Czech Republic 2-1 England | England Defeated After Late Czech Goal | Euro 2020 Qualifiers | England

England lost in European Qualifiers for the first time in 10 years after a late Czech Republic goal.

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Lesiek TV
Lesiek TV:
hodně štěstí pro euro Doufám, že půjdete co nejdál 🇨🇿💝🇵🇱
Boleslavs Avdax
Boleslavs Avdax:
Brawo Czesi! Zdenek grał u nas 3 lata (Wisła Kraków).🇨🇿🇵🇱
peter Enis
peter Enis:
I love how no matter in which period, there's always a player in the Czech team with hair like a 70s rock star
Skvělá Česká republika! Anglie dobyla! Bratři! Děkujeme za skvělou hru! Pozdravy z Polska! 🇨🇿🇵🇱
Congratz to Czech Republic for this great win over England! Respect from Finland.
a d o
a d o:
Dobrá práca bratia 😉 Dúfam že postúpite
Filip Vrťo
Filip Vrťo:
I will never forget this game and being on the stadium that day. Lifelong experience. Go Czechia🇨🇿🇨🇿😀
Češi do toho !!!
Daamir Bassanas
Daamir Bassanas:
Slava Češkoj braći .........BOSNA
Zidan Talukder
Zidan Talukder:
Well played Czechia love from 🇩🇪
Well done to the Czechs, They were the better opponent in this match by far. Every team has a bad game or two. This doesn't mean england are bad, it just means they need improving. Which Gareth southgate will do wonders with. Can't wait for the match on Monday to see if England have improved. Very proud of this team no matter what and if you're english you should be to. No idea why people always doubt england "Just because its England". Once again well done to the Czechs!
Film Gob
Film Gob:
Thank you Czech Rep, love from Scotland.
Max Jermyyy
Max Jermyyy:
I love how the english commentator say czech names😂🇨🇿
England was playing awful. But I must admit, that Czechs were playing really well.
nádhera česi zaslúžené víťazstvo
Iain Rae
Iain Rae:
While football pundits and fans endlessly debate formations and lapses at the back, rarely are the opposition given credit.
Well done Czech republic.
Draw Tube
Draw Tube:
Bravo Češka! From Croatia
Bravo cesi! Od polska
Pome Česko a Slovensko do toho ♥️♥️
Joe Stockton
Joe Stockton:
This game was like everything that's wrong with Utd and Spurs right now rolled into one.
Robert Os
Robert Os:
Bravo Cesi from Croati..
t0mkat :
I am starting to think that whenever we take an early lead with a penalty/set piece we are almost guaranteed to lose that game.
František Vtelenský
František Vtelenský:
Reality CZECH!
Super zápas! :)
Tamime T
Tamime T:
although they aren't strong as before durning the era of nedved's generation but the czech team is still a difficult team to defeat
Sven Svensson
Sven Svensson:
The Czechs made England looks like an average team
Myslím si, že by si Česká republika zasloužila velký respekt za toto. 👌

Gratulace, sice opožděně, ale i tak se to počítá. 😌
Curtis Millership
Curtis Millership:
Michael Keane was a culprit in both goals. Lost his man in the first one and was caught staring at a cross that was already covered by two men instead of sticking with the forward that drifted back. It's so obvious someone was going to be in the centre to get on the end of it. Barkley was pretty slow to get back during that goal and was caught ball watching as well, though evidently tired. Two easily preventable goals that can only be construed as poor defending.
Marek Plevač
Marek Plevač:
Díky všem z různých zemí za podporu.
Medík 10
Medík 10:
Im from the Czech republic And this was the second best footbal moment in my life, the first Is i was at the croatia at the world cup 2018
Thịnh Trần
Thịnh Trần:
Bravo Cesi from VietNam
the 1st early goal by kane should be invested well to keep it and score more, but unfortunately the opposite thing happened. it was a decent reaction by Czech Team
D N:
no one:
literally no one:
sterling arms when running:↩️↪️
When I felt sad, I go to watch England games, and it always get me laugh
Sebastian Mj
Sebastian Mj:
Thrilling come back Czech congrats from India...
90% of Harry Kane's goals are from the penalty spot. :)
EpicLedger LLC
EpicLedger LLC:
It's going to be bad when the England manager starts 5 players, particularly majority of them in defense, who are in teams that are in such devastatingly bad forms for quite a while now. I would have started Abraham, Tomori, Chilwell and even give Dean Henderson a chance over Pickford
After that Kane goal is thought Czech was gonna get 5
socha oracza
socha oracza:
Congrats from Poland
Češi!!! Thanks four congratulations from our countries
The defence was to blame as was Harry who didn't score at least 2 goals considering the chances he had.

Lets remember that it is one game out of many others, things can still change for England and hopefully they'll be positive.
Great effort by our team.
Itiel Oliveira
Itiel Oliveira:
Pickford was the best on pitch by miles 😳
Draw Tube
Draw Tube:
Bravo Češka from 🇭🇷
Absolutely fair result. Czech Republic controlled most of this game and it brings back lots of bad memories where superior teams have exploited England's weaknesses. Where do i start?
D N:
this is literally another form of embarrassment.
Not easy to miss the poor marking for the second goal, but no one seems to have spotted the blatant foul by Souček on Danny Rose in the build up.
Sterling with the dive... 10 years later...😂😂😂 he was oh his leg hit my leg... I best go down!!!
Štěpán Cikánek
Štěpán Cikánek:
Bravo czechi in czech
E.D. C
E.D. C:
Since the 2018 World Cup, it's been downhill for England.
First goal of the Czech team was sweet revenge. Can't believe that in the age of VAR they don't give penalties for handball
This felt like the World Cup semis vs Croatia.... England takes a lead in the 5th minute, then loses control of the game and loses 2-1
Joey Stocato
Joey Stocato:
Keane was absolutely awful. Dreadful. Look at him fail to mark his man after Maguire points to who he should mark (for the second goal)
Se não fosse o Pickford teriam tomado mais...
For your information, the winning goal scorer (ondrasek) is a normal level player in mls for dallas with no one watching his home games while all england players are world class
William Yeoh
William Yeoh:
Even though I am an Evertonian fan but Keane's performance is bad. His performance for club is also average only. Both Keane n McGuire is slow so unable play together. Luckily, damaged is not severe to England's qualification.
Samuel Ortiz
Samuel Ortiz:
aguante Inglaterra carajo soy paraguayo pero mi segunda selección es Inglaterra en los mundiales que no estuvo mi selección yo apoye a Inglaterra vamos por la euro y por el mundial de Qatar
jim collo
jim collo:
This England defense is making Pickford overwork
thomas pollock
thomas pollock:
it should have been more for the czechs but england will see dont take poor eams for granted even if u got a easy draw
Dark. scenes3578
Dark. scenes3578:
whoever is shocked by this just know that Czech was runners up in world cups 1934, and 1962 and they were robbed in the 1934 final so that world cup should've been theirs and they also won 1 Euro cup and England never won one
Se Ba
Se Ba:
Bravo češi from Czech
5:53 Rose already knew we would score 😄
Mike James
Mike James:
Fantastic performance from England
Mystery Man
Mystery Man:
Michael Keane playing for the big national side, come on now. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Daniel is here
Daniel is here:
I hope the players practise defending corners more than hand/shakes and fist pumps!
One of the best sounds in life is the sound of the English commentator sulking after Seeing England or any other English team lose 😂😂😂😂👍🏿👏🏿
Noe de Liama
Noe de Liama:
Thats why you cant underestimate opponent
Meme Major
Meme Major:
Goal keeper of England is man of the match
Keane is horrendous he was last few games give Mings a chance honestly 🤦🏻‍♂️
We would of qualified if we weren’t so sloppy this match
Andrei Nybakken
Andrei Nybakken:
3 pts to the Czech Rep., but Harry Kane claims it
Diogo Silva
Diogo Silva:
Took them 2 days to upload the video to YouTube, the anger must of had been top level for them to take this long .

Don’t worry Bulgaria will defeat England on Monday then instead of 2 days , it will take them double the time to upload the video to YouTube.
MingYee Wong 黃明義
MingYee Wong 黃明義:
We deserve to lose no doubt about it.
For the Euros replace Keane with anyone... hopefully Tuanzebe.

And Mount with Maddison, why does southgate not want to pick maddison?
The Czech Dude
The Czech Dude:
Congrats from czech rep
pickford has t. rex hands but has the legs of a machine
Filip Tůma
Filip Tůma:
Im looking at those highliths year after a was there at Eden and it was incredible
Mystery Man
Mystery Man:
Lool Rahhen Sterling dropped like a domino, made a bit of a meal of that one. 😂
Vedanth Nanesha
Vedanth Nanesha:
England need Maddison in their team. Southgate has surely got to give him a chance as soon as he’s fit again.
Češi!!!! 👍👍💪🙌
The Navigateur
The Navigateur:
Generally bad defending for the 2nd goal by the Czech Republic team
Europa Invicta
Europa Invicta:
chill. England will still qualify. Then it’s just a case of avoiding the big teams (Iceland, Croatia, Tunisia etc) and of course avoid Belgum’s B team. Then it will be another cracking tournament by Ingurland.
Mystery Man
Mystery Man:
Rashford is not on a much higher level than Calvin-Lewin, better young English wingers/strikers coming through.
G Doc Mark
G Doc Mark:
Kane and Keane are players that makes a team looks sloppy....
Harry Kane can score penalties only.
Děkujeme !!
Albert Deadline
Albert Deadline:
Soucek and Coufal... playing in UK now :-)
June Shirley
June Shirley:
The winning goal not one defender within five yards of the scorer. Could have had a sandwich and then shot. Pathetic.
Iain Smith
Iain Smith:
Thank you Czech Republic, love from England 👊😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Ewerton Falcão
Ewerton Falcão:
Pickford is a great goalkeeper, but He commites terrible fails on matches
Dominik Holuša
Dominik Holuša:
We just dominate in hockey against u, and now we won football match, incredible! Go Czech republic!
you and me
you and me:
Слава Чехам і дякуємо! ⚽️
Let’s go England.
josef tet
josef tet:
Češi do toho češi do toho 🇨🇿🇨🇿
Chresna Aditya
Chresna Aditya:
Lol Maguire for 80 millions pound? my granpa worth 6 million then.... 🤣🤣
Chiew Wei Lian
Chiew Wei Lian:
Harry kane = Penalty merchant
czech republic👍
Stephen Pritchett
Stephen Pritchett:
Why do we ever think we can win anything we have no chance we are the same level the fins ,usa , japan etc etc never win a cup only in our dreams.I was lucky enough to see us win in 66. The generation x y z will never see that
More Leicester players and less Man It's and Spurs in starting line up.
ella dunham
ella dunham:
Literally a 6 min video of Danny rose falling over and not getting back up again
Maurice Otieno
Maurice Otieno:
England is like team A of Man United
David13 Sňozík
David13 Sňozík: