Coldplay - Everyday Life (Official Lyric Video)

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This song is called Everyday Life because I’m gonna be listening to it everyday for the rest of my life
John Schwartzle
John Schwartzle:
The people who love and listen to coldplay are my people..
In the times of lockdown, we long for our everyday life. But let’s think, there are those who are less fortunate than us, who don’t have a shelter, who go to sleep hungry, without any loved ones to dry their tears. We are one. Humanity is one. Let us love one another! That’s what this song means to me!!!! It’s more than a song, it shows a way of life!!!
Tina Turret
Tina Turret:
I want to dedicate this song to all the hopeful people in 2020.
Stay safe everyone. We’re gonna get through all of this.
Silas Ferraz
Silas Ferraz:
What in the world are we going to do?
Look at what everybody's going through
What kind of world do you want it to be?
Am I the future or the history?

'Cause everyone hurts
Everyone cries
Everyone tells each other all kinds of lies
Everyone falls
Everybody dreams and doubts
Got to keep dancing when the lights go out

How in the world I am going to see?
You as my brother
Not my enemy?

'Cause everyone hurts
Everyone cries
Everyone sees the colour in each other's eyes
Everyone loves
Everybody gets their hearts ripped out
Got to keep dancing when the lights go out
Gonna keep dancing when the lights go out
Hold tight for everyday life
Hold tight for everyday life

At first light
Throw my arms out open wi
Coldplay: Am I a part of the cure or am I part of the disease?
Also Coldplay: Am I the future or the history?

Love these guys.
Shin-ae Park
Shin-ae Park:
This song sounds like an coming to end movie but it also feels like it’s a start of a whole’s very warm. Again, thanks Coldplay 🥺
Class 800
Class 800:
It doesn’t matter when you started listening to Coldplay, the only part that matters is how special it is to everyone.
aparna sharma
aparna sharma:
*"Coldplay Is not a band , it's a feeling"*
Gopal Rana
Gopal Rana:
why is the violin so melodious? just sinks inside the heart.
Tubaa Islaam
Tubaa Islaam:
I feel like a better person when I listen to Coldplay
Dr Ryhong 34
Dr Ryhong 34:
The most Coldplay sounding song I’ve ever heard
Karen Carosone
Karen Carosone:
It has been 4 years since my son has gone to another dimension, Coldplay was a favorite of his and still helps me continue to carry on. Thank you Coldplay.
Robert Dunham
Robert Dunham:
Got married today to my beautiful wife. Checked my favorite band in the world to see if they posted anything..They did. So thank you Coldplay for making our wedding day even more special by giving us a beautiful song to relax too on our special day. Love always. Take care everyone.
Alex W
Alex W:
Well .. this is embarrassing. We've just flipped into 2020, I've listened to this track so many times already, but I've found myself tearing up. I'm a 54 year old grandfather for god's sake!!! Thank you Coldplay ... Genuinely.
[Edit] Who would have thought, 2 months ago when I posted this, the situation we'd be in now. The lyrics are surely even more poignant.
What a beautiful song! Like an anthem of light 💡 esp now during this global coronavirus pandemic. "Got to keep dancing when the lights go out" Staysafe! 💛Coldplay
This song had taken on a whole new meaning now. It stopped me in my tracks when I listened to it today for the first time in a while. Chills up my spine. Incredibly prophetic.
Liana Larsen
Liana Larsen:
This song hits all my feels it's so beautiful. Coldplay has been getting me through everyday life since I was 14 I'm 33 now.
Ajay Rawat
Ajay Rawat:
Coldplay should be declared a legitimate treatment for depression.
Madhav Bajaj
Madhav Bajaj:
Just shared this song with my girlfriend. She liked it. Gonna wife her for sure♥️
Cheers from India!!
L Duncan
L Duncan:
REM: Everybody hurts...

Coldplay: ...arms opened wide.
Angela Blackthorne
Angela Blackthorne:
I'm taking
"Got to keep dancing when the lights go out"
as a special thought for California.😃😂
No worries, Chris Bro.
We rise like phoenixes from the ashes.
Go See
Go See:
Chris you are a gem of person.
Dont stop making music.
Amrit Mech Baruah
Amrit Mech Baruah:
Me : I've lost hope

Coldplay : I'm going to start this man's entire career
I don't understand how you can dislike such a masterpiece
سبعة أشياء
سبعة أشياء:
I just got the confirmation email that I got my tickets for Coldplay’s concert in Jordan 😍😍😍😍😍😍 this is the best thing ever happened to me! It’s a dream coming true ❤️ Thank you Coldplay for coming here and for all the great masterpieces you did including this song, I can’t wait to see you in few days! Love and peace from Jordan ❤️
sapan tiwari
sapan tiwari:
If you start playing "Church" at around 0:32, and at the same time start playing "Everyday Life" at around 1:06, then the songs will sync up until both songs end. I doubt this is a coincidence! I hope someone reads this and actually tries it out because I think its a very cool little find.
When the singing is synced properly it really does fit together.
Hakim Abd Rahim
Hakim Abd Rahim:
If you notice there are two Arabic words up there; it reads as "Salaam wa Habb"
Translated to Peace and Love

Spread peace and love guys!
Julius Sønderby hansen
Julius Sønderby hansen:
The "scrolling through the comments while listening" squad
boby primadi
boby primadi:
Music is sure about taste, but whoever dislikes this I.....
Emily Grimm
Emily Grimm:
Rarely has a song been more perfect (to me) for a time in our nation's, and world's history. For so many of us whose lives have been radically disrupted in these last weeks.....keep dancing when the lights go out....hold tight for everyday life....and know that together we WILL see the first light!
W-E-J-tv Werewolf Entertainment Jamgha
W-E-J-tv Werewolf Entertainment Jamgha:
look at what everybody's going through... 😔 it's like coldPlay knew something like this was gonna happen (COVID-19)
Vu My
Vu My:
Coldplay is not a band, they’re a legend!
exquisite browngirl
exquisite browngirl:
Like this if Coldplay never disappoints!!!!!!!😆😆
Toni Kfoury
Toni Kfoury:
Best song i've ever heard im my entire life
Claire Jones
Claire Jones:
These lyrics mean a lot to me at the moment,where you just don't know where your life is heading and what you can do to make it better,I suppose it's that time of year for me when I question what I'm going to do,it's just everyday life
johnstonkevin Phillips
johnstonkevin Phillips:
This album is called Everyday Life because Coldplay knows that I’m going to listen to their songs for every single day of my life
Michael Pouchet
Michael Pouchet:
Coldplay evokes emotions and experiences that you've never experienced. Timeless.....can't wait for the 22nd
I don’t think another band will ever make me feel the way Coldplay has, they will always be my favorite band of all time no doubt in my mind
Cayfau Lee
Cayfau Lee:
This song is so relaxing congratulantion Coldplay
Adam Badruddin Syah
Adam Badruddin Syah:
"Am I the future or the history?", I've been starting to ask myself this question. 😔
Zayn Hasan
Zayn Hasan:
who dislike this video doesn't deserve everyday life.
Justice Blesz
Justice Blesz:
Let's keep fighting and never give up, we going to win this war against coronavirus
Brett Laslo
Brett Laslo:
2003: Am I part of the Cure or am I part of the Disease
2019: Am I the Future or the History
gotta keep dancing when the lights go out... hold on tight for everyday life guys.
Stev O
Stev O:
Got to keep dancing when the lights go out...
rockin tazia
rockin tazia:
All Coldplay songs/lyrics hits us. Going to be written in the books of history from all across the world. Aamiin...
Fernando Salto
Fernando Salto:
The best song of the whole album.
Ellie _
Ellie _:
"old coldplay" vibes + message of hope = the kind of song that heals heart and soul
Hamza ben haouas
Hamza ben haouas:
Peace and love "سلام و حب" Thanks Coldplay for this masterpiece ❤❤
colyn barrett
colyn barrett:
Even at the age of 69 years young. Boy I just Love This Band!! Listened to the music of the 60s 70s 80s and 90s now Thank goodness I still have Coldplay too listen to. Great Stuff!! Many thanks and Kind regards Colyn.
*Song starts. Me opening doors of my house. Black and white scene.
*I come down to the road. Turn to my right. Kid with his mum hungry asking for food. Crying. Turn to my left. Guy just holding on to a notepad written "I really loved her." And the girl just walking away with another guy across the street. Then in the air, bomber planes flying across and bombing cities across. And the song vocals starts n I walk down the road slowly singing with tears running down my face.*
noveendy faleeh azyzy
noveendy faleeh azyzy:
When i listen to Coldplay. I want to sit alone, close my eyes, calm my heart, remember what makes me happy, sad, and calm.
Mushahid Shah
Mushahid Shah:
Coldplay is the only band I will choose to listen forever.
Unkind official Music
Unkind official Music:
It's a great band, that makes great songs, for people who really appreciate music !!
This song really gives me “fix you” vibes, from some reason..
Anybody notice how the beginning of this song sounds just like the ending of Gravity?
Nikos PJ
Nikos PJ:
"Church" is the brother song of "Everyday life". Change my mind!
A T:
Its like Coldplay knows that 2019 was a rough year and this will be the song I’ll be playing on New Year’s Eve.
I’m glad Coldplay is back to this stuff again this is so much better than head full of dreams
Ahsan Sajid
Ahsan Sajid:
The view count makes me wanna re-design human brains
sanyam gupta
sanyam gupta:
I realized this world has problems when i saw this video had only 8 million views.
Aaron Rodriquez
Aaron Rodriquez:
Ahhh Chris Martin's vocal timbre brings nostalgia, all those years and memories of listening at various places in my life... 2000 until today, Parachutes to Adventure of a Lifetime... the memories. Sydney 2009 Viva La Vida tour & Adventure of a Lifetime tour 7 years later. Still producing world class tunes with positive lyrics to bring change. Jesus is the answer to Everyday life and when the lights go out, pain, suffering and hate. Hallelujah...We all need The Saviour - Jesus is King.
Proof that Coldplay hasn’t lost its soul yet
Streeter Johnson
Streeter Johnson:
Went into a deep depression for the past 3 years. Almost took my life multiple times. Had severe depression and anxiety. Hands down was the worst time of my life. It was torture and beyond painful. 2019 has been a year where I finally found out how to beat this. Found out the tools to to channel it into growth...and to feel one ounce of happiness for the first time in years.... Coldplay then comes out with Everyday Life as I’m coming out of my own mental abyss. Thank you guys. Your music calms and raises my spirit. You’re back :) I’m back... this is a new beginning.
Anarat Fatima
Anarat Fatima:
Did no one notice the urdu writing "غروب" at the beginning??
I like to think of Coldplay as one of the ‘heavy hitters’. I’ve been amazed by the incredible talent of three groups of musicians in my life. They’re all British for some reason. They all have a wide range of incredible and unique material. They are The Beatles, Tears For Fears, and Coldplay.
C. W. The Dude
C. W. The Dude:
Notice that the needle actually moves throughout the video....Beautiful music with beautiful visuals. Coldplay never disappoints.
Winkie Lam
Winkie Lam:
0% drugs
0% alcohol
0% sexuality
100% talent
100% beautiful lyrics 💙
S.M. Aminul Haque
S.M. Aminul Haque:
New generic name of antidepressant is "Coldplay"
Antony Ramírez
Antony Ramírez:
I think this is the most beautiful song of their new album. Daddy, was so deep too.
Metaphysical Mike
Metaphysical Mike:
This sound spoke directly to my soul
Instant chills throughout my body
Chloe Ramos
Chloe Ramos:
idk about u guys but every time i hear the beautiful intro of the song i immediately imagine two old lovers crossing paths again for the first time. So hear me out LOL

the scene is:
Mid 1900s-1920s? hehe
The sun has risen on a fine morning. The woman is walking back to the vineyard to help pick out the grapes. She walks through the valley and passes by some cattles that her family owns. She has beautiful curly hair and she wears a bandanna over it.
She joins the other farmers. But suddenly they all turn their heads as they see a silhoutte of a man riding a horse. She cant see it because of the morning fog. The man gets down from the horse. The man looks like as if he came back from a war. His face is covered with dirt. The woman looks into him.
The man is walking towards the vineyard. Birds are chirping in the background. She finally recognizes him. The other farmers are confused. They both look into each other. The woman is all teary eyed yet smiling from ear to ear standing there while holding her basket.

He has returned
nico vega
nico vega:
Like a los que aman a Coldplay! ❤️
Daffer Donk
Daffer Donk:
You know my rabbit died last week and this song really helps me feel better. Thank you Coldplay🙏
h trademark
h trademark:
This goes out to all of the Coldplay fans that are no longer with us... 👊😔
Erick Santos
Erick Santos:
Coldplay will be there when you need them the most
Mr Felix Abayomi Ojetayo
Mr Felix Abayomi Ojetayo:
Powerful song of harmony!!😢😢how I wish we start loving ourselves and caring !!we are all one great people!!
Laxya music
Laxya music:
The only bad thing about this song is that it ends
Ushawn Gooding
Ushawn Gooding:
Coldplay are Angels living on earth giving us heaven's music to us.
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya:
*”Everyday Life”. I’ll listen it everyday of my life.*
Carlos Kombo
Carlos Kombo:
O album tá muito bommm!! Pura arte;)
ASSELIN Jean-Philippe
ASSELIN Jean-Philippe:
Chris Martin: I implore you for a long version of this wonderful song.
Coldplay: the only band that makes a song about everyday life feel so exciting
Alish Awasthi
Alish Awasthi:
The "hallelujah" is just soo soothing.☀️☀️
Gusti Pratama Raniodi
Gusti Pratama Raniodi:
This song give me spirit and make me stronger when i must survive in my room when my country has been lockdown because coronavirus
Jordson Dias
Jordson Dias:
Vou continuar dançando quando as luzes se apagarem
Chris Norman
Chris Norman:
The greatest band since the Beatles, Chris Norman, a very old man.
Vir Lozano
Vir Lozano:
This song just feels like the most human song ever.
Oficina dos mimos
Oficina dos mimos:
Como não amar?????? Vocês conseguem me fazer chorar só com o toque de segundos.... Top DEMAIS ♥️
Shregger Hoverns
Shregger Hoverns:
As a Formula 1 fan, I love it when the lights go out
Anna Marfa
Anna Marfa:
This is the Coldplay we all know. theyre back to who they really are.
silvilane alcantara
silvilane alcantara:
Parabéns a banda, nessa brilhante trajetória, em ter seu grande referêncial a banda A-HA, com suas belíssimas canções inspiradoras e muito poéticas. Coldplay, A-HA 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Siddhant Bharadwaj
Siddhant Bharadwaj:
The last time I was this early, Coldplay was called StarFish.
Melody Fox
Melody Fox:
The lyrics to this Coldplay track are amazing, imo, so I've decided to copy and paste what I found on Google, for anyone who would like to sing along... Indeed it's a song that is *Everyday Life*...
Thank you, Coldplay!
Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock)
LPM 💙☮️🎵

*Everyday Life* (by and with Coldplay)

What in the world are we going to do?
Look at what everybody's going through
What kind of world do you want it to be?
Am I the future or the history?

'Cause everyone hurts
Everyone cries
Everyone tells each other all kinds of lies
Everyone falls
Everybody dreams and doubts
Got to keep dancing when the lights go out

How in the world I am going to see?
You as my brother
...Not my enemy?

'Cause everyone hurts
Everyone cries
Everyone sees the colour in each other's eyes
Everyone loves
Everybody gets their hearts ripped out
Got to keep dancing when the lights go out
Gonna keep dancing when the lights go out
Hold tight for everyday life
Hold tight for everyday life

At first light
Throw my arms out open wide
*Got to keep dancing when the lights go out <3*
jaleah mcintosh
jaleah mcintosh:
”Got to keep dancing when the lights go out” I bout’ cried 😭 “At 1st light, throw my arms out, open wide” ok now I’m crying 😢
Nicanor Negre
Nicanor Negre:
"Coldplay is not a band, it's a hymn"
Arcy Meneses
Arcy Meneses:
Just beautiful. Tears are rolling down my eyes.

They are back.