead at 41

Children of Bodom Frontman Alexi Laiho Dead at 41.

Children of Bodom Frontman Alexi Laiho Dead at 41.

Children of Bodom have announced that frontman Alexi Laiho has passed away at the age of 41 after years of health issues.

Alexi co-founded the band in 1993 and has performed guitar and vocal parts on each of the group's 10 full-length albums.

Shared through the official site, the band's note reads:
"One of the most renowned guitarists in the world, Alexi Laiho, has passed away.

"The musician, most notably known as the front man of Children of Bodom, died in his home in Helsinki, Finland, last week. Laiho had suffered from long-term health issues during his last years.

"More than 25 years of friendship. We lost a brother. The world lost a phenomenal song writer and one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Memories and Alexi's music will live forever.

"Our thoughts are with Alexi’s family during this difficult time. -Henkka, Janne and Jaska" .

As reported, Children of Bodom ceased to exist last year after Laiho had parted ways with longtime drummer Jaska Raatikainen, bassist Henkka Seppälä, and keyboardist Janne Wirman. Ever since the departure, the act was left in an odd state as Alexi had no rights to the band's name because he sold them at one point in the past.

Laiho then launched a new band called Bodom After Midnight, making a live debut last year and signing a record deal with Napalm Records. The group had plans to release its full-length debut album in late 2021.

Children of Bodom released its final album "Hexed" in March 2019 via Nuclear Blast.

CoB rose to prominence with its third studio album, 2000's "Follow the Reaper." The record landed the group their first gold certification in their native Finland.

Their next four records debuted at No. 1 on the Finnish album charts, making Children of Bodom one of the country's best-selling acts ever with over 250,000 albums sold in Finland alone.

Rest in peace, sir.

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pedram roosta
pedram roosta:
God bless him, he was one the best guitarist I've ever known..
Spaketti Carbonada
Spaketti Carbonada:
I will miss him so much. It's like a constant in my life that's being ripped away. Growing up with Alexi's music gave me strenght in difficult times. Thanks for everything and RIP. Your metal legacy will live on forever.
By far my biggest musical influence and inspiration for the last 17 years. Absolutely gutted 😭😭😭
Chantefleur The Incredulous
Chantefleur The Incredulous:
Rest in Peace, Alexi. Your untimely departure has left me deeply shattered.
Жаль, очень жаль. Великий гитарист был...
imagine a concert with all the deceased musicians of the last few years, what kind of JAM SESSION would that be? anyway, very sad to hear that alexi has died, a brilliant musician with a lot of influence on today's metal, who has inspired many of us, my sincere condolences to his family and friends...
Souvik Roy Chowdhury
Souvik Roy Chowdhury:
Can't believe this happened ...A legend ...big influence of my early age playing...!!!! lots of love :)
Mind Blown
Mind Blown:
I almost can't believe this. Damn, Alexi was inspired me to play guitar. Rip Legend.
Farhan Mosharraf
Farhan Mosharraf:
I am so broken by this loss......he was such a legend and inspiration...
RIP my king
Desley Hemmingsen
Desley Hemmingsen:
R.I.P Alexi - THE shred King. 😭😭😭
Øyvind Hanstad
Øyvind Hanstad:
A legend, i am heart broken and cried, R.I.P, will be missed❤️😢🤟🇳🇴
What a start of 2021, i am in shock....
Austin Tyler
Austin Tyler:
I wonder if he sold the rights to COB knowing he was on borrowed time.
Mahesh Maharjan
Mahesh Maharjan:
R.I.P Alexi, THE LEGEND, one of the best lead vocalist and best guitarist I've ever know. Thank you for EVERYTHING.
You will be missed!!!
Damn 2021
COBHC - Forever and ever.. Lake Bodom will remember you.
Void Axion
Void Axion:
You'll never be forgotten, bro. A true legend :'(
Kaska Krol
Kaska Krol:
I don't believe. My heart is broken 😢💔
Deborah Miller
Deborah Miller:
Gutted... just inconsolable. He was so underrated, he had so much music left in him. RIP Wildchild x
Alive and kicking
Alive and kicking:
Dear God please take the whole BTS, K-pop and give us back Alexi Laiho 😭😭
Unnecro Gaming
Unnecro Gaming:
Terrible loss. No words. RIP
Fx Expert
Fx Expert:
Been looking forward for a new song from Bodom After Midnight and this happens..RIP legend.
AETERNAL [Official]
AETERNAL [Official]:
🤘🏻🤘🏻Rest In Power🤘🏻🤘🏻
🎸🎸We'll never forget you.🎸🎸
Lina J ☂
Lina J ☂:
I can't believe this😭😥
Angel Alvarado
Angel Alvarado:
Best of all time , so sad he's gone too soon 😐 RIP Alexi
Sudarshan Nambiar
Sudarshan Nambiar:
REST IN PEACE Alexi Laiho 🤘🤘
George Magrum
George Magrum:
Mr. Black
Mr. Black:
This is a damn shame, he was probably the best writer of tablature to ever write metal.
Ken Tan Schneider
Ken Tan Schneider:
Everytime I Die ironically breathed sanity and life in me during my rock-bottom times past with emotions I’m so familiar with and so Children of Bodom will always have it’s own place within the depths of my memory.
RIP Alexi Laiho
Francisdime Pantera
Francisdime Pantera:
Omg what a great loss
FaceKidNoise 1
FaceKidNoise 1:
Rip Alexi laiho, starting 2021 the wrong way.
Abiga ill Kruss
Abiga ill Kruss:
Love him forever 💔😢
He just followed The Reaper today. Literally. 😭
Fida Yuan
Fida Yuan:
God bless bro😭
Rendy Lour Rhoads
Rendy Lour Rhoads:
Rock in heaven 🤨
Bryan Braga
Bryan Braga:
Was so happy 2020 was over. And now 2021 greets us with this? Tragic. RIP Alexi 🤘🏻
Sirish Raj Joshi
Sirish Raj Joshi:
Shocked, Rest in peace Alexi laiho
This is unreal.
Pietro Alberici
Pietro Alberici:
Riposa in pace o grande stella del metallo e alleato di ferro 👻💝👻
Ali Mtlb
Ali Mtlb:
rest in peace
Brenden daemonicdead
Brenden daemonicdead:
Crazy thing was when I first got into metal I didn't think I'd ever go this far into metal cause I went more for the ones I could understand when I first heard screamo metal and death metal that my brother had showed me I couldn't understand a damn word i laughed like hell and looked straight at him and said "what the hell is this shit" but after 2 weeks I began to enjoy the heaviness of it and could finally understand what they were singing i loved it I was 16 and got really into it children of bodom was the 5th band i heard and I got blown away as soon as I heard in your face so I began to listen even more than I would've thought I would and loved it ever since alexi was a hell of a great fucking guitarist and singer in my opinion and how his band was formed together even with keyboards made it even more awesome sounding I'm really gonna miss this singer alot rest in peace bro you had the best fucking power I've ever heard I'm 26 about to be 27 here soon but basically I been listening to this guy play for 11 years you will be very much missed man 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
What a messed up way to start off 2021... RIP Alexi....
Lindall Adams
Lindall Adams:
RIP in peace Alexi.
fukawa minoru
fukawa minoru:
im so sad rn
Claudiomir Elton Temp
Claudiomir Elton Temp:
Another regrettable loss! Today 4-1-2021 left Alexi Laiho, exceptional vocalist and guitarist, his legacy will remain! Rest in peace WITH God, Jesus! R.I.P Alexi Laiho!
Candie Vermeulen
Candie Vermeulen:
Rest in peace Alex you will be miss
soon kim seng
soon kim seng:
i miss alexi
Márcia alves
Márcia alves:
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer:
What a shame... Anyone know how he died?
Diba Sinha
Diba Sinha:
pascal de snoeck
pascal de snoeck:
very sad
Michael Marchese
Michael Marchese:
At least pronounce his name right
Gerard van Wijngaarden
Gerard van Wijngaarden:
R.I.P. Alex
Apex Emperor
Apex Emperor:
Thanrei Zimik
Thanrei Zimik:
FuNkY GetAWaY:
Alex angolero
Alex angolero:
Vale verga NOOOOO !!!
Bagong Zarav
Bagong Zarav: