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From writer/director Mike Mills and starring Joaquin Phoenix, Gaby Hoffmann and Woody Norman. C'mon C'mon – In Theaters this November.

RELEASE DATE: November 2021
DIRECTOR: Mike Mills

CAST: Joaquin Phoenix, Gaby Hoffmann, and Woody Norman

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100+ komentarze:

Ten Tier Diamond Award
Ten Tier Diamond Award:
This looks like a good film. It's nice to see Joaquin's vulnerability on screen. His emotions are so authentic, raw, and real which everyone could relate to. If anyone disagrees, I urge you watch HER. The entire movie is
ala slipknot
ala slipknot:
The book he is reading is Star Child by Claire A. Nivola in case you're wondering.
spikyowl 107
spikyowl 107:
This movie is really a masterpiece, this didn't feel like any other movie where you can tell they're acting because of what they say. In this movie, these really feel like real people with real words and emotions with things we actually say
Dokter Kattenbakvulling
Dokter Kattenbakvulling:
If anyone is looking for this rendition of Clair de Lune (like I was), it's done by the San Francisco Saxophone Quartet.
I don't like it when people call Joaquin the Joker. He's been a great actor since the 90s.
Sean _t
Sean _t:
I’ve watched this film. I absolutely loved it! It’s so unique and real. It feels intimate and expansive at the same time. The child actor (Woody) is so perfect in the role and the developing relationship between him and Joaquin’s character drives everything forward and is the most perfect depiction of what it’s truly like to develop a deep, meaningful connection between a boy and an adult. Non of the sappy Hollywood stuff, just a healthy, meaningful intimacy.
diana thomas
diana thomas:
Just saw the movie today.
Such a wonderful movie.
It gave me a sense of peace. And it also gave me food for thinking, leading me to wonder about what I'm willing to leave after me for the next generation, how I envision my own future, how I can possibly contribute to make this world a better place in my own small way. what kind of mother I'd like to be if I ever have children.
I loved this movie. It's beautiful.
Joaquin, Gaby Hoffman and especially the little child touched my heart.
Suranjan Pradhan
Suranjan Pradhan:
"Even if we love someone we will never know everything about them."

Damn that line gonna stay with me forever ♥️💓💔
Diego Alfonso
Diego Alfonso:
It's really great when a director keeps making personal movies. Mike Mills is a true artist, can't wait for this.
Michael Garcia DTX
Michael Garcia DTX:
This is going to be deep for me. As a father this seems like a great story between father and son.
Galih G.S
Galih G.S:
“to visit planet earth you will have to be born as human child”

It’s so real but never crossed in my mind before
Nadine Arthelia Eli
Nadine Arthelia Eli:
Everything about this trailer is magical ❤The words, the frames and images, his voice.... I am sobbing. This is so gentle and clever and.... wow I am speechless!
Alex Antonopoulos
Alex Antonopoulos:
This trailer is so beautiful, that it actually works as a short film by itself.
Joaquin is such pure talent. Looking at him you could feel the dedication he wants to put in every frame . You could feel that he has given his everything and then some in making the film...
Veronika Kašman
Veronika Kašman:
I am getting shivers from Joaquin's acting in the trailer imagine how incredible the movie will be I can't wait
I think it’s impressive how they portrayed so much emotion in the trailer alone without even using color
S. Y.
S. Y.:
That was beautiful <3 any project involving joaquin phoenix never disappoints. I also really respect how he NEVER became a sell out or anything throughout his long career (such as playing childish shallow superhero movies etc. garbage movies) and always was very selective with his roles, only playing in movies he felt really meant something and not interested in making so much money over art. It is THIS reason that finally, eventually, he received his much due Oscar at the end because his image and caliber as an actor never became cheapened. And wow THAT speech he gave when he won. That needed to be HEARD. And heard he has been <3 His performance in Joker and all his movies before that are miracles and a great statement on the ups and downs of the human condition. He is a true artist and empathetic person on human psychology and animal rights. Respect.
Tis I
Tis I:
This feels like a film that will have me in complete tears either midway or when the credits roll, completely speechless at the masterpiece I just witnessed.
Water Hazard
Water Hazard:
So excited to see this, especially with another performance from Joaquin Phoenix and screenplay from Mike Mills. I swear anything Phoenix acts in and that Mills writes is always fascinating to see.
Derek Torrico
Derek Torrico:
I love when the screenplay is written so beautifully. This is going to be a great film
Kevin Conley II
Kevin Conley II:
This film feels like something Joaquin Phoenix deserves. After being in so many insane roles where he was losing weight for his characters for a long time, this film looks more bittersweet and pleasant for him. This may be his big break for his career, and I'm proud of him for that.
Will Vaughan
Will Vaughan:
It is a CRIME that this film didn't receive any Oscar nominations.
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
This feels like a film that will have me in complete tears either midway or when the credits roll, completely speechless at the masterpiece I just witnessed.
J C:
I've lost count of how many times I've watched this trailer now, it's beautiful!
Melisa Cāi
Melisa Cāi:
Pulled my heartstrings in the first few seconds. Although this film is about a man and his nephew, all of us parents are already pulled in. I can't wait to see this. Does anyone know what the book is that Joaquin's character's reading?
I just watched it and there's a feeling of peace and understanding left. It's a really good film, I urge you to go see it if you get the opportunity. I'm tempted to go again...
BroughtCat 4839
BroughtCat 4839:
Wow this looks absolutely phenomenal, but I expect nothing less than from Mike Mills always looking to capture the human condition in most of his films. Him and Phoenix got something special here I feel it!
Johan Jiménez
Johan Jiménez:
Por favor, que salga ya! ¡La quiero ver! 👌
ₚₗₑₐₛₑ ₕₑₗₚ ₘₑ gₑₜ ₜₒ ₅₀₀ ₛᵤbₛ wᵢₜₕₒᵤₜ ₐₙy ᵥᵢdₑₒₛ
ₚₗₑₐₛₑ ₕₑₗₚ ₘₑ gₑₜ ₜₒ ₅₀₀ ₛᵤbₛ wᵢₜₕₒᵤₜ ₐₙy ᵥᵢdₑₒₛ:
I can’t be the only one who is excited for this! Also, isn’t it SOOO satisfying to see the words “Academy Award Winner Joaquin Phoenix” in bold lettering as the stars of the film are listed??
I loved this movie. The interviews with the children and him reading the stories to Jesse either made me tear up or just feel something like every time.
Jaimin Sharma
Jaimin Sharma:
I love it when an actor even after huge mainstream success... Chooses projects that resonates with them....
Tommy Lent
Tommy Lent:
Wonderful and totally unique movie. No filler. I didn't even notice it was in black and white until I read some reviews after I watched it! The boy who plays the nephew is a wonderful actor. Of course we know how great Joaquin is. Very low key in this movie but the emotions pour forth in every scene. Not heartbreaking. Not a comedy. Just a great mix of moments where you will laugh and others where you'll see the struggle to keep things together with the few remaining members of a family, not to mention some imaginary ones.
Joaquin Phoenix has been my crush since i was in my late teens. In fact ever since i saw him in the 2000 film Quills, i fell in love. Talk about a performance! Heart and soul. His captivating green, sad eyes speak all the emotions of the world. He can make the viewer cry or laugh. His characters feel real. His portrayals are those of troubled characters and they are always exquisite and spot on. Joaquin is a genuine actor and lover of art.And now, having seen the trailer of this film, i truly can't wait. You see, Joaquin is not all about Joker, he's come a long way. OK, he was phenomenal in Joker but he has always been huge!
AJ Ford
AJ Ford:
I feel like no one says this but i’ll say it because I mean it. Mike Mills is one of my favorite directors and definitely one of my favorite screenwriters. I can’t tell you how much his movies influenced me.
Patricia Ortega Rojas
Patricia Ortega Rojas:
Joaquín definitely cannot be only labeled as Joker ...he has a lot of talent to give and his strengths are in this type of human and touching movies.
Nick Balma
Nick Balma:
I mean, the trailer is already an emotional masterpiece. Definitely a watch
Blip Machine
Blip Machine:
I like how A24 has become synonymous with quality. Their trailers get to the trending page no matter what they put up.
A24 - the greatest studio going. Whether I end up liking the film or not, I'll end up thinking about it a lot afterwards and will have no regrets about watching it.
Olaf Slartibartfast
Olaf Slartibartfast:
This movie is different from most other movies but worthwhile watching; not bad, great acting by all characters.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
This is how comic book fans must feel when they see a product they’re very excited to see. Very excited for this The first few seconds had me hooked, immediately
Ace tiC
Ace tiC:
Tra scorci poetici e scarti emozionali si sviluppa, elegante e leggera, la regia di Mike Mills. Un’altra fantastica interpretazione di Joaquin Phoenix connessa ad una sorprendente maturità attoriale di Woody Norman. Il processo conoscitivo tra i due protagonisti, supportato da spiazzanti dialoghi (bla, bla, bla..), risulta empatico e costruttivo (persino invidiabile). Il bianco e nero offre calore e sostanza al film. La (le) città fungono da terzo protagonista è danno ritmo armonico alla narrazione. Debussy incornicia poeticamente un film da Oscar (peccato per la mancata candidatura.... ma si sa.... anche le giurie sbagliano!). Ovviamente da vedere in lingua originale!
Dominika Dąbrowska
Dominika Dąbrowska:
Just AMAZING! All bouquet of emotions!
Joaquin is such an amazing actor
Chris McQueen
Chris McQueen:
*Oh man, this looks gorgeous.*
So excited to see this, especially with another performance from Joaquin Phoenix and screenplay from Mike Mills. I swear anything Phoenix acts in and that Mills writes is always fascinating to see.
James Cormier
James Cormier:
wow ... every time I see A24 releasing a new trailer it never disappoints!
John Lewis Frye
John Lewis Frye:
Man, that is definitely, by no doubt, my favorite A24's trailer.
“To visit planet Earth, you’ll have to be born as a human child…”

Something about that line really hits me. It’s one of the most profound things I’ve heard in a long time.
Yes...I want to see this. I don't think it'll be safe enough by my standards to return to the theater, but when it's on Netflix, I will watch it.
Philip Berger
Philip Berger:
Best film ive seen this year. Cried three times..
Alfie Frost
Alfie Frost:
I hope he gets another Oscar because he absolutely deserves it
isabel margarida Duarte
isabel margarida Duarte:
Uma maravilha de filme.
Clinton Pugh
Clinton Pugh:
this is definitely gonna be a tear jerker 🥺
Anish Malhotra
Anish Malhotra:
beautiful movie , if u r thinking about watching go ahead u will want more after it ends.
I'm not crying, you are! Saw this yesterday and it was just so sweet and beautifully moving. Joaquin was such a great casting choice as was Woody Norman.
AJ Ford
AJ Ford:
I saw this at NYFF. Not only is it my favorite movie of the year (and believe me I don’t think ANYTHING will top it) it’s going to become one of my favorite movies. This is a huge warm hug of a movie. I’m obsessed.
Ismail L-08
Ismail L-08:
You made cinema alive, thank you A24.
Samirit Banik
Samirit Banik:
This is Joaquin. An actor who can balance thousands of shades of the human personality - for some he may be the joker, for me he's Freddie from master and from other film, some other character..this is a masterful actor who deserves more and more recognition.
D B:
This man......he always takes my breath away.
Joaquin phoenix, thanks for blessing the film world with sincerity.
Shahan Ahsan
Shahan Ahsan:
An A24 Joaquin Phoenix movie
This is what I wanted in my life
M B:
already teared up at the trailer can't wait for it to come out!
Mike The Creator
Mike The Creator:
Joaquin Phoenix is an absolutely wonderful actor, I cried just by watching this trailer.
You know it's gonna be a good film when it's by A24
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos:
This man is an Academy award winner but, in reality he should have at least THREE oscar wins. He rightfully won for Joker, but he also shouldve won for Gladiator and Walk the Line. And surprise surprise im already hearing oscar buzz for this performance.
Lup Le Fan De Cartoons
Lup Le Fan De Cartoons:
Sé perfectamente que esta película no tiene nada que ver con "Joker" o con DC, pero no puedo evitar pensar en que este es un universo donde Arthur tuvo una mejor vida. Me tembló el corazón cuando ví la escena donde baña a su hijo. Esto pasa cuando un actor interpreta un papel de un personaje que se hace popular, siempre se le verá como ese personaje sin importar la película que fuese.
The first movie I saw that starred Joaquin Phoenix was “her”. Ever since that movie I’ve become a light fan of his. By light I mean I haven’t seen every film he’s in, but I have enjoyed his performances in the movies that I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to watching another one of his films🙌🏽🙌🏽
Esme W Vimes
Esme W Vimes:
I'm an avid Joaquin fan. I think we all have list of actors and directors, and if they are involved, I am all in. Cohen Brothers, Akira Kurosawa, Ang Lee. Actors, , Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman, Emma Thompson, both Farmiga sisters. Ian McShane, Ian McKellen, Johnny Depp, Joel Kinnaman, Matthew McConaughey was not on my list for a while, but he has earned his spot, and, of course, Joaquin, to name a few.

I avoided watching Her for a few years because I was afraid I'd hate it. It seemed like this sad romance, and I don't like sad movies, and I hate romantic movies, the so-called Chick Flick. I decided I'd watch about 10 minutes of it, for Joaquin. I, of course, watched the whole movie and I don't think I would have for any other actor. I cannot even count how many times I've watched You Were Never Really Here. If you are a fan, do yourself a favor, hop on over to Prime and watch it. mesmerizing. The first movie I ever saw with Joaquin was To Die For with Nicole Kidman and Matt Dillon. Even though this had to be among his first movies, it was Joaquin's performance I still remember, even though I was watching the movie because Nicole Kidman was in it. Joaquin doesn't disappoint, whether it's on the screen, accepting an award, giving an interview, or making a speech, I'm all in.
Still I remember his joker it was portrayed so beautifully by him definitely want a second installment of the film.
Edgar John
Edgar John:
Wow.. I hope the film is as good as the trailer 🙏 I think this will be a masterpiece ❤
Pang Lam
Pang Lam:
So excited to see this, especially with another performance from Joaquin Phoenix and screenplay from Mike Mills. I swear anything Phoenix acts in and that Mills writes is always fascinating to see.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing:
A24 + Joaquin Phoenix = MASTERPIECE
Lonely G
Lonely G:
Ok so he needs another Oscar.
The Fading Frontier
The Fading Frontier:
Looks extremely good, I’ll watch anything with Phoenix in. He’s the best modern day actor around, really doesn’t get better than Joaquin.
Augusto José
Augusto José:
This movie was great and the inclusion of "Strange" by Wire was a magical touch!
Looks incredibly beautiful. Can’t wait for this.
Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay
Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay:
He is the best actor of his generation .
Andrew Goode
Andrew Goode:
I still want a Walk The Line sequel. He's gotten older and a movie based on the rest of Johnny Cash's life would be insane
vinicius soares
vinicius soares:
Será que vem ai o melhor filme do ano ?
El violamentes
El violamentes :
Oh por dios se viene una actuación de esas que te dejan marcados para toda la vida.
Awesome. Love A24, Joaquin Phoenix, and Mike Mill's film "20th Century Women". Looking forward to this.
Neil B
Neil B:
20th Century women had the same kind of existential pondering. I loved that. Excited for more of Mike Mills' brilliant storytelling.
I can't wait for it
What a great trailer! Gave such little info and still so much emotion
Sundar Subramaniyan
Sundar Subramaniyan:
Sometimes you need to watch films like this to appreciate our mere mortal lives and feel the gratitude for what we’ve got that we fail to see often.
Joaquin Phoenix also played such a memorable villain in Gladiator, one of the first movies I remember seeing him in. That man has range.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
This feels like a film that will have me in complete tears either midway or when the credits roll, completely speechless at the masterpiece I just witnessed.
𝓒𝓸𝓭𝔂 𝓜𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓪𝓷𝓪
𝓒𝓸𝓭𝔂 𝓜𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓪𝓷𝓪:
This is how comic book fans must feel when they see a product they’re very excited to see.

Very excited for this

The first few seconds had me hooked, immediately
I T:
God C'mon C'mon, Don't Look Up and The Guilty trailers all dropping back to back. Is it Christmas already!! Can't wait for the end of this year!! FINALLY AMAZING FILMS!!
L J C:
I have no idea what this is about yet but I love A24 & I’m so happy to see Gaby Hoffman in a movie. I had read an article with an interview of her just talking about the struggle to find work. I just love her since Field of Dreams. Makes me happy when people are successful.
Trista Freisinger
Trista Freisinger:
So excited for this! I heard this was Joaquin’s mellowest performance yet! I love everything he does! And if it’s A24 I’m most definitely watching it!
the abstract cinema.
the abstract cinema.:
A24 never disappoints
Jean Santana
Jean Santana:
being a daddy of two myself, 30 seconds into this...already sobbing.
Dr. Harshit Joshi
Dr. Harshit Joshi:
Joaquin is a master.. no doubt about it! ❤️🔥
Leo Mataele
Leo Mataele:
Regardless of the rendition, Clair de Lune always makes me feel some type of way
Joaquin Phoenix is THE actor of his generation, a talent able to tap into an emotional range few professionals can match. This material looks perfect for him. I'm there.
kiki xi
kiki xi:
I can tell that this is going to be another movie that will make me cry for the whole day after watching it
Arslan Baig
Arslan Baig:
Two thumbs up for Joaquin Phoenix in C'mon C'mon. This movie looks WOW! 👍👍
Matheus K.
Matheus K.:
You had me at Joaquin Phoenix… Can’t wait to see it!
Shannon Breland
Shannon Breland:
This looks fantastic! I just love Joaquin Phoenix. I recently saw him in the movie "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot" and he was brilliant as ever. Can't wait to see this one.
This film has amazing scenes. It really starts to pull you in right when they're about to go to New York.