Cyber Monday Low Cost Deals My Top Picks

In this video, I go over some of the best Cyber Monday deals that I think are worth picking up.
From Storage devices, Tablets, Streaming devices android tablets, laptops micro SD cards, and controllers these are my top picks for Black Friday 2020.
Most of the best deals have already been sold out due to the early Black Friday sales that these companies have put on the last few weeks but there still some to be had.
But remember The best way to save money on Cyber Monday is to not buy anything at all!

Streaming devices

$17.99Fire Stick Lite:
$29:99 Fire Stick 4K:

$129.99 NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV:

Fire Tablets:

Micro SD Cards:
8TB external :

Best Buy
$39.99 Xbox Series S Series X controllers:

Slick Deals:

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Always check these "deals" with a price history tracker like camelcamelcamel or honey.
Jezreel Del Rosario
Jezreel Del Rosario:
My man, you have to get your hands on Xbox Series S. It's an emulation beast!
Rick M
Rick M:
Can understand why people go crazy on these days. Maybe because it's that close to Christmas. But many of these deals aren't that amazing and can be found all year round. I regards to certain pc parts. Good luck finding them.
Cabo Wabo
Cabo Wabo:
Cyber Monday really isn't a thing anymore since everyone now shops online on Black Friday these days anyway
I wish the standalone raspberry pi 4 was on sale I don't need a full kit hahaaha
Thanks for your BF list. Your vid tipped me off to the Xbox controllers on sale and I got one. Very happy with the savings. Would not have known if not for your video. So like I said, thanks! Also grabbed the Launchbox deal. And then found out my PC was dead. Doh.
Im M
Im M:
Thanks for the top picks! God bless you and yours!
Nick Deneweth
Nick Deneweth:
You're doing God's work my friend... Thank you
Ants Cape
Ants Cape:
Thanks prime I actually ended up picking up an apex controller and I love it for everything. I literally use it every day thanks for the recommendation.
Be With Sam
Be With Sam:
Great content, subscribed to your channel.. got myself a laptop ..
How do fighting game inputs feel with the Series X|S Controller/ I play a ton of them and it's the only concern keeping me from just pulling the trigger on one.
Its not on sale but Ive really been looking at the Microcenter Fightsticks, your review made it look great
Shawn YRS
Shawn YRS:
Came for a review stayed for the content an because I love transformers 😂😂
With Slickdeals use the app to set your deal preferences and turn on notifications so you know when they post something new you may like.
Deech Vogt
Deech Vogt:
Thanks for the update ETA Prime.
8Tb. There's "the hub" at home.
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson:
Happy Holidays ETA PRIME!!
The Atuman Duka LS-1 Range finder on banggoods is a great deal (especially in EU since quick shipping).
Alan Bahtiar
Alan Bahtiar:
Please, test emulation on Android mediatek g95
I was here before Origami Toilet
Great callout on the new Xbox controllers. Picked up a white one for PC gaming
My top pick is nothing. 😊
Andrew Hayes
Andrew Hayes:
For viewers from the UK, you can use Hot UK Deals to find those reduced prices all year round.
TechTro Gaming
TechTro Gaming:
what was the lenovo gaming laptop you got for 419?? obviously its not on sale no more buuut I'm still interested to know what it was thanks
Los Savage
Los Savage:
Hp website has some pretty good deals. I got that same ryzen 5 4500u with a 17 inch screen for 400
Honestly tho, Cyber Monday always gets hyped up, but it's deals usually pale in comparison to the actual Black Friday deals. Those were the ones to get in on.
Did you snag the best buy hp with the 4600h and 1650?
The Gamesir X2 is $55 on Amazon.
Zamu Cubing Lab
Zamu Cubing Lab:
I can't make n64 emulation good on my pi4. Is it possible to have mario 64 at 60fps on retropie? I can't have nothing better than 30fps. Can you make a tutorial to setup the n64 emulation?
J Z:
Lol I didn’t even realize Black Friday passed
Joseph Lopez
Joseph Lopez:
Why is it your Black Friday Asus Tuffbook video was listed on my feed and then said it was private after I clicked it?
On sites where they give the option of a high and low price I'll enter the max I'm willing to pay for anything and then switch the search to Highest to lowest price instead. That weeds out all the bogus 1.99 products you wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole and you're not trying to rationalize paying an extra 10, 20, 30, or 50 bucks for something when you get to the high side of the low to high prices. (also: I like Slick deals, but I'm also a fan of Cheap Ass Gamer.)
Andy Knapp
Andy Knapp:
Fire stick lite is great if you already have a good fire remote but older stick
Shawn YRS
Shawn YRS:
Can u review the Lenovo 2 in 1 flex pad 4gb ram edition plzz
kevin Austin
kevin Austin:
These are great Cyber Monday deals, Here is another great Cyber Monday deal, PureVPN App is offering 5 years plan for just $79 instead of $657.
CB SushiKiller
CB SushiKiller:
i bought a 3d printer amazon broke it in shiping right before it got here ang foribly refunded my acount.... not id have to pay an adittional 30% to buy 2 and return one of whatever you buy if you want to actually receive it
Sophonn Ith
Sophonn Ith:
are we gonna see price drop for the ps4??
J Bourgeois
J Bourgeois:
deal-wise this video wasn't very helpful (but there aren't many great deals anyway)
but definitely glad I watched to pick up the SlickDeals tip! thanks!
I'd Rather Watch Paint Dry
I'd Rather Watch Paint Dry:
Missed out on the cyber Monday deals. Looking forward to the Boxing Day Sales.
Jason Reviews TECH
Jason Reviews TECH:
i'm waiting for 3 series GPU 3060 or 3050 is going to be huge change in the gaming laptop scene.
Geoffrey Guez
Geoffrey Guez:
Does slickDeals work in France or Europe ?
Slickdeals can also be set up with alerts on searches you made. Check the forums as well for comments.
You have got to love living in Europe. US gets kindle fire hd 10 for 79.99$, and UK gets it for 89.99£. Wtf?????
Nicholas Sharkey
Nicholas Sharkey:
HP Pavilion 15.6" Gaming Laptop with Ryzen 4600H and GTX 1650 seems to be back in stock at Best Buy for $450. I grabbed one last week and cannot believe what an incredible value it is.
Did he seriously recommend a Fire TV Stick over Roku????
Origami Toilet
Origami Toilet:
*_I was here before Vacoff._*
Michael Mendes
Michael Mendes:
Nice one mate! Let's rock n roll on the deals!
Great video, the sales in Argentina aren't that extreme. Actually you can say that there is no offer at all.
First I guess
Martin RC
Martin RC:
Love slick deals. My notifications were blowing up BF and Probably tomorrow too 😬
broad product range at discounted prices for the Cyber Monday '20
Julia J
Julia J:
whats the best and cheapest Boot drive that i can use for a rasberry pi 4 ?
Michael Adams
Michael Adams:
Why do you have private videos???
Old Intro was better!
I felt the new XBOX controller at Best Buy today and thought it felt weird. The new texture on them is good. I liked that. But the face buttons felt really mushy. Did they change buttons or am I just misremembering what the XBOX one controllers felt like? The only xbox controllers ive used for years have been the "tech" series with the rubber coating. Maybe they have different buttons? anyway, whatever.
Man, I went to my Walmart to check out that super cheap tablet black Friday deal and the employees there didn't believe me it was on sale and actually argued with me after I showed them their ads. It got pretty heated and I left empty handed. It wasn't in their printed ad so they wouldn't believe it and they told me that their store wasn't part of the Walmart website even though it was a Walmart listing with a Walmart sku. lol Walmart employees really earning their reputation.
Timothy Blodgett
Timothy Blodgett:
Your Labists stater set review was on the 8gb PI 4 and not the 4gb on here. This also comes with a cheaper fan set up and different case. What is the difference in performance? I ordered this just to find out today when delivered it is not the same as your review that prompted me to buy this one. My first PI4 and disappointed already. My fault for not checking specs but you stated this was the same one in your review, it is not.
If you think buying a 512GB or 2TB no name flash drive for $20 on Amazon is a great idea.... you deserve the product you get. =/
Tri The Trinity
Tri The Trinity:
Awesome ssd deal from amazon. Teamgroup gx2 1tb sata ssd for $75. just bought it, set up and works fine. best ssd deal so far
Baja Visual Arts
Baja Visual Arts:
shiiiiit... After this year I will be lucky to have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Haven't been this broke since i first moved out of my parents place 17 years ago. Yet somehow the rest of the country just has money flowing out its ass to buy anything and everything, record sales this year. Glad everyone fared better than we did though this mess.
First Name
First Name:
I bought the $28 Walmart tablet and it was junk. .. is the fire 10 the same quality?
4:22 Hey are those new controllers better about stick drift? I have an xbox one s controller that started drifting a month after its warranty. Or is that just a problem with all controllers with joysticks?
Gamerphile Video Clips
Gamerphile Video Clips:
Check your local Walmart if you missed out on the Acer gaming monitor for 155 period there are a few left in a few local Walmarts that I've seen. Can't beat that deal for a gaming monitor that's curved and has a higher refresh rate.
buy me a cromecast
Obie Y
Obie Y:
There is a deal for a snapdragon 855 phone for $250
For anyone looking for decent monitors, Dell has the P2421 for $150. 24 inch, 1920x1200, DP, DVI, HDMI, VGA, 4 port USB hub, and adjustable stand.

Lenovo also has the T23d-10 for $99. 22 inch, 1920x1200, DP, HDMI, VGA, and adjustable stand.
darn, the new series x controller is only on sale in the US :(
H T:
I got the nitro 5 with a 2060 for 800 200 dollars off. Not amazing but I think it will run ps2 games great!
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow:
People worry about items over food 😑
Max Power
Max Power:
Anyone knows of any deal on RAM MEMORY for the Walmart $150 LENOVO IDEALPAD 3 ? It comes with 4GB RAM, would an additional 16 GB RAM (20 GB RAM total) be worth it on that cheap laptop?
patrick cadette
patrick cadette:
Carson B Wagner
Carson B Wagner:
After four years of using FireTV, I got some Rokus, because of their Comcast Infinity cable streaming, to get rid of rented boxes.

I kept my FireTVs hooked up, for a few months, but I never used them. Unless you’re using them for emulation, FireTVs are garbage, compared to Rokus. Amazon has done almost nothing to support them, and I can’t believe I spent a year using a browser, to watch YouTube, on them... 🤦‍♂️
Just saw your address and realized I work and live less than 30 minutes from you. Thank you for all the amazing videos and keep up the good work!!
that Toshiba Tv is it really a true 720p tv or a 1366x768.
New Covenant Guy
New Covenant Guy:
The word of God says “godliness with contentment is great gain.” (1 Timothy 6:6)
Patrick Bliss
Patrick Bliss:
That pi4 kit is down to $80 on the labist website with a black Friday code BMF20. Very tempting...
Hey prime. I'm very interested in the seriesS/X controller discount...

I don't know much about these next gen controllers... Are they Bluetooth? Do you know if they work with iOS?

(I'm keen to start using the Xbox Remote Play app more)
Calvin Tan
Calvin Tan:
Wow xbox controllers are cheap. Too bad they are not in my country. I did get a great deal on black friday on my local amazon site for a pdp wired xbox controller.
Based90'sgothfu poster
Based90'sgothfu poster:
Deals are terrible in the UK
Kameron Baker
Kameron Baker:
The shock blue Xbox controller is 40 at Walmart if anybody wanted the blue but didn't wanna pay the extra 5 bucks
Really phoning it in here aren't you? All Amazon items.... kind of an 8.5 minute Amazon commercial. Are they at least sponsoring this? 24k views in 6 hours for half the same products you talked about Friday.
Free world myself.... I won't give Amazon a single penny for a monopoly that wants "all" the money in the world while employees are hardly making a living wage. All while they don't pay half the taxes they deserve to pay making Bezos richer than half the nation's in the world.
Joshua Scholar
Joshua Scholar:
Never use a TV for gaming. Tests on latency have shown that almost all TVs have very significant delays on display and that will hurt a retro experience that already has latency because of emulation.
Brian Babin
Brian Babin:
*I saw Amazon discounted the Wireless, Retro-bit Sega Saturn controllers.* Specifically, the Crystal Blue one. Then immediately had buyers-remorse when i saw some reviews of defective pads that won't charge right (non-user replaceable battery). Even if mine runs Great? It will inevitably be DESTINED for the trash heap, once the rechargable battery wears out. See? This is WHY it's good that stuff like the XBOX controllers stuck to the AA-battery packs for so long.

Yes, i know it's possible to open up such controllers and replace the battery but, modern game controllers are much more complicated, internally, than their retro counterparts. You're risking destroying the controller entirely. And you should'nt have to perform sugury on your gamepads anyway!

So yeah, that Crystal Blue Saturn pad looks sweet as hell but... no use bothering with it, if it's destined to die on me one day in the near future.

Edit: And i've seen reviews where it cannot be connected to the charging USB cable, and used like a wired pad. So there's that.

*Double-edit: Also....second post. Yay.*
I purchased a Xbox ONE S all digital (1TB) for only 90$, and got a power cable and Xbox Series controller for a total of 50$, so I got a full system for 140$! Insane deal, gonna give it as a Christmas present. Sure now it’s last gen but it will be good for a year or two!
I just can't believe people keep shipping all their money to that one guy at Amazon. Isn't he powerful enough yet? Stop shopping at Amazon!
Friends don't let friends buy seagate...
cyber monday doesnt exist. stop spreading corporate propoganda