Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance (Official Version)

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I know you don't get a chance to take a break this often
I know your life is speeding and it isn't stopping
Here take my shirt and just go ahead and wipe up all the
Sweat, sweat, sweat

Lose yourself to dance
Lose yourself to dance
Lose yourself to dance
Lose yourself to dance"

100+ komentarze:

Anthony Calero
Anthony Calero:
Thank you robots, I felt so human with you.
I'm not crying
“The same things that make us laugh make us cry” -Big Smoke
Diego Chorosajev Rivera
Diego Chorosajev Rivera:
Ni mi separación con mi ex me dolió mas que esto :(
nicholas fotou
nicholas fotou:
The world should really listen to them at this point. Everybody just needs a good fucking dance sesh.
Santi Vidal
Santi Vidal:
It's scary thinking about what future generations will think about this comments. Imagine Beatles, Queen, etc. music videos with thousands of comments like: "I'm here since they split up today" or things like that. That's what I love about the internet, how it's unintentionally a time capsule.
luffí YT
luffí YT:
Megusta mas la parte donde dice **lucho sabe inglés**
Delaia Cardoso
Delaia Cardoso:
Solía escuchar canciones de Daft Punk en el carro con mi papá y nunca pensé que escuchar estas canciones me pondrían triste ya que mi papá falleció hace 2 meses y justo ahora ellos anuncian su retiro, literalmente se fueron juntos...
¿Soy la única que está escuchando de nuevo todas sus canciones y leyendo los comentarios para sentirse más acompañada en la tristeza?
Phil H
Phil H:
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
Deniz Sepit
Deniz Sepit:
28 Years, you guys already gave us the feeling of humanity any human couldn't.
oscar garrido
oscar garrido:
Siempre recordaré esta canción como : lucho sabe ingles
The J
The J:
Lucho sabe inglés.
it's an era that's ending right there. they changed music forever and that's a fact, i remember first finding out about their music back in 2012-2013 when i was 6/7 years old by my sisters and i literally fell in love, right now i'm kinda tearing up tbh, these legends music will live on forever. ❤ the only thing i can be happy about is the fact that they broke up in good terms and that they left us with tons of good singles/albums and memories 🥺
Pablo Arredondo
Pablo Arredondo:
You're here after they announced their breakup. )):
Echo Knight
Echo Knight:
Wait this cool song was made 7 years ago and only 160 million people saw this. What wrong with this generations people??
Jose Luis Andrade
Jose Luis Andrade:
Es increíble que una gran canción como esta tenga solo unos millones de vistas cuando debe tener al menos 1 billón.
Shawn Bermuda
Shawn Bermuda:
My friend doesn’t like this song, then I unfriended him.
Thomas Sanchez
Thomas Sanchez:
I don't cry, you cry, we all cry, Daft Punk is a legend that will never die.
Quién más de recorrido por su música tras su separación? :(
Mann after those robot fellas came in with the "come on" I almost fuckin' cried. Daft Punk forever.
David agr
David agr:
Lucho sabe ingles
jeysel valentina martinez barbosa
jeysel valentina martinez barbosa:
Lucho sabe que:
"Esta agradecido con Daft Punk"
This song is soo fcking vibe. I discover this song after 1 year on day when daft punk end. Its so good and sad.
Fatoeman Oulleh
Fatoeman Oulleh:
Everybody gangsta till the Robot starts saying Cmon Cmon
“Don’t cry because it’s over , smile because it happened”

Dr Seuss.
Get Lucky, One More Time, Around In The World, TRON: Legacy y Lose Yourself To Dance y muchos otros

Siempre los recordaremos 💔
With a good pair of headphone, The mixing of this album, even compressed on youtube or spotify, still feels like them playing right next to you. Thanks for great musics.
T T:
Que mal no me pasa que daft punk se haya retirado los escucho desde que tengo memoria gracias a mi hermano y solo tengo 15 años ☹️ y saber que no habrá una canción nueva
Please, Daft Punk, come back...

edit: 💔
Alex Thotse
Alex Thotse:
How to flex on an ex:
Show her your new life ❎
Play Random Access Memories✅
Sᴇʙᴀsᴛɪᴀ́ɴ Xᴅ
Sᴇʙᴀsᴛɪᴀ́ɴ Xᴅ:
Lucho sabe ingles 😔😔
Crimson Takeda29
Crimson Takeda29:
I like the part where he said "Lose Yourself to dance" and "come on come on come on come on"
rkn st
rkn st:
"i wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them.” -andy bernard
Edgardo Abraham Hernàndez Chiguil
Edgardo Abraham Hernàndez Chiguil:
0% Nudes
0% Drugs
0% Money
70% "Lucho sabe inglés"
30% "Jamón Jamón Jamón"
Scott Lopez
Scott Lopez:
This is so balanced with the collaborations of Nile, Pharrell, and Daft Punk, giving you a prime sample of each artist. One of the tastiest tracks they ever laid down. Thank you for coming to our planet
Da Guys
Da Guys:
Isn't it fascinating that you'd immediately recognize all the artists in this song, even if you didn't know it?
Political Thoughts
Political Thoughts:
It's amazing how many people are feeling the loss of DP almost like losing a loved one...

We were all really touched by their music.
Juan Carlos Meneses Cajamarca
Juan Carlos Meneses Cajamarca:
Un grande "el Loco" Rene Higuita en la guitarra, de colombia para el mundo
Imagine if Michael Jackson worked with Daft Punk. JUST IMAGINE
Spiral Deer
Spiral Deer:
im glad daft punk created soo many iconic songs, else wouldnt know what id be doing today. not absolutely vibing in my chair while stressing over college, ofc.
No estoy llorando, tu estas llorando...
"No-one ever really dies"
O! X•へ•X
O! X•へ•X:
Era of legends 😢
parth guglani
parth guglani:
You know why you're here.
me encantan estas canciones
Robson José
Robson José:
Cadê os comentários brasileiros gente ou é só eu que gosta de dafit pank.
Ali H
Ali H:
Didn’t think this would hurt that much. I will always play this
Alexis Lefort
Alexis Lefort:
I know that you're doing an Daft Punk marathon
*Power rangers,Obama and Jimmy hendrix*
Wilson Karemera M.
Wilson Karemera M.:
I feel like I could dance to this all night non stop
NoodleBoi Bob
NoodleBoi Bob:
the break at 2:52 is just the ultimate classic hip shaking swinging honey goodness, thank god these guys made basically a disco album at the end. pour one out for the 'bots!
john doe
john doe:
Sad me: being sad
My brain wanting me to cheer me up: This is my favorite memory we play it when we are sad
ME: thank you brain :D
Me to myself: these forking legends we will miss you
Also me knowing that we may not ever hear a new song from daft punk : happy + extra sad
Js P
Js P:
Aucun français dans les commentaires, succès international👏🇫🇷
Teodor Bordei
Teodor Bordei:
I have never heard such a complete song. There is simply no possible remix better version.
Ceyhun Kaydı
Ceyhun Kaydı:
I did the video's quality 140p, but it's still so shiny.
When they start singing ✨Come On✨:
we should send a daft punk record into deep space
Something Animation
Something Animation:
life before covid be like
CocoDarks MR
CocoDarks MR:
Siempre serán parte de mi pubertad y adolescencia, los quiero. Ídolos.
Aziz Othmany
Aziz Othmany:
Fact: you're here after the epilogue
el próximo q ponga Que lucho sabe inglés, lo voy a buscar a su casa.... mas respeto a esta leyenda manga de mamertos
Hugo Okami
Hugo Okami:
O mundo da música nunca será mais o mesmo sem vcs, te amamos Daft Punk ♡ ;-;
Lucho sabe inglés😎👌
Nicolas Rios
Nicolas Rios:
Lucho sabe ingles 🙏
Jefferson Galindo
Jefferson Galindo:
"Lucho sabe ingles" Gracias por tanto Daft Punk
Carolina del pilar González Merino
Carolina del pilar González Merino:
Grandes !!!! Siempre su sobriedad y solo talento , se fueron en la gloria 💞🇨🇱
Alejandro Andrade
Alejandro Andrade:
If you put headphones on the part where the robot voices come out, that's great. By the way

Daft Punk Forever. :´v /
odio que grupos de pop se separen pero este se separo y llore todititititito el dia xD
When you realize that daft punk were using the 8d effect with the come on years before it became a thing

Daft Punk will be missed
Lego catastrophe
Lego catastrophe:
My favorite moment is when he said "lose yourself to dance"
Firestorm 2145
Firestorm 2145:
*Lucho sabe inglés*
Kivert Heredia
Kivert Heredia:
Gracias robots son los mejores i love u so much
El Sexto Beatle
El Sexto Beatle:
like si buscaste la canción con el nombre: lucho sabe ingles
Camilo Barriga
Camilo Barriga:
lo que yo entiendo:
lucho sabe Ingles xd
Alejandro Figueroa
Alejandro Figueroa:
English People Singing: Lose Yourself to Dance

Spanish People singing: Lucho sabe Ingles

I hope they release something one day
It hurts when the person who gave you good memories becomes one 😔
Thank You Daft Punk , i carry this Song in My heart , play it on My funeral
Neel Moudgil
Neel Moudgil:
The guitar riff been stuck in my head for years now
Paulo Roberto
Paulo Roberto:
Obrigado por todos esses anos daft punk robôs humanos vão ficar sempre guardado na memória desde a infância até nossos últimos dias de vida obrigado por tudo 🙏🏼😭💓
rave session 407
rave session 407:
*I'm not crying, You're crying*
Kristy Silva
Kristy Silva:
Thank you guys for making our dark world shine a little 😔
Handsome Habibi
Handsome Habibi:
never needed you more than now. robots don‘t cry, cyborgs do 🖖🏽
yooni b
yooni b:
I'm doing Daft Punk marathon after hearing their breakup :(
Gael Peña
Gael Peña:
Davi Kleinpaul
Davi Kleinpaul:
people: "man dont cry " what men cry for:
Ashley Reyes
Ashley Reyes:
Tell me why this song has so little recognition? :(
Danilo Nunez
Danilo Nunez:
I remember being 16 when I heard this song for the first time. I had never heard anything like it. It makes me want to shed a tear that I will never hear anything from them like this again. Beautiful music will make you dance like no one is watching.
G B:
Music will never die, memories this music brings to me are never gonna be forgotten
Nkurunungi Frank
Nkurunungi Frank:
Thank you Daft Punk for giving us the the adventure of a lifetime.

They will forever be missed♥
people that pressed the dislike button don't live in this world, their ears aren't used to the sound of two legends, they hear reggaeton maybe.
hal Op
hal Op:
the 2 discrete "putain" made that song
soofftpi ¡!
soofftpi ¡!:
Lo busque como "Lucho sabe inglés" y me salió exelente servicio 😎👌
hey bye
hey bye:
we took it for granted? we take everything for granted. we don’t know what we have until it’s gone 🤖 🤖💔 🗓
Hayley Johnson
Hayley Johnson:
I've been in the house so long,
I just wanna feel my back ache,
My feet hurt,
My heart thudding in my chest

I went out and just moved tonight listing to this (alone, of course). thank you robots (and pharrell) for reminding me how good it feels to be human <3
Camilo Núñez
Camilo Núñez:
Lucho ya no sabe inglés 😔
[I ate yo cookies]
[I ate yo cookies]:
Man I'll miss Daft Punk
Mariela Hurtado
Mariela Hurtado:
Thanks Daft Punk ✌🏻