Claudio Ranieri's final message as he leaves Watford

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Claudio Ranieri spoke to Gary Cotterill as he left Watford's training ground for the final time following his dismissal. Roy Hodgson is close to finalising a deal as Ranieri's replacement.

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100+ komentarze:

KAL- 589
KAL- 589:
Ranieri winning the Prem with Leicester is one of the most beautiful things ever in football. Could not have happened to a nicer guy.
Marshall Ayoubb
Marshall Ayoubb:
You just can’t hate this manager! nothing but respect for this great man! His heart is soo pure I can’t imagine any manager after getting sacked like that would talk to sky sports! He is a really nice manager… we love you Claudio🔥 all the best king❤️
Szilágyi Péter
Szilágyi Péter:
An absolute gentleman, who did the impossible. They don't deserve him.
Keynesian Economics
Keynesian Economics:
What a lovely bloke. One of football's true gentlemen.
Absolute shame, the treatment of this man by different clubs over the years is nothing short of complete disrespect!
Lewis Lawlor
Lewis Lawlor:
Roy Hodgson's dedication to football is something else, fair play to him.
Dalton’s Travels
Dalton’s Travels:
A real gentleman.. I hope he retires and enjoys life.He’s given so much to football over the years. Good luck Claudio👏
From a chelsea fan its hard to was a bit unfair when he was replaced at Chelsea but at least that yielded results, but after that he doesn't get the same respect as the elite ones....HE IS ELITE LEVEL
Yalchii Xavii Yalchii
Yalchii Xavii Yalchii:
Claudio is a great manager. He won the title with average players during leicester. So sad to see him go.
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes:
Class, Leicester winning the title was simply one of the best football moments I've ever witnessed after the 66 World Cup, really great guy
ENVY Beacon
ENVY Beacon:
Raneiri is such a kind manager. You can't hate him and still wish Watford good luck after bring sacked
Kieran Harriman
Kieran Harriman:
What a class act. Fantastic final interview. No blame. Brilliant!
Ranieri is a class act. Winning EPL couldn’t have happened to under a nice bloke under such magical circumstances
Mikey Johnson
Mikey Johnson:
Such a humble, respectful and overall special chap. Shame he didn't get longer, I feel they could have built something, but time wasn't on his side.
This man is a decent man, with a good heart. I can’t hate on him after watching this. He must be one of the nicest coaches I have seen.
Claudio really sets an example for how a gentleman should behave. Really admire the way he conducts himself
What a wonderful human being he is
The Sweaty Yeti
The Sweaty Yeti:
Premier league legend in my opinion, no one will forget what Leicester did under him
Panic Runewild
Panic Runewild:
What a humble human all the best
Andy Gibson
Andy Gibson:
One of the nicest guys in football hope he gets back into it soon
The Aston Villa Seal
The Aston Villa Seal:
A very honest man, who has achieved and made history. Respect.
Shaun Fahy
Shaun Fahy:
What a class act ranieiri is
What a guy. Absolute top class
Antonio Szytulskyj
Antonio Szytulskyj:
Wish Claudio the best of luck. Deserves it. A manager with a head on his shoulders. A true gentleman
RokkcityLDN TV RokkcityLDN
RokkcityLDN TV RokkcityLDN:
Such a genuine man! A credit to football! All the best Claudio👊🏻
Hoien L. Cadogan
Hoien L. Cadogan:
Well spoken as always. You can't hate this guy. It must be a tough decision from the board's perspective. Though the results didn't go his way, I wonder had his team not been in such a situation, would he be given more time?
He’s a class act, for sure
Class from Ranieri for that message
Marci Molnár
Marci Molnár:
What a man, a true legend of the game for what he’s done at Leicester
Nick Williams
Nick Williams:
Class will always stay above the level expected from one just sacked, a true gent and a hell of a manager.
Nathan H
Nathan H:
Love this guy. Hope to see him back for one final job before a retirement he deserves. A great. Thanks Claudio.
Ranieri took the sack like a true champ. Respect!
A man of pure class
ahmed ahmed
ahmed ahmed:
What great personality even when taking an L he remains composed
LouieV_Boss Ent.
LouieV_Boss Ent.:
Indeed both are in my top 20 Managers of all time...Ranieri is such a humble soul...
What a lovely man.
John Winters
John Winters:
He is and always will be a great manager.. managing Football teams is very much like close relationships . if it does not click it will not workout.
Konstantine Guruli
Konstantine Guruli:
What a lovely man! I never doubted that he would say something like this. Grazzie, Claudio!
Don Ranieri, keep your heads up! You are still a good manager IMO! You've created a beautiful story in the world of football when an "unidentified" football club become a "highly respected" football club, Leicester City. You also lifted the name of Leicester! Thank you for what you've done, with Leicester, with Chelsea, with Juve, Inter, etc. And I hope you all the best in your future!
The Dee Production
The Dee Production:
BIELSA AND RANIERI are examples of managers who are amazing but lack of squad quality can't make amazing results
Black Mask Guy
Black Mask Guy:
What a man Claudio Ranieri is! Never forgetting his Premier League title win in 15/16. Legen.....dary!
Shani Ace
Shani Ace:
Such a lovely guy, and his successes will never be forgotten! Hope we see him in the PL again soon.
Honestly, what were Watford even thinking?! They shouldn't have sacked him imho. Good luck to Roy Hodsson, he'll need it at this club.
Peter Dawson
Peter Dawson:
Oh man, I really like this guy, such class, and a Bluddy good coach too. He will succeed in whatever he does next.
Cheers & Blessings to him.
The most underrated Chelsea manager... honestly
Jon Fairrie Photography
Jon Fairrie Photography:
What a class act, who ever he goes to in the future will be lucky to have him, best of luck to Watford too (From a NUFC fan)
sean lines 💚 team MVG 🎯
sean lines 💚 team MVG 🎯:
One of the nicest managers out there hes a real gentlemen wish him all the best 👌👌👌
Reza Harji
Reza Harji:
What an amazing man!
Greengrass  green
Greengrass green:
As a Leicester fan I always have a spot for Claudio! Hope you still gave a future in the beautiful game boss!
Average Dad
Average Dad:
class act from Claudio
Dylan Murphy
Dylan Murphy:
He will always be a premier league legend
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot:
Ranieri's presence is always missed whenever he's not managing a PL team!
Bill Papavasiliou
Bill Papavasiliou:
A true gentleman. A good man. They don’t deserve you Claudio. You will go onto bigger and better things
Wesley Maistry
Wesley Maistry:
I don't love football as much as I used to because of clubs like Watford , and the lack of respect given to managers . It's all about bottom lines now.
Mebrahtom Gebremeskel
Mebrahtom Gebremeskel:
What a class act hopefully he will get back into it soon💪
Daniele Canepa
Daniele Canepa:
Here at Sampdoria with a far below par team he worked a miracle . A great manager
Shout out to him for giving the media time after being sacked. A lot of managers wouldn't have the guts to do that.
This was never going to work. Claudio’s heart is the opposite of Watford’s.
Class as always! A legend! 👏 🇮🇹 👏 🇮🇹 👏
Forever a legend
Ice Cool
Ice Cool:
This man achieved one of the biggest accomplishments in the history of sport. Winning the league over the financial might of powerhouses City, Chelsea, United, Liverpool. Once in a several generation achievement
Huge Respect to Claudio 🙌👏
Gentleman. Incredible conduct. Good luck to him. Glad that he won the premier league with Leicester.
ryan walsh
ryan walsh:
He’s just a gentleman
RANIERI is BEST MANAGER... This is WATFORD HUGE MISTAKE... Ranieri Good Luck. Hope you come back to EPL soon.
Gary Green
Gary Green:
Fear not shall always be remembered for doing the near impossible and winning the EPL with Leicester City FC. All the best for the future.
Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar:
my god, so much humility in Ranieri!, true gentleman
Mark Brown
Mark Brown:
Such a gentleman ,all the best to you claudio
Lil Monkey
Lil Monkey:
Hasn’t won anything major except for a title with Leicester City.
But an absolute gentleman. Deserves to manage a club that looks for stability instead of quick fix.
Listen Up Show
Listen Up Show:
Well spoken and respectful. we never forget he won the league although he had good team of players who had great team work, and Arsenal missed their chance to win the league but they took their chance and ran with it
love this guy he’s so great
Pure Gentleman! Take care Claudio! All best!
M D:
An absolute gentleman!
proppa geezer
proppa geezer:
It didn't work out for him, but he's still a gentleman. Pure class Claudio.
Anoop Mathen
Anoop Mathen:
A great guy,I wish I had half his grace
Good Sonny
Good Sonny:
Watford have a potential to be a exciting team in PL but the board always mess up when they through difficult patches and eventually managers will face the consequences.I believe Xisco shouldn't being fired and get full support by the board.
C2de G
C2de G:
Such an honest geeza this. He is a great coach. Fighting spirit from the players he had at Leicester, definitely not the same at Watford. Can’t polish a turd
Tennis Files
Tennis Files:
Nice guy, all the best to Claudio and to Roy as well!
S Bam
S Bam:
Very classy and gracious final message.
alan dalton
alan dalton:
Really nice manager and a great footbal man would love him to manage any club
Ben Kaczmar
Ben Kaczmar:
you can tell he didn't want to be interviewed but he still gave his responses with a lot of respect.
Sois Sympa
Sois Sympa:
Very gracias of him. He didn't have to say a word but he was cool, calm and collected in his message.
Absolutely amazing human being, no offence to watford but you just cant make a team from them. Very inconsistent team and I know what Claudio was trying to do just the same way he has done it with other teams but it just doesnt work with every team sadly.
John Moss
John Moss:
What a big man total gentleman all respects to him
Lots of respect to him
Jordan Carmichael
Jordan Carmichael:
Absolute gentleman. They'll regret that decision
Earlhyn Noona
Earlhyn Noona:
Big respect for this gentleman.
And goodluck for new manager too.
Let's see how long he will survives.
Love the guy, thank you 🙏
Anthony Dixon
Anthony Dixon:
Good luck to Ranieri, sure he will get another job soon, tough job for Roy Hodgson
beautiful human being with great character💯
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife:
You have to take your hat of to both of them , so much passion for the game
One of the best human being out there
The bloke has been done over so many times in management. I feel for him. Roy coming in for you is a total kick in the nuts too. I'd be fuming.
Farin Deeba
Farin Deeba:
Man is a legend! He should have had a job for life at Leicester after winning the title!! That and Greece winning the euros the greatest ever achievement in football
I feel for Ranieri, he had an impossible task to get average players to win for him, I feel for Hodgson too as he has to pick up the pieces, he'll end up the same way.
bless him a true gent chelsea first crapped on him and he has never said a bad word against anyone i wish him all the best
Alex H44
Alex H44:
Classy interview. Best of luck Claudio.
David Robinson
David Robinson:
Grazie Mille Claudio. 100% respect to you . And Roy Hodgson and Ray Lewlngton can do a great job. COYH !
Steago 876
Steago 876:
He is too nice of a guy to get sacked but as he said "this is football" good luck brother😻💪🏿
Chelsea fan, Claudio such a nice guy kind words on leaving Watford there, deserves respect for career
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams:
Love ranieri. Such a nice man.