Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier UFC 264 Ceremonial Face-off!

Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier face-off for the final time ahead of their trilogy fight at UFC 264.

Watch UFC 264: Poirier v McGregor 3 on July 10 on BT Sport Box Office.

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Tim R
Tim R:
Dustin looks in phenomenal shape. McGregor looks solid after rehydrating as well. One hell of a card! 🔥
Nikhil Pandey
Nikhil Pandey:
This appeared more genuine than the press conference. Can't wait for the fight.
Amaan 7861
Amaan 7861:
Conor : “Dustin is gonna leave on a stretcher”
*Conor leaves on a stretcher*
Khaledur Rahman Arfat
Khaledur Rahman Arfat:
I loved how Dustin remained focused not reacting to Conor.
Donald J
Donald J:
Dustin is so humble. He deserves the win 💪💪
I love Conor, but damn it’s hard not to love Dustin also
A Lo
A Lo:
All these years and experience and joe still screams into the mic
I don’t know who’s going to win. This is going to be a banger

damn 29-0 seems legit!
Ivan Johansen
Ivan Johansen:
Conor pulling his shorts up to throw a kick
Dana : Nope
To me based on who Greg Hardy has beaten vs who Tai Tuivasa has beaten, I think Tai may win but at the same time Hardy has better cardio and speed but I believe Tai is better technically and they both got power but one thing for sure Hardy is solid large tank.
People pleaser
People pleaser:
Conor: I'm gonna kill this man for disrespecting me

Dustin: all love. Props to Aiden Murphy.
It feels so good to see a hall full of crowd again .
Colby D.
Colby D.:
Conor saying “with his LIFE” sent shocks through the guy behind Rogan. Let’s go champ champ
Ajay R
Ajay R:
"Poirier"- Man of his words!
Sean Mac
Sean Mac:
Both great fighters good luck to them both and have a good clean fight 💪
"Tomorrow I'm gonna make this man pay with his life"

That did not age well, lol.
Yeee Fuuu
Yeee Fuuu:
Why Joe sounds like he's talking under water lmaoooo
Zubair Anwar
Zubair Anwar:
“Tomorrow night..” the two words brings back memories 🦅
Sports Fan_91
Sports Fan_91:
Conor seems genuinely mad. I really hope he doesn't go in swinging for the fences.
Warpdrive 1
Warpdrive 1:
Now this is truly unpredictable
TJ Masemola
TJ Masemola:
Y'all have no idea how much I miss that
Conor’s last win was at UFC 246, wonder what’ll happen in 264👀
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
Joe trying to hold on a joke for the walke between Connor and Dustin was amazing
Connor looks a little bit more stocky. Hope that extra muscle didn’t slow him down and he can use his strength to his advantage.
Mr Mac
Mr Mac:
Its hilarious to see Dana stepping in the middle like he could do anything if 2 trained super fighters decided to go at it..
Damn, can’t wait for this fight! Conor still hasn’t learned his lesson! I hope khabib humble him and don’t break a bone!
Conor looks genuinely angry here I think he could upset some people if its not just a show.
Dana White looking at Conor like," Don't be a bad boy. Or else I will call your mom"
Virat Anand
Virat Anand:
It won't be an easy fight for any of them, it will go past 3 may even be 4 rounds i am sure. Dustin has been more active, like 2 fights every year, Conor has been immensely inactive..
Thus, an active , wise fighter up against a technically gifted striker...this should be an epic fight.
Good to see all the crowd back👍
nutella fluff
nutella fluff:
Anybody else watch joe rogan the whole time lol. His reactions always kill me🤣
Granite Ying
Granite Ying:
Conor and Dana playing over-under gave me memories of being in primary school again 🤣🤣🤣
David O'Callaghan
David O'Callaghan:
MCGregor is a quiet boy this morning 😂😂😂
Thok Gurung
Thok Gurung:
Good luck Conor McGregor 🔥🥊
Lima Longkumer
Lima Longkumer:
Who's here after the fight lol 😂🤣
Before the fight
Conor : I can't stand Dustin.
After the fight
Conor : Dustin , I can't stand.
Hard decision to make who’s gonna win, but if Conor will lose it’s over for him an I’m an huge fan of him. If he lose talking was nothing
Jack J
Jack J:
Conor looks so fired up for this!!!
Tri Tran
Tri Tran:
This must be a must win situation for conor cause if he lose , he’s done
Ritwik Basu
Ritwik Basu:
Dustin's looking confident in best state of mind might be conor's toughest fight till now
TJ Dillashaw
TJ Dillashaw:
Dustin's a class act
Kilmer Ordoñez 🌐
Kilmer Ordoñez 🌐:
0:43 es la primera vez que veo a Dana dar la mano de esa manera
Sasang Vaiphei
Sasang Vaiphei:
"Everything is going to be A-ok' -conor
Romeo Santiago
Romeo Santiago:
Zero fear in Dustins eyes. McTapout is toast 😂😂😂⚰️
It’s very interested how Mcgregor is standing orthodox when he squares up.
Daniel Filimon
Daniel Filimon:
Perfect introduction....
The former...
The former...
The formeeeeeeeeeeeeeer..
Syed Ahsan Razvi
Syed Ahsan Razvi:
Me : i can't wait for fight,
Also me after the fight ;......
Gabriel Karoma
Gabriel Karoma:
Really love Poirier personality but i want to see Conor win this time.
Well, that was a sucky end to a promising fight. Get well Conor and come back stronger. Fights ending because of injuries are the worst.
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah:
Can't wait to see the fight
Butter Toast
Butter Toast:
Dustin for the W
Aslan Music
Aslan Music:
The *real* Mcgregor is back. Mark my words.
We Are Live !
We Are Live !:
1V1 me
1V1 me:
Conor looking like he’s just snorted half a gram before walking out
Big eee
Big eee:
Dustin:It means nothing it’s noise😂
Ujjal DAS
Ujjal DAS:
Conor McGregor❤ 🇮🇳🙏🙏
K S:
Feels like last chance saloon for Conor, Dustin if he lost would come back, McGregor I think will call it quits. Not totally convinced how much McGregor really came back from the Khabib fight, to be honest.
We'll get a good idea where this is going in the first 30 seconds. If McGregor looks like he did in the days of 2015/16, but looking at Poirier his record from 2017 onwards has been better.
I'm still leaning towards Poirier with a TKO in rd 3 or 4
Cjay 666
Cjay 666:
Its so funny watching the second fight face off how conor was all respectable to dustin compared to this 🤣🤣🤣😂
Eikichi draws
Eikichi draws:
Come on CONOR!!!!!!!!! LEGEND
Vali Gogu
Vali Gogu:
Dustin looks in amazing shape.
Anthony Michaels
Anthony Michaels:
His worst 3 conferences were then 2nd fight...kabib and Diaz 1 looked like he didn't believe the words and He lost them all

This is Aldo and Alverez level... he's winning
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia:
I guess we all know what really happened that night!
lakshya student
lakshya student:
He is back 👑👑👑
I got the old conor vibe from this!

I think he's going to make a huge come back, he wasn't focused last few fights... a loss to kabib wasn't that bad as it was to diamond bcos this should've been a piece of cake.

Let's see what happens tomorrow!
Kevin Bozeman
Kevin Bozeman:
Dustin's lack of words speak the "loudest"💯
Damn, they both look in sharp this time lol time to throw them hands.
After Khabib fight Dustin looks much more confident, I like this version of Dustin.
Jesse Myers
Jesse Myers:
“Immense fight”- Joe Rogan
Let's go Dustin!!!!
Dustin's got a 95% chance of winning this fight. Connor needs a miracle in order to win.
Tanmoy Tapan Chakraborty
Tanmoy Tapan Chakraborty:
Dustin was so professional in his talk focussi g on game rather than what others say. Respect man
Micha'el O Ruaidh
Micha'el O Ruaidh:
There both in great shape . I don't think all that anger will help mcgregor cus poirier is durable and will break him down. Let's hope its a good one . Love from Ireland 🇮🇪
Shab. B
Shab. B:
Conor’s body looks better here than weigh in yesterday
McChicken days are over, Dustin will knock him out again, mark my words people's
Accelerate FN
Accelerate FN:
I hope Conor trained Jiu Jitsu during this time and surprises him, other than that, he might not be “killing” anyone.
We Want A Fourth Match Cause This Match Has No Winner
Connor's body language is like he's the baddest scariest heaviest heavyweight alive 😂😂😂LMAO. I feel Francis ngannou the current heavyweight champion also the man who holds the world's hardest punch record would be in awe looking at connor's body language
Jay Ed
Jay Ed:
McGregor needs this win so he can make another run at the title, if he loses I just see a Nate rematch then retirement
Dana won’t even let Conor hold his hands up 😂
Dustin is much more humble. I respect that
Colby D.
Colby D.:
Dustin closed his eyes at 2:12 like “God please let this be over he doesn’t respect me” 😂
He broke his own ankle 🤣😂
Marcus Morales
Marcus Morales:
I wanna see Mcgregor against o’malley
They call this the fight that’s going to end the saga ,but I hope it ends in a draw
Conor was actually saying ; "tomorrow night this guy's gonna be paid "🤣
Scoober Steve
Scoober Steve:
UFC needed this hype again
Alex Arroyo
Alex Arroyo:
UFC will never be the same without Joe Rogan
Himanshu Singh
Himanshu Singh:
And the new number 1 contender for lightweight championship is
conor mcgregor 🥂
owen lyons
owen lyons:
Conor said Dustin would be getting carried out on a stretcher, yet he left on a stretcher.
Rob Ski
Rob Ski:
Conor McGregor, the greatest fighter I mean fight promoter in history. He just shot his wad by threatening to kill a man in the ring. He’s got nothing left but cartoonish hype.
Lex Arpio
Lex Arpio:
Idk how I feel Conor might fight emotional and we all saw what happened when Dustin fought emotional the first fight
Marjan Sarec
Marjan Sarec:
Mctapper needs another fixed fight to "gain" confidence. Mcgregor vs Cowboy 2
Your Daddy
Your Daddy:
McGregor broke his ankle 😱
Ty The Goat
Ty The Goat:
Team Poirier🔥 can’t wait to see this
Tony T. Michaels
Tony T. Michaels:
If Conner has changed his stance and can effectively guard against calf kicks he will win.
A J:
It's time for the Irish boys to be humbled again.
Gerrard Anderson
Gerrard Anderson:
The way Connor said Dustin was gonna pay with his life sounded eerily serious
Love him or hate him the UFC is gonna take a big hit once Conor is gone.
Muhammad Sharif
Muhammad Sharif:
Dustin wears a cap that means he gonna get the W.