Daft Punk - Veridis Quo (Music Video)

I made a music video for "Veridis Quo", edited using footage from Daft Punk's 2006 short film "Electroma".
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Thanks for watching :)

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Just to clarify, because some people seem to be confused: This is a video I edited using footage from Daft Punk's 2006 film "Electroma". Daft Punk also used footage from that movie in their Epilogue video. This not the official video for the song, just a fan edit.
N4wZaT l نوزت
N4wZaT l نوزت:
I lost a lot in the last 2 years, but Daft punk is my biggest loss 💔
Antoine Grd
Antoine Grd:
Daft Punk didn't die, they simply became music.
Mılan 204
Mılan 204:
I feel lucky to coincide with the same life period as they
Goodbye, Daft Punk 💔
I'm not crying, I only have a piece of his helmet in my eye
Regular Man
Regular Man:
I have to be honest, this song is why I'm still alive, one day I heard it and broke me instantly, no words, only music to make me cry, to feel again and release all the pain of my soul. That day was the day I almost killed myself, now is three years since that day and I'm still here fighting. Thanks Daft Punk, and thanks this channel cause without them I wouldn't be here
Evan Wilson
Evan Wilson:
"The title of the song can be read as 'very disco' which in turn says, 'discovery'. Based on Daft Wiki the meaning of our name are: “Veridis Quo” is a bit of clever wordplay on the Latin phrase “Quo vadis?”, literally, “Where are you going?”." :(
NMAD Official
NMAD Official:
Accepting that someone is gone involves a great sacrifice.
მუდამ გვემახსოვრება შაქარა.
დღეს ყველას გული გვეწვის...
Juan Paredes
Juan Paredes:
It can't be possible, if Tron 2 gets released someday, who will compose the music if not is Daft Punk
This song hurts even more now...
They spent a long time together, they always knew how it would end. It was respectful and always about the art expression. Can't think of a more mature abd beautiful display of compassion between these two. So clearly suggesting they couldn't live without one another if one was gone, there is no daft punk.
Amine Mebani
Amine Mebani:
Veridis Quo
Dis Quo Veri
Disco Veri
Tea Gelenava
Tea Gelenava:
In Georgia, some days ago was killed an innocent young sportsman. This music was his favorite❤ his friends said so.I did not know him, but as one of rhe georgian I cry😥 he will be in our hearts. It hurts so much. Rip Giorgi.
Silver went out with a bang , Gold went out in flames .
Nate Plays
Nate Plays:
Immediately came to this video after daft punk ended, it’s crazy to think that this was out in the open all this time, And none of us ever knew. It’s so sad to see two musical legends leaving us like this. Goodbye daft punk💔
Addler Martin
Addler Martin:
"A thing isn't beautiful because it last" - Vision
Jean Pierre
Jean Pierre:
"My spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will know I was right"
ეს სიმღერა დღეიდან მთელს საქართველოს ერთ დიდ ტკივილს შეგვახსენებს, მშვიდად განისვენე ლამაზი სულის ადამიანო იქ სადაც არ უნდა იყო ❤❤❤
#შაქარა21 ❤❤
Pierre Anisimov
Pierre Anisimov:
"Veridis quo" "Where are you going?".The true meaning of this song <3. Goodbye friends
Try saying "Hold on" and "If love is the answer, you're home" then you'll see that it's kind of like Epilogue
Space Monkey
Space Monkey:
Jesus was going towards the road and saint Peter asked him - "Veridis quo?"- Where are you going?
He answered - "Rōmam eō iterum crucifīgī " - I am going to Rome to be crucified again.
The only one who loved humanity, was killed by humanity.
Aayush Aggarwal
Aayush Aggarwal:
Probably one of the most beloved duo among their fans ever.
this weird void feeling i get inside when i listen to their music now... 😞 it hurts.
H. P. Lovecraft
H. P. Lovecraft:
the real question is, when they create this film, did they already decided that someday they will use this as their "good bye" video?? if it's yes...then they're really really genius
M19- Aayush Kapade
M19- Aayush Kapade:
The fact that "veridis quo" means "where are you going" just hurts now 😔🖤🤍📀
Afears Sol
Afears Sol:
This hits hard now that Daft Punk ended...
Cesar Aldair Zavala Ruesta
Cesar Aldair Zavala Ruesta:
Nunca pensé que mi canción favorita de daft punk iba a profetizar su separación, es el lunes más triste 😞.
De todas formas gracias Daft Punk llevaron el género a otro nivel.
Manel Palacios
Manel Palacios:
This theme is structurally perfect.
Gameplays y algo más
Gameplays y algo más:
The first time I saw this video I cried, and now with the separation of Daft Punk, I watched this video again and cried again :(, Thanks Daft Punk
Racky Is
Racky Is:
Mi infancia, mi primer acercamiento a lo mejor de la musica, siempre presentes, ángeles musicales, mi corazón ha explotado junto a ustedes, imposible no amar lo que han creado!!😭💓
Joy Addition
Joy Addition:
As an American, I was unaware of the news of poor Shakara. I simply came here to listen to a great song, but left with a whole new demeanor. I'm saddened to hear about the tragic death of this young man. I did not know him nor much about his country of Georgia, but the overwhelming support I see for him makes me deeply saddened for his family and people of Georgia. I understood this was his favorite song. All I have to say is, I will never look at this Daft Punk song the same way again... Rest in peace, Shakara.
Galileo Elizarán
Galileo Elizarán:
Nobody talking about how good the editing is in this video
Chillhop Mellowbeats Soul
Chillhop Mellowbeats Soul:
I came straight here when I heard the news
Mr. Goat
Mr. Goat:
Damn, i always think this was a official music video, really impressive from a fan edit.
ulises salazar
ulises salazar:
La canción que va a sonar en mi funeral.

Por siempre Daft Punk 🌈
შაქარა ❤️
Nunca me dolio tanto ver morir a dos robots 💔😭
I cried, and i’m here to let you all know, cry too, its okay
「Mr Random」
「Mr Random」:
we'll meet again french robots <3
It sounds different with epilogue now
Rest in Peace #Shaqara21
03 Avila Puebla Angel Emilio
03 Avila Puebla Angel Emilio:
I loved all these years they inspired me in this and other songs, good bye
This song never gets old, such a classic and reminds lots of things in our memories...
Clay Zeballos
Clay Zeballos:
*Tchau Daft Punk!* 💔 *Gratidão!*
Axle Concepcion
Axle Concepcion:
The part where i cried is when he smashed his helmet
M. M
M. M:
The whole country is crying over this song💙 R.I.P George Shakarashvili. Hard pain for the whole of Georgia 🇬🇪
Dennis jones
Dennis jones:
la dimension de lushin
la dimension de lushin:
Wait, this video is from 5 years ago and there happens the same as epilogue, does that mean that they Already decided to end or they just reused that scene?
Georges R
Georges R:
Now this hits different...
Play this at my funeral please
"Veridis quo" is a wordplay on the Latin phrase "Quo vadis?", literally, "Whither goest thou?" or "Where are you going?".
Everything has to come to an end.
Heartbroken after 28 YEARS of music. Goodbye daft punk. You will allways live on.

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Ardelean Andi
Ardelean Andi:
All of our remaining artists are leaving us slowly. There is no other band like Daft Punk. Sadly, we will eventually be left with nothing but flexing auto tune clowns.
Maria Chiara Agnoletti
Maria Chiara Agnoletti:
this will be always special to my heart <3
Arctic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys:
კომენტარებს გადავხედე და არც ერთი არ ვიცნობდით მას, შაქარას...
მაგრამ ყველას გვტკივა გული
Thank you for being with me in the most emotional moments of my life. Good bye...
Seeing and hearing this now...
It makes me cry even more...

Thank you, Daft Punk, rest forever in our hearts...
it feels deep into Ma heart, we will seee you both sometime I guess
Erik Matheus da Silva da Luz
Erik Matheus da Silva da Luz:
Everything ends, the trip has been beautiful, I'm so thankful for their existence
mohamad shahid
mohamad shahid:
They felt this feeling about 5 years ago, then they really brokes our heart after 5 years now.
Thank you for everything.
The classic DP I believe they will keep making music. Maybe as different band or name . ?
nina gorgiladze
nina gorgiladze:
Shakara we remember you ❤️
Daft Punk is Over.
YouTube: will the marble music machine make you feel better.
Me: . . . I guess so
Nino Antadze
Nino Antadze:
People never forget a human, who was important for their country. Does not matter who was he. Does not matter where he went. He always will be in our soul and heart.
Georgia, where do you have a child to lose?
We love shakara!
forever ♾💓
Vindo aqui pra comentar na minha música, e clipe, preferido e melancólico do Daft Punk, adeus
Papi Gar
Papi Gar:
Una cancion que anticipo su partida, su música es infinita, jamás se consume, y que por todos los siglos esos latidos resuenen en los oídos de quienes no conozcan lo que es una melodía que nos toma y nos lleva hasta ese momento en el que conocimos a.... Daft Punk
1 blank
1 blank:
The song made me emotional when I hear it too, like an ending to something. This video felt about right, it felt like watching your friend self destruct (whether it be through drugs and alcohol or suicide) and you can't help but feel like you did nothing but help it along...but it is always nice to look back, but every time you do, you remember what it all led to.
Yan Hanan
Yan Hanan:
"Change da world
My final message, good bye"
Keta Arveladze
Keta Arveladze:
მუსიკა ბევრს ამბობს ადამიანზე, ეს კი ის შემთხვევაა, როდესაც სიმღერა გულში უდიდეს ტკივილს მაყენებს. არ ვიცნობდი, ერთხელაც არ შევხვედრილვარ, მაგრამ საოცრად მტკივა, მტკივა, რომ მიწაშია და ამ მუსიკას ვეღარ მოუსმენს. მტკივა, ძალიან მტკივა და ამ მუსიკის ყოველი წამი, ყოველი წამის მეასედიც კი შაქარასია ❤️❤️❤️
David Torres
David Torres:
Exactly as I imagined this. Thanks a lot, Daft Punk and good bye :'(
Cezzarr Dariuss
Cezzarr Dariuss:
Actually, this is the real "Epilogue"
Alma Rigganti
Alma Rigganti:
me duele el corazon <3
Komishun Art
Komishun Art:
- Every Legend
Marriee babyy
Marriee babyy:
ეს სიმღერა ყველაზე კარგ ყველაზე თბილ და ყველაზე კეთილ ანგელოზს შაქარას უყვარდა💖 რომელმაც უსამართლო ხალხის გამო სიცოცხლე დაკარგა. გიორგის არ ვიცნობდი მაგრამ მართლა ძალიან გულში ჩამწვდა ეს ყველაფერი. რამდენჯერაც მის ვიდეოს ან ფოტოს შევხედავ არ შემიძლია გავატარო და ცრემლების გარეშე არ ვუყურო .....
შაქარ ყოველთვის იქნები ჩვენს გულში ანგელოზო! #შაქარა21 💖
Nicole Larissa Thaler
Nicole Larissa Thaler:
Fabiana Durán
Fabiana Durán:
LONG LIVE KINGS this split hurts me in every way we will never forget you you guys are art pure art
Amged Fraik
Amged Fraik:
This video makes time travel feel real, au revoir daft punk ❤️🤖
Ilker Ozcetin
Ilker Ozcetin:
Thank you for giving me an unforgettable pleasure from music in my 37 years of life.
toni ika
toni ika:
Shaqaraasia es musikaaa !!❤❤😭
ასე განეცადოს უცნობი ადამიანის სიკვდილი საზოგადოებას არ მახსოვს,შაქარამ კიდე ყველა გაგვაერთიანა და შეგვაყვარა მისი თავი,რაც წარმოუდგენელია,ამიტომ არის ის ღმერთისგან რჩეული 🙂❤
ეს მელოდია კი მას ყველა ჩვენთაგანის გულში უკკვდავს გახდის ❤❤
*Adeus Daft Punk, obrigado!* 🇧🇷
Di Si
Di Si:
My hearts is broken 😞 the best duo ever!
Ice Juice
Ice Juice:
I see... so this is how it ends :(
Сергей Житников
Сергей Житников:
The legend, by 😔
In my country, some bastards killed a 19 years old footballer days ago. I didn’t know him, but this song was his favorite. Rest in peace, Shakara. ❤️ ამ სიმღერას ძველებურად ვეღარასდროს მოვუსმენ, რაც გავიგე რომ თურმე კარგ ხასიათზე გაყენებდა. ყოველთვის მემახსოვრები, მშვიდად განისვენე. “Veridis quo” ლათინურად თურმე “სად მიდიხარ” -ს ნიშნავს. ნეტავ მართლა სად მივდივართ, ან შენ სად წახვედი შაქარ.. ? ❤️ edit: შუქნიშანზე მანქანა გაჩერდა, ბიჭები ისხდნენ და ბოლო ხმაზე ჰქონდათ ეს სიმღერა ჩართულიო, მითხრეს. გამაჟრიალა და იმედი მომეცა.
Most emotion I've felt in 2 years
Joseph Vig
Joseph Vig:
RIP To the greatest house Duo of all time!
Tymon Olszewski
Tymon Olszewski:
Pain in my heart this song make cry
Angel Arriaga
Angel Arriaga:
I'll never forget you, even more if I have this ringtone song <3
Can’t stop crying, it was his favourite song 😞 R.I.P Shakara ❤️
Orlando Gallardo
Orlando Gallardo:
just remembering the good times... :")
Bresson Patricia
Bresson Patricia:
Merci à vous pour tout Merci pour ces musiques qui traversent le temps <3
emmy gillet
emmy gillet:
im so sad :-( love you 4ever <3
Martina Amerio
Martina Amerio:
This video breaks my heart, 5 years later.
Ani Jvarsheishvili
Ani Jvarsheishvili:
ჩემი,შენი და ჩვენი ყველას საყვარელი მუსიკა❤მთელი საქართველოს უდიდესი ტკივილი შაქარა
Maverick De' Clerke
Maverick De' Clerke:
Straight from the soul to all our beautiful hearts <3