Conor McGregor calls Dustin Poirier a fake c*** as “crazy Conor” returns at UFC 264 Press Conference

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manas pachauri
manas pachauri:
Appreciate the cameraman for recording the whole thing during an earthquake .
Conor before the fight : ' I cant stand Poirier '

Conor after the fight : ' I can't stand, Poirier ' 😂😂
Connor starting to sound like an impression of himself some how 😂
Moto Hoolie
Moto Hoolie:
Dustin’s maturity is on another level and he’s obviously living in Conors head rent free. Dustin’s got this. Pea head for the win 😂
420 Style Tomatoes
420 Style Tomatoes:
Everything Connor does feels forced now, he's lost his originality.
I appreciate everyone’s support and thank you all so much for complimenting my work.
Cyber Aiham
Cyber Aiham:
Who's here after McGregor's leg snapped and he got carried out on a stretcher he promised earlier that Poirier's gonna be carried out on out of the Octagon? Poirier is such a class act, McGregor is such a sorry ass loser.
jay clark
jay clark:
Damn the coke drip must’ve been insane with Conor. Dude has to throw his head back every other second to keep half of Columbia from crawling out his nose.
Daniel Angel
Daniel Angel:
Aaaand he got his ass kicked and all his fans are now crying 😂. Great job Dustin!
Khabib- Send me location
Dustin- Send me donation
Conor- Send me Stretcher
If Conor actually wins tomorrow I'll come back here and watch this without cringing
Conor is trying way too hard to be his old self
Kevin Cowan
Kevin Cowan:
Conor is just annoying now!! I use to love his press conferences back when he use to back up what he said
andrea collins
andrea collins:
I’m Irish and I swear to god I’m mortified to admit that after hearing him put on the thick Irish fake accent! He doesn’t talk like this so it’s fucking embarrassing, walk it off conor …. Oh you can’t 😂😂😂😂😂🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
annag cocl
annag cocl:
Dustin’s maturity is on another level and he’s obviously living in Conors head rent free. Dustin’s got this. Pea head for the win 😂
Damn was the camera man nervous or breathing too hard or something? 😭 holy!!!
At the time of this presser, Mcgregor's ankle was plotting against him
G C3
G C3:
Conor is not what he used to be, his energy seems forced.
Not Me
Not Me:
Looks like dustin wasn’t the one who left on a stretcher……
Mike Clouthier
Mike Clouthier:
Conor is a caricature of himself. His accent got thick, sorry, "Tick", real fast.
Jesse Case-Peach
Jesse Case-Peach:
I’d just like to pay respects to the dude with Parkinson’s who is filming this
Connor: *touches his glasses*
Fans: "Old Conor is back! Dustin has no chance"
This aged beautifully
benjamin franklin
benjamin franklin:
crowd reminds me of that sponegbob episode when spongebob moppin the floor and crowd still cheered🤣
The Martian
The Martian:
Mad respect to the man who apparently managed to film this during a rare earthquake, and then also didn't use the stabilizer plugin in Premiere before uploading.
Tshepo Leshilo
Tshepo Leshilo:
Whose laughing now..Who left in a stretcher 😆🤣😂😹
Conor sounds like he's reaching for his punch lines. He sounds like he's gonna lose
Gerard Mooney
Gerard Mooney:
It's so funny to watch this after the fight. Omg I can't stop laughing....
tony mcdaniel
tony mcdaniel:
I’m Irish and mcgregor is making Irish people look bad we denounce him
Get the camera man a jacket he's shivering like a leaf in the wind
Samuel Thomas
Samuel Thomas:
Interviewer: You have won exactly one fight since Barack Obama was President..”

Dana: Connor’s next up for the title 😂
The Real VR
The Real VR:
Poirier: "Whats his excuse going to be saturday?"

Mcgregors excuse saturday night: "I broke me own leg!" *Took a dive not to get pummeled*
Kelley Broussard
Kelley Broussard:
Poirier is such a class act.
I had respect for McGregor before this fight but after this i have absolutely none. I would never wish the harm on him that he’s going through but this was honestly dirty and incredibly disrespectful. All the things he said came back on him.
Almost like Conor is doing an impression of Conor
Liz Saunders
Liz Saunders:
Love Dustin P. He is humble & I’m glad he won
Mojave Mateo
Mojave Mateo:
Even Dana looking like "Damn, he's on coke again"
The Cosmic Starman
The Cosmic Starman:
Conors ankle holding up the camera
Tyler Hennessy
Tyler Hennessy:
Hate to say it, but after seeing the fight, mcgregor’s career is over
Dustin had me cracking up, he said yer insults used to be better, he said they weak af lol
Conman loses at the end of the first round by breaking his leg while back peddling.
Lacy Jay
Lacy Jay:
Connor did do the unthinkable! Broke his damn leg in the first round after getting that head stomped 😂😂
Andrew Wiggin
Andrew Wiggin:
Connor's heart isn't in it. Hasn't been for a long time. Even his trash talk seems lack luster, which was always entertaining.

Dustin sleeps him second round
Lucas Spinella
Lucas Spinella:
"You used to be better than that" - cut deep.
Eric Smith
Eric Smith:
Conor is like a ole drunk guy
He’s going down
McGregor is trying real hard to spark the magic he once had. Seems forced now
"Fucking weak" so true
Interviewer: Conor in the build up on the last fight you're unusually kind to Dustin..
Dustin: cause he got knocked the fuck out..
Conor: ...
TenThumbs Productions
TenThumbs Productions:
11:16 Diamond wins the press conference
Khabib sitting on his throne laughing at this. This division is full of paper champions
Eddie Gooden
Eddie Gooden:
Ahhhh. So satisfying. Poirier winning the trilogy tonight is the cleanest, best pleasure.
D Rawc
D Rawc:
The way Connor was last fight kinda kills him trying to be the “shit talker” this fight. A little too late to try to get in Dustin’s head he already saw the real mcgregor. Kinda hard to put doubt in someone’s head who just knocked you out a few months ago, Dustin already knows he can beat Connor lol. I’ve never seen a dude who is 1-3 in the past 5 years, with his only win coming from a questionable decision, get so many bandwagon fans lol
Joey Rice Fried
Joey Rice Fried:
Dana’s facial expressions are always my favorite part of press conferences.
Dustin looks so bored of Conors trash talk and I don’t blame him 😂
Never before has it seemed like Conor’s persona has been more of an act than a true reflection of himself than at this presser
C K:
Conor looks smaller and smaller with every insult he throws at Dustin.
Janet Piatkowski
Janet Piatkowski:
Little Irish man is more interested in Rolex's and Bentleys now.
I'm watching this a couple days post fight and I can't express how happy I am to see such a classy fighter as Dustin and how disappointed but not surprised, to see Dana white playing his little Conor game
...glad he got his fanny whooped
PeterGriffin Vaiphei
PeterGriffin Vaiphei:
4:39 is the best moment of any press conference done by the UFC. It's like a mother talking to a close friend or neighbor while her two sons are taunting each other behind her and she stops talking to scold them.
Fox Macnamara
Fox Macnamara:
Someone give the camera
man an anxiety pill. Goodness he's got the shakes.
Chaouki Machreki
Chaouki Machreki:
My god ,Conor is totally gonna lose this one. I was convinced otherwise till i smelled fear on him. Too bad
Paid Zues
Paid Zues:
21:06 “You’ll Pay to see dat” 😂 They’re reactions were priceless
Conor's confidence used to be comical but you could tell he believed it 100%. Now it's neither funny nor believable.
Sitting duck
Sitting duck:
McGregor should've gotten out this game while he still had some face left, Its a brutal sport, Poirier's got this.Mcgregor will be dangerous just need to stick and move.
George Nec Opprimere Nec Opprimi.
George Nec Opprimere Nec Opprimi.:
This is hilarious to watch back, all this talk from McGregor 😂😂 what a lot of bull! So glad Dustin got up and won.
Fallen Exposure
Fallen Exposure:
Dustin really has grown and is in a different place mentally, for sure. Saw it in the fight too.
Leonard Allen
Leonard Allen:
Kudos to the mystic for knowing the stretcher was on its way as he slapped Dustin with that floppy chicken of a foot.
When is this dude going to grow up? Even after his loss he still continues being a bully.
Daniel Fouladi
Daniel Fouladi:
I like this Connor🔥🔥 gonna be a great fight
Ric Tab
Ric Tab:
Man all the shit Gregor said happened to him. Lmao karma is real yo
recore austin
recore austin:
"iM cOmIng FoR aLl tHeM" lol Dustin retired this man 😤
“you used to be a lot better than that man” damn that hit hard
I love Connors new one liner - 'he's just a little bitch of a thing' 😂
Lewie Anderson
Lewie Anderson:
Funny seeing this after the fight, Conor had a lot of bravado but his leg broke on him. Get well soon Conor and Dustin, great job in the octagon.
Ordinary Pete
Ordinary Pete:
Connor keeps talking about Dustin’s wife yet he’s the one who cheated on his own wife numerous times. 😂
Cuttary Boi
Cuttary Boi:
I predict a great fight. I predict Connor comes out on top. I predict after this the two become literally best friends lol then start their own fighting organization that's actually done right for the fighters.
Chuba Longchar
Chuba Longchar:
I see hair in Conor's head, I see hope.
As soon as McGregor started talking the subtitles went to shit lmao
Eric James
Eric James:
All the trash talk from Mcgregor seems weak af when he just got his ass beat my Portier.
Joey Rice Fried
Joey Rice Fried:
Someone make a zoomed in 15 minute compilation of Dana’s facial expressions.
Mark Kennedy
Mark Kennedy:
21:20 This was hilarious. He got the stretcher bit right at least
Chris Clevenger
Chris Clevenger:
Wasn't a fluke win last time Connie. He broke you straight down. Pounded you into the canvas and you couldn't continue.
La Paw
La Paw:
I see Uncle Dana is so excited. May the best man wins ! It is a sport just go out there and perform your best. Why Connor doesn't sound like he used to be.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
It's so funny to watch this after the fight. Omg I can't stop laughing....
Through my years of street fight experiences, those who talked too much were the ones who were afraid and by talking too much they hoped to conceal their fear. Facts. Be a champion by proving your metal in the fight. Not blah, blah, blah....One is so mature and gentleman but the other is so childish.
After seeing Connor acting humble last time, it now feels like he's forcing this cocky act instead of it just coming out naturally like the old Connor
Tony Oakley
Tony Oakley:
The irony of Conor to say that to Dustin, he’s the biggest flip flop in the sport
Craig Maloney
Craig Maloney:
For anyone wondering what's going on in this press conference, check the body language and behaviour - McGregor is heavy on coke. He needs rehab. His addiction issues rose with his wealth, fame and power. I believe Connor needs rehab before it's too late. He is a ticking timb bomb at this stage. He is a father, a husband and a former MMA Champion - so much to get clean for. I believe his addiction issues became noticeable around the time he fought Aldo but peaked after fighting Mayweather. With the spotlight on him constantly, McGregor uses drugs and alcohol as a crutch. Best thing he can do is step out of the spotlight and get clean.
Poirier about to play a game called “beat up a coke addict”
TianHau BenLee
TianHau BenLee:
Congratz Dustin, Rest well Conor
This seems like Connor trying to believe in himself, not psyche out Dustin.
Zax BitterZen
Zax BitterZen:
Dustin just chilling at this press conference lol. Conor trying so damn hard to sound as cocky as years past. Dustin spotted Conor's mojo running on vapor quicker than I did lol.
Wayne Martin
Wayne Martin:
Conner answering all questions😂😂
Kettlebell Lifter
Kettlebell Lifter:
13:18 “ I’m gonna slap you up if you come near me. “ In the past the trash talk was a tactic and it work. It seems less effective now and because it’s less effective it’s affecting Conor. It’s unfortunate about the ankle. I don’t think anyone would have wanted a fight to end this way. The threats at the end are in part due to frustration. It’s a high wire act to sell the fight.
Mitch and steph Scarberry
Mitch and steph Scarberry:
😂😂 who else is watching this after fight then thinking 🤔 yeah karma is real 😂
Zac Adams
Zac Adams:
Connor looked shook in this interview
Gabriel Araujo
Gabriel Araujo:
Respects to Dustin. Took control in this one. Just line hes gonna take control and ko him next fight
Buddy Quaid
Buddy Quaid:
Fun watching this after the fight.. Conor said "... he looks frail!" Ha! So whose frail now?
hen ko
hen ko:
Everything Connor does feels forced now, he's lost his originality.
“Don’t u ever doubt my husband i swear to God”
- Dana White if Conor wins -