Daði og Gagnamagnið - 10 Years - Iceland 🇮🇸 - Eurovision 2021

Daði og Gagnamagnið will represent Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song 10 Years.


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Casper Lehmann
Casper Lehmann:
You all need to realize that Iceland will keep sending this group until they win. Don't let them win. I want to see them again for Eurovision 2022 and beyond.
Neil is Alive
Neil is Alive:
Their dance choreography is like if aliens came down to Eurovision to perform and just learned what disco was
Andy N
Andy N:
Ladies and gentlemen, the most comfortable band in the world.
Nicole M
Nicole M:
Could you imagine how unstoppable they would've been if they were able to perform live? I love these dorks so much and want them at every eurovision
Tomasz Kowalski
Tomasz Kowalski:
1st time: strange song
Next day: nice
This is excatly how I imagined music nerds would look like
Ad Am
Ad Am:
The final won’t be the same without them there in person
I'm totally hooked to this song. I'm on a streak reapeating this. "How does it keep getting better?" I can't answer, but it just keep getting better!
Sean Keeney
Sean Keeney:
It’s nice that they got the whole population of Iceland in this video.
Sierra 263
Sierra 263:
no one:
literally no one:
me: *randomly start dancing their choreography on the middle of the night on kitchen*
This, in my opinion, was the best song this year. I would listen to this and I usually think Eurovision music sucks. Greetings from Sweden.
KittyQueen Tengu
KittyQueen Tengu:
The fact that this isn't trying to be cool makes it instantly cooler
Georgy Egiazarov
Georgy Egiazarov:
Obviously, Italy, Portugal and Iceland brings real music to the contest.
Hotaru Tomoe
Hotaru Tomoe:
I don't care if they can't perform live. My vote is for them!
We want "Ja Ja, Ding Dong"!
Jovana M
Jovana M:

We've been together for a decade now
Still everyday I'm lovin' you more
If I could do it all again
I'd probably do it all the same as before
I don't wanna know what would've happened if I never had had your love
I didn't become myself before I met you
I don't wanna know what would've happened if I never had felt your love
Everything about you I like

We started out so fast
Now we can take it slower
Love takes some timе
Takes a little time, so takе a little time
As it ages like wine

How does it keep getting better?
Everyday our love finds a new way to grow
The time we spend together
Hmm, simply feels good
We got a good thing going

[Verse 2]
And just when I thought that my heart was full
I found places that I never explored
You're so fascinating
And I can't remember the last time I was bored
I don't wanna know what would've happened if I never had had your love
I didn't become myself before I met you
I don't wanna know what would've happened if I never had felt your love
Everything about you I like

How does it keep getting better?
Everyday our love finds a new way to grow (Finds a new way to grow)
The time we spend together
Hmm, feels good

How does it keep getting better?
Every day our love finds a new way to grow
The time we spend together
Hmm, simply feels good
We got a good thing going
This is clearly going to be the song I play when I get married.
Gabe Huizenga
Gabe Huizenga:
I don't care what the votes say...these guys are my winners 💙
Laura Wainwright
Laura Wainwright:
Absolutely fabulous! The clear winners in my eyes! The outfit choices, the catchy song, the bizarre child choir, those instruments and the dance moves! Proper Eurovision!
Боже, я обожаю их! Как хорошо, что их не поменяли, потому что эти песни - что-то фантастическо-классное.
Ivan Molina
Ivan Molina:
This is a classic Eurovision song right here. The perfect blend of unique, catchy, and fun. Love it love love it.
This man is on a mission to bring disco back. And I am _100% here_ for it.
"Omg, this is exactly what it would look like if high school band nerd friends stayed together and made their own band." - Me to one of my high school band nerd friends
Green CRT
Green CRT:
Iceland deserves the victory. This song is so good. 12 points from Ukraine! 🇮🇸 🇺🇦
Aleksandar Jovanović
Aleksandar Jovanović:
I've voted for Iceland and I'm so happy to see them in the top 5. Best compliments from Serbia!
I cant believe Iceland didn't win... THIS SONG IS A LEGEND !!!
Much love from Israel <3
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]:
besides being a good song this feels like it could turn into a big tik tok meme, i mean those dance moves are ORIGINAL!
Очень понравилось их выступление!!! Такие настоящие, не глянцевые, одно загляденье. Вокал божественный: классный переход с высоких тонов на низкие. А танец шикарный, довольно забавный и интересный. Супер. ❤️❤️❤️
Isn't he a perfect male version of Dua Lipa, but with deeper lyrics?🤩
Павел Наумов
Павел Наумов:
Он нереально кайфует, это так притягательно! Вот почему они так запомнились в прошлом году и заставили проникнуться!
Bruno Wyss
Bruno Wyss:
successful people don't become that way overnight .most people you see as a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..
Monika Golem Samardzija
Monika Golem Samardzija:
I could not stop listening to Think about things. This song is also a little masterpiece. Will cheer for Iceland!
Im so glad to find this video and discover this talented group.

I was listening to a public radio station here in the US and a guest speaker was talking about the wide range of talents in Eurovision. I immediately looked up Eurovision and everything led me to this incredibly entertaining and super talented group.

Can we just talk about his low register? !?!? His voice is pure GOLD!!!
This song is SPECTACULAR! So sad it will not perform live on eurovision... :(
Fran Fine
Fran Fine:
Everything about this is perfekt. The dance, those instruments, the song, the outfits omg
Это шикарно!
Он прям слух щекочет быстрым ритмом
Coffee Cobra
Coffee Cobra:
I've been together for three years now with my partner abroad and I never thought I needed a song that describes exactly how I feel this bad holy moly
Literally everything about this act is amazing. The melody, instrumentation, lyrics, the choreography, the staging... It's perfect. Quite frankly one of the best Eurovision entries in a long while. You've won in my heart, guys.
Елиза Кунакова
Елиза Кунакова:
Боже, какие же они офигеные блин. Восхищаюсь культурой Исландии...
Lawrence Ziese
Lawrence Ziese:
Heroic ability to summon and banish a chorus of children effortlessly
Miguel Figueiredo
Miguel Figueiredo:
1st time: meh think about things is better
2nd time: this is kinda good
Татьяна Кольцова
Татьяна Кольцова:
Наконец-то мне понравилась песня, исполнение и номер в целом 👏 за долгие годы просмотра Евровидения 🙌 Спасибо за полученный кайф 💣🔥
makiyan gatito
makiyan gatito:
i wasn't prepared for the wholesomeness ;u; absolutely bloody precious, what a cute fukin song
Yuri Gubin
Yuri Gubin:
Пожалуй, парень заработал победу в этом году.
Javanshir Hajiyev
Javanshir Hajiyev:
I loved your song before the contest started and the way it was so presented. It so resounded togeter. You honored us presenting your Lady of life in the same group , we loved you both, she is wonderful. May I express my gratitude to your all team for the joy you you gave me
Jason Crawley
Jason Crawley:
I'm no Eurovision fan, but this is top!
Clare Byrne
Clare Byrne:
This was my winner. Brilliant, brilliant song. Lots of love from Ireland
David Catherall
David Catherall:
A winner! So good on so many levels. Brilliant.
Annette Kin
Annette Kin:
this choreo just kills me
Любовь Терлецкая
Любовь Терлецкая:
Отдаю мое сердечко сюда ❤️
Юлия Эфф
Юлия Эфф:
Какие милые))))) Единственная песня на ЕК21, от которой пошли мурашки.
Miki BySometime
Miki BySometime:
This group is soooo awesome! Just good vibes and rythm, funny movements and charming crew. Life is more enjoyable with their songs. :)
this is AWESOME!!! Sounds like straight out of the 80s but still modern!
Each time I listen to this song I ask myself HOW DOES IT KEEP GETTING BETTER??
Love to you, I hope you win! You are all beyond adorable, esp. the couple that inspired the song ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Ro Wo
Ro Wo:
Can we appreciate that Daði don't need big production teams with professionals from all over Europe to help him like most of the other entries? He writes and produces the songs himself, and all the people sourrounding and helping him with staging, background vocals, clothes, instruments and so on are close friends and family.
Carl Isaksson
Carl Isaksson:
Best song this year! You deserved to win last year as well. Let’s hope everything works out and you end up winning the whole thing for the first time in Eurovision history. Good luck from Sweden 🇸🇪
Анжела Гусева
Анжела Гусева:
Как бы я не любила выступление Италии вы, ребята, победители в моём сердце)
Bjarte Hjelle
Bjarte Hjelle:
They were my fav last year, when it was cancelled :-(
This is as good as last years contribution!!!
Iceland are the best this year as well, regards from Norway <3
Iceland 🇮🇸 is ahead of time. Can we keep up with them. This song is soooo original. That’s what We needed, something new to move forward. On top of it, this song 🎶 sounds great 👍
Alicia R.
Alicia R.:
Think about things was about his newborn daughter, and this song is about his wife. This dude is so wholesome
Alyssa Mason
Alyssa Mason:
Can see the dance turning Into a huge trend these guys are everything eurovision should be lol
I seriously can't get enough of this. I love everything about this
Kari Vierimaa
Kari Vierimaa:
This is EPIC. Such a great track and works so well with a live band too.
Eli Caramel
Eli Caramel:
I can even express how much I love them 🥰❤️!! The last months aren't the best for me and this song makes me soo happy ❤️! Love from Greece 🇬🇷 ❤️.
Can we just adore how great his low voice sounds
kristof De Moor
kristof De Moor:
Best song by far !!! Love the moves and everything around it !!! Thanks 🙌🙏
Lmao Trash
Lmao Trash:
12 points from Australia LESSSGOOO
I reallyyyyy want them to win, this performance is the perfect mix of weird and funny, it has such personality. It's something that eurovision hasn't seen in a while, and imo they're the only ones that deserve to win.
L. Neubauer
L. Neubauer:
My favorite act here from Germany, I just love it the more I hear it
louis webster
louis webster:
They literally finished 4th without actually being at the contest. Legendary I tell you.
bim bam BOOM
bim bam BOOM:
think about things: about his child
10 years: about his wife
imagine being part of his family
they've had the best song 2 years in a row now.
Lisa Galvin
Lisa Galvin:
Every time I listen to this song it brings a smile to my lips 😊
Elzbieta Patron
Elzbieta Patron:
I'd love them to win!! Great song love love love ❤️❤️❤️
They're just so wholesome. Love them so much.
Donna Van Dijk
Donna Van Dijk:
Icelands mission in 2019: ending capitalism
Icelands mission in 2021: bringing disco back
This was my favorite! They had a great song last year and did it again this year. Wonderful!
Greatest band I ever seen for while!
Dimitar Atanasov
Dimitar Atanasov:
My vote is for these guys! Wonderful song, great performance! Greetings from Bulgaria! 😃 🇧🇬
Christian May
Christian May:
Knowing that his actual wife is playing the keyboard on the left makes me so happy.
Dim Food Reviews UK
Dim Food Reviews UK:
Gives me Daft Punk vibes. I love it <3
That was such a great song and performance! This vibe is amazing!
I want to listen to it again and again and again. I'm sorry they didn't win but I'm sure we gonna hear about them many times in future!
P.j. W
P.j. W:
Totally love this!! 🎶🤩
Suzi Q
Suzi Q:
Such a good song, energy, vibe..can t stop playing it again and again, so different from generic songs..they have my voice, greetings from Croatia
To people saying that it's similar to last year's song... maybe I'm missing something but many artists have certain themes incorporated throughout their music? Did you expect him to like rap or do a heavy metal song just so it isn't similar to his other songs?? Imo last years song is a bit different from this one, it just has similar instruments and vocals which shouldn't be surprising considering he's still the same person who can play the same instruments. there are other musicians out there who's songs are similar to each other/have very similar vibes and there's nothing wrong with that.
JP callaghan
JP callaghan:
Just heard the on eurovision, very chrome, synth wave. Absolutely love it.
Ines Ferrao
Ines Ferrao:
Love love love! 🥰 I confess I'm absolutely addicted to this song! It just makes me feel happy and bubbly every time I hear it! ❤ What a great song!! 👏👏 For me, the winner of the Eurovision 2021 and one of the best Eurovision songs EVER! Gonna hear it again now...Never gets old! 😉😊😁
Ice phoenix
Ice phoenix:
Okay what, this is bloody amazing. In no way, shape or form did I expect this to be... _this_ but it is phenomenal.
12 points from Austria, once again the beste by far.
Enni Mäkinen
Enni Mäkinen:
I LOVE THIS!!! It is humorous, fun, happy and such a musical masterpiece. I am vibing so hard, especially because I am soon to celebrate 10 years of marriage 🙌🏼 with baby no. 2 on the way, I am dancing to this song being so grateful!
Sharene Drennan
Sharene Drennan:
I love this!!! Unique, beautiful voices, great visuals.....got my vote 😁
Tati Ana
Tati Ana:
This is the best song this year! ❤ from Ukraine 🇺🇦
Love it!!! I can see myself chilling and listening to it!
Djor djE
Djor djE:
I love that last year he was singing to his daughter and now to his wife. A family man! 🙌
Jocelyn Ang
Jocelyn Ang:
It's so good to see Father Freyr on stage again. This song is 🔥
Anna Aleksa
Anna Aleksa:
Congratulations on getting into the top five!!!🇮🇸 You are the best!!! With love from Russia ❤❤ ❤ ️❤️
Zach P
Zach P:
This has non-ironically become my favorite song of 2021...the dance moves, the music, the band. Everything is perfect.
His girlfriend is pregnant, how sweet! Congratulation! Good luck Iceland from Denmark. I love your song, and I also love, how supportive and kind you were to Fyr Og Flamme🙏🏼💙
Cafe De Anatolia ETHNO WORLD
Cafe De Anatolia ETHNO WORLD:
great track! wow!