Colin Farrell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Kogonada and the cast of ‘After Yang’ at Variety Studio Sundance

Colin Farrell is unrecognizable as the bloated Penguin in teasers for “The Batman.” But transforming himself into the pock-marked villain with a bad combover required him to be in the makeup chair for “four hours,” Farrell said at Variety’s Virtual Sundance Studio presented by Audible.

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Sydney Candelaria
Sydney Candelaria:
Love that Colin Farrell is just causualy lounging on the couch with his cat🤣
Channing Callahan
Channing Callahan:
Colin Farrell petting his cat during an interview is my new favorite thing
Haley Lu Richardson is just being there silent whole interview.
I really wanted to hear her thoughts about working with Kogonada again.
Or even something.
Man Farrell really doesn’t age does he? Great film
Daphne Gold
Daphne Gold:
Oh my gosh, I love Colin Farrell! Stay well🐱♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️🐱
david mckesey
david mckesey:
I loved Columbus so I am excited to this and Haley LU Richardson is a marvel
Dina Cox
Dina Cox:
I almost seemed that Kogonada's cat moved from his remote screen to Colin Farrell's space.
Blia Yang
Blia Yang:
Justin is one handsome lad.
I'm here for the cat
kimberley williams
kimberley williams:
Jodi is so stunning!!!
Andrew Nation
Andrew Nation:
Thank-you soo freaky freakin much fam 😄
Abel Rozario
Abel Rozario:
It's not in any OTT or screening,
Please advise, where can I watch
strangely there is no movie trailer for this movie.
i can make one if you guys need me!
Artem Ivanov
Artem Ivanov: