CRUELLA Trailer (2021) Emma Stone Disney Movie

CRUELLA Trailer (2021) Emma Stone Disney Movie
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Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange:
Alternate title : The Joker Wears Prada
Whats wrong with her accent ..... it sounds like a bad parody :(
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American:
Dalmatians: exist
Cruella: *And I took that personally*
Wave Chang Orbino Doromal
Wave Chang Orbino Doromal:
-Did Helena Bonham Carter audition for this role? She would nail this for sure.
Steven Daniel
Steven Daniel:
Y’all keep talking about Angelina being perfect for this role but why TF is no one suggesting Helena Bonham Carter? Like she wouldn’t even have to try. And I honestly think y’all are too harsh on Emma. The movie is called Cruella not the 101 Dalmatians, so it’s understable if the dogs aren’t really the area of attention.
So ah... Is this Disney's G-rated Joker?
Chad Peters
Chad Peters:
i feel like someone approached Disney with an original idea for an over the top Guy Richie type movie and they shoehorned Cruella Devil into it.
The accent seems too forced and this reminds me too much of Harley Quinn. Looks a lot like Margot Robb, reminds me of Eva green...all great actresses but not feeling this trailer
This is kinda of giving me birds of prey- trailer vibes
Kate Coombs
Kate Coombs:
Don't know how the movie will be, but I like Emma Stone for the role!
Cruella was more interesting as a washed out 50yo bag-of-bones party girl
Damian Legion
Damian Legion:
I love EmmaStone, I hate this character...
And this trailer is... wierd...

Cruella is the new HarleyQuinn? 🤔
Saraf Farhin Choudhury
Saraf Farhin Choudhury:
Who wants to be Cinderella when you can become Cruella??!!
Disappointed in the hair choice. Glen Close was stylish af, a bad bish if you will.
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un:
Cruella De Vil
, Cruella De Vil
If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will
Cesar Mejía
Cesar Mejía:
She does look like Eva Green on that last "I'm Cruella" 😱 😏
I love Emma Stone I truly do but her British accent just doesn't do it for me. It doesn't have that same deadpan tightlipped coldness that I think an actual British actress could have delivered.
kim xox
kim xox:
I can't with that accent we do not sound like this who sounds like this it's too forced I think if you really want an actor to play a role and they can't do an accent right just drop the accent
Nuli A
Nuli A:
Whoa! I was just wondering the other day when they'll do a Cruella De vil remake. 101 Dalmatian lavvas gather hither. 😁
Beatriz Correia
Beatriz Correia:
omg im spechless !!!!! this is going to be the best ! emma stone being cruella is really killing out there
Alesha Belyk
Alesha Belyk:
Love the concept. love Emma Stone.. But, like, I feel like Cruella should be much older... and yea, feels like a suicide squad/harley quinn thing
Sheena Rayson
Sheena Rayson:
I don't get it. Is this "the'" Cruella DeVil before she became Glen Closes character? A little lost.
Not that excited for this, but an evil Emma Stone is HOT
Laura Aline
Laura Aline:
김 니키타김
김 니키타김:
I would love to watch this. I literally know all the stories of Disney characters except her. I really wanna know her story 😊
Røbbin Mølk
Røbbin Mølk:
Emma Stone is perfect for this role. Love her and loved the trailer.Can't wait to see it!
Mariam Sucks Cock
Mariam Sucks Cock:
The accent seems forced
And the movie seems unnecessary :')
Commander Captain
Commander Captain:
Joker: Harley... take a hike. This is wifey here.
viral videos
viral videos:
The part when she said “I’m just getting started” didn’t really sound convincing to me.. oh well 🤷🏽‍♀️
uvet sheila
uvet sheila:
This is good, I always find myself forgetting about this Disney villan
MN Twins Fan
MN Twins Fan:
So Disney is just creating a female Joker movie, how original
Carol Cruz
Carol Cruz:
Cruella gives me harlequin vibes... that’s a no for me.
0:04 Emma Stone looks like Mary Jane with red hair.
Luis A. Gonzalez
Luis A. Gonzalez:
Oh shit, this looks brilliant.
Roy Thorne
Roy Thorne:
That shot of her face at 1:00, that's some pretty good casting and make up. They've made her look like the animated character.
happy face
happy face:
Why do Emma Stone looks like Margot Robbie?
Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang
Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang:
Emma Stone seriously SLAYING us all being Cruella De Vil. Queen Emma, we're not worthy indeed!! I shall bow down in front of her glorious reign, always and forever!!
Mustafa Jackson
Mustafa Jackson:
Watching this trailer was cruel and unusual punishment.

The new DISNEY, the house of uninspired ideas.
Jonas Wunderkind
Jonas Wunderkind:
SJW-ism confirmed 💁🏻‍♂️
Charlotte LovelyNYC
Charlotte LovelyNYC:
ok but she skins puppies and stuff and then wears them. she is supposed to be a hideous creepy lady not emma stone who is like gorgeous and likeable
Sonia Grace
Sonia Grace:
idk what yall are saying... THIS LOOKS COOL AND I CANT WAIT
Well idk about the movie but i guess we have to wait and see
However i like Emma Stone for the role, and idk why everyone is already hating on her before even seeing her performance, i feel like she’s easily criticized for no reason
I mean i’ve seen comments about her accent but she proved that she could have a pretty great british accent in the favourite
Anyway i’ll definitely go see it I love disney movies
Aleks Hannibal
Aleks Hannibal:
Who else finds Emma Stone really attractive and talented
Laura Hjelseth
Laura Hjelseth:
I love Emma Stone. However there is no way I can like Cruella.
This story never gets old!
Bryan Gayo
Bryan Gayo:
I'm loving it.
Mgd Kns
Mgd Kns:
This looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it!
Krinio mpourdoympa
Krinio mpourdoympa:
I will probably watch it just because of Emma Stone.
why does this remind me of Harley Quinn?
Im kind of confused but i think shes a great choice (thank god they didnt choose margot robbie) and i hope the movie does well
Alex Woods
Alex Woods:
I swear if this doesn't end with the villain winning, I'll *roar*.
anonymous raccoon
anonymous raccoon:
Now we finally get to understand her back story and what made her. And more importantly, how she pulls off that half black, half white coiffure.
steve conn
steve conn:
Looks like a lost episode of Gotham or Pennyworth. Neat Coca Cola colors though.
Rania Tama
Rania Tama:
We need more movies of Emma stone 🔥
They recycle the same actresses. It's boring!
Danielle E Williford
Danielle E Williford:
It's the accent for me
Greta Hillstrom
Greta Hillstrom:
Nothing in this trailer grabbed me
nadia bairamis
nadia bairamis:
This looks awesome! 101 dalmations and cruella devils existed long before Harley Quinn and joker.. so how could this possibly be a rip off! It’s an origin story.. and it looks awesome!!
avia ladani
avia ladani:
That’s looks AMAAAAZING
0:04 Mary Jane Watson?
I feel like the old ones still are the best, I still watch it probably
Nathan lee
Nathan lee:
This was VERY underwhelming.
Andrea Meldrum
Andrea Meldrum:
This looks so good! Emma stone is an icon!
Gustavo Woltmann
Gustavo Woltmann:
this would be so good !
I hope they get the driving right!
clea hogan
clea hogan:
yessss Im so ready for this movie Deny
[email protected] Deny:
Pay evil with evil(revenge) still evil
Shi Va
Shi Va:
Why do I see Harley?
Eska Lipsi
Eska Lipsi:
Oh hell I gotta be honest I'd watch it just to see Emma raise hell and burn rich people down to ashes. Couture transformation? Yes. Emotional stakes? Yes. Dark style and classy aesthetic? Hell yeah
Oliver Day
Oliver Day:
Inch Chua
Inch Chua:
Emma stone is sweet and and brilliant actress
ace tattoo drama
ace tattoo drama:
I didn't know Todd Phillips is Harley Quinn was already done lol can't wait to see it
Danielle Heijboer
Danielle Heijboer:
If i didn't know better, i thought it was Helena Bonham Carter, not Emma Stone
Alasdair Watson
Alasdair Watson:
Cruelly de Vil is a British London heiress, but the first words spoken by Emma Stone in the trailer include the phrase “differently than” which is modern American.
Harley Quinn but make it Disney... I LOVE IT
Amy McMahon
Amy McMahon:
Yasssss Queen. So excited 🐶
Ana Aleksishvili
Ana Aleksishvili: not feeling it-
Mighty Tighty Whitey And I'm Smuggling Plums
Mighty Tighty Whitey And I'm Smuggling Plums:
Some villains can work with their stories being told. Darth Vader, vegeta, team rocket, but cruella de vil is not one of them. If the first response to seeing a pattern you like is to murder 99 puppies you are a dangerous individual
Maria Aguirre
Maria Aguirre:
Write me down as... Intrigued.
Muhammad Ahmad Khurram
Muhammad Ahmad Khurram:
Olivia Brown
Olivia Brown:
I already know what the most popular Halloween costume will be this year
Cee !
Cee !:
SP Mask
SP Mask:
Me: Just let it be known, I never asked to see a live action version of Cruella Devil.

Cruella: I'm Cruella.

Me: But I got it anyway, hey careful what you wish for, they should be saying careful what you don't wish for.

Cruella: I'm Cruella.

Me: That!!
Krissy Estrada
Krissy Estrada:
Did Sena from Hunger Games design Cruella's red gown?
Nala Aslan
Nala Aslan:
why do they keep trying to turn every disney villain into an anti hero? she wanted to kill puppies to make a coat out of them, she plain evil she does need her story retold. i swear after maleficent disney just couldnt stop themselves, but its getting tired, stop it...
mariusz nowak
mariusz nowak:
Looks great
Yep, im waiting
Sweet Bubblez
Sweet Bubblez:
I love Emma Stone ♥️
are people gonna compare her cruella with margot robbie's harley quinn...?
Millions of screenwriters and creatives have to take a back seat so more dribble like this can get made???Why????
Send it back and don't you dare give me the check!
Kayla McD
Kayla McD:
Does not look like they made her obsessed with fur which is why i liked her
Guadalupe Estrada
Guadalupe Estrada:
Giving me Eva green vibes
OHHH my gosh
Ja Quiel
Ja Quiel:
Michigan state Spartans
Home Cinema Demo
Home Cinema Demo:
We live in a society!
Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams:
Love her and the concept but not both together.... they really could’ve chose anyone else for this role
George C.
George C.:
Disney Needs to Focus and Make Villain Origins Movies Rated R!
So when kids grow up they have Another Chapter and Perspective of Classic Disney Movie Villains.
Jessie Marie
Jessie Marie:
Harley? Is that you? Watching just cuz I think Emma would make a cool Harley
Grosse Fée
Grosse Fée:
I like it when Disney is super creative and comes with new ideas that we've never seen before. It seems that every movie these days tries to copy Joker or Harley Quinn and this is boring. I'm glad to see that the Cruella movie avoided that trap!

Also, I hope Cruella will do plenty of crafting using dog bits and pieces.♥♥♥♥♥

...or maybe soup... Yeah. Dog soup sounds nice...

Oh! And they should have hired Micheal Jackson for that role. He would have been perfect.
not a Disney movie for kids Disney turning R rated :D love emma stone