Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier UFC 264 Ceremonial Face-off!

Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier face-off for the final time ahead of their trilogy fight at UFC 264.

Watch UFC 264: Poirier v McGregor 3 on July 10 on BT Sport Box Office.

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Nikhil Pandey
Nikhil Pandey:
This appeared more genuine than the press conference. Can't wait for the fight.
Tim R
Tim R:
Dustin looks in phenomenal shape. McGregor looks solid after rehydrating as well. One hell of a card! 🔥
I love Conor, but damn it’s hard not to love Dustin also
Khaledur Rahman Arfat
Khaledur Rahman Arfat:
I loved how Dustin remained focused not reacting to Conor.
Amaan 7861
Amaan 7861:
Conor : “Dustin is gonna leave on a stretcher”
*Conor leaves on a stretcher*
A Lo
A Lo:
All these years and experience and joe still screams into the mic
TJ Masemola
TJ Masemola:
Y'all have no idea how much I miss that
I don’t know who’s going to win. This is going to be a banger
Ivan Johansen
Ivan Johansen:
Conor pulling his shorts up to throw a kick
Dana : Nope
Donald J
Donald J:
Dustin is so humble. He deserves the win 💪💪
It feels so good to see a hall full of crowd again .
People pleaser
People pleaser:
Conor: I'm gonna kill this man for disrespecting me

Dustin: all love. Props to Aiden Murphy.
Dana White looking at Conor like," Don't be a bad boy. Or else I will call your mom"
Sports Fan_91
Sports Fan_91:
Conor seems genuinely mad. I really hope he doesn't go in swinging for the fences.
To me based on who Greg Hardy has beaten vs who Tai Tuivasa has beaten, I think Tai may win but at the same time Hardy has better cardio and speed but I believe Tai is better technically and they both got power but one thing for sure Hardy is solid large tank.
"Tomorrow I'm gonna make this man pay with his life"

That did not age well, lol.
Colby D.
Colby D.:
Conor saying “with his LIFE” sent shocks through the guy behind Rogan. Let’s go champ champ
Connor looks a little bit more stocky. Hope that extra muscle didn’t slow him down and he can use his strength to his advantage.
Sean Mac
Sean Mac:
Both great fighters good luck to them both and have a good clean fight 💪
Zubair Anwar
Zubair Anwar:
“Tomorrow night..” the two words brings back memories 🦅
2:02 Dana is living he`s life over there
Ajay R
Ajay R:
"Poirier"- Man of his words!
We Are Live !
We Are Live !:
Yeee Fuuu
Yeee Fuuu:
Why Joe sounds like he's talking under water lmaoooo
Conor looks genuinely angry here I think he could upset some people if its not just a show.
nutella fluff
nutella fluff:
Anybody else watch joe rogan the whole time lol. His reactions always kill me🤣
Conor’s last win was at UFC 246, wonder what’ll happen in 264👀
Tri Tran
Tri Tran:
This must be a must win situation for conor cause if he lose , he’s done
Jack J
Jack J:
Conor looks so fired up for this!!!
Ritwik Basu
Ritwik Basu:
Dustin's looking confident in best state of mind might be conor's toughest fight till now
David O'Callaghan
David O'Callaghan:
MCGregor is a quiet boy this morning 😂😂😂
Kyle Haydock
Kyle Haydock:
He’s weighing at least 168 there already, looks same shape as the Diaz rematch. This is what we want to see
Good to see all the crowd back👍

damn 29-0 seems legit!
Thok Gurung
Thok Gurung:
Good luck Conor McGregor 🔥🥊
Umit Budak
Umit Budak:
I guess Conor learned the hard way about disrespecting someone’s kindness
Liam James
Liam James:
Conor looking like he’s just snorted half a gram before walking out
Virat Anand
Virat Anand:
It won't be an easy fight for any of them, it will go past 3 may even be 4 rounds i am sure. Dustin has been more active, like 2 fights every year, Conor has been immensely inactive..
Thus, an active , wise fighter up against a technically gifted striker...this should be an epic fight.
Warpdrive 1
Warpdrive 1:
Now this is truly unpredictable
When Conor said he will pay with his life and stared at him that was serious that was genuine focusing on ending Dustin 😂
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
Joe trying to hold on a joke for the walke between Connor and Dustin was amazing
Mr Mac
Mr Mac:
Its hilarious to see Dana stepping in the middle like he could do anything if 2 trained super fighters decided to go at it..
McChicken days are over, Dustin will knock him out again, mark my words people's
Granite Ying
Granite Ying:
Conor and Dana playing over-under gave me memories of being in primary school again 🤣🤣🤣
Sasang Vaiphei
Sasang Vaiphei:
"Everything is going to be A-ok' -conor
Trieu Vy
Trieu Vy:
Hard decision to make who’s gonna win, but if Conor will lose it’s over for him an I’m an huge fan of him. If he lose talking was nothing
Lima Longkumer007
Lima Longkumer007:
Who's here after the fight lol 😂🤣
Before the fight
Conor : I can't stand Dustin.
After the fight
Conor : Dustin , I can't stand.
It’s very interested how Mcgregor is standing orthodox when he squares up.
Damn, they both look in sharp this time lol time to throw them hands.
tay bazza
tay bazza:
This kick was why the leg snapped he fractured it here 😂😂
James massone
James massone:
Conor keeps standing orthodox like he’s gonna fight like that lol
Gabriel Karoma
Gabriel Karoma:
Really love Poirier personality but i want to see Conor win this time.
Vali Gogu
Vali Gogu:
Dustin looks in amazing shape.
Connor's body language is like he's the baddest scariest heaviest heavyweight alive 😂😂😂LMAO. I feel Francis ngannou the current heavyweight champion also the man who holds the world's hardest punch record would be in awe looking at connor's body language
Ty The Goat
Ty The Goat:
Team Poirier🔥 can’t wait to see this
Jesse Myers
Jesse Myers:
“Immense fight”- Joe Rogan
Love him or hate him the UFC is gonna take a big hit once Conor is gone.
Shab. B
Shab. B:
Conor’s body looks better here than weigh in yesterday
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah:
Can't wait to see the fight
Gerrard Anderson
Gerrard Anderson:
The way Connor said Dustin was gonna pay with his life sounded eerily serious
Eikichi draws
Eikichi draws:
Come on CONOR!!!!!!!!! LEGEND
Mike Haywood
Mike Haywood:
Joe "get the microphone about a fist away from your mouth" Rogan
Marcus Morales
Marcus Morales:
I wanna see Mcgregor against o’malley
Zero DAS
Zero DAS:
Conor McGregor❤ 🇮🇳🙏🙏
Jay Ed
Jay Ed:
McGregor needs this win so he can make another run at the title, if he loses I just see a Nate rematch then retirement
Romeo Santiago
Romeo Santiago:
Zero fear in Dustins eyes. McTapout is toast 😂😂😂⚰️
I really liked conor's vibe there 🔥
Dustin putting up an "nice guy" act and Conor trying so hard to be angry. Can't wait for tomorrow
David Isaev
David Isaev:
Давай Конор байке💪🏻
Mal Theri
Mal Theri:
Conor just seems furious for getting embarassed
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia:
I guess we all know what really happened that night!
After Khabib fight Dustin looks much more confident, I like this version of Dustin.
Zacky Gates
Zacky Gates:
This is the scary ,mad ,motivated Connor of old that we've all been waiting for!!...its going to be a banger!
Keith S
Keith S:
Feels like last chance saloon for Conor, Dustin if he lost would come back, McGregor I think will call it quits. Not totally convinced how much McGregor really came back from the Khabib fight, to be honest.
We'll get a good idea where this is going in the first 30 seconds. If McGregor looks like he did in the days of 2015/16, but looking at Poirier his record from 2017 onwards has been better.
I'm still leaning towards Poirier with a TKO in rd 3 or 4
Lex Arpio
Lex Arpio:
Idk how I feel Conor might fight emotional and we all saw what happened when Dustin fought emotional the first fight
Daniel Fouladi
Daniel Fouladi:
Connor needs to re watch these videos😂👍🏽
Eddie Gooden
Eddie Gooden:
Let's go Dustin!!!!
He is back 👑👑👑
Marjan Sarec
Marjan Sarec:
Mctapper needs another fixed fight to "gain" confidence. Mcgregor vs Cowboy 2
Me : i can't wait for fight,
Also me after the fight ;......
Kevin Bozeman
Kevin Bozeman:
Dustin's lack of words speak the "loudest"💯
Joey Micael
Joey Micael:
Prediction 1 : Poirier take Conor to 4th round. Wear his cardio. Submit him in the middle of octagon. Neck Crank
Prediction 2 : Conor headkick to Poirier. 1st Round Ko. Conor win.
Mi Mi
Mi Mi:
Je ne peu pas croire que les gens aime McGregor. Cet individu est tout simplement un fou avec les propos qu'il tiens. Ça en dit long sur les gens qui le supporte Mais à bien y penser il est très bien là ou il est, un sport à son image. C'est à lever le coeur
He broke his own ankle 🤣😂
TJ Dillashaw
TJ Dillashaw:
Dustin's a class act
A J:
It's time for the Irish boys to be humbled again.
Butter Toast
Butter Toast:
Dustin for the W
Daniel Filimon
Daniel Filimon:
Perfect introduction....
The former...
The former...
The formeeeeeeeeeeeeeer..
Revolution Outdoors And Stuff!
Revolution Outdoors And Stuff!:
Dana. "We're Good" 🤣
arun raj
arun raj:
Conor ❤️
Mr Anomalous
Mr Anomalous:
Come on Dustin seems like a great guy
Anthony Michaels
Anthony Michaels:
His worst 3 conferences were then 2nd fight...kabib and Diaz 1 looked like he didn't believe the words and He lost them all

This is Aldo and Alverez level... he's winning
Cjay 666
Cjay 666:
Its so funny watching the second fight face off how conor was all respectable to dustin compared to this 🤣🤣🤣😂
Alex lotha
Alex lotha:
Its gonna be a hottest match....
Both support......😉
They call this the fight that’s going to end the saga ,but I hope it ends in a draw
Muhammad Paghmani
Muhammad Paghmani:
Dustin ❤️💪💪💪👍👍👍💚
Ghost Ndile
Ghost Ndile:
Dustin:It means nothing it’s noise😂
McGregor broke his ankle 😱
I got the old conor vibe from this!

I think he's going to make a huge come back, he wasn't focused last few fights... a loss to kabib wasn't that bad as it was to diamond bcos this should've been a piece of cake.

Let's see what happens tomorrow!