Chris Hemsworth Goes Undercover on Twitter, YouTube and Quora | GQ

On this episode of "Actually Me," Chris Hemsworth goes undercover on YouTube, Twitter, Quora, and more sites. How did he get the part of Thor? When did he start acting? How much can he bench press? Find all that out and more in this video.

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Chris Hemsworth Goes Undercover on Twitter, YouTube and Quora | GQ

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Cooper Hill
Cooper Hill:
“My little brother” I didn’t even think about Liam, I jumped straight to Loki 😂
Kat K
Kat K:
Is that level of hotness even legal?
How Marvel gets cast members

Chris H. : Hey, I'm Chris

Marvel: You're hired!
"I've always been a bit of a liar." Chris is successful because he used to lie? MOVE I'M GONNA BECOME FAMOUS
Imagine this....
Liam calls Chris: Hey, can you talk? I had a bad day."
Chris: Sure what's up?
Liam: Well, I auditioned for Thor and they said I had the look but I was too young."
-car cranking up and speeding off in background-
Liam: Chris?
Brathayiny Kuventhiran
Brathayiny Kuventhiran:
At the end when he quickly moved his finger cos it got caught by the laptop 4:09 ish

I’m crying 😂😂
Andrea K
Andrea K:
No one at all :
Chris Hemsworth: tickles himself
lvc 05
lvc 05:
We need the whole MCU cast to do this. I vote we start with
Chris Evans
Tom Holland
Tom Hiddleston
Sebastian Stan
Benedict Cumberbatch
Likes: Agree
Comment: Which Marvel character you would like to ‘go undercover’!
-has a masters degree in wumbology
-has a masters degree in wumbology:
I'm a straight male human, but I'm not blind, he's freaking gorgeous, I don't think god even tried on me.

Edit: to think that a stupid self-depricating joke I made a year ago has 11k likes. Kind of puts a smile on my face.
Thor's training in 2011: heavy lifting, bench pressing, weights.

Thor's training in 2023: some pizzas and beer, and fortnite!
Supriya Lariwal
Supriya Lariwal:
No one:
Not even a soul:
Not even a single atom:
Chris: It's acTuaAlly mE
“It’s not, it’s LIAM Hemsworth Guys:) Gotcha!!”😂😂😂
Ok..lets just all admit..Chris Hemsworth is the smexiest man alive.
Felicity Queen
Felicity Queen:
He's incredibly handsome but at the same time so damm cute... it kills me!!
Samantha Remmer
Samantha Remmer:
Who else loves Chris Hemsworths accent?
Kshitij Pagare
Kshitij Pagare:
"My little brother had an audition."
Tom Hiddleston first interviewed for Thor before Loki.
Chris Hemsworth is the most beautiful man I've ever seen in my life.
Shree Harshini.G
Shree Harshini.G:
His voice does things to me.
Dang, so deep and sensual!
Enzo Martinez
Enzo Martinez:
This man can just look at me...and boom...i'm already in love with him
When Chris H said ‘Little brother’ I forgot about Liam Hemsworth and though about Loki instead
Hugo Mendoza
Hugo Mendoza:
Can't think of anything more appropriate than the fact that Chris got his role as Thor partly because of a brotherly rivalry.
i literally can’t tell when he’s joking
Mrs Chonce
Mrs Chonce:
He looks exceptionally gorgeous here
Tahrema Hossain
Tahrema Hossain:
Omg his voice makes me CRAZYYY 😭❤
maria t
maria t:
This man literally called brie larson his friend and she deadass said ' i don t think we're that close'
I.... i don t understand
Litsa Mega
Litsa Mega:
His smile at the end...

*I* *can't*
This guy had it all. Good lookin, tall, aussie accent, famous, funny, bla bla...
How is this fair?
i just wanna lay in bed and let him talk about his day and listen to his voice and slowly falling asleep omg
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson:
Chris should be crowned the King of Australia
Spencer Nay
Spencer Nay:
“It’s extremely heavy. About 436 pounds.” 😂😂
Grace Hall
Grace Hall:
He’s already hot but His personality makes him ever hotter
Magsi Maginski
Magsi Maginski:
"You know, I've always been a bit of a liar"
Just casually admitting that
The Official Andy Saenz
The Official Andy Saenz:
Thor Goes Undercover on Social Media to study human behavior
Darcey’s Dayz
Darcey’s Dayz:
“I’ve always been a bit of a liar” Chris became famous through lying? EVERYONE MOVE GET OUT OF MY WAS IMMA BE A SUPER FAMOUS HUMAN BEAN! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Mini Monkey Masher
Mini Monkey Masher:
Anyone else just want to give Chris a hug? Not because he needs one; just because he seems like a dude who would gladly give/recieve hugs.
Nabila Nurul Khalisha
Nabila Nurul Khalisha:
Indira Escobar
Indira Escobar:
Hold up ... Liam was about to be Thor?
Ahmed Patel
Ahmed Patel:
Odin:are u thor the god of hammers hmm
Thor:no I am thor the god of handsomeness
Some Stranger
Some Stranger:
Chris is like that prized stallion in the stable, with pure high quality genes .
Haroldino De Leonskie
Haroldino De Leonskie:
imagine see rdj chris hemsworth and tom holland cast in a comedy movie throwing sarcastic jokes roasting each other in a full 2hr length movie🤣
guess I'll die
guess I'll die:
He could be talking about the sky being blue for hours and I still would listen to him
Pumpkin pie
Pumpkin pie:
When Chris said “ hello I’m Chris Hemsworth” I was like “oh I know who you are darling”😂
Can you imagine what it must be like to look in the mirror every morning and see Chris Hemsworth?
Wow! Chris Hemsworth looks so much like Thor!
Bhramori Dutta
Bhramori Dutta:
Lmao he had the perfect Thor description in place with resonant voice and bold blue eyes and muscular physique, and he decides to put in "confused?" and "big kid/ridiculous" after that 😂😂 I can't with this man ❤️
s a a n v i
s a a n v i:
Who allowed him to be so handsome
edit : this kinda blew up huh .....
Nasreen Nahar
Nasreen Nahar:
Him doing justice to the interview by saying "It's actually me" every minute is hilarious 🤣💥🔥
When I said:
Do you know that Chris Hemsworth has the Guinness world record for most handsome man on earth
Everyone believed me
Kat K
Kat K:
How can someone be so charming, handsome, humorous and smart at the the same time? Its so odd
4:09 he forgot to move his hand when he closed the laptop
that tiny jolt though lol <3
Kadre W
Kadre W:
He is actually somehow more beautiful than usual in this video how??
Inne xxi
Inne xxi:
His deep voice..... 😍😍😍
Madison Stéphanie
Madison Stéphanie:
I couldn’t imagine Liam as Thor, Chris is so perfect for the role!
Nichole Ham
Nichole Ham:
I feel sorry for those 44 people who disliked this video. Who hurt you?
Vidit Deshpande
Vidit Deshpande:
He is such a cool and a handsome guy!! He is physically fit too Mann! I quite jealous now! He seems like a frickin allrounder!!
Spacewarp Photography
Spacewarp Photography:
It's not really "undercover" though, is it? It isn't undercover if you tell people who you are!
All i am saying is, i got dizzy looking at him. He is like the pinaccle of hotness, i cant even.
Audie Gracilly
Audie Gracilly:
His voice does things to me.
Dang, so deep and sensual!
Ben Neo
Ben Neo:
"There was one time my brother transformed himself into a snake because he knows how much I like snakes, and so I picked the snake up to admire it, but then he turned back and went 'AAHH! It's me!' And then he stabbed me." -Thor
“How did you start acting?”
“I was a liar”
Ok people prepare to see me become famous
Amelia Rigg
Amelia Rigg:
His accent gives me life idk why cause I’m Australian and I have an Australian accent 😂
Carmen D
Carmen D:
You just need to fall in love in him 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Chris Hemsworth's Voice is sooo fVcKIng DEep😂
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Kung-Fu Kenny Family:
Chris is so handsome and chill , he's one of few celebs that keep working and focusing on their career and not being freak for attention like most of Hollywood celebs nowdays , love this Man .
zuzuzu zuzuzuz
zuzuzu zuzuzuz:
When he said ‘my little brother almost got the part’, I legit thought he meant Loki.... I low-key didn’t even think of Liam 😂😂😂
poojawalia walia
poojawalia walia:
can we all appriciate the fact that how perfect he is
Kate Lee
Kate Lee:
He pulls off every look 😍😂
Malvika Mohan
Malvika Mohan:
He pronounced the word "Liar" in the most Australian way possible ! So satisfying ! The dude is a true Aussie ! 😅
the renaissance ಎ
the renaissance ಎ:
this should have been an hour video, I could watch him answering stuff on internet
I'd watch him doing anything tbh
Gray Scarponi
Gray Scarponi:
The loving makeup markedly long because rotate reilly judge at a acidic capricorn. brawny, mixed owl
*Chris Hemsworh goes undercover*

ThE ReAl cHRis hEmsWOrtH
worlds secure
worlds secure:
Most of the community with Thor at the beginning wasn’t liked that much But after ragnarok he’s became amazing tbh.

Now I can look back on the original Thor films I can like him cuz it’s Chris hemsworth.
Leila Manchino
Leila Manchino:
I love how these videos are called “ [insert name here] goes *undercover* on the internet” yet all they say in the videos are “It’s *ACTUALLY* me”
I should be sleeping but I’m binge watching YouTube videos.
Chris just seems like the type of guy you would love to go out and have coffee with. Just seems so friendly
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades:
alternate title: *god of thunder answers random questions*
Aline O
Aline O:
Definitly he's the most gorgeous human being on Earth
vicky anime fan
vicky anime fan:
He is an Australian so he must choose cricket 😂🤣😚☺️
Eliana S
Eliana S:
“My little brother auditioned, didn’t get it”
My first thought: “aww he considers Loki a brother in everyday conversations”
Then I realized... *sigh*
Fine Art
Fine Art:
It’s just unfair to every woman who is NOT his wife, for him to be THAT attractive! IT AIN’T RIGHT! 😩😭
Juanita Perkins
Juanita Perkins:
“It’s not, it’s LIAM Hemsworth Guys:) Gotcha!!”😂😂😂
Jimin 4life
Jimin 4life:
Q on Internet: whos more powerful, thor or captain marvel 😂
Chris: am i a joke to you?
Flor Puonzo
Flor Puonzo:
i feel so blessed to share the same birthday as this legend gorgeous living thing ugh
Kundan Gurjar
Kundan Gurjar:
Huda .K
Huda .K:
Me spending time understanding him 😅
Love ya CH
I love that line -
"I've always been a bit of a liar..."

My drama teacher told me that acting was the art of sophisticated lying so he's spot on there.
Berdan Dogan
Berdan Dogan:
When I heard thors prop hammer is 436 pounds I was Speachless😯
I only searched for chris hemsworth videos to listen to his beautiful deep voice
Thor really settled down after Thanos eh
Ikla Freitas
Ikla Freitas:
Just a Random Nobody
Just a Random Nobody:
I wanna see Tom Holland go undercover! He'd probably end up spoiling everything though lol
Mahmuda Akhter
Mahmuda Akhter:
Why is he so handsome???
Its okay Danny McBride. I think deep down we'd all like to be Australian
"Hey GQ, sure, I'll do your video thing; it sounds great, but I can give you only 4 minutes."
He is literally my all-time crush 🤍
I Can't wait for Tom Hiddleston to be here 🤩🤩🤩
Blood Sweat & Tears
Blood Sweat & Tears:
With the amount of times he says ‘it’s actually me’, I’m starting to think Loki took over.
Sanskriti Sinha
Sanskriti Sinha:
Wondering when GQ will do one of these with tom hiddleston
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham:
It’s a good thing Liam didn’t get it- I wouldn’t like Thor as much