Chris Broussard goes crazy over Russell Westbrook joining LeBron & Lakers

Chris Broussard goes crazy over Russell Westbrook joining LeBron & Lakers

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First things first forgot to include KCP in the trade on the tv 🤦🏾‍♂️
Sam Bell
Sam Bell:
When Brandon said “Lebron needs to go to the 2!” And Chris said “O god” I fucking died 😂😂 man is fried as hell
I’m just looking forward to all these so called “experts” changing their tune mid-season
Lebron just secured 3 more years in the league he wont have to be carrying the lakers as much .
I’m pretty sure Chris was wrong about everything this past year 🤦‍♂️
Cameron Brian
Cameron Brian:
It’s actually quite brilliant. Lebron takes that third role, preserves his body, and makes key plays in key moments.
Tucker Horn
Tucker Horn:
“Lebron needs to play the 2!” ……. Brandon has officially lost his marbles.
Dijon Collins III
Dijon Collins III:
Chris Broussard’s reaction when Brandon said Lebron gotta go to the 2 is priceless “OH GOD” 😭😭🤣🤣🤣
novacouncil OUTSDRS
novacouncil OUTSDRS:
Russ lob to AD. I don’t think people realize how Russ plays when he has GREAT PLAYERS AROUND HIM.
Love, love, love this. Russ deserves a championship. All three of these big three are truly quality people. Very happy for them.
R L:
I can’t wait until my dawg proves these “experts” wrong.
Russ about to have AD @ the top of the MVP conversation & Bron is going to have his most efficient season ever!
T D:
Chris is a great guy…but he’s ALWAYS wrong with his analysis in the past two years.
I’ve heard this “idk if it’s gonna work” shit so many times with so many different players and it most of the time HAS worked. especially when ur playing with lebron… he will figure that out and once he figures it out it’s over
Selwyn Mcpherson
Selwyn Mcpherson:
Brandon’s like all this to beat the nets!!!! Dude why was the nets formed again? U mean they needed all that for Bron and AD? 🤣 silly
Let Russell play his position PG put lebron in the post and pass the ball it's simple it's not rocket science lol 😆😆😆
Broussard just can't see it. The King will have so much fun with this team. Can't wait.
As crazy as it sounds: A triangle offense might work.
Jason N
Jason N:
I love how the Lakers make moves and spend money compared to Cleveland Cavaliers who were not willing to open their wallet when LBJ was there.
I can listen to Chris all day. And every time Brandon starts talking I have to skip the video
Dwight Bennett
Dwight Bennett:
I am so ready for this Lakers team to prove everyone wrong.
I love how they like just get different players like it does not take 2 to do trades
Gaymon Wilder
Gaymon Wilder:
Imagine Lebron and Russ coming full speed on a fast break!!!
Syc 254
Syc 254:
Given how wrong Broussard has been the last few years, i have high expectations of this Lakers especially if the 2 (Bron & AD) can stay healthy.
Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell:
This is going to go from "this will never work" to " LeBron always needs a superteam" 🤦 I got $100 on it
Robert Fiore
Robert Fiore:
I love how these guys think that they have thought of stuff that LeBron hasn't already thought of. He's one of the smartest basketball players of all time. He knows what he's getting into. Do they really think LeBron didn't sign off on this? LOL!
Steve Gatoloai
Steve Gatoloai:
Wish Bean was alive to see Brodie come home and at the same time was still here teaching him how to shoot 💜💛🏀
Alex Jenkins
Alex Jenkins:
Love Brendan after that Nets slur
What I'm looking forward to?

Mac Mclung is going to get a chance to learn from Russ. I like that
Martin Saucedo
Martin Saucedo:
Brandon Marshal said a whole lot of nothing once again.
Jon T.A
Jon T.A:
Can’t wait for this to work just to see Brandon face ,first year Ad came to LA they said the same thing and Lakers went to win the championship ✊🏽👊🏾
This is the first team where russ isnt the big dog. Apart from those okc days when kd was the man (russ wasnt truly himself at this time)

In the playoffs, i think Russ will lead the bench. Lebron finally doesnt have to worry about the bench anymore
Isaiah Mccoy
Isaiah Mccoy:
6:23 the whole reason the Nets “got James Harden” was for “SAFTEY” in case kyrie didn’t wanna play or got hurt, well this if anything can Most Definitely be looked at as a SAFTEY move since AD is always getting hurt 🤷‍♂️
In all honesty, I can see Lebron playing the 3rd option. He has ALWAYS done the unexpected. And, succeeded. At this point in his career it's about preservation of his body and longevity.

Russell is definitely not my first, second, third or any choice. However, the BRAIN sees something that most of us clearly do not, based on this comment section.

I'm going to trust the thought process and cheer them on. I have to say losing Kuzma is a relief. Not sure about KCP and Trezz. Only time will tell if these moves were smart ones.

If for no other reason than to harness Schroeder and let him know that he IS replaceable. This move is splendid for that reason alone. Now off to find another big or two.

I also see AC, McLemore and TNT getting more minutes this season. I believe they are all working feverishly this off-season to improve their games.
Carlos Vernon
Carlos Vernon:
This is after getting virtually EVERY analysis wrong in the last playoffs...
Lionel Stoxstell II
Lionel Stoxstell II:
AD is always hurt so Russ is there to try and help when bron and AD are down. Russ can carry a team if he needs too!
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins:
I listen to Chris and say man you spew every media narrative every time when you are professional you can make this work 😂😂
A C:
Can't wait for them to eat their words. Come January they'll be screaming Bron has a super team. 😁😁😁😁
Matthew McKay
Matthew McKay:
Keep this same energy when they wax the other teams!!! Lee this same reel on loop.
It's fucking insane that Lebron's going into his 19th season
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris:
Bron have played with some of the best players of all time
Paulo Araneta
Paulo Araneta:
Brandon could not wait for his turn as always
Edward Pena
Edward Pena:
LJ is doing this as a player, just wait when he's a GM/ owner/ part owner , he will build a his MEGA TEAM with the hopes of going Undefeated in a season , I can see his new book " MY PERFECT SEASON"
Gary Freeman
Gary Freeman:
Sounds to me that they want Westbrook to carry the team to a playoff berth and then have LJ come in and finish for a championship.
Lone $tar OMG
Lone $tar OMG:
This will be perfect. Y’all are going to eat these words. If anyone can make this trio come together for a chip, it is Bron. He knows how to work with other superstars and the rest of the roster. He knows what everyone can do.
Scott Freebass #beats
Scott Freebass #beats:
if they can somehow find a couple three a D role players to go with the Big 3 then this will work. Without some 3 pt specialists in the lineup this doesn't work at all
Chris said cp3 would have zero impact on the suns why would we listen to him
Lmao for the rest of the league, this is the best thing that could have happened to ensure the Lakers don't win again. Awesome trade 👍 That locker room will be full of cancer by December.
2kdad83 2kdad83
2kdad83 2kdad83:
i’m all in with my Lakers. Let’s go Russ, Bron, and AD
Βασιλειος Γκενες
Βασιλειος Γκενες:
Giannis laughs at you right now 🤣🤣🤣
Stephon Pervez
Stephon Pervez:
I love hearing these guy's talk... Because they're always wrong... 😂 😂 ✌️
I think this the year Russ lay back, he proved his point now after last season.
THT been working out with Lethal Shooter I believe in him.
If there is one player Westbrook can win a ring with that’s Lebron James. He will figure out a way. Remember the 2020 Lakers didn’t win the ring by shooting 3. Their identity was size. So you don’t always need to build your team by a lot of shooters.
Ray J.
Ray J.:
@8:35, They kept showing the same play over and over again. It made it look like Russ couldn't hit a three point shot at all.
Jerrell Slay
Jerrell Slay:
Bron been playing like magic
The Great Rainman
The Great Rainman:
LB IQ can handle this easy. Points in the paint are going to be so easy for this team with this lineup.
Heavy’s Akita’s
Heavy’s Akita’s:
Keep that same energy when Lakers once again #1 seed
Uli Peterson
Uli Peterson:
if the Lakers already had like four decent 3-and-D players on their roster, the addition of Westbrook would be perfect.
unfortunately, that's not the case.
Hakim Mccants
Hakim Mccants:
Clearly bron wanted Russ just like D Wade 😂
Night Wolf
Night Wolf:
By game 3, these same talking heads gonna be crying calling us a superteam smh
Bron, Bosh and Dwade 2.0
all need is a Ray Allen type shooter 😂
Mark Sp
Mark Sp:
I need the comedic analysis of Skip and Shannon back 😢😢😢
Anthony Monto
Anthony Monto:
After all these years and leaving the Cavs, lebron is still finding ways to keep the wizards from making the playoffs lol. From gil to wall to beal to Russ.
Ian Sez
Ian Sez:
Everything brandon touches turns to bronze
Jmart 05
Jmart 05:
They gonna b ok, Russ has shown he can adjust to play with other superstars, he did it with harden,PG, Beal.
Derf swan
Derf swan:
I want these analyst, they're the pure jinx God that i ever see. Pls continue that kind of comments, thank you
Never ever I thought I would see Bron.. Russ and AD play together someday... Its happening
Antt r
Antt r:
I hope AD don't end up being the guy just standing at the 3 waiting to get the ball
Nobody _
Nobody _:
Bro I hope they win it all. And we can come back to all this talkin you doin!
Ming Xu
Ming Xu:
Last year I thought nets weren’t gonna work… but it worked out pretty well with only one ball… if kyrie and harden can work… I think Lebron and Westbrook also can as well
mo fun
mo fun:
KD to Lebron: Bruh you couldn't called me, I would have told you "Don't do it". lol
I love how these guys are talking as if they know what LeBron likes more and that LeBron didn’t push the Lakers to get Russ.
IF… IFFFFF… this dudes win the chip… I can’t wait for the narrative for Bron’s super team
My Way
My Way:
Russ and AD will go in together and Bron will get his with the second unit with shooters that has always been his game
Wackiest panel ever discussing the NBA!
brandon trying to agree while chris is talking is hilarious he off on his chimes in lol
Jake Snow1
Jake Snow1:
Brandon's hair has anime physics
Soop Walk
Soop Walk:
I feel like let Russ play and king James turn into a catch and shoot role to add more years to his career
TNT Section
TNT Section:
Why are they using Russel Westbrook’s amazing ability to rack up triple doubles as something that hurts a team? Look at their win percentage when he gets a triple double.
Lewis JK
Lewis JK:
Welcome home Russ. This is going to be fun since two former teammates are going to be going against each other in the finals!
stephen joseph
stephen joseph:
For the money I would prefer the money spent on the high performers from Suns (2 Camerons and Crowder) or Hawkes ( You get the point)
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan Kim:
Aye Brandon , it’s never gonna be a good show as long as you continue to be on it
It works if AD plays the five and Bron plays out of the high post...
Let the soap opera commence 🍿🥤😂
ele martinez
ele martinez:
Brandon really said he doesn’t know what happened to AD last season… like he didn’t see the Lakers cooped up in a bubble win the chip and then get the shortest rest in history haha
Kylo Sixx
Kylo Sixx:
My fragile fave AD is about to get Kevin Loved fully 🤦🏾‍♀️
Luis Jaime Romero Arias
Luis Jaime Romero Arias:
Brandon needs to let people talk, he always does the same, chill bro!!, you got your time ;)
Stephen Chisadza
Stephen Chisadza:
I think LeBron will play more with the second unit. Russell and AD will be on the floor together
Zone Talks Sports
Zone Talks Sports:
This team will win back to back Championships. Come back when I'm right. My other prediction is J.J Reddick goes to the Laker show as well.
David Belanger
David Belanger:
Buddy hield is a much better fit and they could've kept KCP too with that trade.
Band Dai
Band Dai:
76ers got to get Damian Lilard for trade

Andre Walker
Andre Walker:
1st thought that's a lie... bron russ and AD love to play in transition. Russ will be better on defense and he will pick his spots. Bron is going to let russ be russ watch. It's gonna be alot of points in the paint
Maurice Lewis
Maurice Lewis:
I wasn't a fan of no team until now. LETS GO LAKERS 😂😭
Black Deon
Black Deon:
Chris Broussard said the suns would win in 5…. They lost in 6. Do what you will with that information
Fantastic analysis by Chris
Enrique Perez
Enrique Perez:
It's going to be crazy if they get Russ he's a triple double machine
Daniel Daley
Daniel Daley:
It’s funny how Brandon can manufacture scenarios that he no way of proving. Did brooklyn win this season or the season before. Did the clippers win either. Have the Lakers won? 😂
Cashmere Funk
Cashmere Funk:
Just passing congratulations russ its time for you to get a 💍 its your time hopefully ✌p.s. if if russ the ball fast track the the other way LeBron move out my way.