Cinquefrondi in Italy Selling Homes for $1 | Buy €1 Homes in this Italian Town | Cheap Euro Homes

Cinquefrondi, a community in the south Italian region of Calabria, calls itself a "pandemic-free village" and hopes that this will attract home buyers to invest in its abandoned but decent €1 homes. The aim here is to reverse the depopulation caused by young people heading off to greener pastures in search of work. Mayor Michele Conia has given this project the code name "Operation Beauty." Many towns selling homes for €1 generally ask buyers to make a down payment of up to €5,000, which the buyer forfeits, if they fail to renovate the house within a period of 3 years. However, Cinquefrondi only asks its home owners to pay an annual premium of €250 towards an insurance policy, until they finish remodeling the previously abandoned house. Owners of Italy’s €1 houses are liable to a fine of €20,000 if they do not renovate their newly purchased abandoned house within a period of 3 years.

To find out more about the homes on offer, email: [email protected]

*IMPORTANT Update: Many people have told us that the above email ID is not working. In that case, try calling them here: +39 0966 940818. Here's their webpage link: (it has many more contacts available, just in case the above e-mail is still not working.)

P.S.: The Italian snaps depicted in this video are generic.


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10 komentarze:

Zolfram The Instigator
Zolfram The Instigator:
So whats up? I wanna buy one. Yall need to do a better job having a link?
I need information , I am ready to move to Italy , where to et information please?
Isa Luna
Isa Luna:
has anyone actually gone through with this and bought a house? I have read articles and done research but its very limited information, seems kind of sus. hope its not a scam :(
dilip basnet
dilip basnet:
I want to buy how can i contact
Will they offer u permanent residency?
Nudsuda Swangsang
Nudsuda Swangsang:
That email isn't working! I tried emailing them...
Tyler Schlee
Tyler Schlee:
What is the new link to get the house?
Killian Moore
Killian Moore:
Can’t be one euro only
Has to be a catch
show max
show max:
Do they accept buyers from all nationalities or are there restrictions on some countries eg: non European countries?
I'm interested, by the address provided in the CNN article has blocked my address. I need to find out how I can owe one!