Civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis dead at 80

John Robert Lewis, the son of sharecroppers who survived a brutal beating by police during a landmark 1965 march in Selma, Alabama, to become a towering figure of the civil rights movement and a longtime US congressman, has died after a six-month battle with cancer. He was 80.
Lewis, a Democrat who served as the US representative for Georgia's 5th congressional district for more than three decades, was widely seen as a moral conscience of Congress because of his decades-long embodiment of nonviolent fight for civil rights. His passionate oratory was backed by a long record of action that included, by his count, more than 40 arrests while demonstrating against racial and social injustice.
A follower and colleague of Martin Luther King Jr., he participated in lunch counter sit-ins, joined the Freedom Riders in challenging segregated buses and -- at the age of 23 -- was a keynote speaker at the historic 1963 March on Washington.
"Sometimes when I look back and think about it, how did we do what we did? How did we succeed? We didn't have a website. We didn't have a cellular telephone," Lewis has said of the civil rights movement.
"But I felt when we were sitting in at those lunch counter stools, or going on the Freedom Ride, or marching from Selma to Montgomery, there was a power and a force. God Almighty was there with us."
Lewis has said King inspired his activism. Angered by the unfairness of the Jim Crow South, he launched what he called "good trouble" with organized protests and sit-ins. In the early 1960s, he was a Freedom Rider, challenging segregation at interstate bus terminals across the South and in the nation's capital.

"We do not want our freedom gradual; we want to be free now," he said at the time.
At age 25, Lewis helped lead a march for voting rights on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, where he and other marchers were met by heavily armed state and local police who attacked them with clubs, fracturing Lewis' skull. Images from that "Bloody Sunday" shocked the nation and galvanized support for the Voting Rights Act of 1965, signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson.
"I gave a little blood on that bridge," he said years later. "I thought I was going to die. I thought I saw death."
Despite the attack and other beatings, Lewis never lost his activist spirit, taking it from protests to politics. He was elected to the Atlanta city council in 1981, then to Congress six years later.
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John Lewis- You’ve run your race. Well done. Rest in Power.
Rest In Paradise John Lewis. I'm just happy your were here to witness the young people who you taught pickup where you left off. And we will never give up. Thank you
RIP John Lewis. 😔

To those who are still attacking + mocking Lewis after his passing, you're precisely what's wrong with the country today. 😒 You're absolutely entitled to disagree with John's politics, heck you don't even need to like the guy, but would it kill you to maintain civil + respectful rhetoric? 😓
Lazer Bucket
Lazer Bucket:
Fox News disabled comments on their John Lewis videos. They know their racist viewers too well.
Dawn Gardiner
Dawn Gardiner:
Thank you sir for the way you lived your life. A statue would be the least your country could do to show future generations what America truly respects.💕🇨🇦💕
S.A.M McNaughty
S.A.M McNaughty:
No. No. May you sleep in Heavenly peace. Love you always. Thank you for paving the way for us. Sleeping but will never be forgotten. 💝💝🙏⏰🙏⏰🖤💝💙💛💖💔💔💔💔
AWESOME dude, total gentleman, and a forceful guiding light. RIP Sir.
Wow, he did so much to help Atlanta, lol.
Dedrick Lucious
Dedrick Lucious:
Larry Steele
Larry Steele:
Rest well Mr. Lewis thank you for everything. ❤️💕
One time I saw him with his family in a restaurant on a mother's day years ago. I didn't want to say anything because he was clearly eating and having a celebration with his family. He heard my mother say his name and came over to greet us.
Mary Anne Horn
Mary Anne Horn:
I was saddened by the news of Mr. Lewis's death. I loved that he always took a stand and made "good trouble!" We will continue the fight with bravery, truth, and courage.
Pamela Mitchell
Pamela Mitchell:
I am so saddened by the death of this great civil rights leader. He will be missed.
King Retro
King Retro:
John Lewis fought and fought. Rip man 😭
Boss Women
Boss Women:
Thank you, sir for your "good trouble" may we continue to follow your example. ✝️
Good on John for fighting a losing battle in Amerikkka 💪🏿👊🏽
H. M.
H. M.:
Thank you for your service.
Darran Kern
Darran Kern:
Good riddance
Pamela Mitchell
Pamela Mitchell:
Never give up!
Bryan Meekins
Bryan Meekins:
"Be hopeful, be optimistic. Never lose that sense of hope."- John Lewis
Seth Gilbertson
Seth Gilbertson:
God bless John Lewis! His indelible mark of Love has been imprinted on the heart of our nation. ❤️❤️❤️
Retr0 XX
Retr0 XX:
Quarmaine Stephenson
Quarmaine Stephenson:
Now that’s a real og
Milgrine Genio
Milgrine Genio:
Thank you for your legacy!
Dave Lee
Dave Lee:
We gonna miss you, sir. Rest in Peace. Hope you have a fun talk up there with Mr. MLK. ♥️♥️
Lynn Jones
Lynn Jones:
Bless up John🙏🤘
Rayenal Owens
Rayenal Owens:
Rest in power!!!
ray boston
ray boston:
RIP Sir!
Pastor Bright Amegazo
Pastor Bright Amegazo:
Rest In Peace. Great hero.
Job Okeno
Job Okeno:
"You must always be brave, bold and courageous." John Lewis.
Kevin Stiffarm
Kevin Stiffarm:
God bless you and your family
Stephanie White
Stephanie White:
RIP Rep. John Lewis 🙏👧
April Harmony
April Harmony:
💖R.I.P. John Lewis💖 Rest In Power sir🙏
Karasene 13
Karasene 13:
Who else just re-watched his interview on "The daily show?" He made a big impression on me. What an amazing man. I thank him for what he did with his life. 👏💖🙏
Roberta Hubert
Roberta Hubert:
RIP John Lewis you will be greatly missed. Resting with the great ones
LEGEND. He will be missed.
Lucy Merkom
Lucy Merkom:
Rest In Peace Mr Lewis. Thank you Xxx
Shelly Devine
Shelly Devine:
Rest In Peace dear Mr. Lewis. Thank you for your courageous work. <3
Warped & Opinionated Dad
Warped & Opinionated Dad:
☹️☹️☹️☹️ Losing a legend hurts..
Nikita Sampson-Mitchell
Nikita Sampson-Mitchell:
Gerald Johnson Ras Jahson
Gerald Johnson Ras Jahson:
R. I. P. Legend
Valerie Angell
Valerie Angell:
Thank you Sir...Rest in peace.
Christopher Justice
Christopher Justice:
Go in peace sir.🇺🇸
Levi M
Levi M:
Rest in peace, you fought for it. Thanks for your bravery and leadership.
Milky_ RBLX
Milky_ RBLX:
He died on my brother birthday waaa
William Matthews
William Matthews:
RIP John. The fight will live on!
Marcus Moye
Marcus Moye:
RIP Mr Lewis your job well done
elle be
elle be:
lol the voice over for this is so bad 😂🤣
Tas Tapsas
Tas Tapsas:
Martin Luther King too John Lewis: ' Welcome home, my brother '
Thank you Mr.Lewis
Enrique Rivera
Enrique Rivera:
A great man.
Adrian Becker
Adrian Becker:
RIP Mr Lewis 😇😇😇
StarwarsSavage `
StarwarsSavage `:
While this is sad we need to remember to keep up his legacy. Continue to forgive, continue to love, continue to support, but most of all when protesting we need to do it peacefully. Rest in peace John Lewis .
Diva Kim
Diva Kim:
John Lewis, thank you for your service and undying faith in and commitment to all people of color. Great men like you really paved the way for us. Rest in power!💕
Mr B.
Mr B.:
Need a John Lewis March on Washington
greg turner
greg turner:
Thank you John Lewis...😍
Prestige Confidential
Prestige Confidential:
Brave,bold and courageous.RIP John
Joe Chavez
Joe Chavez:
God bless you RIP.
Rest in Peace John Lewis. Thank you for your unwavering activism. A real hero.
Catherine Paris
Catherine Paris:
Am I living in an alternate universe. I swear he died last year
Klemonster 56
Klemonster 56:
RIP John Lewis 🥀🥀🥀
Markiso Wickstorm
Markiso Wickstorm:
Samuel Shawel
Samuel Shawel:
RIP A great leader.
Karamo Manneh
Karamo Manneh:
I remember him back in 2010 I join him in Atlanta during Thanksgiving weekend feeding the homeless I did have a lengthy conversation with him, great son of America rest in peace.
American Islander
American Islander:
A Hero that I have the honor to stretch my hand in the 2020 Georgia/Marietta Martin Luther King jr. Annual commemoration.

In December 2019, while I was taking a Federal Business Flight I saw him in one of the first rows. I had a bad “morning,” and my face can tell. This Gentleman look at me with a look that almost nobody show me before. A unique look of compassion and love that I have never take of my mind. John Lewis Rest In Peace Hero.
Brett Hasbrouck
Brett Hasbrouck:
I thought Mr lewis died last year wow does anyone have this Mandela affect feeling too wow
Cloveice Colemen
Cloveice Colemen:
John Lewis, 1940-2020. "Well done thou good and faithful servant. " Rest in PARADISE ✌❤🙏🌷🌲🎵💃
mrdetroitnews gary
mrdetroitnews gary:
Herman Cain was a real hero, rest in peace Mr. Cain
Tj Weezy
Tj Weezy:
Rest up sir you will be missed
We got it from here 🙏
Witnessing a real Hero
Wow......Rep. John Lewis was truly an American.....thank you for your service sir.
Paul Akula
Paul Akula:
Faylow Mane
Faylow Mane:
That “I still have a dream” is damn near stronger than the beatings and kills....
Vic El guapo
Vic El guapo:
I thought he died a while back
Syllabus of 2020 Errors vs Truth
Syllabus of 2020 Errors vs Truth:
Easy wat out?
Complex Savage
Complex Savage:
Rip fr
Mary Munro
Mary Munro:
John, Thank you for your leadership and sacrifices. We shall all miss you.
Raymond McComas
Raymond McComas:
A good man !!! RIP !!!!
Virus 1956
Virus 1956:
Rip Mr Lewis until I meet you in the New World.
John Zappulla
John Zappulla:
Dwight D
Dwight D:
Rest in peace
Lexo Getti
Lexo Getti:
This man had the strength of millions in his blood and bones. He stood tall in the face of severe oppression and this is a reminder to all those who fight still today for the freedoms this man and many like him fought for to keep pushing for your rights and freedoms, to never stop, never remain still and always remember those who have fallen for FREEDOM FOR ALL and the EQUAL RIGHTS promised by so many before him, This fight is far from over and it will take the next generation of leaders to continue to build off the memories and accomplishments of everyone before them. May Allah grant Peace and blessings upon this man and I want to say to his family and friends he will not be forgotten and his life will always be held high for all he has done for all of us here in America.
Gordon Transit
Gordon Transit:
Rest in peace
Selena Steele
Selena Steele:
Shonté Hanna
Shonté Hanna:
William Casteel
William Casteel:
My condolences to the Louis family. Anthank you Congressman John Lewis, for your love, your compassion, your leadership, your courage and for being involved in good trouble. Praises and glory to God, because it was he who kept him ,and bless him. When I heard about it was immediately reminded of David and Goliath. He indeed fought a good fight. who will carry on pushing and pulling are humans rights, justice and equality
the world lost a great leader
Lisa Garrison
Lisa Garrison:
DAMN 💔💔💔💔💔🇺🇸 we will continue the fight!!! What a great loss!
Alter Ego
Alter Ego:
God bless this good man.
Joe Chavez
Joe Chavez:
May God bless you mr. Lewis have always been a fan but I have always respected you and your fight in Jesus name I pray for you and your family
c will
c will:
RIP John Lewis
Jerry Junior Official
Jerry Junior Official:
RIP John Lewis
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone:
He was so brave when he was young!! There aren't people like him anymore
Liz Hall
Liz Hall:
Lewis was a great hero!
yvonne thomas
yvonne thomas:
rest in power you were a real trooper
James Bomd
James Bomd:
530 Kid
530 Kid:
Is this the second time he died?