Cyberpunk 2077 — Behind the Scenes: Keanu Reeves

How do you bring an iconic character of Johnny Silverhand to life? Go behind the scenes with Keanu Reeves to find out!

Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.

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Title: GR4VES
Created by: Konrad OldMoney

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LFP Gaming
LFP Gaming:
You can see that he actually *had fun.* It wasn't just for the money for him.
Emil Fladstrand
Emil Fladstrand:
It's weird, Keanu sometimes looks older without the beard...
Jackie dominguez
Jackie dominguez:
John Constantine
John Wick
Johnny Silverhand
The name "John" has been clicking on Keanu for few years now.
less ink
less ink:
I can’t believe Johnny Silverhand was so popular so they found a guy that looks exactly like him in real life
*I M P R E S S I V E C O C K*
Carlo Aaron
Carlo Aaron:
Plot twist: The devs just wanted to hangout with Keanu so they created Cyberpunk
"Cause I think there's a little Johnny Silverhand in all of us"

Wow that has a whole different meaning after playing the game 😂
His character is so compelling, I disagree with a lot of the early reviews that his performance is stiff. That's who Johnny is: he's an asshole who acts like he doesn't care about anything but really does.
Can we talk about how different Keanu looks with his hair completely up like that?
Recording the s*x scene with Alt must’ve been so awkward.
I'm so excited that Keanu was involved in such a huge ambitious project
Nana Lu
Nana Lu:
He was so great in this game, felt so attached to him by the end. Best bro ever.
brxidxn ヅ
brxidxn ヅ:
keanu without his hair showing like when he was doing motion capture just doesn’t even look like him, he looks like keanu reeves the most when his hair is showing
Say the line, Keanu Reeves!

Liam Murren
Liam Murren:
I'm not gay, but Keanu's pretty good looking
Rituraj Halder
Rituraj Halder:
I think the theory is actually true. There’s no game, they just wanted to hang out with Keanu
XxMazey Xx
XxMazey Xx:
I love the game so much. I can look past the glitches because it’s so damn good.
I think we can all agree that Johnny Silverhand is one of Keanu Reeves best role
caymus cairns
caymus cairns:
"This is a peoples war, not against the the failure of capitalism, or the death of the American dream. This is a peoples war against the forces of fucking entropy"
0:46 Dick.. (Вы поймёте.)
In a sense, he's now left a digital version of himself, which would theoretically allow future generations to interact with him.
Keanu looks like he had a blast creating the Johnny Silverhand character here, the stories really are awesome. Bugs will be fixed slowly no worries; Been waiting for a new favorite game.
Keanu: "I don't think there will be a game that will look like this"
PS4: Nooooooooooooooooo
You want Keanu to play a part in your game/movie, just name the character John/Johnny
J Quinton
J Quinton:
Reeves is the cherry on top of Cyberpunk. I can't imagine playing it without him as Silverhand.
Ivan Vostrikov
Ivan Vostrikov:
I bought the game just coz of him, no kidding. And the entire experience was absolutely astonishing AF
Darth Vader
Darth Vader:
This game is fucking incredible everyone hates on it but it’s very enjoyable
Initially, David Bowie was on the radar. He sadly passed away before it could happen, but I don't think anyone could beat Keanu here.
Johnny Silverhand is my favorite part of this game, Keanu is an absolute legend
lil johnny mnemonic sure did make a name for himself <3
torin rueter
torin rueter:
Don't care what anyone says this game is one of the best I've played in years. I play on a base Xbox 1 so I have my fair share of bugs, but the level of immersion I got from playing V and connecting with the other well written characters was unreal. Now hopefully they add dlc to expand on those characters 🙏
(More panam please)
Zane Wong
Zane Wong:
We need to have Reeves cosplay Silverhand sometimes.
FBI Agent #2924
FBI Agent #2924:
"Clink. The sound of her leesh tightening around your neck."
i actually love that game. fuck the hatepress. they put so much effort in it. best RPG i played since in the last 10 years. leave some love for the devs. hate the management. but dont hate the devs.
Süleyman Durusu
Süleyman Durusu:
0:46 "Dick"
*Badass Ultra Super Duper Music Plays*
jljyuhuh hyygiu
jljyuhuh hyygiu:
The mission where silver hand takes over V’s body is probably the best mission I’ve played in a video game.
Desmond Miles
Desmond Miles:
guy doesn't even remember playing neo in "Enter The Matrix" for ps2 17 years ago, he literally played the cutscenes if not any motion capture
Grim reaper
Grim reaper:
One of the few games that made me feel and that's a rare fucking occurrence, From Jackie, to Judy, To Evelyn, and when the end credits rolled, I went through just about every emotion.
Fortnite: We have a John Wick skin.
Cyberpunk 2077: And we have Keanu Reeves.
Stone Cutter
Stone Cutter:
He had waaaay more lines and interactions in the game than I was expecting. He's like literally there in every situation. So cool that Keanu Reeves gave this much time to this project, and he shows more acting skills in this game than many of his movies! And I'm a fan of his movies, I just mean it seems like he gets a chance to do a lot more with this character than he ever got to with any other character he's played. The game has problems but %80 of the actual game is amazing. I'm 3 trophies away from %100 completion, seen everything it has to offer pretty much so far, and I say 9/10 if you just love cool stories and amazing world building/storytelling.
We're in this together, just you and me, let's go out with a bang ;D
Justin Chan
Justin Chan:
So much respect for Reeves, made the game that much more immersive
He did so, so good. I absolutely loved him as Johnny. Couldn't imagine anyone else.
Bina Khan
Bina Khan:
Keanu Reeves should provide the motion capture himself.
petition for Keanu to change his name into: John Reeves
Le Spaz
Le Spaz:
The resemblance with Scott Hall in the Motion Capture Suit is crazy.
Loving the game even with his "defects"
The energy he has acting out Johnny Silverhand is crazy, they really got the right guy for the job.
Sher Denied
Sher Denied:
Киану красавчик, спасибо Редам за такого персонажа как Джонни!
Артур Полуничев
Артур Полуничев:
Damn, this guy speaks with Johny's voice lmao
Best Game what i ever play in my 24 years Respekt for this asome game!!! I love this game👏👏👌👌👍👍😀😀
Julia Neis
Julia Neis:
Sometimes I wanna hop back on just to hear him
Keem Basadre
Keem Basadre:
Rated "Strong sexual content"
*Sees keanu
Me: Yes, yes it is.
what if Johnny Silverhand is actually the sequel of john wick where he loses his arm in john wick 4 and fakes his death and name boom. the time line works
Voltfestar Wanniang
Voltfestar Wanniang:
Imagine him doing motion capture for our boy Johnny Sins..
MajorPum 95X
MajorPum 95X:
Jhonny, Jackie, etc. This game has great characteta!
this game has given me great confidence in talking straight up to people. amazing!
0:30 Yes... talk to me...
Literally only interested in this game because of Keanu Reeves
GSA _ Trip
GSA _ Trip:
even with the bugs i really enjoyed this game, i was drawn into it
ah man his performance capture looks like he’s having a lot of fun tho
Hazem Hawchar
Hazem Hawchar:
keanu’s character was the only thing that made the game enjoyable for me
Keanu is the reason why they put the Strong Sexual Content disclaimer.
Keanu is still one of the best, and he shows this all over again with Johnny Silverhand. Johnny has a complexity to him, which I most like about him. And the most thing I love about that Video, he really had fun and it wasn't just a Job-like any other he had a blast.
He really did pull his weight with every on screen performance he took part in, I could never skip scene anything he was there for
Kyler Rogers
Kyler Rogers:
So is this why John Wick 4 won’t be out for a long while.
Manuel Barro
Manuel Barro:
Say whatever you want about CP2077, but Keanu's acting here is excellent
Goldenart 121
Goldenart 121:
“We never made a game we just wanted to hang out with Keanu for a year” is the best and most understandable joke excuse someone has made for it being delayed
Lord Of Chaos Inc.
Lord Of Chaos Inc.:
Johnny Mnemonic, Neo, John Wick, feels good to have this guy back honestly.
Mr GanjaMane
Mr GanjaMane:
Thank you Keanu for the amazing work you put into this game, your character has a lot of depth and feels well flushed out. I personally really enjoyed not only your part, but also the game entirely despite some of it's early downfalls. I hope you know that you are thoroughly appreciated. Much love Choom!
John Wick
John Wick:
Keanu has such an iconic voice. It's just brilliant!
"Mo-Cap" Keanu Reeves is somehow frightening to me.
Alfred F. Jones
Alfred F. Jones:
I’m glad that John Wick revitalized Keanu’s career. Keanu reminds me of Clint Eastwood a bit.
Greg Curtis
Greg Curtis:
Imagine he starts walking without moving his feet like it does sometimes in the actual game.
ㅜㅜㅜ 조니, 키아누 리브스 다 좋아
the only part I feel good with this game is to be silverhand
Gezen Oyuncu
Gezen Oyuncu:
it is second reason that i pre order the game is because keanu reeves in it.
"How cutting edge it is" hmmmmmm..... right.
Yeti in the Beddy
Yeti in the Beddy:
im not used to seeing him be so... expressive lmao. glad he's having fun with it.
Y K:
I absolutely adore having this man in the game! Keanu Reeves is a legend <3
really love hearing this guy's voice lol. i DO feel bad about the situation hes been in in regards to the backlash
This guy it the perfect guy for the role of a rockstar being stuck in your head
Daily Chill Vibe
Daily Chill Vibe:
without his beard, he looks weirdly young lol
That Guy
That Guy:
Honestly wasn’t expecting much of him but was really impressed
Zaria Keys
Zaria Keys:
Keanu is so genuine. He is truly immersed in whatever he does and seems enamored with every role he takes on.
77 66
77 66:
Brilliant decision to get him for this game. They couldn't have picked a better actor in terms of good marketing
Really hope they fix the game, and maybe add more johnny silverhand story
Olivia esddms
Olivia esddms:
... He nailed it. I'm having crazy fun with it.
Erick Rosa Z.
Erick Rosa Z.:
Maybe they were too much in love with Johnny they forgot to finish the game .
g0d I love him so much . He'd be such a laugh!
Keanu understands what Role Playing is better than most game companies.
Patrick Not Star
Patrick Not Star:
Bruh keanu is just too damn breathtaking
3:07- til end
He actually describe the game perfectly.
Ritualistik Textures
Ritualistik Textures:
This game is so so so amazing, I wish everyone would leave them alone with the bugs. It's fucking fine.
네오, 존 콘스탄틴, 존 윅에 이어 조니 실버핸드. 캬~~~
Did nobody else see the “Milfguard” poster? Obviously a homage to Nilfgaard lmao
Why does he still sound and his attitude like John wick
König Skelett
König Skelett:
Keanu reeves look so Good with the beard.Without he look to young,anw i Love the Movies from keanu matrix1-3 or John wick1-3.

PS. Keanu is such a nice man.Keanu when you read this(safe he dont read this but) thank you for all.😁
You know there should be a three hour long movie / documentary about this.