Dakar 2021! TEST DAY!

Dakar 2021. The test day! 6km long shakedown!

DAKAR 2021 Saudi Arabia! #27OctaneDakar

2/01 - Prologue Jeddah -Jeddah - 11 km

Hello, Jeddah! The technical and administrative scrutineering long seemed a remote prospect to the competitors and crews of the 2021 Dakar, as the pandemic threw a few extra hurdles in their path to the gates of the King Abdullah Stadium, which is again hosting the scrutineering after last year. The process has been compressed into a day and a half and, once it has been completed, it will be time for the sporting challenge to begin with a prologue just over 10 kilometres long near the economic capital of Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, it is time for all the participants to engage in the time-honoured ritual of submitting their vehicles for inspection and fulfilling the other formalities needed to take the start… a rite of passage for Audrey Rossat, one of the first competitors to exit the circuit with the coveted final stamp. The policewoman, who moonlights as a multiple-time French and world enduro champion, is making her Dakar debut this year with a calm approach tempered by a touch of apprehension: "I prefer situations in which I have a better grip on the subject at hand, which is not yet the case in rally raids, where my experience so far is limited to the 2019 Rally of Morocco. At any rate, being among the first to go through scrutineering is neat because it means I get to relax the rest of the day", admits the rookie.

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