Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire Live Reaction With YongYea

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Night City Wire just by itself I thought was kinda underwhelming, but the trailer that only showed bits of the prologue was awesome, the brain dance stuff looks pretty interesting, there's plenty of b-roll out there on the internet not shown during Night City Wire to look at, and hands on impressions so far seem VERY positive.
its just luke Revive
its just luke Revive:
I like that they didn't show too much because little clips of the game is enough to keep the hype going for me.
Robert Jif
Robert Jif:
I was like "They show 80% of the game"
Then.. that trailer only show what's on prologue!
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
I'm just grateful that the game is coming out this year and not in 2077
I'm disappointed in your disappointment.
Tony, The Stark
Tony, The Stark:
I'm not disappointed at all! I honestly don't wanna see too much.
Dimitri Balerinas
Dimitri Balerinas:
they are preparing an anime too? there is already a comic-book series to be released as well. these guys are going full on!
Thunder Df
Thunder Df:
I feel they did the right thing not showing too much, I don't want to be in the game and is like "I've seen all of this..."
Christopher Huber
Christopher Huber:
You know there's already like an hour gameplay trailer out there... They've done more gameplay footage and trailers that 99% of games out there or in dev. You already know what you are getting, you know the quality based on previous titles, you can't make your decision on this?
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt:
Can’t believe we still got 57 more years til this game comes out smh
We've had more than enough gameplay. They show more than most developers these days. You can't just show everything because otherwise no one would be suprised of something they've already seen. It's a good marketing decision.
I still can't believe that Cyberpunk 2077 and The Avengers game are both coming out in the same year... So you're telling me that this badass futuristic game is the same price as that generic game that looks like it's a ported phone game from 2012???? 2020 is crazy, man...
You seemed engaged and excited during the whole presentation and after that you say that you are disappointed. What? I am glad that they are not showing massive amounts of the game, let us experience that for ourselves when it will come out.
I actually don’t want to see anymore trailers or gameplay. I think game companies show too much sometimes. The opposite also has been true though with some games.
Aladdin mclovin
Aladdin mclovin:
Yong sees the silver haired girl..."ooo nice graphics"
Jackie is already iconic, even before the game was released ;)
"Everything is scratched out" Yongyea says, not recognizing the obsessivly written cursive with pitch-perfect line-distance and spacing.
Samuel Chambers
Samuel Chambers:
Bruh, disappointing? was he expecting an hour of gameplay and a demo or something, this is only part one
Yong mad cdpr didn't invite him to play the game lmaoo
jarren gipson
jarren gipson:
Lol you have to remember that they didn't release tons of witcher 3 game play either
This game, man
Brain Dance is a reference to the movie "Strange Days"
the whole concept of the playback is the plot of the movie
Everyone is so negative before the game is even released. Really reflects why the world is the way it is.
The dev interviews with questions from Twitch chat, that the stream switched to after the NCW ended were pretty interesting. Sad that you clicked off so quickly there.
This is crazy, they're working on an anime, the game, and dlcs as well
Edit: WOW! I did not expect to get this many likes. Thanks guys, you're the best!
Ohh LanLa
Ohh LanLa:
R.I.P Assassin's Creed Valhalla and other big games that will release on November, you guys will be missed :D
YongYea, it wasn't a presentation, it was an episode. This episode focused on that Brain Dance thing. Other episodes will focus on other things.
Ivan Sarajev
Ivan Sarajev:
Damn I haven't seen Hollie since her days at Play Station Access
JF Andersson
JF Andersson:
"That was actually disappointing". Are you for real?
Mariane Santos
Mariane Santos:
I'm not disappointed at all. I'm definitely more excited for this game than ever!
"We've been working on the anime for some time"

Release in 2 years.

MafioSoWhat _95
MafioSoWhat _95:
Everyone like this comment if you’d LOVE for Yong to voice Vincent Valentine in part 2 of the FF7 remake!! 😁
Jay Gawdzilla
Jay Gawdzilla:
My poor PS4 is gonna take off like a Jet trying to play this game
Hakovani DG
Hakovani DG:
Well this is Episode 1 they showed. I'm curious what will they show weeks later
Yong: "Wow, this looks gorgeous."
Hollie Bennett on screen at time.
Me: "Yes."
Ostry Kanał
Ostry Kanał:
A wise man once said "set your expectations low and you will never be disappointed"
Not a Skaven
Not a Skaven:
Still more gameplay in this trailer than in most of the Death stranding trailers :^)
Tom Ongchangco
Tom Ongchangco:
27:46 that girl stared at me just like yennefer in W3.
Guys, it was just episode one of these little presentations for Cyberpunk. They going to drip feed us the goods. 😎
Hey Incase everyone didn’t know, On amazon, the company Piggyback is releasing a cyberpunk 2077 collectors guide when the game releases.
Holy Shit! I knew Total Recall was in the cyberpunk genre but we’ll literally be experiencing other people’s memories!
Jozar 27
Jozar 27:
Hopefully they don't become too over encumbered by all this content. I never liked the way game companies start doing other forms of media like comics, movies, shows because all the budget used to make that could have been used on the game. I'm confident they can pull it off but still.
Hafa Ball
Hafa Ball:
"Hi, this is SkillUp and this is my Youtube-"
"Yeah Nothing there"
Wow, sickburn
Andrenne Harbin
Andrenne Harbin:
That’s it?! Well it was 30 mins or so. Plus I don’t mind not seeing a ton of the game. I’m glad they’re being so transparent and I’m so excited to play.
Cyberpunk wins this years conference, period
Gelatinous Cube
Gelatinous Cube:
Not sure what was not enough here Yong, they showed off more than PS5 Event of story, gameplay etc.
I think the presentation was allright. At this point any kind of stream or trailer they announce gets hyped to hell and back, it just is what it is. Looking forward to that anime.
Jackie seems like such a bro. I can’t wait to get to know him as a character
Cuba Blue
Cuba Blue:
Too many people are expecting too much from these reveals. CDPR spoiled us with that 50min gameplay reveal. People now expect to see half the game before release.
Youg balls are so blue, only 30% of gameplay didn’t last him longer lol. He wants more until he finishes
Kon x Artist
Kon x Artist:
I’m just wondering how many relationships this game is gonna put to the test 🤣 my girl already knows what time it is so I’m good lmfao
Has anyone reviewed the character customization? I’d love to see what they said about it
Sp0iled Milk
Sp0iled Milk:
“Work in progress- does not represent the final look of the game”

I’m sorry, but how much better can the final game look?! This is absolutely gorgeous!
Max Ducks
Max Ducks:
I love how genuinely enthusiastic the lead quest designer is. You can tell he's really excited for this game.
The Passenger
The Passenger:
Oh boy...this game looks like a dream is coming true. Just can't wait!
justin grantham
justin grantham:
Could not disagree more with your assessment that this was lackluster, you see a lot of new stuff in the trailer and this is the first of these episodes
The end of the presentation was literaly what we felt when you guys got press only footage, same way everyone that played those 5 hours says it's fucking awesome and we can only get second hand hype.
I think you just expect way too much out of everything, it was literally just a 30 minute show, how much did you honestly expect them to show off in just the first episode?
2020, when content creators have to be negative about everything.
This is amazing and completely nuts. God, I can't wait
finally a game where the graphics improved from the previous trailer.
Nicholas G.
Nicholas G.:
This seemed more like an immersion teaser. Less about eye candy and more about letting you know how much attention went into the world and what to expect.
Carson Kouts
Carson Kouts:
"Just the prologue" well hot damn that prologue probably takes longer to play then most current games start to finish.
Black JD
Black JD:
Hey Yung I guess we're just hungry for more ,you know we're never gonna be satisfied with anything in this day and age💤☕ I'm pretty happy.
The Awkward Skeleton
The Awkward Skeleton:
So, Judy just took the top of my “CP2077 Characters I want to Romance”.
Getting a bit here and there towards the release of this game I'm perfectly fine with it. I don't want everything shoved down my face and then starve for the next 5 months. So this is a nice pace.
No early access for my boy Yong? Come on, CDPR!
Farzan Balkani
Farzan Balkani:
Jesus! just wait a few months and play the full game yourself!
Cyber Punk
Cyber Punk:
Gives me goosebumps how i feel small that it was overwhelming, reminds me of Divinity Original Sin 2
AnunnaCY Nils
AnunnaCY Nils:
A full gameplay of the scenes we've seen short clips of in the stream, was now uploaded by some youtubers, incl. a well commented Gameplay 4K by the channel Eurogamer. :)
Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright:
"Wherever there are nerds, there are anime fans."
Hahaha...yeah, that's basically true.
OH! I want to see that anime! I'm also going to LOVE that BD thing.
Don't want too much gameplay, just trailers is fine by me.
BIOpédia - Português
BIOpédia - Português:
Yongyeah , we already have more than 2h of gameplay, 3 or more trailers and aa lot of information, do you really want them to show the entire game, cmon now. chill out,, and this is a weekly show. so I don't think this presentation was a disappointment.
I've got special feelings in my toilet bits over this game, cant wait !
I KnowEverything
I KnowEverything:
To be fair, i am not much of a cd project fan, but we already have lots of gameplay and information about this game, so this was fine,
Yongyea on Citywire 1: "Stealth, definitely." Yongyea on Citywire 2: "That 8-barrel shotgun is my spirit animal" :-D I think I felt the same shift after the weapon tech demo lol
Cactus Cob
Cactus Cob:
" look at that character god"
Me to Yongyea too
Ross B2
Ross B2:
58:30 liked the futuristic car. looked back twice to see how that door opened.
I had a great time watching you react to the timer for 15 minutes.
Daniel Ryslink
Daniel Ryslink:
"Welcome to the stream, samurai, we have a CD to burn!" - Yong, after playing the actual game later this year.
What am I doing ?
What am I doing ?:
The fact they mentioned an online like gta v makes me wonder how rp servers for this game will work
there are 3 different starting stories that affect the gameplay slightly differently in how the story plays out and some dialog. thats why it seems like a lot was going on. watch skill ups newest video about it
27:24 she looks awesome
Never underestimate the power of the sophomoric slump.
Plasma Glow Music
Plasma Glow Music:
so cool!!!
the lighting sells me. even more so than it did 7 years ago.
that is impressive.
René Nielsen
René Nielsen:
Hope Iwinski still got a bit of soul left after this omg xD
Illusory Bucket
Illusory Bucket:
Ehh, I think they're saving the best for the last episode probably.
David Mutschler
David Mutschler:
Ooo the anime is being made by Trigger? They are my favorite!~
Brolivia Wilde
Brolivia Wilde:
in addition to the game, i'm very much looking forward to the soundtrack!
Yong, about the clarity of your voice
I always watch you at 3.0x speed, despite not being an English native, and I understand every single word of yours without having to look at the screen
Knight Lord
Knight Lord:
I'm hyped for this game looking forward to the driving and gunplay plus the quests the most
Zak Wert
Zak Wert:
lol I think the girl reading the script does ads for RAIIDD SHADDOW REGHENDSS. They cut this together really strange, but considering pandemic I can't fault them.
Show us your notebook!

Definitely playing this on next-gen console.
Blade Ballet Productions
Blade Ballet Productions:
That was stupid. Hype gone down.
Chad Bush
Chad Bush:
So dramatic , lol. Your reaction is like you saw a puppy killed right before your eyes.

They aren't going to blow their load on episode one.
Oldman Isaaac
Oldman Isaaac:
I'm sure we will get more in the coming eps I'm expecting like 5 eps before November
Nemesis 666
Nemesis 666:
What I'd love to know is how the sandbox side of things plays out... How linear is the overall game?
Wow, Hollie has really changed her appearance. I say that coz it's the first thing I saw and it took me by surprise.