CP3 was the best thing for Devin Booker & Deandre Ayton on the Suns | The Jump

The Jump’s Jorge Sedano, Matt Barnes and Clinton Yates discuss the positive impact that Chris Paul has made for Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton and the Phoenix Suns who are currently riding a 6-game win streak.

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98 komentarze:

Chris Paul makes young teams better. I could see him as a coach after his playing career is over.
Josh Landon
Josh Landon:
Cp3 is the real mvp, turned the thunder around and now the suns
Zhao Zhang
Zhao Zhang:
Yo I hope to see at least 5 more years of CP3, mans a legend.
Sir Lance Alot
Sir Lance Alot:
Cp3 deserves credit but so does the whole team. Look how they ended last season. Look how much Mikal bridges improved this season.
Martin Cam
Martin Cam:
If ayton can develop into a reliable 3rd option the suns will be scary in the west
Maher Gampong
Maher Gampong:
Im hoping that cp3 gonna stay in this team until his retirement
Troy Moore
Troy Moore:
Book been saying "just give me a point guard" for years.
Matt Barnes is good at his job. Solid dude. Go Suns ☀️
Joseph Mendoza
Joseph Mendoza:
YEAH CP3 INDEED!!!!!!!....... GOAT!!!!!!!
abdu o
abdu o:
Cp3 getting his first chip this year!!
Hristijan Dimitrovski
Hristijan Dimitrovski:
CP3 is legend. It isn't right that this amazing player didn't ein championship. He is champion without ring.
Grant Draper
Grant Draper:
As a Thunder fan, he had a huge impact on our young guys. Even though they are in rebuild mode, it is not going to be a long process, I can see us in contention in playoff contention by next season. I lot of that has to do with the effect he had on SGA, Baze, And Dort last season.
Aaron Smith-Williams
Aaron Smith-Williams:
When it comes to longevity and consistency, you can deff put CP3 up there with lebron for how amazing their games are even at age 36.
Tadeo Krzos
Tadeo Krzos:
The suns are going far this time for sure with cp3. His influence in the playoffs is definitely a game changer.
daniel renteria
daniel renteria:
He said it. “We HAVE to give the Suns some love” we back! Book is Apollo!
randomshyt #
randomshyt #:
I wish he could've came to Milwaukee
John C.
John C.:
How good is Chris Paul as the leader? This is how good he is. He makes Teams better. Suns will enter the playoffs.
P P:
Hope I see CP3 as an NBA coach one day. Can’t wait to see the come up & grind of that role.
Joshua Tolliver
Joshua Tolliver:
The Cp3 effect is real. Happened last season with the Thunder
I don’t like to see guys get injured, but AD being out potentially for a long time, opens up a window for Phoenix to take advantage.
Erik Ripley
Erik Ripley:
"were getting to see how good ayton and booker are now that they have someone to facilitate to both of them" naw. your getting to see how good they are now becasue you havent been watching and are just now jumping on the bandwagon. we have known and been watching how good they are.
CP3 is Awesome, the media tells us before that he is washed now they are congratulating him for making teams great.
Cp3 is the goat pg.
Tony McCloud
Tony McCloud:
CP3 n Dillard my two favorite PGs. They both putting they teams on n catching streaks this year
Emanuele Ferrero
Emanuele Ferrero:
CP3 has been amazing for the suns. I hope they get some good assets in the off seasons. to the moon we goooo
XxDee AkinsxX
XxDee AkinsxX:
if he really tryna prove this, come to detroit
Ian Young
Ian Young:
Cp3 will really come into his own if he becomes a coach. He made Houston look like chumps last year
Demetris Osei
Demetris Osei:
Matt and clinton are tough!
martin li
martin li:
Killed their fantasy value tho :(
Ralph Tena
Ralph Tena:
We love Matt Barnes perspective
Parag Chaturvedi
Parag Chaturvedi:
I'm praying he gets traded to a Contender and finally wins that ring.
Andrew Giraldi
Andrew Giraldi:
If both teams were fully healthy, I would have loved to see Golden State and Phoenix play each other in the playoffs.
Aden Wills
Aden Wills:
CP3 is one of the greatest leaders in the NBA - Charles Barkley
Dirty Gully
Dirty Gully:
Chris paul is the best point guard when it comes to leadership and making teams better
Yes he was. Glad to have him. The point god.
People dont realize how good he is
Bob Green
Bob Green:
CP making a strong case for MVP himself we know who the sun's were pre bubble, but they did have momentum. Lotta standouts this year
Christian Ferguson
Christian Ferguson:
I hope cp3 wins a chip
Booker been a baller since day 1
Bailey Mallchok
Bailey Mallchok:
This might be the best two guests The Jump has had on at one time. Aside from Perk. Big Perk is on another level.😂
Michael P
Michael P:
Always forget that cp3 had a major knee injury back in the day. Doesn’t matter that his athleticism isn’t elite his understanding and skills of the game are next level.
Drop Off
Drop Off:
Some times you need that veteran floor general to help a young team thrive.

Even Derrick Rose going to the Knicks has helped those young guys, and Rose is nowhere near the player Paul is currently.

You love to see it!
Mike J
Mike J:
Yes but imagine if this was the Hornets cp3 tho,The suns would literally be the top seed in the west for sure.
B M:
To be Real!!! CHRIS PAUL deserves the MVP this year!!!
dan mills
dan mills:
Cp3 play out your deal and come together Lakers and win with lbj Ad and Melo in the next few years let's get it on the Lakers baby. Again a pipe dream good for the sun's and cp3 helping them and their improment to get better
Damain Jenkins
Damain Jenkins:
Thts tha "CP3 effect" 4REAL.... He's finna help this team make tha playoffs jus like he did for OKC!!! This man DEMANDS MAXIMUM EFFORT FROM HIS TEAMMATES!.!.!
Peter Morales
Peter Morales:
True. And that is the kind of veteran leadership my mavs needs right now..
Jacey Gaither
Jacey Gaither:
If AD is done Suns are winning it all
Delvon Matthew
Delvon Matthew:
Kohner Warren
Kohner Warren:
Cp3 made the thunder into a playoff team. No surprise that he's turning the suns talent into a monster. Bridges, Booker, and ayton are a big three of the future on this team.
Arizona wildcats fan here I've never been impressed with DeAndre ayton. He was never the X factor there. His last year the wildcats lost the first game of the dance. Just seems as though he got where he his for his size and athleticism but he lacks the drive to be a beast of a big man. Hopefully cp3 can maximize his potential.
Joseph Zheng
Joseph Zheng:
The sharp lynx archaeologically terrify because trade formerly smile below a male beast. grubby gruesome, opposite dentist
fish foods and diapers
fish foods and diapers:
miami without crowder going to suns not just about cp3 effect
Alexander Vue
Alexander Vue:
Cp3 is amazing
Kyle Patillo
Kyle Patillo:
Guess you can say Chris Paul is a goos neighbour
simon yoo
simon yoo:
someone tooted 2:28
John Dave
John Dave:
Cruz 616
Cruz 616:
Why ain’t booker in the mvp convo ?
melvin barnett
melvin barnett:
CP3 is being what we hoped Westbrook could be; making a team better.
Joker Da Don
Joker Da Don:
Cp3 is a MVP right now 💯💯
Mazz Dunn
Mazz Dunn:
1. There’s No such thing as a team being a fluke in the NBA winning a championship is hard and basically everything has to go right in order to do it the heat got there they worked hard give them their credit
2. Who is the other guy talking with Matt Barnes?
3. Suns are gonna be tuff to beat in the playoffs they got a great all around team and a great leader in CP3 to go along with D-Book
Name_of_person Can't_think_of_any_thing
Name_of_person Can't_think_of_any_thing:
chris paul is out here building himself a contender
Brent Carroll
Brent Carroll:
We going to win the chip finally
that one guy
that one guy:
i mean dbook was doing this in the bubble tho
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3:
Goat but these dudes cursed us for the nets game. Lol
Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders:
I'm going to revive CP3 vs Jason Kidd debate. Who is better?
Tooboukou 8ball
Tooboukou 8ball:
Rockets be like...
Kohner Warren
Kohner Warren:
In a lot of ways other than how the suns run the offense, this team is comparable to the seven seconds or less suns. Paul is Nash, bridges is a future Marion, ayton has the potential to be on amares level, and the bench is comparable as well. Booker is the one that can make this team an NBA champion. He's something the suns never had.
CP3 allstar materil this season? Numbers may not say it, but he runs this team like an absolute player. Textbook point guard
Patrick I
Patrick I:
Matt Barnes said that Ayton may be better than Tyson Chandler, Deandre Jordan and Clint Capela.. I’m a Suns fan, but I think Ayton has quite a bit left to go before we can say he’s reached that level. Needs more intensity and more of a defensive presence.
Sir Charlz Beats
Sir Charlz Beats:
Let's all be honest any of us as Suns fans me included kind of cringed at the fact that they were getting Chris Paul for that much money because all I thought about was his age and all of that but man has it been the best thing to happen to us since Steve Nash
CP3 make any team a contender Put this Man with Lebron James 🔥 🔥 🔥
I never liked cp3 in clippers and rockets. Loved him in OKC. Liked him in suns.
I think the CP3 effect is overstated. The Suns have a roster full of NBA players. Even Frank the Tank, Galloway, Moore.... guys at the end of the bench are contributing. CP3 is a factor, but surely not the only one.
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark:
I want cp3 to get a ring before he retires but I doubt it will happen with the suns
Brazy Brady
Brazy Brady:
How many assists does he have to Ayton exactly? Like 6 all season.
Delvon Matthew
Delvon Matthew:
Broker is young superstar , fix the statement
T D:
CP3 = little fundamental
Keith Jones
Keith Jones:
6 game win streaks this year don't seem to mean much. Houston had one and followed it up by 3 losses.
AleKai The Great
AleKai The Great:
Suns ended last year on a 8 game winning streak. They were already going to be good.
Elijah Holley
Elijah Holley:
Bandwagon full y’all wasn’t with me shooting in the gym.
121 ハムザ
121 ハムザ:
0:30 am i reading this right... TEN PERCENT OPP 3 PT FG%??
OMG its Jesus skilla finch
OMG its Jesus skilla finch:
How tf is cris Paul making ayton better I understand booker but ayton has seen a huge decrease in his stats and also his usage rate went way down. I was thinking he would blow up this year but he’s not having a better season than last year. So what they said in this video is CAP !!!
meepo merp
meepo merp:
Cp3 will just get hurt come playoffs......
Michael Saenz
Michael Saenz:
Watch you mouth, Don't put the Heat and fluke in the same sentence. 😤
Kurt M
Kurt M:
This dude sounds like Jimmy Kimmel
Jonathan Frimerman
Jonathan Frimerman:
Jazz vs Suns in the West finals will be a fun series to watch
John Dave
John Dave:
Michael P
Michael P:
matt barnes neeeds to go away
Joseph Mendoza
Joseph Mendoza:
Jacey Gaither
Jacey Gaither:
Booker will win an MVP within the next 5 years
perry young
perry young:
Not really. Suns went 8-0 in bubble without cp0. Cp0 along with Zach lavine Bradley Beal lame and lebrick are most overrated players in nba. Last year Shai carried in the reg season and cp0 got all the credit(Shai did choke in the playoffs though)
Quantae Vlogs
Quantae Vlogs:
The Sun's were 8-0 in the bubble without Cp3, Ayton was averaging 20-10 last season, now his numbers have dropped and now there just 4th in the West and that's it, I ain't convinced! Come playoffs Cp3 will disappear as usual!
Travis Tchokotieu
Travis Tchokotieu:
Top 10 Greatest point guards in nba history:
1. Steph Curry
2. Magic Johnson
3. Oscar Robertson
4. Chris Paul
5. Kyrie Irving
6. John Stockton
7. Jerry West
8. Allen Iverson
9. Isaiah Thomas
10. Jason Kidd

Made a few changes based off research, stats, impact and winning
Matthew Kirkwood
Matthew Kirkwood:
No hate but cp3 is a winner but ppl say harden is not
Zo Fam
Zo Fam:
Ayton is garbage