Company of Heroes 3 - Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Check out the all new Company of Heroes 3 Gameplay Reveal Trailer!

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now i can see my entire platoon killed by a single nebelwerfer in HD
*Destroys half of the italian city with artillery and bombing runs* "We did it patrick, we saved the city".
I hope they bring back legendary voicelines from coh 1 such as "On behalf of the grateful fatherland in glorious struggle, honour and blood, I present to you this Iron Cross"
Kencho Bencho
Kencho Bencho:
Everyone is running as if they just had a heavy meal, just casually jogging while under mg fire lol
I just about had a fucking heart attack. Coh3, after so many years!
Timothy B
Timothy B:
Company of heroes is the greatest RTS series of all time. So glad there’ll be another one. I do hope they will be able to work in/add a pacific campaign or two eventually, although it depicting that part of the war accurately would obviously be quite a challenge
Never thought they'd release another company of heroes, sure hope it's more like the first one.
I'm trying to be incredibly excited, because I loved both COH's, and their DLC. But this trailer is starting to give me some DOW 3 vibes, especially from those unit sizes. 2 man machine gun crews? 3 man infantry squads? I'm really hoping I'm just seeing it wrong, because that's some red flags if not.
I am hyped for this game! I hope it is as good as its predecessors.
Imperial Guardsman
Imperial Guardsman:
I wish the Eastern Front is still included as a dlc or something. But what would be really cool is if they add Japan
Loved the last 2 games but this doesn’t really look much different or newer! Hopefully it improves on the others!
Groximus Planeta Juegos
Groximus Planeta Juegos:
That flamethrower somehow looks worst than CoH 1 flamethrower...
Isaac Karl Shadow
Isaac Karl Shadow:
Oh boy, CoH never disappoints with its stunning graphics, I'm so excited!
The destructible environment still need work, but looks fine if the release still far away
Tommy 1807
Tommy 1807:
I am so excited, wanted this for years! Can’t wait for CoH 3.
First impressions are that this looks alot like an updated Company of Heroes 2 in the tactical combat.
Although there appears to be a strategic level for the campaign as well. Maybe something similar to Dawn of War Dark Crusade.
I'm really happy that the RTS genre is slowly coming back. Let's hope this game is at least decent
OMFG YES! I was WAITING patiently just asking myself the other day "Didn't Relic say they were working on CoH3 like 3 years ago?"
This is gonna be IN SANE!
Thomas Wajs
Thomas Wajs:
I haven't stopped playing CoH2 so seeing this makes me so so happy
Rakesh PN Singh
Rakesh PN Singh:
Waited so long for this Masterpiece.
One suggestions: Collapsing building can improve, make it more real please.
Tom A
Tom A:
1:05 them boys are killing the hell out of that wall
just a guy
just a guy:
That looks great! Go relic! The combination of cinematic and GamePlay trailer like that is an awesome idea!
Admiral Piett 1
Admiral Piett 1:
Hopefully they increase the range on those mortars. They looked way to short in the trailer.
Let's just hope that this 3rd entry in the COH series won't be a death sentence like DOW 3 was for dawn of war...
kG Vector
kG Vector:
This looks AWESOME, cant wait
I'm pumped but while its early days, this looks ROUGH. Keen to see more
This looks really good tbf, can't wait to try a new CoH game
thugbodian dw
thugbodian dw:
This is what we need ✨✨
No matter how good it looks it still can't hold against first CoH game and it's DLC's. The first one is one of best video games ever to have being created. Game is so complicated and at the same time so simple that i played it for hours.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader:
Finally been waiting for years,please don't disappoint us like cyberpunk did be better!
Juan Oliveira
Juan Oliveira:
graphics and physics seems a generation or two older than a current one but I'm glad to see they are coming up with a new COH. I haven't played it since COH1 and was a bit surprised the graphics on the COH3 are pretty similar in quality. I was expecting a bit more, not gonna lie. It is an awesome game and pretty fun so hopefully the gameplay is still fun at least.
I got Company of Heroes 2 recently and I see why it’s a classic game! Been playing it with friends ever since! Now that Company of Heroes 3 is coming out, I’m excited for it! I just hope it doesn’t lag as much
I got Company of Heroes 2 recently and I see why it’s a classic game! Been playing it with friends ever since! Now that Company of Heroes 3 is coming out, I’m excited for it! I just hope it doesn’t lag as much
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith:
Can’t wait for modders to get ahold of it, Europe at war, blitzkreig, or the other ones in COH 2 that fix the game back to CoH 1 standards. Either way so long as this is moddable then I’m sold…that and they don’t pull a DoW lll and mess up a fantastic streak of games.
I'm really excited 😍😍😍
I grew up playing this game since childhood
Nicolas Ct
Nicolas Ct:
As much as I am glad for a COH 3, I feel like the new game looks visually very similar to COH2 at a point some vehicles seems to be the very same assets
I honestly can't believe we're getting another CoH game! I about fainted, I've been playing CoH since the release of the first one and still play CoH 2 today! Lemme tell ya, this title is going to steal the spotlight from CoH 2 for me!
Daniel Bodruk
Daniel Bodruk:
Awesome! I love this game since the first!
White Iverson
White Iverson:
after all of those years finnaly ! i can't wait for this
This is great, cause I just beat the second game for the first time last week!
Whoever made this trailer despite the game having the most janky lookin settings..
Give that man a raise!
Chadoqi Daffron
Chadoqi Daffron:
I'm already loving it! So gonna get this I love rts
The Red Menace
The Red Menace:
I'd hope it'd come to next gen xbox, would love to see rts games come back. There's a small few but not many.
Finally, a new sequel to Rome: Total War
Rhys Wong
Rhys Wong:
Never in my life COH is back with 3. I am still addicted to COH 2. Bring it on...
Please this time support for mods that change game.
i had waited since college, now i'm married but still exciting for this
I hope the UI is clean and simple like the first one. It was a clunky mess in the 2nd.
Nguyên Hoàng
Nguyên Hoàng:
Looks really cool. I played the hell out of Company of Heroes 1 and 2. I will look forward to this. Might need to buy new PC as well.

I like the direction into North Africa and South Europe. This will spice things up.
Arnaud Durand
Arnaud Durand:
After trying the free preview, I have the feeling that Relic can't keep up with the latest technologies as both CoH3 and AoE4 look a bit outdated. I am still looking forward to both of these games.
Rodolfo Hernandez
Rodolfo Hernandez:
Early Work in Progress. Are you kidding me? It's beautiful. Already wanna play it now. Way to go COH3 👏👏👏👏
Jaap Relou
Jaap Relou:
why is everyone moving in slow motion and with a broom stuck in their jacket and pants?
I hope we get an Italian faction. That way if I loose the skirmish and my German friends save me it's historically accurate. Di Qui Non Si Passa!
Zero 9iners
Zero 9iners:
Seeing the combination of Total War, Wargame, R.U.S.E, World in conflicts; It makes me happy of the good old days
Tom Francis
Tom Francis:
Right now I'm not 100% sold, but if there's substantial improvements to the gameplay and bucket loads of content to go with it then I'm in. Breaching garrisoned buildings looks especailly interesting

Also, what's with the bullets and mortar shells moving so slowly? Literal arrows fired from bows go faster.
Lotr lmao
Lotr lmao:
You guys must succeed! It's Crucial to receive and choose the right feedback from fans!
max uhlig
max uhlig:
I care mostly about the Multiplayer. Please just take COH2 and improve it <3
I think I saw Gebirgsjäger infantry, Devil's Brigade and SAS so I'm wondering if those units are going to have a ability to climb cliffs
(If so can't wait for my support teams to be flanked by Elite infantry)
Narwhal Blast
Narwhal Blast:
After testing this Pre-Alpha myself, I began realize how Cyberpunk looked like when they released the trailer.
Piracy CFPH
Piracy CFPH:
i was waiting for japanese in pacific for the whole time, never thought they'd release on southern fronts
Arch Dornan
Arch Dornan:
Looks pretty good for pre-alpha. Wonder what the final product will look like?
leon navarette
leon navarette:
To be Honest i never thought company of heroes 3 would come out! but over all gameplay and designs are nice
Harry Huang
Harry Huang:
Damn this really came out of nowhere huh everyome thought this wasn't gonna happen since relics too busy making age of empires right now. As a coh veteran who has played every game and dlc I can say this looks pretty good. Graphics nice, models nice, base building nice... The only thing is why the fk is everyone running so fucking slow they seem like they all shat their pants or something 😂
Smittywerbenjaegermanjensen d
Smittywerbenjaegermanjensen d:
I wonder how the Italian faction will function. Maybe similar to the allies in which their equipment and tanks are cheaper but weaker than German tanks?
Best day of my life.
zeng alex
zeng alex:
The graphic is like COH 1 HD, a little bit disappointed with the graphics , the physics looks much better and realistic in COH 2
I don't know what to feel, although I've played coh2 for many years and I liked it I was also waiting for the coh3 to see what they've working on, all the improvement I've been waiting for. Well this was not what I had in mind but I'll try to be open minded and try it out first. I guess I just like coh2 art style more.
its been so long sinds i seen a new RTS im so happy that they are making new ones
Jurian Westerik
Jurian Westerik:
Now this looks like something that's worth the wait. Very cool idea. Total war style WW2!
Holy crap, I was just thinking today that I wanted to play Company of Heroes again. Then I checked on Steam, and it was on a massive sale, so I bought and downloaded it immediately. And now THIS gets announced NOW?! What were the odds?
Raven Ravenich
Raven Ravenich:
Can't wait for this!
Azael Pittamiglio
Azael Pittamiglio:
Amazing, hype hype hype
Lennart Voogt
Lennart Voogt:
looking at this makes me want another top down commando's game so bad
Naitoo37 m
Naitoo37 m:
YOOO i'm really exited for this
Looks good, but infantry and projectiles need to be way faster, especially projectiles
Was expecting it to be about Italy. Looking good!
Petros Markantonis
Petros Markantonis:
Man I don't know how to feel about this. Destructable environment and explosions look pretty great. But the overall look ... It doesnt hit me the same as coh 2 , the soldiers move way too slowly and they are so clean, instead of the more grim and realistic look of coh 2. I dont know, maybe its just me, I hope that its bc its in alpha. Please dont be like dow 3
Great game
Emmanuel Juarez
Emmanuel Juarez:
Same factions, same units, same gameplay feeling… man… the Rommel final part would be interesting…but to me is the same game as coh1 or 2 with different location just that…you want to stay in the west…made the game located in the early stages of the war, in the invasion of France, it would be awesome to develop as a player a strategy as Germany using Bewegungskrieg tactics using the early war equipment Germany had at that time vs the heavy static defense focus the french army units had.
Want to innovate? The pacific theatre for god’s sake. Using a Japanese defensive doctrine to defend and island to defend against marine amphibious landing using naval support you’d be awesome or maybe Japanese assault tactics vs British firepower like the battle for Singapore… men it just disappointing as a fan of a game that is awesome and let you have fun and learn about an interesting period of history that the developers just focus in the same factions and the same units…they were doing it right…coh 2…the eastern front…awesome !!! But with this one…dude I’m already thinking the Italians will not even have a faction and the Italians in the game will be as some special units the Germans will have inside their doctrine :/ , I really hope more will show up in the future with new stuff, but I thing it will be more about the same.
Victor Babalola
Victor Babalola:
Looks decent
Company of Hero it’s not just a game for me , it’s mean the nice old days I missed . Three years ago my pc has been broken. But now I spent 1500 dollars to buying a new pc just because I missed company of hero . I always missed to old days because I got very nice memories because my health was better friendship was better everything were better than now .
All im hoping for is that the combat has some range, i dont want it to pull an iron harvest where everyone is like 20 feet apart shooting at each other
Talha Bedir
Talha Bedir:
as detailed as a fine fps
Fact: with zero air support German defensive tactics in Italy were 10/10
The game series I grew up on♥️
What in gods name is this looks like a strategy game I’d find on the App Store for 15 dollars on my phone
A Dream comes true. I Played yesterday another round coh with my Brother and asked him why do they not Release a coh 3 and Herr we are !!!
Luigi Saguier
Luigi Saguier:
Thank God this feels more like COH 1 and less COH 2! Please bring modding support as that was KEY for COH1's success.
Alexander Neumann
Alexander Neumann:
I mean, I have only seen a few min of the trailer and I feel I have already played it. I don't know if that's a good thing?
Calum Deighton
Calum Deighton:
Okay. Alpha gameplay footage, and my thoughts are as follows.
Everyone is moving pretty slowly, and it reminds me of the pace in Iron Harvest. Not CoH2.
Also the mortar shells, like the nebelwerfers seen, are flying so slow and exaggerated, it makes the other units slow pace more obvious.
The units also consistently failed to get all their models into cover when ordered or moved into. The models that didn't take cover, also being the first to die as seen in the cinematic gameplay.
The weapons fire also from the infantry, like the MGs with their tracers, remind me a lot of Total War with the arrow and other missile flight effects. Hopefully there is a turn off feature to make it all less arcadey.
The building destruction stuff. I'll need to see more and to get some demo experience as well before I figure this is a good idea or a hindrance to gameplay.

I have memories and flashbacks of DoW3, and the art style of the game reminds me a little of that. Hopefully they don't screw this game series up as well.
And please, give us a damned demo to play!
Finn Wood
Finn Wood:
I know they’re different games with different mechanics etc, but anyone else agree that Men of War Assault Squad 2 looks a lot better?
The Creator
The Creator:
Hopefully they have better modding support. Would really like to see the ability to import custom models!
Sean Fernando Lopez
Sean Fernando Lopez:
I never thought the day would come
If really hope they support Mods and Community factions. If they bring back the best of COH1 and COH2 that would be really cool!
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston:
0:30 Are those Aussies? Hell yeah. Obviously they'll be the most powerful units in the game.
Travis Webb
Travis Webb:
This looks amazing!!!
I thought company of heroes 3 will move to the pacific

Adding Japanese faction would be sick!
Roberto Martino
Roberto Martino:
If we don't get the Italian army in this thing I'm going to be so pissed.
It needs polishing but besides that, the breaching building and elevation, shooting from a higher hill, looked awesome!