Clarence House staff ‘left shaking’ after being hit with redundancies in wake of King’s accession

Dozens of Clarence House staff were given notice of the threat of redundancy while they worked round the clock in the wake of the King’s accession, The Guardian has revealed.

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redundances for hard working people with families while some old man sits on a throne made of gold... what a country we live in. absolutely shameless.
Jonathan Michiels
Jonathan Michiels:
There simply is no precedent for a man inheriting such position and wealth and then handing his loyal servants pink slips.
How dare you report the struggle of hard working servants at a time when it doesn't suit the monarchy.
Maybe he can give them all a million quid each out of the 130m he's saving on not paying inheritance tax. You couldn't make it up. They should be ashamed.
Some more books on the way then from disgruntled staff.
Merv Pogi
Merv Pogi:
Ouchh..that's nasty!
Colin Green
Colin Green:
I do hope that Charles and Camilla won't have to do menial jobs , that's why their lackeys are there !
Hugo Williams
Hugo Williams:
Come on, Royal family is a redundance.
Anthony Stafford
Anthony Stafford:
100 pscophants pen holders ...
Not right but shows a disrespect at this sad moment would brenda have done that?
Mes Miac
Mes Miac:
It would be advisable for King Charles to make redundant the Queen advisors and get a new set.
Karl Phillips
Karl Phillips:
Royal staff are there to serve, not sigh or sob or shriek or snivel or shed tears. Royalty expects them to be invisible, imbue suffering for the greater good, impress on others what a good employer he was, inform others how they are now saving the planet by not going to work anymore and indulge themselves with the great severance packages they will receive to invest in their future and do something nobler from now on. If you scold everyone and lash out wildly for one individual making a small mistake, been pampered all your life and treat people this way at such a sensitive time (he could have waited a few weeks, he is not that short of money - insensitive timing), it just goes to show your true some say 'flawed' character. The Queen's death did mark the end of an era, and things will not be the same going forward (change can often be painful); you can understand why people reminiscing about the old times. The world is changing - Manners cost nothing. Ignore human nature and manners at your peril! We all understand the need to slim down and cut back in these times, but there are sensitive ways to do it and insensitive ways! The King, it seems still has a lot to learn despite having a very long apprenticeship.
Chief Rocka
Chief Rocka:
Bet they won’t be watching the old cheese on Monday
Straight down the labour exchange Tuesday morning
Darren Mclaughlin
Darren Mclaughlin:
I have trouble cleaning my teeth without a mongrel grass to get me finished and keep the job from hell so gods knows what the queens had to go the through some peoples over heads are to much
Violeta Calayan
Violeta Calayan:
The timing of the notice may be insensitive but the Head of Clarence House has a legal obligation to inform staff as soon as possible in accordance to British law.
Sean MacCionnaith
Sean MacCionnaith:
King Pen and his Con Sort.
King Charles has been wanting to slim down the monarchy and good riddance I wish him a fortunate hand in doing so. A lot of people will need to find other jobs. the job market is in desperate need of competent people. let s see how they will manage.
harewood light
harewood light:
Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. I thought most people wanted a slimmed down monarchy! That will, logically, equal redundancies. No doubt they received a package. If he'd kept them on, he'd be accused of being spoilt - too many servants etc.
The American Empire
The American Empire: