"Closely Watched Trains" Wins Foreign Language Film: 1968 Oscars

Danny Kaye presents the Oscar® for Foreign Language Film to Czechoslovakia for "Closely Watched Trains" at the 40th Academy Awards. Accepted by director Jirí Menzel and hosted by Bob Hope. (NOTE: the incorrect winning title was read by the announcer.)

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Maros Matousek
Maros Matousek:
The director of the movie is Jiri Menzel and he is also the one who accepted it. The announcer made a mistake. Im happy that Americans like Czech films.
R.I.P. Jiří Menzel.
The announcer said the wrong name. LOL. "Closely Watched Trains" IS a great film though. Good choice by the Academy.
"Accepting for I even met happy gypsies"? Wtf?
Peter Gatt
Peter Gatt:
That's how you do a speech get on and get off
mrdisco 19
mrdisco 19:
Amazing movie!
Ourania Eirini
Ourania Eirini:
White tie!!! How formal and absolutely lovely.
Danny Kaye, Laurence Olivier's "closet lover"!!!
Welington Xavier
Welington Xavier:
Please, take a look in Life is beautiful win...
Jakub Grossmann
Jakub Grossmann:
Bože to ho nemohli naučit více vět 😂
zuzualma1 Mares
zuzualma1 Mares:
Super movie
Andrés Mauricio
Andrés Mauricio:
The announcer said the wrong movie and the director of that one...WTF?
Judy T
Judy T:
Well, Danny does a lovely job - professional and crisp. But the rest looks like bits from some of his comedy movies..... wrong film announced, then the nerdy acceptance speech and the director ready to exit the wrong way. Funny stuff.
"I Even Met Happy Gypsies", "El Amor Brujo", and "Live for Life" are far better films than "Closely Watched Trains",  overrated at the time because of the political events concerning Czechoslovakia and the U.S.S.R. back then!!!
I haven't seen the Japanese nominee!!!