We would like to share with you how things currently are in Prague since the government declared a State of Emergency over the whole of Czech Republic for 30 days.

Video recorded on 16 March.

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Links for Latest Updates
Daily Statistics -
Ministry of Health (Use google translate) -
Ministry of Interior with latest information for Tourists -
Czech news in English -
Online groceries - &

We will discuss latest news on Czech borders being closed, the lock down and what it means for day to day life, and situation with the stores and food supply levels.

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Positive Manifestation
Positive Manifestation:
Cheers for the insight bro.
RMR creations
RMR creations:
Hi how is the present condition in Czech republic covid-19?
1 Dude
1 Dude:
Thank you for making this video. My family orginates from there and I have been wondering what it is like over there. I live in the united states and it is the same here. Stay safe
Nash, don't touch your nose to keep safe haha, I love your videos, thank you
Informative, Nice video guys, Stay safe 😁
Abul Kalam
Abul Kalam:
Can you tell they are now suspended work permit visa
Andres Escudero
Andres Escudero:
Got here on time before all this measures were taken..! It is sad but necessary! Great video guys! Better to spread awareness than fear! Wonderful job! 👍
Davud Akhundzada
Davud Akhundzada:
To be honest, this was needed - Prague needed to breathe for a few weeks without the crowd and drunk tourists.
In my latest video, I have also described the current situation in Prague and the toilet paper crisis :D
OFW Diaries
OFW Diaries:
Keep safe, and let us pray for those affected country in jesus name🙏🙏🙏 watching from philippines.
Gibril ceesay
Gibril ceesay:
Your videos are always educative and informative..I’m currently in Dubai and about to move to szech republic soon on work permit.I will be happy to link with you please.
Tristan KC
Tristan KC:
Awesome video guys. Stay safe