Conor McGregor gets arrested in Corsica for 'Attempted Sexual Assault',Ben Askren on Poirier,Vera

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Ben Askren says Poirier was dumb to not come to terms with the UFC for Ferguson bout,

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Conor McGregor arrested again! this time in France,
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100+ komentarze:

Turtle Rudd
Turtle Rudd:
"Surprise surprise the king is back" - Conor McGregor to his jail cell.
Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison:
HEre for the jessica eye update... got a bit about Conor instead smh
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden:
I’m starting to get real tired of hearing what Ben Askren has to say, he really deserved that flying knee
Kahna Tripathi
Kahna Tripathi:
Conor got two belts...but still can't keep his pants tight...
Woman: I said no!
Conor: murmurmurmur, shut your mouth!
The Wolf
The Wolf:
Conor trying to beat Jones goat status as a criminal
McGregor: “This is the start of my prison season, I am looking forward to have 3 court cases this year”
finesse laflare
finesse laflare:
Sexually Motivated McGregor: She can run but she cannot hide
"line them up."

-Conor to prison charges
Wilbert Wilbert
Wilbert Wilbert:
He’s had more sexual assault charges than fights the last two years
Calling people rats when they’re fighting and he’s raping lol
Jack Suchodolski
Jack Suchodolski:
"Yes baby, we did it! We're rich! Conor Mcgregor made us rich" ~Conor's lawyer
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin:
"AND THIS IS STILL MY BOY" -McRapist fanboys
Spike Trademark
Spike Trademark:
"Indecent exposure"?
Coror hasn't had decent exposure in years.
SteelersGoingFor 7
SteelersGoingFor 7:
All Conor needs now is to pop a pico and he will officially be McJones
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin:
Hopefully this is the first of many signs that the world is going back to normal.
Diplamatik Juan
Diplamatik Juan:
"I was inefficient with my seduction"

-Conor McGregor
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden:
So it’s true, the double champ really does whatever the fook he wants
Conor charged with indecent exposure? It feels like indecent exposure every time he wears those extra small women's pants
through the grapevine
through the grapevine:
"Baby! Break out the red panties, we're rich!"
-Conors lawyer
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin:
He told the girl he would show her his balloon.
The Big Picture
The Big Picture:
Die hard Conor fans "Conor is a genius! He's doing all this to build up to his next fight! Yeah...just like the bus attack! Conor just can't do no wrong!!!"
J J:
Sexualy motivated mcgregor strikes again, but not with his fist :(
Carl Theron
Carl Theron:
As a die-hard casual, I don't give a fook about this fight card
redskngod EL
redskngod EL:
Damn, Conor still forcing the "4-inch-baby-leprechaun" on un-suspecting victims.
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin:
conor in 2019: ”2020 will be the beginning of my season” !
conor in 2020: fights once, retires, back to sexual assaults, and with a new taste for indecent exposure
“I deny all allegations. I did nothing wrong.”

Sure Conor. Sure Jones. The drama always happens to land on your lap but y’all are always 100% innocent. You guys are the victims. Poor things.
The Muffin Man
The Muffin Man:
Conor McGregor: “Am I a joke to you?”
Mr Cheezle
Mr Cheezle:
Does this guy still have fans ? Didn’t know people cared about him anymore.
fred flinstoned
fred flinstoned:
I’d like to know more about this stuff, he’s been accused twice or three times now.
Jeffrey Fleming
Jeffrey Fleming:
McGregor should pay Ngannou for proprietary rights to his nickname.
Reporter: asking about Connor’s situation.
Dana White: I love everything about this kid.
Zanny Z
Zanny Z:
Money or no money, what a low-life, disrespectful individual. He and like him are embarrassment to MMA community!
Navid Taj
Navid Taj:
"I'm going to fight 3 times in 2020, against fellow inmates"
stonewall tommy jackson
stonewall tommy jackson:
He was just bragging yesterday about how he was going to sail the Mediterranean? LOL ha ha hehe. Couldn't happen to a better person
Ki Grey
Ki Grey:
“This just proves we have to do the rematch!” - Dana White
Jose Cavazos
Jose Cavazos:
With all those millions of dollars he has. He can't afford a damm hooker smh.
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin:
I just hope his kid don't follow in his father's foot steps like gaethje said
DanaWhites Neckfat
DanaWhites Neckfat:
“Oh so you’re a Flasher now”
I literally had to laugh when I read the title. hahahahaha
He doesn't fight at all and still excels in mma news 🙈🙈🙈🙈
Kyle Sky
Kyle Sky:
Conors career is over and I am done rooting for him. He needs to be put in a cage because he is an animal.
"Were not here to take part, were here to take over" Conor when he walks into the prison cafeteria.
Revolt Ter
Revolt Ter:
Conor's kids are going to go through hell in school..
I Just Wanna Maul People
I Just Wanna Maul People:
"I just want to absolutely nobody!! the double champ does whatev-"
"Okay Mr McGregor watch your head now, let's get you in the police car"
J B:
Mike Perry, Jon Jones & Conor McGregor need to start a band called "Cocaine Caballeros" and tour prisons like Johnny Cash
Conor has the record for most chances given
"Oh, so you're a stripper now?"
The plumber from Ireland at it again. Gotta love the statement from the 'yes' men surrounding him.
UFC Freaks
UFC Freaks:
The comments in here about Mcgregor are comedy GOLD!!!
Dana Pink
Dana Pink:
Girl Flee For Her Life...

Conor Mcgregor: "ALMOST!!"
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin:
Watch how his fanboys gonna defend him no matter what with their keyboards: murr murr murr murr murr 😡😤⌨️📱
Where ever there's a rich or famous person, there's someone accusing them of sexual assault...definitely not for money or fame. Nope, never happens.
Called it “ McGregor” or “The Greg” as I call him. Lost his way. He’s lost the impact of his brand and now thinks he had the freedom to act however he wants.

The world however generally has a way of re-educating you...........
It's not tears , It's sorrow
It's not tears , It's sorrow:
I don't only get arrested I choose the location - The Notorious.
Shantanu Sengupta
Shantanu Sengupta:
Conor has lost his mind, he's just trying to Live his life out
Joe Shilling already caught up with Conor in the gym and whooped his butt, literally 😁
Mike "Quick" Swick was exactly that..

Connor "Notorious" McGregor is exactly that.. but not in a good way lol
Brandon Winters
Brandon Winters:
Imagine being Conor's girlfriend, parent, or even his son, witnessing this kind of stupidity. I feel sorry for them.
George Charalampakis
George Charalampakis:
The last 3 years he has been arrested more times than he fought 🤨
superglou913 Gomez
superglou913 Gomez:
I didn't think conor meant court cases when he said that he was going to fight 3 times in 2020.
The Big Picture
The Big Picture:
When Conor's seduction fails "Do you know who the fook I am??!"
montana of300
montana of300:
Theres some people who fail when they're in success . Conor will go down as one of those people
J P:
Not even tony Robbins can save him 😂
Acorn McGregor was interviewed (bribed all involved AGAIN!) and released without charge. When is he gonna get the jail time he deserves?
mego mego
mego mego:
"I heard both party agree" this guy lol
Kurho Oni
Kurho Oni:
Ben askren giving advices"Gotta bet on the home team sometime" yeah budy what u'r last bet gave u? xD
midnite mage
midnite mage:
I'm so exited to see Diamond/Cucuy & The Eagle/Highlight on the same card. Just make it happen UFC!! 🙏😕 it shouldn't be this hard, should it?
Hamza Aktitou
Hamza Aktitou:
"'Conor mGrabHere"
The one armed man
The one armed man:
There’s no way I can see McGregor doing such a shameful thing! Especially as he’s on holiday with his mrs and their two kids! Unless there’s footage or several independent witnesses then she’s a lying gold digger!
Anthony 223
Anthony 223:
Mcnugget has all the money, but none of the power or respect apparently😂..not even cops respect him
Harris K
Harris K:
Connor seems determined to screw up the nicest life he could be leading.
Pavillion X35
Pavillion X35:
'We're not here to take part, we're here to take our pants off'
Tchong Lee
Tchong Lee:
when its conor everybody is laughing and when its jones everybody gets serious and they still dont believe they are racist ...
Boogie Thug Rose
Boogie Thug Rose:
Dana White: And this is still my boy!!!
"Tree men died defending dat girl"
Roque Campos
Roque Campos:
It's funny how everyone is like fight fight! But never worry about a fighter's well being n health. 🤣🤣
Another brick In A Wall
Another brick In A Wall:
Jones has some catching up to do. The GOAT race between McGregor and Jones is on full heat now lol
Man Connor he needs to chill He’s been acting like a straight thug. And why is Ben askren still a thing ? Didn’t street Jesus straight body bagged him ? Go away.
Conor "Conor McGregor" McGregor.
Christine Murphy
Christine Murphy:
He should have been imprisoned LONG ago
less fighting, more trying to stay relevant, connor is basicly a kardashian by now, smh
"There's 1 guy... confident.. and another guy... chicken" - Wallid is a legend
erik the red
erik the red:
Conor who? She retired from MMA , who cares....
My Dad
My Dad:
Where is mojahed
We need the best animation of this year about conor
The Don
The Don:
I thought MMA fans or any person would know the phrase: Innocent until proven guilty
I saw the ending from a mile away 🤷🏻‍♂️
Kenneth Darby
Kenneth Darby:
I'm starting to get sick of Ben Ass-grin. He's in the same boat as T-wood and Jessica eye.
attempted sexual assault? this dude done for
Leslie Hall
Leslie Hall:
For a sec a thought I was watching a real quick podcast.
Tyson Finn
Tyson Finn:
"I am goin to fight tree times in 2020" in the court room
He had two dreams a UFC champion and Own a whiskey business. His second dream flattened out his career like he flattened out Aldo in 1st round.
John Doe
John Doe:
7:18 the Conor story to spare you the pain.
Jazey Haze
Jazey Haze:
"Conor McGregor is released without charge after spending 48 hours in custody in Corsica on suspicion of attempted sexual assault and indecent exposure"

We love our idols when they are on top but as soon as the media puts out an unfounded article suddenly our loyalties change and we divert to the next prospect! Don't believe everything you read and reserve judgement until you have the facts.Our idols are still everyday people like us but sadly they are cash cows for the media and that is their driving force behind their ignorance. Money first....facts later!

"Believe nothing no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if i have said it. Unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense and facts!"
Osama Bin Kush
Osama Bin Kush:
Conor “NO MEANS YES“ McGregor
Hopefully he gets put away for a while
Motorsports in Japan
Motorsports in Japan:
Gracies, the GOATs of stories.
Maverick Rhodes
Maverick Rhodes:
Mc Gregor, testing his powers of seduction.. "Hey baby, you wanna see my Leprechaun" 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
Joe Schilling v mc Gregor in gym shower's
Suhail Raja
Suhail Raja:
Jail “give me location “
Mac nuggets “ I m here again”
Niko Valerio
Niko Valerio:
7:19 your welcome
"look, i'm a physical specimen ....."