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*UPDATE: Game has just been delayed again, by two months. Cyberpunk 2077 now releases November 19th, 2020.*

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Nic Mad
Nic Mad:
Going into quarantine again when Cyberpunk releases.
Jimmy Stark
Jimmy Stark:
Triple A game my butt, it's going to be the first quad A.
Ernest Lemmingway
Ernest Lemmingway:
If CDPR can bring even a modicum of modding capability to this game, at least better than what we got in TW3, they'll steal Bugthesda's thunder. Who will need the latter when the former can bring us better quality open-world RPGs?
Harman Singh
Harman Singh:
I feel really bad for people that only play “multiplayer” games
TheRealDeal 1216
TheRealDeal 1216:
“We’re just under 100 days left” little did he know
Dawn of Mike
Dawn of Mike:
I want this game to be 100% uncensored, just balls to the wall world building and gameplay. I'm fitna pre-order this on GoG real soon.
donovan schoor
donovan schoor:
ive never been this hyped for a game! only game i pre order.
Super Cooper
Super Cooper:
They gonna make so much bank from this game 😂
"people are expecting gta level of customization" you say that like gta has some massive in-depth customization lol, when it's basically just change colour, tint windows and change spoilers....
m mib
m mib:
I don't want a Christmas calendar, I want a calendar until the release
Erik Brenner
Erik Brenner:
“Things are moving along very fast” ANND....DELAYED!
"Arguably" one of the most anticipated games in years??
Jack Toreto
Jack Toreto:
Hey legacykilla, on the cyberpunk 2077 Twitter, someone commented on the nomad car tweet asking how deep is the customization to which they replied ‘how deep is your love’
Eric Wlezniak
Eric Wlezniak:
Cyberpunk is going to be overhyped to the point that people will be upset at any little mistake and call it terrible, even though it will be good.
Calling it now.
Roberto Palomba
Roberto Palomba:
Of course their last effort will be polishing.
They're set in Poland.
I wonder if the origns will work like Dragon age orgins where your background decides the start you get not just as a detail of your background
Charles Thrailkill
Charles Thrailkill:
With all the unfinished games we get, ill take the delays for a polished and finished game
Nathanael Paxevanos
Nathanael Paxevanos:
When Keanu Reeves showed up at E3 for Cyberpunk 2077, I was shocked and excited, doubly so for the fact that he seemed to genuinely enjoy being there and being a part of the game, that it wasn't so paycheck for him or just another job. The man is a legend and I love him, I truly do hope that this game isn't overhyped, but regardless I am going to play through to the end of it no matter what.
Silvio Caetano
Silvio Caetano:
Me seeing the video intro...
Last of Us 2: I DON'T CARE!!!!
Cyberpunk 2077: YES!!!!!
I hope they changed their minds on apartment customization or have one of the small dlcs add it in. I dont think there should be major changes available to the place, but it would be nice to have some small things you can collect and put around, maybe have it similar to outer worlds where you can get some decorations based on quest choices. I can understand interior design clashing with the vibe of the game, but also the world is full of people showing off and being flashy so it'd be nice to do some of that to the apartment.
me: Current Objective: survive the Corona until 2077 is out
Jake Dragonfire
Jake Dragonfire:
Free dlc just from buying the console?

I already loved them, now are they trying to propose to us?
Armand Vermeulen
Armand Vermeulen:
Playing The Witcher 3 Theme in the background, sneaky sneaky.
They delayed the game by 6 months. With an extra half a year I'm sure they are using that extra time to better flesh out features. Like car customisation.
Rick Pickle
Rick Pickle:
Bro imma just make a continuation of my fallout NV character.
Jay P
Jay P:
Waiting for Cyberpunk is PAINFUL!
Mike P
Mike P:
Even if it's low volume, the Witcher 3 background music is cristal clear.
''i mispronounce everything'' I still wont forget Kanye Reeves and Jason Schreiur'' big like from here man
M.C CheddarBox
M.C CheddarBox:
Why can't we have it noowwww?? Damn you CDProjektRed for wanting to release a good finished game!
I pray to whoever is listening that if not in the SP, the MP has the type of customization to create a character that at least resembles Judge Dredd. It'll be a sin to have a game with these Mega City structures and not be able to role play as Dredd. One can only hope.
I'm a simple man.
I see Cyberpunk HUGE INFO, I click fast.
Magnite Productions
Magnite Productions:
19:59 I am very hyped to make a mele only character that'll never use a gun and this is great news. I have leaned a bit of how the mele aspect is going to work in this game with specific skill branches for it and weapons like that Cyber Katana that was mentioned in an artical but forget what it said about it.
Michael S
Michael S:
A CHAZ reference would fit right into this game
I feel like the partner will play a big part into the story like what happens to him. Like he might die by your choices, turn into a villain, or hell maybe he might be on your side. But a see a real way to milk emotions and have a big noticeable branching pathway with the partner, judging from that one trailer they released where he died.
Mike, from Texas
Mike, from Texas:
Pretty sure it's pronounced "Ray-vers".
Y'know, like *Rave?* Rave. Ravers.
This is the only game I'm hype for this year, idgaf about any of the other stuff coming out.
Jay Rex
Jay Rex:
Oh man I'm so glad to hear about the reduction in map icons, I'm still scarred from all those barrels in Skellige.
Navid Javan
Navid Javan:
5:44 So you are telling me that the Nomads will do any job, Nomader how sinister it is?!?!
the quarantine was invented by project red to get an excuse to have more time to develop it.
Mr Fahrenheit
Mr Fahrenheit:
Counting the days til September 17th 🙌🏻

Charlie Finch
Charlie Finch:
I somehow patiently waited for cp2077 for 3 years but now with only 3 months I’m literally willing to cut off a limb to play the game

Edit: it’s been delayed again now it’ll release in 5 months at this point I’m just trying my best to keep the game off my mind
Mcarthy Wasright
Mcarthy Wasright:
Return to morrowind game style?
I keep throwing my wallet at the general direction of poland but nothing happens halp!
Francois Gervais
Francois Gervais:
I can’t stand the pressure the devs must have for this game
Doubleheaded Eagle
Doubleheaded Eagle:
I’m looking at what the developers call a barren wasteland, it looks like my cousins property in Western Australia. If you have tree’s it ain’t barren. Lol.
Dawsyn Asay
Dawsyn Asay:
When this game releases, I’m putting my kids up for adoption for more play time.
Dharmesh Mistry
Dharmesh Mistry:
I was genuinely annoyed to hear this got pushed to November but I’d rather play a debugged and incredible game, than a mess that lets me down.
Joshua Mcbride
Joshua Mcbride:
I will be watching the Night City Wire on this channel, it's the only one I trust when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077 news. Keep up the quality and the hard work.
Really need to stop watching these type of vids until at least August
Kyle Snyder
Kyle Snyder:
"Just under a hundred days from release" ah, how young and naive we were
Bevin Bang
Bevin Bang:
Can't wait for this game.
I hope that we get some kind of nod to Johnny Mnemonic connected to cyberspace since Keanu is in the game.
Lazy Pharaoh
Lazy Pharaoh:
"There's also some information about Keanu working on the mocap, which took 15 days in the studio and that he was very engaged with the project, when CDPR showed up before E3 to show him the newest version of the game, he remembered all od the dev's names."
What a lovely man.
Stanetti Els
Stanetti Els:
I’m too old, too cynical and have been burned too often to get hyped for games anymore. But I’ll make an exception here. Not many studios/franchises get me excited anymore (Rockstar/ RDR and CDPR) but the hype is real here.
Charles Archibald
Charles Archibald:
If CDPR delays a 3rd time, I'm getting a refund.
I wrote that translation, thank you for mentioning me and I'm so happy I was able to made the day of some people. If you have a question about one of the points hit me up. The sources are multiple podcasts. One is free and on Spotify. I am very sorry about my misinformations. The rest is correct, you will see.
Yrjö Cup
Yrjö Cup:
This got delayed. But it is still the only thing that brings me hope after seeing how TLOU 2 turned out.
Aaron Boleyn
Aaron Boleyn:
Having read the Shadowrun books back in the early '90s, I am bloody stoked!
In terms of the stream coming up. I would rather support you than a greedy company like IGN. Plus you are way better than they are IMHO.
I really hope we gona see Ciri in Night City .
"you're breath taking!" best event ever haha!
Hope Kennedy
Hope Kennedy:
When it was not “pop” i was playing all cd project reds games and loving them. Collectors editions all the way, except for “The Witcher 2 The White Wolf” which was canceled the day of release, was looking forward to that and was very upset when they cancelled but I trust their reasons. They have had experience with this it’s just you didn’t know who they were.
James Montgomery
James Montgomery:
"HUGE INFO!"....'this game has loot, and maybe other stuff' lol super excited for this game. CD knows how to make a universe.
I look forward to the accusations of rassisism aimed at the devs over the Voodoo Boys, among other batshit insane bullshit.

Actually, no I don't. It's beyond tiresome.
Doug Balian
Doug Balian:
I know it's a pipe dream, but it would be awesome to have a short quest or DLC nod to Ciri, the Child of Destiny.
Baxter Powel
Baxter Powel:
Jaylen James
Jaylen James:
Last time I was this early. This was a call of duty channel lol. You did a good job moving on 👏
Ethan Haak
Ethan Haak:
“The cyberpunk release is less than 100 days away, again”........ *sigh*
I keep checking these videos hoping to see that CDPR has re-evaluated their choice to exclude 3rd person gameplay outside of driving. It took the wind out of my sails to hear that they intended for the game to be experienced 1st person only.
Monkey butt 2006
Monkey butt 2006:
The “2077” stands for the year it comes out!
Barbie Boii
Barbie Boii:
Omg I Hope We Get To Use The Type Of Hair In Your Thumbnail For Our Characters lol 😍😍😍
I like your "rant" videos BUT i like this positive like videos a lot more. I just wish the gaming industry give you more opportunity to make content like this in the future.
We're going to be living in a world like this in America real soon, just with less technology.
I’m on my 5th week of 60+ hours of working (woo being essential, someone has to make the packaging for your medicine) September seems like I’ll finally have some time to pay video games again.
Rikard Nilsson
Rikard Nilsson:
new release date: almost two weeks after my birthday.
Me: close enough.
R B-H:
I've been looking forward to this game ever since the original announcement 7 years ago. I really hope it lives up to expectation!
Portgas D Ace
Portgas D Ace:
Just Imagining adding two machine guns on the hood😍
Would like to see somthing like the movie death race and mad max vehicle compat system that would make the game super fun and it can boost it sales significantly higher than the developers ever expected . DO IT CD PROJECT RED JUST DO IT
no news about a collector's edition restock?
Terry Lee
Terry Lee:
A lot of these details I already had assumptions about… I guess that just means my optimism level is a bit too high. Hopefully dreams do come true. Just remember we know this developer very well and we know they love to give the players as many options as possible in their games
Jay Rex
Jay Rex:
CDPR's transparency on its design processes and how they're working to make this experience the best that they can is so refreshing.
So can someone explain, are the npc’s gunna sort of be on the level of Red dead 2? Because The way they replied to how u were behaving & the amount of dialogue they had was jus next level in terms of attention to detail, I hope the npcs are as good as or better in 2077
Kieran Still
Kieran Still:
When this is out im putting my full attention to this and my girl can get me food or something
Jeff Lane
Jeff Lane:
I'm really excited for this game. Doing my best to limit my expectations because I don't want to be disappointed by something dumb like, car customization. I like car customization but this game seems to offer so much more.
I hope this isn't one of those games that looks amazing watching it but when you play it the controls feel clunky like a lot of rpg shooters are i.e. fallout, deus ex, etc... Hope it feels smooth like a shooter with the depth and quality of an RPG. Unfortunately those are a rare mix.
If CDPR Just released a patch for 3rd person later on as a "thank you for waiting", My decade would be made.
Stupid Velociraptor
Stupid Velociraptor:
It's going to be hilarious when this game turns out to be underwhelming.
damn cyberpunk again is forcing me to laugh at other games :O but i really want to play vampire bloodlines 2 but compared to cyberpunk it feels like amateur hour but it actually isnt shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
Samual L White boy
Samual L White boy:
I saw trailers for this game 2 years ago on tv and I was immediately interested
Subenu W
Subenu W:
In Cyberspace its actually like that: You can replay Witcher1-3 in cyberspace with tron'ny graphic xD
Title said "Huge info" though...
Krazy Kazuma
Krazy Kazuma:
This game keeps breaking my heart.
Just HUGE info? Not GIGANTIC info? I'll be back when the info is GIGANTIC.
Alexis Noe De Santos
Alexis Noe De Santos:
I really hope they give the option to do an unmodded run. I'm trying to go through all human if possible.
William S
William S:
Why do I feel this game is going to catch shit when it releases for having racial overtones of how certain ethnic groups are portrayed and the certain name they're given in this game..
I just hope they will do something about the insane crunch their developers are under.
Man, it's been a month since HDLK made CP video. Feels nostalgic almost, probably because of that depressing W3 track.
Shannon Heinsmann
Shannon Heinsmann:
Looking fwd to the new Tetris expansion "no stone unturned"
Nicolás Cantor
Nicolás Cantor:
4:57 and the Avocado? hahaha
This is hopefully going to be the greatest game I've ever played. Crossing my fingers
Eric Money
Eric Money:
Can't wait for this to drop. I bought the Collector's Edition. 😁😁