Conor McGregor Top 10 Finishes That Surprised The World

Conor McGregor aka ''The Notorious'' top 10 knockouts. Video by Cheeky Boxing in best quality

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John Murray
John Murray:
97.5% of khabib fans didn’t know who khabib was until he beat McGregor
Erik Hernandezzz
Erik Hernandezzz:
Mcgregor’s has one of the most if not the nicest techniques in the ufc. Dudes decision making and combos is outta this world
Coby Shelton
Coby Shelton:
I think my favorite knockout is against Eddie Alvarez, that combination and the accuracy of the shots were insane
Blake Da Red Snake
Blake Da Red Snake:
Conor McGregor is reason I got into ufc, and for that he will always be my favorite fighter.
Gg Notre
Gg Notre:
He made the UFC as popular as it is today. The GOAT.
Is it just me or does he look skinny and buff at the same time?
Isaiah Vines
Isaiah Vines:
Imagine a robber breaking into this dude’s house
Kyler K
Kyler K:
Man I miss when mcgregor was fighting. He brought life back into the ufc.
[ ] h.m
[ ] h.m:
Look at him fight looks like he doesn't flinch when he get punched
Marvin Veerapen
Marvin Veerapen:
The freaking guy can fight, his timing was great. His head just got to damn big after all the success. If he trains like a humble man that’s hungry he beats Khabib or masvidal no doubt in my Mind
The biggest joke you will ever hear in mma: “hits to the back of the head are ilegal“
Wyatt Thacker
Wyatt Thacker:
William Stryker: "Without that cockiness on you Conor, you'd be the perfect soldier"

Conor: *sarcastically salutes*
Simone Bellotti
Simone Bellotti:
7:37 the referee hit aldo in the face with the knee lol
Pros & Cons
Pros & Cons:
Timing will beat speed and power every time. He's proof of that. His timing is great
Andrew Gibson
Andrew Gibson:
This man changed UFC forever easily the best man to watch so entertaining made so much money all other UFC fighters should thank him for changing their lifes
200 IQ PLAY:
nothing surprises me

since he's goated already
Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien:
He’s the definition of the fighting Irish ...we all have that temperament & cockiness lol
Mcgregor arguably has the most fan friendly fighting style, maybe that’s why his gas tank gets empty real quick
Goutam singh
Goutam singh:
6:08 that was insane
Chris Rivers
Chris Rivers:
Hate him or love him. Connor is the man...
verme insolente
verme insolente:
I don't really understand a thing about UFC so explain me: is he the best UFC fighter ever?
0:24 beautiful skip hook there. amazing technique
Stefan 2170
Stefan 2170:
5:51 Poor fighter. Mc Gregor used all his power. He didnt underestimate his opponent.
v1 Spawn
v1 Spawn:
As great as he is... I can't take his weigh ins seriously when he tenses and screams with a skinny ass body
Sapam cha Paari
Sapam cha Paari:
Having a good beard absorb alot of power coming from the punches.
George M.D.P
George M.D.P:
Even thou he's arrogant, still... He is a great fighter no doubt about his skill in fighting
Don Wox
Don Wox:
His fight with alvarez by far is his most impresive perfomance, he schooled the underground king.. fucking legend.!
Yoru Kage
Yoru Kage:
He's the reason I like UFC. The Irish man is a legend
samuel villegas
samuel villegas:
Why does shaved mcgregor look like one of those zombies from I am Legend
emerson cavides
emerson cavides:
2:10 así estaría yo si me enfrento a él
6:01 I could rewatch that all day.
Mirwais Hashimi
Mirwais Hashimi:
His fight with Khabib was exactly his ending 💀
Vladyslav Oliinyk
Vladyslav Oliinyk:
Конору завсегда лайкуса от всей души )))
cano CG
cano CG:
He changed the fight game in the ufc and you gotta give this man credit for that no matter what he did in an negative way in his career. And to all the hard fanboys here, stop hating each other for nothing, enjoy the fact you can still see your idol perform because this is real gifted.
kevin paul
kevin paul:
dude Conor was a straight thug when he was a kid 🤣
Step by Step - Кадам ба Кадам - Шаг за Шагом
Step by Step - Кадам ба Кадам - Шаг за Шагом:
Ashwin Pokharel
Ashwin Pokharel:
If he was patient, hardworking he could've be at Jones STATUS but BCZ OF more money he went too faaaaar
Game- Rangerss
Game- Rangerss:
" I' am gonna smash your Boy" -----KHABİB
IDropz Bodz
IDropz Bodz:
Who else expected and waited for the Jose Aldo Clip😅
byron byron
byron byron:
0:00 his face
Error 404
Error 404:
oof right on the jaw where you automatically go to sleep
Conor in his prime, this version of conor is dead forever
Thomas Heeds
Thomas Heeds:
2:54 funny enough, Connor dillion is actually my landlord 🤣🤣
Anthony Quigley
Anthony Quigley:
3:08 if you don't knowe what happened, connor lifted his knee to defend the shin kick, and broke the guys foot. He's FANTASTIC and defending leg kiccks
2:00 ok I can see brain, stop the fight.
Pop A Pillow
Pop A Pillow:
2:40 wtf was the ref tryna find
Tell it Like it is
Tell it Like it is:
1:04 a punch to the jaw ??? Really , yeah my jaw is on the back of my head as well. Lol
Catherine Taylor
Catherine Taylor:

හයක් පැහදිලිව ශිෂ්ය දූෂණය ආසන්න වශයෙන් මීට
Yan Tameziwi
Yan Tameziwi:
Connor McGregor be like:

1% show off
99% Pure Irish power.
Itz Scrimzyy
Itz Scrimzyy:
The Chad and Conor fight was amazing
James Ashton
James Ashton:
Him without tattoos was like a young age Jason Statham
Savage Killer
Savage Killer:
Whoever is reading this remember you’re amazing stay strong no matter what❤️💪🏻😍
Nearly every last one gave up fighting at the pre-arranged time and let him knock them out. You can literally see when they stopped throwing punches and dropped their guard.
Paul Walsh
Paul Walsh:
When he hits first time you see shock in there face don’t think realize how hard he hits
1:04 "another punch to the jaw" .. Connor is punching the guy in the back of the head hahah
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов:
Великолепный боец и техника и харизма присутствует.
1:25 never knew Eminem was a fighter
Lucas sm8
Lucas sm8:
7:49 My fckin idol
Slash Virto
Slash Virto:
The most greatest weapon of mc Gregor "footwork,balance,agility,speed and accuracy!!!!
Anirudh chari
Anirudh chari:
This guy is vampire ❤️🔥💫✨ living legend you will be missed ! 💌❤️
Nuff Sed
Nuff Sed:
7:46 See his expression change lol
His best technique is intimidation
Jorge Zeghen
Jorge Zeghen:
2:47 Mike O'hearn on te back
Thompson Adam
Thompson Adam:
6:22 , we all can see ,he go sleep sleep
Juan Nunez
Juan Nunez:
Yoo how much he be betting in his fights ? Cause if anything he’d take tittles of anyone huh 🎚
Eron almeida Almeida oliveira
Eron almeida Almeida oliveira:
Onde vim para, alguém traduz pelo menos o primeiro comentario pfv
Gerald Calleja
Gerald Calleja:
Admit it Conor always hypes us when he fights, he's always entertaining. I do like watching him.
McGregor made it possible for Khabib to be the first person in his family not to herd goats for a living 😂😂
Gregors Lasenbergs
Gregors Lasenbergs:
1:54 McGregor looking at Referee like "When will you stop the fight?"
Steve Sherlock
Steve Sherlock:
Imagine what Chad was thinking coming into that round where Conor saying come on lookin like a crazy man 😂
GamiYYYang f
GamiYYYang f:
6:07 как можно так красиво уйти от удара
0:45 look, he cheating, hit at back head
Still love watching his uppercuts on Brimage 🔥
Lebron The G.O.A.t
Lebron The G.O.A.t:
Mcgregor mendes was a great fight
7:19 thats a wallpaper 🔥
Сергей Сосновских
Сергей Сосновских:
Это не хабип в поверженых не плюется
Zuljan Ahmed
Zuljan Ahmed:
I am a fan of the early Conor but right Now he is just trying so hard to be Dick!
Trey Witzell
Trey Witzell:
This is the best McGregor mashup everrrrrrrrrr
avi singh
avi singh:
6:55 that laugh has venom in side
I remember seeing Poirier flail to the ground. And also Diego Brando and Chad Mendez both throwing themselves down after a couple gentle hooks from Conor, and I remember wondering why all these guys were just throwing the fight. All of Conor's punches didn't seem that clean or accurate and I didn't think his wins were valid. But his punch with Aldo was the hardest first punches ever in a championship fight, other than JDS vs. Cain. But Aldo was totally unconscious before he hit the ground, and Cain was still conscious.
I like how refs let Conor continue to get punched alot on the ground but when he hits his opponents on the ground 6 times they end it.
Dark Kinski
Dark Kinski:
So disappointing the way Aldo lost with him
I had great expectations for that fight
Noam Lev
Noam Lev:
5:28 those uppercuts are Ali inspired
6:02 damn this was fast
Bradley Shoemaker
Bradley Shoemaker:
My favorite knockout was against Marcus Brimage. Marcus was so aggressive but Connor played it so good with plenty of good hits and combos.
Takar Marag
Takar Marag:
I have known khabib only after his match with conor.. 4 me Still conor is d best fighter in ufc.
4:40 a little homage to Roy Jones Jr
Воха Ставропольский
Воха Ставропольский:
Когда он был форме, реально хорошь был💪
Adeel Ahmed
Adeel Ahmed:
When success over powers your talent you become arrogant.. That's what kills Conor. No matter how far you go in your life never forgot your roots. ✌️
Yann Ceccherini
Yann Ceccherini:
6:08 looks like a film, its insane
tony mantana
tony mantana:
why does mcgregor look like conan in the thumbnail?
BheeseCurger 432
BheeseCurger 432:
cant believe they let us watch the whole clip when conor vs aldo lol
Johns Thicchouse
Johns Thicchouse:
Imagine spending all the money you did on seats and gas to get their for it to only last 30 seconds
Love or hate him, he's still a solid #2
And coming in at number 1! A victory over 4 years ago! Conor McGregor!
Lps Layla T
Lps Layla T:
Man, those last 2 punches on Porier when his face was on the mat! Jeez.
Tony Firenze
Tony Firenze:
Makes you wonder why he feels so guilty to where he has so much rage.
2:34 he wanted to hold him :D
jared meyer
jared meyer:
The ref from the second fight pissed me off
Tefa Catini
Tefa Catini:
just came from a mike tyson highlight vid, this is kids play haha