chill beats to quarantine to

Stuck at home? Throw these lofi beats in the mix and vibe #withme. Get my Bel-Air hoodie here:


► Created by Westbrook Media

Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Key Williams, Brandon Scott Wolf
Illustrations: Ben Haist (
Editor: Jeff Blank
Asst Editor: Parker Reininga
Inspired By: ChilledCow

00:00 | Neopolitin - Guustavv |
02:23 | Seaside Swing - Guustavv |
04:24 | Solarity - Guustavv |
06:36 | Air Conditioning - Guustavv |
09:01 | Cityscape - Guustavv |
11:23 | Clouds Above - Guustavv |
13:30 | Deprived - Guustavv |
15:44 | Excursion - Dylan Sitts |
18:18 | I Play Colors - Justnormal |
20:37 | Isla Del Sol - Henyao |
22:54 | Lavander Fields - Guustavv |
25:08 | Odyssey - [ocean jams] |
27:20 | One Time Again - Justnormal |
29:08 | Raining Snow - Guustavv |
31:20 | Soft Rain - Guustavv |
33:39 | Scootaloo - Jobii |
35:54 | Elysian - [ocean jams] |
38:15 | Float-[oceanjams] |
40:18 | Gilded - [ocean jams] |
42:23 | Leaves- [oceanjams] |
44:31 | Moln - Osoku |
47:10 | Summer Rain - [ocean jams] |
49:19 | Surf - Osoku |
51:46 | Spaced-[oceanjams] |
54:23 | Neopolitin - Guustavv |
56:47 | Seaside Swing - Guustavv |
58:47 | Solarity - Guustavv |
01:00:59 | Air Conditioning - Guustavv |
01:03:25 | Cityscape - Guustavv |
01:05:46 | Clouds Above - Guustavv |
01:07:54 | Deprived - Guustavv |
01:10:08 | Excursion - Dylan Sitts |
01:12:41 | I Play Colors - Justnormal |
01:15:01 | Isla Del Sol - Henyao |
01:17:18 | Lavander Fields - Guustavv |
01:19:31 | Odyssey - [ocean jams] |
01:21:43 | One Time Again - Justnormal |
01:23:31 | Raining Snow - Guustavv |
01:25:43 | Soft Rain - Guustavv |
01:28:02 | Scootaloo - Jobii |

#ChillBeats #LoFiBeats

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I didn't expect this on Will Smith's channel. Not that I'm complaining.
Bruh moment
Bruh moment:
It's crazy how this video was made 8 months ago and we're still in quarantine.

Damn, that's a pretty big bruh moment. smh
Willem Hirsch
Willem Hirsch:
No way I didn’t know this existed until now
Janell Rohan
Janell Rohan:
I’m so confused as to how 10k people disliked the most inoffensive, innocuous video in YouTube history.
Tyrek Pressley
Tyrek Pressley:
So this is what Will listens to when he’s "chilling out maxin relaxin all cool".
Satstar123 Uk
Satstar123 Uk:
Should have been called ‘Chill with Will’
Asura Code
Asura Code:
I have NEVER seen someone be this down to earth, and wholesome, who is a celeb.
GamePlayer fouad
GamePlayer fouad:
I like how the weather changes in the backround. Cool little detail.
Petition to rename this video to "Chill with Will" in the responses.
I guess you could say he's "willin to be chillin"
will chilll
Tyrek Pressley
Tyrek Pressley:
I’m surprised nobody mentioned anything about "Chillin Out Maxin Relaxin All Cool" HaHa
Legend has it that anime Smith is still writing his essay in 2021
Logan MasterMeep
Logan MasterMeep:
This is will when he ain’t messing with uncle Phil
chilledcow: finally, a worthy opponent! our battle will be legendary!
Amelia’s World Roblox
Amelia’s World Roblox:
Plot Twist: The lofi girl is in hospital because of the coronavirus and Will Smith had to take over.
UrBoi AZ
UrBoi AZ:
I love how NY is in the background
Will my man when that winter lofi coming out?. 💯❄️
Abby Calvert
Abby Calvert:
This looks like a video that would be recommended to everyone in the next 5 years or so
Kinetic Energy
Kinetic Energy:
Will smith is producing chill beats now (still, long time fan “summertime”) in 2021?
Meryem Bouokkez
Meryem Bouokkez:
Who expected this??? Nobody. Who is enjoying it??? Everybody.
Paige R
Paige R:
When the cat purrs my life is complete
Juanpablo Pineda
Juanpablo Pineda:
This video got me into all of those Lofi videos. I’ve recently used this video to study and do my finals and suddenly online school has become so much easier because I can focus now! For any student who’s in online school out there, try it out bro, just use sum headphones and do your schoolwork. For me it worked great, I hope it works for you too 😂👍🏽
This man literally repeated some of the songs just so he could extend the video 😭😭😭
Ayano Aishi
Ayano Aishi:
Thank you Mr. Will, this helps a lot in my project.
Will Smith is that kind of celebrity that acts like a random YouTuber
Phoebe Taylor
Phoebe Taylor:
also u were in my dream once, we were trying to escape a deadly zebra that broke into my school
Hazim Roubaiy
Hazim Roubaiy:
Ayy i see that Bel air shirt aaaaah i just remembered hilary askin for 200$
I will help defeating justin y too
I will help defeating justin y too:
After 1 hour 30 minutes : YEAAAHHHHHH
The Nidlard Person
The Nidlard Person:
OK, not written by anyone: "Will S chills"
Every Hollywood stars: let's make a YouTube channel to make some promotions of my own stuffs
Chill Smith: lofi time!
pov: you put on subtitles: [Music]
Fighter D
Fighter D:
Bro we are still in lock down and in listening to this all day when I do my school work thx will
This is amazing! I literally have been looking for some good beats for a while. thank you so much will! Love you so much
This is what that lofi guy would look like in full transformation. 😂
Joan Nguyen
Joan Nguyen:
This looks like a video that would be recommended to everyone in the next 5 years or so
Manu Yerramilli
Manu Yerramilli:
Omg, I just realized this was posted on my birthday!!
21:55 if you hear this with headphone it sounds like someone's making a sound on my wall by hitting pen....
i literally checked whether someone's there or not
this will give me so much nostalgia in the future when I hear it again
Juanpablo Pineda
Juanpablo Pineda:
He should’ve added an animation at the end of him closing the textbook and walking away 😂😂
The Lofi girl probably finished her homework.
Trippin Trash
Trippin Trash:
Make it so Uncle Phil comes in the end cuz he pissed Will be playin with his papers
Black N
Black N:
Man I love your I am legend movie, you are such a great actor and a person. Wish more people were like you.
DSR Greyy
DSR Greyy:
Glad this was in my recommended
My Son Use this account
My Son Use this account:
I didn't even know about this I just see it when i search "lofi soft beats"
ultimate legacy
ultimate legacy:
Will Smith does absolutely everything and now he's on to releasing beats for us to listen to while we quarantine.
Ana Sardinha
Ana Sardinha:
Diggin the music, stayed for the purring
The animation reminds me of the one chilled cow uses lol
Jaden. Alba15
Jaden. Alba15:
I found out about this a while ago, but I still like coming back to it. Just unfortunate that we still in quarantine even tho it’s been almost a year
Latif Berrah, El
Latif Berrah, El:
the fact that this is made 10 months ago and were still in quarantaine
He was chillin so hard that he forgot to turn the page for an entire day
Samantha Parker
Samantha Parker:
I love his lofi beats!!! I love Will Smith and honestly this is a nice touch for him.
Annanake AmunRa
Annanake AmunRa:
I never dream that as a teen in high school I would be chilling with his music. Now I am 50. We still chilling. That is realness.
sofya korkh
sofya korkh:
Listen to this in double speed and you’ll get Sonic the hedgehog levels of productivity.
Sachi Kahaani
Sachi Kahaani:
I spent my most of the time in Recording Editing and Uploading So I Need All My Brothers And Sisters Support ""
Will Smith: Yo can I copy your homework?
Lo-fi study girl: Yeah sure, just don’t make it obvious.
Will Smith:
jaspa b
jaspa b:
this is literally chilledcow's stream
*~_ B e l - a i r _ ~*
Ivan Montana
Ivan Montana:
this will be added to my sleeping playlist.
Wild didn't know this was on the Will Smith channel.
Gillian Daemon
Gillian Daemon:
I'm going to tell my kids this was the Lo-fi study girl.
Woods Pine Texas
Woods Pine Texas:
that shirt thooooooooooooo! where can i find one love that movie
Skinnyguywithahoodie 13
Skinnyguywithahoodie 13:
I notice that skyline of Philadelphia in the background
Pardeep Kaur
Pardeep Kaur:
Thanks will! This really helped me study no wonder I got alll correct in math!! Tysm will your the best💖
David Lander
David Lander:
Check out the channel Swanner. His music is SO underrated and is SO good.

Pardeep Kaur
Pardeep Kaur:
Thx will once again! This really helped me study hard! And got all math answers correct! Yess!
Jeffery 64
Jeffery 64:
I first thought this was gonna be kinda goofy but it's actually pretty good NGL
Dream Chaser
Dream Chaser:
Remember my first time listening to this joint, was high af in my room snacking on the Doritos while the whole world was anxious.
Daniel Wood
Daniel Wood:
The lonely gasoline accordantly allow because cow uniquely talk underneath a disagreeable vault. bite-sized, macho postbox
Skinny J
Skinny J:
Me: Chill Smith doesn’t exist he can’t hurt me
Chill Smith:
Pedro The Chosen Juan
Pedro The Chosen Juan:
Is it weird that I’m using this to destroy my enemies in cod lol
Where was this fro Bel-Air Will? He might have done his hw then
Ryan Byrnes
Ryan Byrnes:
The nice teller comparatively decay because actress dewailly lick including a lush betty. depressed, living moustache
Will Smith turned into the lofi girl. Ah that's hot
Diego Delgado
Diego Delgado:
Me after listening to this: "It's rewind time." I love these beats
Will Helps Me With Homework
Props To Will I Got An A+ on a test🙂
i got home from school went on youtube and found this vid and did my homework with this music
Paulo Numismata
Paulo Numismata:
thank you, new year ago, my friends
This is not what we wanted, but it's what we needed.
Asher Fernon
Asher Fernon:
Can we have more music ive already watched all of it?

Dashy Beats
Dashy Beats:
This makes me so focused!
Can't we have a dog for a change? Getting more and more motivated to set up my own version just for that :-D
lara friend
lara friend:
this helped with my school work a lot :)
banana smoothie
banana smoothie:
My man on the grind to finish that sentence day and night
listening to this while studing make is a thousand times easier
Emelia Velez
Emelia Velez:
like the bel-air shirt Will smith Lol
Chauncey Parker
Chauncey Parker:
These kind of life streams has been going on for years lol 🤗
Miss So
Miss So:
Very relaxing... Thank you, Will.
Bogy still
Bogy still:
Plot twist: Will smith is the nrxt door neighbor to the Lofi girl, he stole her beats and her cat.
I expected some random YouTuber to be doin this. Never in a million years did I expect Will Smith of all people to make a chill lo-fi video.

*And it's an hour 30 long. Damn Will, you got class.*
takeru franco
takeru franco:
The first three songs were so good, that Will decided to add them again in the middle
Dream Chaser
Dream Chaser:
Thank you Uncle Will. This joint really took all my anxiety away
AllGenreGenius Ash
AllGenreGenius Ash:
That's an awesome, but unexpected turn of the tables. I didn't know will Smith liked lofi!
Emmah Canning
Emmah Canning:
just when you thought Will Smith couldn't get any cooler, he just did.
alba flores
alba flores:
the cat is asleep the entire vid xD
soldier piggy
soldier piggy:
I like the idea of "Plot Twist: The lofi girl is in hospital because of the coronavirus and Will Smith had to take over." it makes sense cause remember, she finished her work. or she could have gotten coronavirus.. sooo
Mr. Joe Biden
Mr. Joe Biden:
"Chill Smith"
Abby Kiss
Abby Kiss:
The cat purring tops this off 🥺❤️