Conor McGregor is taking Dustin Poirier trilogy fight seriously – John Kavanagh | UFC 264 | ESPN MMA

Conor McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh joins Brett Okamoto to look ahead to McGregor’s rematch vs. Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.
(0:00) Why McGregor’s camp has been more silent this time around.
(1:42) Kavanaugh looks back on what went wrong in McGregor’s loss to Poirier at UFC 257.
(4:52) How has McGregor’s camp addressed Poirier’s leg kicks from the last fight?

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a b
a b:
the closest to conor brett will get.
Jon The Don
Jon The Don:
Brett is the reason we need to all appreciate Ariel
Pratham Kumar
Pratham Kumar:
Ariel left and took the 1080p resolution with him. ESPN down bad.
“Don’t u ever doubt my husband i swear to God”
-Dana White if Conor wins -
ESPN MMA's audio is about as consistent as Paul George in the playoffs.
Francis Kim
Francis Kim:
kavanagh seems like such a real guy. mad respect for him because he always seems fair in his perspective and very aware of the big picture
Breaking news : Conors team is taking this fight serious.
Josh Parsons
Josh Parsons:
"We've spent years trying to civilize him, then spent the last few months turning him back into a caveman."
I hope so John, Caveman Conor is a nasty individual.
As a Conor fan I’m so glad John didn’t say “this was the best shape he’s ever been in”. He might actually win 😂😂😂
Nicholas The Wonderful
Nicholas The Wonderful:
ESPN - 360p
BT Sport - 1080p
Ariel Helwani singing "Its Coming Home" - Priceless
bark ruffalo
bark ruffalo:
That fact this is a trilogy and amount of time they have with each other in the octagon is less than 10 minutes is insane!
Alex __226
Alex __226:
Always one of my favorite MMA interviews. Much like the presser though, the questions sucked. I miss the Ariel & John lengthy interview they'd do.
Maverick 117
Maverick 117:
Could you imagine if Conor's coach said he wasn't taking the fight seriously 😂😂😂
Ain’t Fredo Of You
Ain’t Fredo Of You:
I like the sound of Conor’s camp details.
Zach Boulden
Zach Boulden:
I will consume as much John Kavanagh content as they give me
N Clxmefozd
N Clxmefozd:
John: * cracks joke *
Brett: All right so moving on to my next question.
Conor went into the second fight to get in rounds. He seems to be going into the third fight to kill a man. He's going to be all over Dustin. Devastating KO within 2-3 rounds, Conor.
Hey ESPN, please make the mic even quieter next time, I LOOOVE not being able to hear a single word the interviewee says!
Blah Blah
Blah Blah:
John's a bit of a politician. Last time he said Conor has evolved and it's the best Conor ever.
R Baz
R Baz:
Kavanagh confirms Conor is taking a similar approach to the Eddie fight, thsts a good sign...that fight was when Conor has looked his best ever
Y A:
Conor McGregor: 😡🤬👿👺
John Kavanagh: 😃😇😌😙
Dean Spyropoulos
Dean Spyropoulos:
Amazing! What a calm and collected individual ! This made me so excited for the fight, woo ! Lol this is gonna be a banger mates !
Pravin Shilisia
Pravin Shilisia:
i really love when people interview coach kavanagh, he is well spoken and really gives an insight of the mystic mac, he is like the good guy to conor's bad guy
john doe
john doe:
They play right into the meme. As if he wasn’t serious last time. In the Khabib fight he was too crazy. In the Dustin fight he was to nice. What’s next.
Daniel Volosin
Daniel Volosin:
People need to realize this guy has been with conor since day one, he's a great coach and conor needs him...
Nijil Jacob
Nijil Jacob:
Listening to John is so soothing for some reason
I'd never noticed John's ear, so no ear buds for him I guess
Sports Fan_91
Sports Fan_91:
I know Conor says he will continue on but i really feel a loss would be absolutely demoralizing for him. Be hard to remain confident after another L & his confidence is what has made him what he is.
Chris C
Chris C:
I feel this is every thumbnail! Then someone loses and says they weren’t as serious as they should’ve been lol
Giorgos Lolos
Giorgos Lolos:
Okamoto is lucky enough to interview all these great MMA names and still his interviews are unwatchable
Ojie Ordonez
Ojie Ordonez:
John said we're trying to civilised him but now we're bringing him back to be a cave man lol
João Marinho
João Marinho:
John seems such a nice guy, love it!
The Kids Nice
The Kids Nice:
I’m always curious to know how much Conor pays his sparring partners knowing there’s a very good chance they’re going to be knocked out rather quickly and viciously.
lior yunfh
lior yunfh:
As a Conor fan I’m so glad John didn’t say “this was the best shape he’s ever been in”. He might actually win 😂😂😂
Thomas Roger
Thomas Roger:
"You win or you learn and we have learned so many tings"
- John Kavanagh -
Metal Maniac
Metal Maniac:
I love coach John. Dustin's done for!
conor will always be a legend of the game. he made ufc what it is. even though he losses more than he wins now that's kinda still inspiring. he is happy to admit defeat and tap and come back for more
We all love coach kavanagh come on. Such a humble down to earth man is the vibe I get every interview with him .
Arber X
Arber X:
Now that is the Real Conor! (Like the 3 fights before 😂!)
Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper:
John Kavanagh before every fight, we are taking this very seriously, Conor is the best he's ever been, etc, etc.
Leandro Antelo
Leandro Antelo:
I’m not saying conor didn’t do well but it would have been interesting to see him training with another coach and gym you know 🤔
Jim Lawson
Jim Lawson:
I'm glad to hear Conor is taking this fight seriously so when he loses again he won't have an excuse. So sick of the drunken leprechaun .
The Fap Controller
The Fap Controller:
"His evolution is continuous"- John Kavanagh

"Conor question for you, you have won exactly one fight since Brack Obama was president". - Pink suit guy
The fact that John and Connor are saying the same things on different interviews means they are sincere. Conor KO in 2nd round
Adam Busch
Adam Busch:
Conars team always says he's gynna fight three times a year and he never does I'll be totally shocked if he does 👏
David Betts
David Betts:
Good luck camp Conor, I'm shouting for you 🤞🍀🙏👍
dustin storey
dustin storey:
John doesn’t sound confident to me. He sounds like he can’t wait for this to be over so he can go home.
All the work is more talking, just or it....enjoy the flow...Go get it Conor...the king is back.
Ryan Harris
Ryan Harris:
It’s just so sad. I used to really love Conor and all thief he stood for. A working man’s success story. Now, I just don’t know anymore. I don’t have much confidence in him winning. Even Jon seems a shadow of who he was, terrified to say the wrong thing to upset Conor. Truly. All. Yes. Men. Coming from a Conor fan since the Brimage knockout.
hen ko
hen ko:
John: * cracks joke * Brett: All right so moving on to my next question.
mllop aeet
mllop aeet:
John: * cracks joke * Brett: All right so moving on to my next question.
JK seems so calm and non-physical....i forgot hes a fighting coach until you see his ears
Seems as though Dustins plan is to take Conor down and work a sub early. Wow.
"conor has never been this dangerous best shape ever" john more than 20x in every single conor camp
Pasty White Boy
Pasty White Boy:
still think that conor will lose. john kavanaugh seems like he's just going through the motions, to be honest.
Matthew Meister
Matthew Meister:
Such a humble man john kavanagh 🙌
Swedish Latino
Swedish Latino:
A true gentleman. John C always and still cleaning after Conor's ill behaviour
positive thoughts
positive thoughts:
The last fight he said that Poirier was traumatized from the KO in the first, I am wondering what he thinks about that now? Tha clawn is goin' down
love how they have to have a guy come out and say conor is taking the fight seriously lmfao. sounds like every old guy making a comeback saying hes in the best shape of his career
Vineeth Salimkumar
Vineeth Salimkumar:
Ah youtube algorithm these days😌❤
David Cullinane
David Cullinane:
Dustin you carry yourself a like man should! Drop this Man like u did the last time! All class👌
L Kelly
L Kelly:
John's a muppet, If he had a back bone he would have left McGregor when he hit that old man.
D C:
How can John hear Brett’s questions with those?
Jesse James #868
Jesse James #868:
The last time John said this is the best Conor u have ever seen then Conor got knocked out 😂.
chocolate pudding
chocolate pudding:
If he comes up with some random tactical excuse after the fight it’s on you John
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen:
Conor: I'm.. uh... gasp... coming back... in... the ...gasp ... 2nd
Ankle: hold up bredda, I'm breaking
Kenny Yuen
Kenny Yuen:
It's funny when Khabib said he was too old to jump post fight 😂
Ryan Vilag
Ryan Vilag:
Glad I could hear everything. BT sport it is
Online Impact 360 - Marketing for Small Business
Online Impact 360 - Marketing for Small Business:
UFC: Biggest PPV of the year.

ESPN: our audio guy is out sick, screw it, just record it as a voice note.
Gojo Senpai
Gojo Senpai:
He is such a humble guy. 😌
Brett needs to take less valium before doing interviews.
Even Coach Kavanagh doesn’t seem convinced 🤷‍♂️ i get the feeling Conor hasn’t put the right work in
Dylan Roche
Dylan Roche:
Most quiet interview ever
Jumping Jackjeebs
Jumping Jackjeebs:
This coach said "we'll see the best Connor ever in this fight" the last fight🤣
Rishi Bolaky
Rishi Bolaky:
John Kavanagh is one of the best coach of MMA. Say what you want. A nice personality. Down to earth but destructive mind in the octagon
isaac smith
isaac smith:
Before I watch let me guess this is the best condition mcgregor has ever been in
c00chie catcher
c00chie catcher:
Remember last fight Cavanaugh said “this is the best HES ever seen Conor” “Conor has spared 150 rounds for this camp” 🤣 rinse and repeat I guess
Dieter Kakwurst
Dieter Kakwurst:
Will be somewhat funny when conor retires on the spot after getting whooped by Dustin again
One of the people I blame for Conors demise in my opinion he's become a yes man
Big Will
Big Will:
Unlike the second fight that was basically Connor showing up so they could sell a third fight.
All about the $&
He's always posturing and pretending to be all knowing and sage like. He saw the calf kicks in action and didn't advise Conor to do anything.
Im a massive fan of conors style of fighting, but we've heard this all before
andrew kuisch
andrew kuisch:
Johnny boy your leprechaun just lost. It was Fun to watch though😂🤣
Lee Laurence
Lee Laurence:
It's a brave man who wants to get in the octagon with Poirier these days.
Dylan Bald
Dylan Bald:
The quality on pretty much all of ESPN MMA YouTube content is truly horrendous. Completely ruins all content enjoyment. I’m sitting here with my phone pressed against my ear just to hear what John is saying.

Get it together man. It’s 2021.
Imti Bari
Imti Bari:
Corner very good fighter , he should win 🏆 100%
Total Justice
Total Justice:
Hopefully this small startup company can afford proper audio equipment soon
Jack Kent
Jack Kent:
He might be taking this one seriously but he took the other one seriously to and he lost. Give Dustin his props.
more zencsy
more zencsy:
Plot twist : the trash talk is also part of the camp John cavanagh teaches him
Nimesh Pradhan
Nimesh Pradhan:
John.. Love u guys... The conor team..
Big fan... Huge fan... Sad to see Conor lose. 264..came all the way to a different city to watch .. It's just sad and dissa
Right approach this time by Conor and John taking it a lot more serious there is a lot on the line im looking forward to it
Ravishing Beast
Ravishing Beast:
Perfect to have Stephen A. Smith end the interview with a bang. 🎉
bobby c
bobby c:
Last time Connor fought poirier this div was saying all week it's the best his ever seen him
This man talks like he didnt create a beast...
Conor has 10mins to win or Dustin gets the W
Remo Borgia
Remo Borgia:
Conor has reinvented himself more times than he has won fights lmfao
Didn't he behave like this with Khabib? I swear I remember him breaking a bus window and getting into a rumble after the fight.
Boogeyman 101
Boogeyman 101:
Did you also teach Conor the glove cheating techniques??
R M:
I see Conor winning
N...N...N ☮️